SEO Beginners Work Experience

Whether you’re on a work experience placement from school or you’re starting an apprenticeship, this article will get you started on your venture into SEO. For those who are unsure about what SEO means, it stands for Search Engine Optimisation – this article explains it well if you click onto this link.

Your work experience placement might involve working with different platforms of social media. This could be running Facebook campaigns, Twitter, Linkedin, Google Plus and many other social platforms. Social media is one part of online marketing and it is used a lot in the SEO industry.

Our SEO beginners work experience placement will show you that nearly all businesses need to market their products and services to receive more enquiries. The more leads the company receives will generally mean the more orders they get. The more orders a company gets, the more successful it should become. So this online marketing strategy is extremely important and all businesses will need to apply it in order to grow and develop.

Apprenticeships Vs University

When looking at the debate of Apprenticeships Vs University, my personal recommendation is certainly the apprenticeship route, particularly if you’re looking at a career in SEO and marketing. The reason for this is University can be very expensive and after you have finished your course the actual curriculum you have studied could easily be outdated within months. Yes that is correct, because online marketing is evolving every day and this is why learning on the job in a real company is my preferred option. Apologies for the bad language in this video but a personal favourite of mine, Gary Vaynerchuk, voices his opinion here on college and university :-

As a company director I prefer to take on an apprentice over an experienced online marketing technician. The reason for this is because it is much harder to teach an old dog new tricks. What I mean by that is apprentices are like sponges and are more willing to take in new information and learn what they are taught. Someone with previous knowledge and experience generally thinks they know a better way and will usually not listen or take on board new and more effective strategies.

Starters’ Guide for Work Experience

Let’s get started then and get you into working. Here is a checklist of jobs I would like you to do for me and the quicker you can work through these the more you will start to learn hands on:-

  1. Read the “Intro to SEO” article and watch the two videos (link in opening paragraph)
  2. Read the article “Maximise Tumblr Account” and “Maximise Pinterest Account
  3. Work through the IFTTT gig and add friends / followers
  4. Create MEMEs and GIFs for whatever niche you are working on
  5. Read the “No Risk Supply Of Enquiries” and see if you know anyone possibly interested
  6. Look at the Steps to Social Media Success to see how best to use social platforms

These are the starter bullet points to work through in getting started into the SEO niche. I will gladly connect with you and offer advice / help in your careers should you need this so follow this link and it will show you all my personal social profiles for you to add and connect through to. This could be helping you find your perfect apprenticeship or if you would like to carry on keeping in contact with our team in doing blogging or social media engagement.

Social Media Marketing

Dan Grant is a member of our team and he will send you an excel spreadsheet with over 40 social accounts. You can log into these accounts and look to maximise these profiles by using the points you have picked up in reading the articles in bullet point #2. This engagement of added friends, followers, commenting and liking other statuses help to build your online presence. Building the online presence helps to get your work in front of a wider audience which should lead to more enquiries.

Creating GIFs and MEMEs in #4 is to be completed to make the position fun and enjoyable. Once you have created these then they can be shared throughout the social profiles. Image sharing is great for engagement and hopefully would generate some shares or reblogs. Remember you are here to get out the most of your work experience placement so email me with questions or if you feel you could help in a certain niche like infographic creation, writing content / blogging or even a sales type of role then let me know and I can adapt your role.

Going the Extra Mile

Our team mentality is going the extra mile in everything we do. Grafting and working as a team helps so much in where we are today. We have grown into a very successful business in the affiliate and SEO industry working under the company name of PromoSEO. Our team consists of Becca Honeybill who is a hugely successful blogger, Amelia German who has progressed her career into sales & marketing, Dan Grant a specialist link builder, Lucy Crompton who has adapted to all areas of online marketing / sales, and several others who are training up to become vital team members as we grow.

As an apprentice or work experience placement we expect the same level of enthusiasm and commitment. Please do not go watching YouTube videos when our backs are turned or be on your mobile phone throughout your placement or your whole mentality will not fit into the business model. We expect you to want to learn and want to progress your knowledge further to help you get the most out of your experience.

Going the extra mile could mean keeping in contact with our team on email or social media. Keep liking, sharing and commenting on the works we upload. Check to see if there is any weekend work you might be able to do and get paid for. Check to see if there is any tutorials you can learn in an evening to better yourself and your career.


As a very successful team we know 100% we can get results within rankings on Google and generating enquiries. These leads could be from ranking websites on page one, social media engagement or proactively outreaching to potential clients, and for this reason we have an amazing offer to UK companies with a “No Risk Supply of Enquiries”. Read this article in depth and you will get to realise why this is a no brainer for all businesses.

But although it is a no brainer to them we need to accept the niche and company we want to work with. All the stress and money to generate the leads lies on our shoulders so we need to believe in the people we work with. However once reading the article if you have any parents or family / friends you feel this could be ideal for then send me an email over and I can look at it. Should you refer us to a great niche which benefits both parties then I will make sure for the introduction we get you a finder’s fee payment for this!

Best of luck in your placement with our company and if you have any questions don’t be shy to ask any of the team. Any issues or something you would like to learn more on then email myself personally and I will happily assist you every step of the way. I want the placement to beneficial for you guys and that means you get the most from the position – enjoy it, learn plenty of new things and hopefully understand working life a lot more.

The Future of SEO – Effective Frequency

The Future of SEO – Effective Frequency

When it comes to marketing, both online and offline, the goal for most companies is usually similar: Get your products seen by as many people as possible and make as many sales as you can. But how can you be sure that your campaign is helping you to achieve this goal? Lots of businesses give up on advertising because they haven’t seen instant results, so they think it’s a waste of time. However, they are forgetting about an important concept which is shaping the future of SEO and marketing. This is something which is known as ‘effective frequency’.

What is Effective Frequency?

It’s a term which is used widely in traditional advertising to describe how much exposure is needed for products during an ad campaign. The effective frequency is the number of times a consumer needs to see or hear an advert before they take action and the marketer gets the response they want. Depending on what is being sold, this could be anything such as purchasing a product, understanding a message or acting on an instruction.

Repeat Your Message

These principles are based on research which suggests that a repeated message is much more effective than one that someone only sees once. So if you’re running a marketing campaign to sell your product, let’s say it’s a hair straightener, your adverts need to run for a good amount of time and they need to be seen through different media. The aim is to make sure that consumers see your hair straightener multiple times from different sources, and that the message is repeated to them.

It’s very rare that someone will buy a product after the first time they have seen it. This is why it’s so important to make sure your brand is seen frequently if you want to really influence someone to buy what you’re selling. Not only does this repeatedly expose the consumer to your products, it also helps to build trust in your brand. Familiarity is often associated with trust, and if people have seen your company in lots of places and become familiar with it, they’re more likely to trust you and believe in what you have to offer. Some of the most successful brands have ad campaigns which run for months and even years, making them hugely recognisable to consumers.

Traditional Marketing vs SEO

In order to have a successful advertising  strategy, you need to be targeting both offline and online media. The two work hand in hand and one will usually offer better results if it’s combined with the other. Many consumers now find things they want to buy through entering a Google search, but how do people know what they’re looking for if a product or brand hasn’t been presented to them in the first place? This is where you need to find a balance, and make sure you are thinking about effective frequency for both sides of your marketing campaign.

Offline Advertising

Traditional marketing or offline advertising can take all sorts of forms including TV and radio adverts, billboards, newspaper ads, posters and prints. These are essential if you are launching a new product or company which no one knows anything about yet. This type of advertising is about putting your brand in front of people who would otherwise never have known about it.

Going back to the hair straightener example, imagine you’ve just started the company and your brand is called ‘Sandra’s Hair Straighteners’. Is anyone going to be looking to buy a product from you if they don’t even know the company exists? Definitely not. Traditional marketing is needed to present your products to people who hadn’t heard of them and didn’t even know they wanted them. This is where the TV ads, billboards, magazines, posters etc are vital in gaining exposure for your brand.

SEO and Online Strategies

So you’ve run your ad campaign, and people are seeing Sandra’s Hair Straighteners everywhere. The effective frequency has been reached and someone decides they want to buy one of your hair straighteners, so they take to Google. This person has seen your brand name in loads of adverts, so they type ‘Sandra’s Hair Straighteners’ into the search engine. You need to make sure that your website is ranking in the top SERP position for that key phrase by running SEO and online strategies. It’s vital to ensure that once people know about your brand and want to search for it, they can easily find you online. This kind of marketing should combine a whole range of things including on-page content optimisation, social media promotions and managing your link building methods.

In this photo you can see the ideas that our team put together from a discussion about online marketing strategies:

effective frequency

Effective frequency needs to be considered with internet marketing as well in order to build an online presence for your brand. Again, it’s about presenting your products in as many places as possible, and this can be done by working with other people. Check out blogs which are relevant to your niche and reach out to them to ask if you can write an article for their site. Maybe you find a popular blog talking about hair styling tips, and you ask if you can write a post about Sandra’s Hair Straighteners. This gets your brand in front of their readers, therefore expanding your audience and bringing in more potential sales.

Take a look at the video below which explains more about taking action and reaching out to other companies in order to expand your own brand:

Synergising with Other People

A common mistake that people make when building their brand is seeing similar companies as competition. This negative outlook can lose you a lot of opportunities, and it won’t exactly show your company in a good light. Yes these other businesses may be ‘competing’ for sales from the same target audience as you, but by working together you could see a lot more benefits than working alone.

Get Your Content Shared

As we mentioned before, you could reach out to other companies and offer to share their products with your audience on your website or social media. They could then return the favour and share your products with their audience. This could be done by linking to your website from theirs, and if their website ranks well for your keywords it probably gets a lot of traffic. So if you have a link on one of their pages it’s likely to pass traffic through to your website. These links are much more powerful than dormant links from PBNs or spammy sites which don’t get any clicks. If you have a blog which you regularly update with new posts and content, people will want to share it and find out more about your brand. By doing this, you’re creating a win-win situation where you both benefit. If you saw that company as a competitor and didn’t want anything to do with them, neither of you would gain anything.

Converting Your Traffic

When you’ve built up a relationship with another company in your niche, you may want to set up an agreement to share clients and enquiries. What this means is your company, Sandra’s Hair Straighteners, could team up with a business who supply salon standard hair dryers and create a website with written content and pages talking about these hair dryers. Although you don’t actually supply these products, you can still rank the website for these keywords and just pass those customers onto the other company. This is particularly helpful if you can target people who are searching because they are looking to actually buy these products.

But how does that benefit you? Well, if the other company then does the same thing and passes people looking for hair straighteners onto you, you’re both getting more traffic and people interested in your products. These will then hopefully be converted into more sales, so again it’s a win-win situation as you’re both getting things that you wouldn’t have had without the help of the other person. To find out more about this kind of joint strategy, check out this post which explains it in more detail.

If you take a look at the video below, you will see an explanation of key habits that all highly effective people have. Points 4,5 and 6 on this video go into more detail on what we have just mentioned about synergising and working with others:


So what are some of the main points we can take from this article?

  • Effective frequency describes how much a consumer needs to be exposed to an advert before taking action.
  • Repeated exposure to a marketing message is far more likely to provoke a response than single exposure.
  • Traditional marketing and SEO strategies should be combined to achieve the best results from ad campaigns.
  • Working with other companies in your niche will benefit you a lot more than seeing everyone as competition.

If you’re looking to grow your brand and promote your products, you need to be considering the idea of effective frequency as the future of SEO. Implementing online strategies alone won’t get you the best possible results, especially if you’re a new company. Think outside the box and get an ad campaign running with different types of media over a broad length of time if you want to maximise your return on investment.

If you enjoyed this post please feel to share it with your friends, and leave us a comment to let us know what you thought. Thanks!

Website Information Required

If you provide a niche that I like or agree to carry out because it is for a friend then there is certain Website Information Required to complete the site design and infrastructure. Without giving me this information will simply mean the site cannot be built out so it is essential you are able to provide this information.


Providing a minimum of 15-20 images is very important. Ideally these pictures and photos you provide are high quality because will be used on the galleries and also on the pic sliders to the website. The reason these images are very important is because it makes the actual design of the website look nice and appealing to potential customers.

Also the pictures are very important because it creates the page to be media rich which google absolutely loves. Having these images alt tagged and properly optimised for the focus keyphrases enhances the chances to rank in the SERPs. Without the content being perfectly written by our inhouse content writers then having images to support the topic of the page is a great search engine optimisation technique that should always be used.

Also the reason the images are an essential part is because of social media sharing. By having these images on the webpages allows our link building team to share these to social profiles like flickr, pinterest and many other web 2.0 properties. Image link building offers diversity and is nice to have a mix of contextual links but also image sharing backlinks to the pages.


As part of the website information required then videos is another thing we certainly need. If you are able to send me a video for each product or service this is ideal. So if you are in the car dealership niche then a video for audi, ferrari, ford, bmw and other brands would be perfect. The reason being is because I need to embed a topic related video to each page and you cannot have a ford video showing on an audi webpage because it does not make sense.

If you are struggling to create any videos for each page then simply put together a quick slideshare of a few images. On the video have some wording on there saying ‘best audi car dealer’ with some pictures of audi cars. This would be perfect and the videos will then be optimised with the title being the same as the focus keyphrase you want that webpage to rank for. It will be topic relevant and again like the images will create the pages to be media rich which google loves.

The videos you supply also will be uploaded to youtube. On this social profile we can search engine optimize the videos to rank well in the youtube search but also to rank in google. With nice unique long descriptions, tags and titles then these videos will certainly drive traffic which will lead to more enquiries.

My link building team can utilise these YouTube videos to share throughout web 2.0 properties. By embedding this onto the branded social trust fortress profiles then this gives fresh content, backlinks and branded media shares. Having this syndicated throughout your branded accounts spreads the network and footprint to generate more traffic, trust, authority and social.


Providing me with keywords is without doubt the most important part of this process. You need to remember you are the experts in this niche and I might not know anything about it. The more keywords you can give to me the better because you would be surprised just how many variation of keywords people type into google to find the same product or service.

If you ever want an example of this then read this article here which shows an 86 year old nan typing into google using “please” and “thank you” into the search bar. I mean SEO companies would need to try to optimise those keywords in the content to rank for this and it just shows what people type into the search bar is incredible. As an example then if a headteacher wanted playground flooring for his school then I know first hand that some type in ‘rubber school flooring’, ‘rubberised safety surfacing’, ‘spongy coloured floor to my school’, ‘safety wetpour surfaces’, ‘school playground surface’, ‘schools play area floor material’ and the list goes on and on and on.

The examples of the playground flooring is great because all these wording means the same product required but there is a million and one ways to put this into google. Therefore the more variations you can give to me the better. Think outside the box and ask your mum, nan, friends, partners to see what they would type in and give me the biggest list you can because the more variations we can rank for the more chance you have of getting leads which lead onto more orders.


Giving me competitors in your niche is vital. Again the more you can provide me with the better because I can start to reverse engineer what they rank for. Using specialist SEO tools and techniques we can see what drives your competitors traffic to their sites. Once we know this then can look to create our websites bigger and better than theres to outrank them and steal your competitions traffic.

Keyword research is in my opinion the most important part to SEO. Looking to find money intent keywords that convert, have good search volume and relatively easy to rank is where big money can be earned. Simply going after payday loans is not the option because although might have high search volume the competition to get #1 is very tough. We would be better looking into low hanging fruit and scooping up hundreds of variations which is easier and actually collectively get you more traffic added together.

We can also reverse engineer where they are linking out to and where they are receiving backlinks from. This is important in checking the authority sites in the niche because if we can leverage some backlinks from these niche relevant and topic related pages then it would help massively. Again the more competitors websites you can provide the more ammo I have to get you more enquiries.


Ideally if you can provide content which has got to be 100% unique written by yourselves this will be amazing. My content writers can then add onto this content you provide to create the Skyscraper Approach and also optimize so the keyword density is spot on and meta tags used correctly. The meta tags will consist of LSI keyword variations so instead of just using costs, we can use pricing, prices, price, costings and many more keywords which are clustered together under thesaurus.

By you providing the content then as you are the experts in the industry you will know that you are getting the main reasons why you are the best. Are you the cheapest, are you buying the most expensive premium products, do you have all the main certificates or anything to upsell why you guys are the best companies to use. Try to use unique selling points on why they should use yourself because remember this is your shop window so get them to enquire with you to get prices or buy your products.

Website Name

Supplying some options you would like for a website name would be great. You might want something branded or an EMD which stands for exact match domain. The EMDs are great because gets the point across in the SERPs to the clients on what exactly you do. There if you have something like then at least when the customer is clicking on your website they understand exactly what you do and the traffic will become more targeted.

Giving myself several options on website names will be good and I can look through whats available and decide which one I think will work best without it over optimising the keywords you want to rank for. Sometimes it is good to use an LSI variation or even a PMD which stands for partial match domains like etc.

Website Information Required Conclusion

If you want to know more about myself the author of this article then click through to this link. You will realise I have been in the internet marketing industry a while now and understand exactly Website Information Required for these websites to work. Not providing all this information will affect how well you can rank in google so you really need to go the extra mile in getting this information together.

With regards to the no risk supply of enquiries offer I am doing then this link explains it all in detail. I need to accept the niche and only around 50% of applications actually get accepted because many just do not have the ROI for this to work for both parties. It needs to be a niche nationwide in the UK and not just a local contractor. But when you are a nationwide company in the United Kingdom this agreement is an absolute no brainer and I can show you dozens of case studies where transformed peoples businesses.

Anyone new to SEO and wanting to get into it then here is a nice intro to SEO you can read. I am happy to assist and help anyone wanting to do this because have a passion for the industry. I network so much with like minded people throughout the world and in our private whatsapp groups we have affiliate guys making millions each month which is just unreal. As in the group we have over two million websites at our disposal then data is great and we know the algorithm updates way before it is actually released and it becomes easy for us to test what works and what doesn’t in the SERPs because of the amount of data between us we can experiment on.

SEO Clients Unrealistic Goals

Many SEO Clients have Unrealistic Goals in thinking you can get websites position one in the google search results within weeks. Although this can be achieved in easier long tail key phrases if you do keyword research properly then the more competitive niches cannot be done so quickly.

If you are new to hiring SEO agencies then i would suggest reading the intro to SEO article. This blog explains the basics to search engine optimisation showing basic information with regards to on page content techniques to explaining how link building helps the authority of the sites.

Can you get me #1 in Google?

One of the first questions from company owners is “Can you get me #1 in Google?” and this is obviously everyones goals but be mindful it cannot be rushed. Building too many links in a very fast time can actually harm your website and link velocity needs to be a gradual growth.

Google needs to combat spam and websites trying to manipulate the search engine results. So blasting 5000 backlinks in a short space of time is just going to highlight to google an unusual spike which will just end up a negative result to ranking positions. Have a watch of this funny piss take video of a client with unrealistic goals :-

Anyone with an understanding to SEO will know this client in the video is clueless and wants something which cannot be achieved. A fast way to guarantee clicks to your website is PPC which stands for pay per click. This is in a nutshell a bidding war to advertise your website at the top as a google ad. The highest paying consumer basically gets the top advertisement but my personal thoughts on this is it becomes very expensive, is just renting a space with no long term gains because the minute you stop paying for the clicks your site is then nowhere to be seen.

SEO is a Long Term Game

If looking into hiring an agency then you need the mindset that SEO is a Long Term Game. A good SEO company to outsource this to will want to build your brand, trust of the website and give audits to fix your on page issues like content and site loading speeds. All these contribute to the algorithm to get you higher in the SERPs.

Long term if you hire a good search engine optimisation agency then you will rank organically and be able to rank / bank for many years. Naturally if your site is ranking higher in google then you will get more clicks which should lead to more enquiries and then the more leads you generate by law of averages the more orders you should be generating.

Choosing the Right SEO Company

You will realise i keep saying a good SEO company will help you and Choosing the Right SEO Company is vital. My personal opinion is that this industry is absolutely rife with cowboys claiming to be gurus and specialists with less than one years experience. I mean ask yourself this question and who is a guru in any niche with less than one years experience.

When hiring these people to outsource your work for better rankings than do not just look at costs and think well i will use company A because he is £200 per month because company B is £500 per month. There could be real fundamental issues as to why one is so much cheaper than the other. Working out of a bedroom with little experience will lead to cheaper prices but these agencies really could cause your website more harm than good.

Trust me i learnt the hard way several times and i was the fool who compared prices and went with the cheaper quotes on a dozen of occasions. Spending over 6k a year and the website being in a worse position than when i started was not a nice feeling.

How do you know its the Best Agency?

Now you are expecting me to answer this question “How do you know its the Best Agency?” and the honest answer is it way too difficult to analyse. There is many ways to skin a cat and that applies to techniques in SEO. This makes it awfully frustrating for corporate businesses and commercial companies because you could be paying 5k per month to someone who is literally doing an hours work.

Asking for previous case studies i thought years ago would be a great option. I mean if they show me some other companies they have helped and improved rankings on then you must feel more at ease then? I did this and was given dozens of case studies so thought yes i have finally found the best one to meet my needs and how wrong could i be on nearly a dozen occasions. What i realise is for every few case studies they show positive results on there will probably be many more they have taken on where they have failed and driven negative results but they will never show you any of these obviously.

Sorry for the negativity on this but i am trying to highlight to you that you really need your wits about you and to understand some SEO before outsourcing this because otherwise i am of the believe you will simply get robbed blind. I have learnt the hard way and from this built my own team in Cheshire, UK to do a lot of work and now outsource to well over a hundred virtual assistants we have trained up.

Can I Do SEO for your Company?

Absolutely definitely NOT!! Why you might ask? Well the simple reason in my opinion is when you take on a client you end up mentoring them and being their consultant also in explaining everything you are doing probably because they have been stung before by bad companies. I love a chap named Matt Diggity who regularly shares articles that hit the ball out of the park and spot on. Here is an example article of why I tend to stick with affiliate seo as opposed to client seo. Carrying out regular meetings, having long chats on the phones to explain the links you have built and creating reports you will want all takes time and my time is COSTLY. You honestly get clients thinking they understand best seo practices and ask questions like this :-

I have built a quality network of affiliates and the biggest SEO gurus in the world. We are within private whatsapp groups, Facebook groups and Skype chats to share ideas, help when new changes are being made and as we have over a million sites at our disposal then the data we retrieve lets us know about algorithm updates way before anyone else.

I will gladly pass you onto established high quality SEO outsourcers but myself it is not worth the time or effort put in. If you read this article you will see even when you carry out amazing optimisation techniques then with the random ranking factor you could drop in rankings for a few weeks before climbing. I am not in a position to have hundreds of managing directors ringing me up saying ‘what the hell has happened to our positions’. Patience sometimes is needed but i completely understand some businesses could be losing thousands everyday but this really is the nature of the beast.


In your spare time look into SEO and learn yourself the basics. Network with others in the industry and ask for referrals because then you will understand what you are paying for. You don’t just go buying a car without checking the specification and researching so why do you expect to just buy SEO without looking into this in details.

If you want to know more about myself then click the link here where it introduces me and my background. Money is not what drives me in life and it is all about the journey in life of creating memories with friends and family. I generally am only doing affiliate marketing as opposed to SEO services to businesses in the UK and the only service I provide is looking into supplying a no risk supply of enquiries because this method eliminates clients ringing to mither me with regards to what I am doing, asking questions on the rankings and details of why I have built websites in a certain way. This deal is not open to everyone and is generally only set up to people I like or a niche I am interested in doing.

Please do not be that annoying client in the future and be one of those SEO Clients with Unrealistic Goals. Understand what you are paying your agency for and read the various articles on this website to gain knowledge. Leave comments on this page with any questions and I will gladly point you in the right direction and assist you. Take care and best of luck on your campaigns but if you want to read some further relevant blogs please try some of these :-

No Risk Supply Of Enquiries

No Risk Supply Of Enquiries

You may be wondering if it is possible to receive a “No Risk Supply Of Enquiries” to your business. Well, this is a service we are looking to supply to companies who want to boost their sales and profits. The phrase ‘nothing in life is free’ can be true in many cases, and you will probably think that this offer is too good to be true. But you’d be wrong.

Here is an introduction to myself James Dooley, I have basically lived and breathed SEO in the past 8 years. I will quickly point out that this industry is rife with cowboys claiming they can get you to page one of Google search results, but let me get started to explain this agreement and strategy I am doing. Here are 4 options a business could use to generate leads online:

1) SEO to improve website rankings – See here what seo is if you are not sure.

2) PPC to pay for your site to rank highly in Google – Basically renting a space on the search engine results pages.

3) Pay Per Lead – Calculated risk where you are paying for leads to your business.

4) No Risk Supply Of Enquiries – Not paying for all leads but just for successful secured jobs.

Show me any business that says they get enough enquiries and I will then show you failure!

Lets get started then and I will break down the 4 options to explain why each strategy above could be a good investment or whether you are gambling with your money.

Option 1 – SEO to Generate Leads

Ranking organically in the SERPs (search engine results pages) is done by optimising your website with the keywords on the site and by building high quality and niche relevant backlinks. This seems easy right? Well let me tell you if you read my introduction to myself here then you will see “Over the years I have learnt the hard way outsourcing to many different agencies with minimal gains”. This is because the SEO industry is filled with agencies who think they know what to do in terms of improving rankings. They might even show you dozens of case studies from their happy clients. But let me tell you something, for every case study you see showing positive results in the SERPs, there are probably a dozen negative ones that they will not show you.

In this video you can see a brief explanation of SEO and how it is used for companies:

SEO Agencies

I am not here to say SEO is not good for your business. If you find the right company to do this then it is a great investment into a growing company. You get higher rankings which leads to more clicks onto your website, which leads to more enquiries, and the more leads you get the more orders you should generate. BUT, the problem you face here is finding the good SEO service that works well for your company and generates the results you want. These agencies are not easy to find and they will not be the cheapest as you certainly pay for what you get.

In general you can look to pay between £200 – £2,000 a month on SEO where these companies will build you backlinks. The rankings will improve over a few months and you will think this is great, then one morning you will get up and see your website cannot be found in the search results. It has seemingly fallen off a cliff, and basically this is where your SEO agency are not clued up and have more than likely over optimised your links to make you receive a penalty.

Random Ranking Factor

When trying to improve your position in search engine results, you may have come across something called the random ranking factor. This is also know as the Google Dance and it can affect SEO strategies, potentially leading to a penalty. When you apply SEO techniques like building links to a website, you might see a sudden drop in rankings. This could be due to the random ranking factor as Google drops your site temporarily to see if you will react to it. If you panic and remove any links you’ve built, Google will know that you are trying to manipulate the search results, and then apply a real penalty to your website. This is something that makes SEO services difficult because clients can get annoyed that their site appears to have dropped. A bad SEO agency might then remove any strategies they have applied, without realising that the drop is just a result of the Google Dance. The website will then be left with a real penalty anyway.

Poorer Rankings

So guess what? You have been paying this business all that money and now you are in a worse situation than you were before you even started paying them! Can you get refunds on this? Absolutely not and they will probably blame something you have done also to get themselves out of it and try to charge you more to get the penalty removed etc. I see it personally like a cowboy mechanic adding on loads of extras to your bill that you never needed. For this reason I think it is a huge gamble for any company to pay for SEO services. Just because it is so difficult to find the right company to do it correctly and make it worth your money.

The difficult part to SEO is you have to invest your money in it months before seeing any results so you will not know whether the company you are using is good or bad. It could be a £6,000 investment over six months and then it actually puts you in a worse position than when you started, that is the scary thing. Trust me I know first hand because 8 years ago I personally got burnt for over £40,000 trusting companies to do what they promised and this is why paying for organic SEO is a huge gamble.

Option 2 – PPC to Generate Leads

PPC (pay per click) basically involves you paying the search engines like Google to rent a space within the SERPs. This in my opinion is great for short term investment and ranking a website page quickly. What I mean by that is let’s say Beyonce was playing at a gig and the event wanted to sell tickets. This is something which will only be available in the short term so an advertisement for this is perfect. SEO would be daft because it is generally done for long term investments and by the time the page has ranked organically the event will be over, whereas PPC gives instant results.

On the flipside if you are looking to make long term plans for growing your business, then I see PPC like renting a house. It is dead money and the minute you stop paying for the clicks your website is gone from the search results. SEO at least (if done correctly) ranks long term and gives you more traffic for years while PPC in my opinion is a short term investment plan.

Successful PPC Advertising

I will have many now reading this and saying that is ridiculous because lots of people make millions from using PPC advertising. To answer this, yes obviously if done correctly you can be clever in finding key phrases that convert well and make ROI on this. But unless you are an advanced pay per click expert you are going to throw away money on irrelevant clicks from people who don’t want the product or service you are offering and this can become very costly.

Do these clicks on the website mean you are guaranteed to get enquiries? No they do not, but you would hope the more clicks to your site the more leads it will generate and the more order you’ll convert. Again, this is a big gamble as you can’t be 100% sure that every click you pay for will result in an enquiry and an order. In fact most of them probably won’t result in anything. Big brands might be able to afford this risk but small companies need to be careful. Spending £5,000 month on clicks does not instantly mean more orders, can you afford to spend this on a gamble to convert some clicks into leads and then those leads into orders? That is something only you can decide!

This video below explains the process of PPC and how it can be applied to maximise traffic and sales for your business:

Option 3 – PPL to Generate Leads

PPL stands for pay per lead and this is an option which really can be great for businesses. Why is this much better than SEO or PPC? Well the simple answer is in Option 1 you are gambling to improve your rankings which MIGHT lead to some more clicks but that is a risk. Then with Option 2 you are gambling that the clicks you are paying for MIGHT get you some more enquiries but that is a risk. What happens if the clicks you are paying for are coming from a competitor looking at your site? What happens if someone wants to check some information on a product but does not want to order it? Then lastly what’s to say someone clicks onto your page and doesn’t like your site so decides not to enquire with you. At the end of the day you are taking risks in option one and two.

Paying for Leads

So having said that, is Option 3 a risk free solution? The answer to this is also no it is not risk free but you are certainly lowering the risks and taking a calculated gamble by paying for leads. Once you have received the enquiries, it is the up to you to convert them into orders. As you are not paying on the chance to improve your Google ranking or just for clicks, you are further down the line by paying for leads so you stand much better chances to get orders here.

Sourcing Your Enquiries

Is it easy to get pay per lead deals? If you are looking for a pay per lead strategy from someone then you might find this difficult because the majority of companies will not do this deal for you. The reason for this is that they are also taking a risk themselves with ranking in the search results. As they do not get paid unless they get you enquiries, the pressure is on them and this eliminates all the bad SEO companies because they know that it will be difficult for them to rank your site. On the flip side like myself where I know 100% I can rank whatever niche I want then I could easily do this strategy because although it is a risk for myself I know I can get leads.

But, with my ‘negative business owner’ hat on for small companies, is this a big risk? Yes this is still taking a gamble, although this is a small risk some companies might again think it is difficult to pay for all leads. If there happens to be an influx of enquiries which don’t convert because the client wants a cheaper price or different product, this is where you can end up paying for nothing. Remember some businesses are very wary about risking their money, and rightly so as paying per lead still poses a risk.

Option 4 – No Risk Supply Of Enquiries

This brings me to the final option, and this is the service that I will be offering. Your company can receive leads from customers who are interested in buying your products or paying for your services. You will not pay to get the leads, you will simply pay a percentage of the profits made from any orders you get through these enquiries. However I do have to consider a few factors before providing a no risk supply of enquiries to any companies. These are things like:

  • Do I trust the business owner?
  • Do I believe in their company?
  • Do they offer services nationwide in the UK?
  • Do keyword research and search analytics suggest that this strategy will work for them?
  • Are they happy to deal with a larger volume of enquiries?
  • Can they turn these into orders with profits?

I am going to be taking all the risks with this strategy because I know that I am personally able to build a website, rank it, get traffic to it and then generate enquiries with good calls to action. What I cannot guarantee is that the business owner I work with can convert these enquiries into orders and therefore make a profit. Hence me having to look into the trust of the person, their business niche and whether I personally feel they can convert these into profits.

Converting to Orders

If the leads turn into orders and profits we look to split the winnings from this, if they do not turn into an order then you pay absolutely nothing. This way you are only losing a share of profits which you would have never had in the first place. There are no contracts and no subscription fees so all the risk lies with myself. But I personally am a guy who does not mind taking risks and investing in myself to succeed. By generating hundreds of new enquiries businesses should then be getting a lot more orders, and for these companies it is an absolutely no brainer because there is zero risk whatsoever.

You might be thinking ‘Yes but that means if we get any orders we need to split the profits with you.’ But let me leave you with this thought: Let’s say we decided on 50/50 split of profits made from the leads, my answer to this would be – “I would sooner have 50% of something than 100% of nothing.”