No Risk Supply Of Enquiries

No Risk Supply Of Enquiries

Last Updated: Jul 18, 2017 @ 1:41 pm
You may be wondering if it is possible to receive a “No Risk Supply Of Enquiries” to your business. Well, this is a service we are looking to supply to companies who want to boost their sales and profits. The phrase ‘nothing in life is free’ can be true in many cases, and you will probably think that this offer is too good to be true. But you’d be wrong. This link explains why our lead generation is free which has been asked many times over so follow the link to read the explanation and also scroll to the bottom of this page to read all the references we have already from UK businesses utilising this service.

Here is an introduction to myself James Dooley, I have basically lived and breathed SEO in the past 8 years. I will quickly point out that this industry is rife with cowboys claiming they can get you to page one of Google search results, but let me get started to explain this agreement and strategy I am doing. Here are 4 options a business could use to generate leads online:

1) SEO to improve website rankings – See here what seo is if you are not sure.

2) PPC to pay for your site to rank highly in Google – Basically renting a space on the search engine results pages.

3) Pay Per Lead – Calculated risk where you are paying for leads to your business.

4) No Risk Supply Of Enquiries – Not paying for all leads but just for successful secured jobs.

Show me any business that says they get enough enquiries and I will then show you failure!

Lets get started then and I will break down the 4 options to explain why each strategy above could be a good investment or whether you are gambling with your money.

Option 1 – SEO to Generate Leads

Ranking organically in the SERPs (search engine results pages) is done by optimising your website with the keywords on the site and by building high quality and niche relevant backlinks. This seems easy right? Well let me tell you if you read my introduction to myself here then you will see “Over the years I have learnt the hard way outsourcing to many different agencies with minimal gains”. This is because the SEO industry is filled with agencies who think they know what to do in terms of improving rankings. They might even show you dozens of case studies from their happy clients. But let me tell you something, for every case study you see showing positive results in the SERPs, there are probably a dozen negative ones that they will not show you.

learn how to carry out SEO in house


Completing SEO yourself may seem like a daunting task but it’s possible if you have the right knowledge and develop your own skills. Sign up for the course today to learn more and find out how you can improve rankings for your own websites.

In this video you can see a brief explanation of SEO and how it is used for companies:

SEO Agencies

I am not here to say SEO is not good for your business. If you find the right company to do this then it is a great investment into a growing company. You get higher rankings which leads to more clicks onto your website, which leads to more enquiries, and the more leads you get the more orders you should generate. BUT, the problem you face here is finding the good SEO service that works well for your company and generates the results you want. These agencies are not easy to find and they will not be the cheapest as you certainly pay for what you get.

In general you can look to pay between £200 – £2,000 a month on SEO where these companies will build you backlinks. The rankings will improve over a few months and you will think this is great, then one morning you will get up and see your website cannot be found in the search results. It has seemingly fallen off a cliff, and basically this is where your SEO agency are not clued up and have more than likely over optimised your links to make you receive a penalty.

Random Ranking Factor

When trying to improve your position in search engine results, you may have come across something called the random ranking factor. This is also know as the Google Dance and it can affect SEO strategies, potentially leading to a penalty. When you apply SEO techniques like building links to a website, you might see a sudden drop in rankings. This could be due to the random ranking factor as Google drops your site temporarily to see if you will react to it. If you panic and remove any links you’ve built, Google will know that you are trying to manipulate the search results, and then apply a real penalty to your website. This is something that makes SEO services difficult because clients can get annoyed that their site appears to have dropped. A bad SEO agency might then remove any strategies they have applied, without realising that the drop is just a result of the Google Dance. The website will then be left with a real penalty anyway.

Poorer Rankings

So guess what? You have been paying this business all that money and now you are in a worse situation than you were before you even started paying them! Can you get refunds on this? Absolutely not and they will probably blame something you have done also to get themselves out of it and try to charge you more to get the penalty removed etc. I see it personally like a cowboy mechanic adding on loads of extras to your bill that you never needed. For this reason I think it is a huge gamble for any company to pay for SEO services. Just because it is so difficult to find the right company to do it correctly and make it worth your money.

The difficult part to SEO is you have to invest your money in it months before seeing any results so you will not know whether the company you are using is good or bad. It could be a £6,000 investment over six months and then it actually puts you in a worse position than when you started, that is the scary thing. Trust me I know first hand because 8 years ago I personally got burnt for over £40,000 trusting companies to do what they promised and this is why paying for organic SEO is a huge gamble.

Option 2 – PPC to Generate Leads

PPC (pay per click) basically involves you paying the search engines like Google to rent a space within the SERPs. This in my opinion is great for short term investment and ranking a website page quickly. What I mean by that is let’s say Beyonce was playing at a gig and the event wanted to sell tickets. This is something which will only be available in the short term so an advertisement for this is perfect. SEO would be daft because it is generally done for long term investments and by the time the page has ranked organically the event will be over, whereas PPC gives instant results.

On the flipside if you are looking to make long term plans for growing your business, then I see PPC like renting a house. It is dead money and the minute you stop paying for the clicks your website is gone from the search results. SEO at least (if done correctly) ranks long term and gives you more traffic for years while PPC in my opinion is a short term investment plan.

Successful PPC Advertising

I will have many now reading this and saying that is ridiculous because lots of people make millions from using PPC advertising. To answer this, yes obviously if done correctly you can be clever in finding key phrases that convert well and make ROI on this. But unless you are an advanced pay per click expert you are going to throw away money on irrelevant clicks from people who don’t want the product or service you are offering and this can become very costly.

Do these clicks on the website mean you are guaranteed to get enquiries? No they do not, but you would hope the more clicks to your site the more leads it will generate and the more order you’ll convert. Again, this is a big gamble as you can’t be 100% sure that every click you pay for will result in an enquiry and an order. In fact most of them probably won’t result in anything. Big brands might be able to afford this risk but small companies need to be careful. Spending £5,000 month on clicks does not instantly mean more orders, can you afford to spend this on a gamble to convert some clicks into leads and then those leads into orders? That is something only you can decide!

This video below explains the process of PPC and how it can be applied to maximise traffic and sales for your business:

Option 3 – PPL to Generate Leads

PPL stands for pay per lead and this is an option which really can be great for businesses. Why is this much better than SEO or PPC? Well the simple answer is in Option 1 you are gambling to improve your rankings which MIGHT lead to some more clicks but that is a risk. Then with Option 2 you are gambling that the clicks you are paying for MIGHT get you some more enquiries but that is a risk. What happens if the clicks you are paying for are coming from a competitor looking at your site? What happens if someone wants to check some information on a product but does not want to order it? Then lastly what’s to say someone clicks onto your page and doesn’t like your site so decides not to enquire with you. At the end of the day you are taking risks in option one and two.

Paying for Leads

So having said that, is Option 3 a risk free solution? The answer to this is also no it is not risk free but you are certainly lowering the risks and taking a calculated gamble by paying for leads. Once you have received the enquiries, it is the up to you to convert them into orders. As you are not paying on the chance to improve your Google ranking or just for clicks, you are further down the line by paying for leads so you stand much better chances to get orders here.

Sourcing Your Enquiries

Is it easy to get pay per lead deals? If you are looking for a pay per lead strategy from someone then you might find this difficult because the majority of companies will not do this deal for you. The reason for this is that they are also taking a risk themselves with ranking in the search results. As they do not get paid unless they get you enquiries, the pressure is on them and this eliminates all the bad SEO companies because they know that it will be difficult for them to rank your site. On the flip side like myself where I know 100% I can rank whatever niche I want then I could easily do this strategy because although it is a risk for myself I know I can get leads.

But, with my ‘negative business owner’ hat on for small companies, is this a big risk? Yes this is still taking a gamble, although this is a small risk some companies might again think it is difficult to pay for all leads. If there happens to be an influx of enquiries which don’t convert because the client wants a cheaper price or different product, this is where you can end up paying for nothing. Remember some businesses are very wary about risking their money, and rightly so as paying per lead still poses a risk.

Option 4 – No Risk Supply Of Enquiries

This brings me to the final option, and this is the service that I will be offering. Your company can receive leads from customers who are interested in buying your products or paying for your services. You will not pay to get the leads, you will simply pay a percentage of the profits made from any orders you get through these enquiries. However I do have to consider a few factors before providing a no risk supply of enquiries to any companies. These are things like:

  • Do I trust the business owner?
  • Do I believe in their company?
  • Do they offer services nationwide in the UK?
  • Do keyword research and search analytics suggest that this strategy will work for them?
  • Are they happy to deal with a larger volume of enquiries?
  • Can they turn these into orders with profits?

I am going to be taking all the risks with this strategy because I know that I am personally able to build a website, rank it, get traffic to it and then generate enquiries with good calls to action. What I cannot guarantee is that the business owner I work with can convert these enquiries into orders and therefore make a profit. Hence me having to look into the trust of the person, their business niche and whether I personally feel they can convert these into profits.

Converting to Orders

If the leads turn into orders and profits we look to split the winnings from this, if they do not turn into an order then you pay absolutely nothing. This way you are only losing a share of profits which you would have never had in the first place. There are no contracts and no subscription fees so all the risk lies with myself. But I personally am a guy who does not mind taking risks and investing in myself to succeed. By generating hundreds of new enquiries businesses should then be getting a lot more orders, and for these companies it is an absolutely no brainer because there is zero risk whatsoever. A video here explains the UK Lead Generation Service we provide :

You might be thinking ‘Yes but that means if we get any orders we need to split the profits with you.’ But let me leave you with this thought: Let’s say we decided on 50/50 split of profits made from the leads, my answer to this would be – “I would sooner have 50% of something than 100% of nothing.”


I am updating this post here now with references because are now in a position where we have a lot of really happy clients. These are all getting hundreds of website enquiries through and growing their companies. Here below are the references received from a few of our existing customers :-

Phil Jepson (Owner of Maxomil) – Maxomil is a nationwide UK company that supplies inflatables to event companies or anyone wanting to purchase an inflatable. This could be bouncy castles, zorb footballs or new products like the KickDarts blow up inflatable. We had him a professional video created from one of my businesses at PromoPixa here:

But then needed to generate leads from ranking in the google search for hundreds of keywords he had sent through. We managed to optimise the websites onpage perfectly with a large amount of content, images, videos and then build strong backlinks to these pages. Here is the reference PDF he sent through Maxomil Reference PDF which if you click on the pdf link says:

Hi PromoSEO

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you over the past 12 months in helping myself scale out MaxoMil. The amount of website leads we receive on a daily basis is complete and utter madness.

Previously we spent fortunes every month on facebook ads, google adwords and link building companies. This helped us slightly but nowhere near the amount you have managed to create for us.

The amounts we actually pay out now is at no risk because only paying for the converted orders and that is why I have been happy to up my margins and kickbacks to you at more than what you suggested. Role on 2017 because we have now got better rates from our manufacturers. This will then in turn generate higher profits and I cannot thank you enough for all the hard work and graft you have put in.

I was asked by James Dooley whether I would be willing to write a reference because he is worried the offer can seem to be good be true. I will be honest and if I didn’t know him already through playing football then I would have thought the same.

He is a genuinely nice bloke who cares for businesses he works with to make sure it is worth their while hence only paying for successful orders. If you get the chance to work alongside PromoSEO then snatch their hands off because trust me guys it will be one of the best decisions in your career.

Scott Robinson (Owner of F1 Marking) – F1 Marking are a company based in Buckinghamshire in the UK. They work nationwide and have installers throughout the country installing road lining and white lines to motorways. I came across them doing some amazing work in school playgrounds and as there was a crossover with a few of my companies I thought it would be beneficial for myself to help this company out and they have grown massively in 2016. If you read this link here F1 Marking Reference Letter you will see that Scott has received over 300 enquiries:

When I was initially approached by James Dooley from PromoSEO about a lead generation service, I was apprehensive to begin with. They were offering to provide leads for my company with no upfront cost, and this seemed too good to be true. The proposed service would only require payment for leads that my business was able to convert into orders. I decided to take the opportunity as it seemed I would have nothing to lose, and after several months I have not looked back.

The service that James and the team at PromoSEO have provided has helped our company to grow and we have seen more enquiries than ever before. For each of the leads that we receive an order from, we pay an agreed proportion of the profits to PromoSEO. Any leads which do not convert into an order are completely cost free. It really is a win-win situation for our business and it has provided us with many more customers interested in what we offer.

After seeing success from the first few months of receiving the leads, it became clear that a higher investment in lead generation would see an even bigger increase in new enquiries. We began to pay a higher percentage of our profits to PromoSEO in order to develop a more advanced strategy. From this we have seen an exponential growth in leads coming through as well as orders being placed with our company.

As we are only paying for successful leads, this strategy has become much more cost effective for us than other options. We previously used sources such as Checkatrade, Yellow Pages and Google Ads to bring new customers to our website. However, after investing in the lead generation services and developing a working relationship with James, we have found that we no longer need to pay for other listings.

I would thoroughly recommend taking the opportunity that PromoSEO are offering if you are looking to grow your business and bring in new enquiries for your services. We would like to thank James and everyone at PromoSEO as we have only seen positive results and are sure that this will continue in the future.

Matthew Paczkowski (Founder of Air Pixa) – Air Pixa is a video production company based in Manchester. They have some amazing drones which make them able to take the best photography and videos. The quality of their work is unreal and honestly believe they are the top rated videographer agency throughout the UK. For this reason I decided to team up with them to supply them leads. It has worked great for them and TBH worked well for me because means I get to use their services regularly for our own productions. Here is the reference letter from Matt AirPixa Reference which is copied here below:

We met James back in 2015 when he approached us with his idea of no up-front cost lead generation service for our newly established Aerial Photography and Video Production Service – AirPixa. As we are no experts in SEO we didn’t really understand how this will work nor did we have anyone to reference his offering with. Understandably we were a little bit apprehensive however as we had nothing to lose, we’ve decided to give it a go and see how it will work!

We provided James with examples of our photographs, videos and keywords. He embedded those on PromoSEO and other websites that he manages. Within just few days enquiries started to come in!

The service that James and his team provided us with has helped AirPixa to grow and we are seeing more quality enquiries coming through on daily basis. We pay an agreed proportion of the profits to PromoSEO. Any leads which do not convert into an order are completely at no cost to us. You won’t get this anywhere else it is really a win-win situation and it has provided us with many more customers interested in our services.

As we are only paying for successful leads, this strategy is a lot more cost effective for us than other options. We previously used pay per click sources to bring new customers to our website. However, we no longer need to rely on those campaigns as we have found that leads generated by James and his team are more cost effective for us.

If you are considering PromoSEO services for your niche business area – just go for it! Don’t waste your time talking to other SEO companies, they will only burn your money and time! Talk to James and his team. We’ve not come across anyone who understands SEO better and is as hardworking as James and his Team. Thank you Guys!

Nik Spence (Sales Director of Uniplay Markings) – Uniplay are a playground markings company installing graphics into schools, colleges and parks throughout the UK. Here is the reference letter from Nik Uniplay Lead Generation Reference which is copied here below:

My company was recently offered an opportunity to enter a lead generation agreement. This was brought to us by Scott Calland from Soft Surfaces Ltd who was looking to provide leads to new companies. He explained that their business had developed its own marketing organisation and was beginning to offer these services to others. There was no contract involved so we decided to take the opportunity which only required us to pay for successful leads.

The success that we have seen from this strategy has been fantastic, and we are receiving more enquiries and new customers than we have ever seen in the past. The agreement offered by the company means we simply pay for leads which we generate into orders, and any unsuccessful ones are free of charge. To begin with we agreed an appropriate percentage of the profits from each job to pay back to Soft Surfaces for their work.

As a result of the growth we have seen in our business since taking this opportunity, we have decided to increase the proportion we pay in order to invest in further development. If you choose to take up the offer which is being provided, I would highly advise contributing as much as you can to help advance the strategies and bring you even more in the long run.

We can only thank Scott and the marketing team at Soft Surfaces for bringing us this opportunity and helping us to grow our business further.

Steve Kerwin (Managing Director of Pro-Res) – Pro-Res are a great indoor resin flooring business working nationwide in the United Kingdom. Here is the reference letter from Steve Pro-Res Lead Generation Reference which is copied here below:

I have known James Dooley for over 10 years now and was happy to agree to the lead generation service he provides, our resin flooring business saw immediate benefits in both quality convertible leads and general exposure to clients our existing marketing strategies hadn’t found.

Id happily recommend James and his organisation to anyone thinking of embarking on Search engine based leads, there are no hidden costs or surprises down the line and Pro-Res (UK) Ltd are delighted with the results.

So as you can see we already have many happy UK businesses making the most of this amazing deal.

The Digital World – So Easy Making Money Online

We are living in the Digital World now where making money online has never been so easy. A decade ago it was rare for people to have constant access to the internet and if they did it would be in internet cafes or at home on desktops or laptops. Nowadays nearly all the population in the world has a mobile phone in their hand which connects them directly to the internet. With all this access to billions of the world population, are you making the most of getting your brand, business or self out there?

What Do You Mean By Digital World?

The Digital World is the environment we currently live in, with so many of us connected to the internet and using various online services. So much of what we do is based around the internet these days: shopping, entertainment, learning, and above all, communication. Lots of things we do in our every day lives revolve around being online and being connected. Ever feel like you can’t do anything at all when your WiFi connection goes down? That shows you how much of an influence the internet has on all of us, and how much power it holds when it comes to business.

There is no one complete definition of the Digital World or the Digital Era as it involves many different things. The broad explanation involves technology which increases the amount and speed of knowledge in society and the economy. Because being connected to the internet gives us pretty much all the information and resources we need, there is always the opportunity to grow and develop as individuals and as businesses.

What is a Digital Company?

A digital company is any kind of business which uses technology to grow and improve their enterprise. This can include using online marketing techniques like SEO, PPC and social media advertising. In today’s Digital World it’s so much easier to market your company online as there are so many more resources available. Where previously a business owner would have had to rely on word of mouth in their local town or costly leaflet and poster campaigns, anyone can now showcase their products or services on the internet. Most people with access to the internet will have a mobile phone, so why not harness the power of these devices and display your brand right in the palm of their hand?

It doesn’t have to cost a lot either, in fact it doesn’t have to cost anything. Setting up a Facebook page, Twitter profile and Instagram account to promote your services is completely free. Of course you can choose to pay to promote your posts on social media, pay for ads in Google search, and pay for SEO services if you want to. It all depends what kind of scale you want to grow your business on, it’s always wise to start out simple and then grow your strategies as the company expands. As long as you’re getting exposure and putting your brand in front of people who wouldn’t have otherwise known about it, you’re making progress.

Why is Digital Marketing Important for Business?

Whether you are a completely new company, or you’ve been running a business for 30 years, there is no denying that digital marketing is vital. These days it is rare to find a successful business which doesn’t have some kind of online presence. This could be as simple as having a listing in Google maps or an internet directory to help people find you. For larger brands or new startups, the use of digital marketing strategies is so important if you want to stay ahead of the competition. The majority of people now search online before they buy a product or service and statistics show that over 70% of shoppers think they will get a better deal online than in store.

With all the information there in black and white for us to see, most people will compare prices of a certain product from different online stores, or look at a few companies’ websites before enquiring with one. So if your business doesn’t have an online presence but your competitors do, guess what? They’re going to be taking all of your potential customers away from you because your brand simply can’t be seen. These days, the internet is such a core part of the consumer experience, you’d be crazy not to harness its power and start profiting from the Digital Era. Whether that’s just by setting up social media accounts for your brand and posting regular updates, or creating a complete SEO strategy and building links to your website.

Living in a Digital World

The opportunity to develop a successful business or become an entrepreneur has never been bigger. We use technology every day to communicate, learn new things, make purchases and even watch movies. There are so many resources available which enable us to enhance our knowledge and skills on a variety of different topics. This means it’s so much easier to work for yourself and become an entrepreneur in virtually any field. By doing this you can work from your own schedule and adopt a laptop lifestyle which allows you to work wherever you want as long as you have a WiFi connection.

From a consumer’s point of view, living in the Digital World opens up a whole host of opportunities as well. It is now so easy to buy things online, get a taxi, book holidays, you name it. There is an instant answer to almost everything, and companies in the Digital Era need to keep up with this in order to beat their competition.

Never Been a Better Time To Be an Entrepreneur

The development of technology and online resources is currently at its highest and fastest level ever. This means there has never been a better time to be an entrepreneur and start your own business. Check out this article from the Washington Post to find out more about becoming an entrepreneur and working for yourself in the current Digital Age.

Also take a look at the video below where Scooter Braun talks about the opportunities available now compared to years ago. This draws a contrast between companies right now who have access to the internet, and companies decades ago who simply relied on word of mouth in their local town.

It is so much easier for you to get your brand in front of potential customers and showcase what you do on a national and even global scale. Most people in developed countries use some form of social media, and if they don’t they’ll almost definitely use a search engine like Google. These are two places with vast audiences of people wanting to either buy something, learn something or be entertained by something. If you can provide consumers with one of these things in a way which is profitable for you, then you’re harnessing the power of the Digital Age.

Online Entrepreneurs Understand Growth Hacking

If you’re going to become an online entrepreneur, you need to understand the concept of growth hacking. This term refers to the use of different marketing strategies in order to find the most effective way of growing a business. You basically test out loads of different techniques for marketing a brand and see which ones give you the best results. This can be a tricky business as the world of SEO and marketing is changing rapidly every day, meaning last year’s top strategies could be completely useless now.

With Google updating its algorithm on an almost daily basis, keeping up with what works best takes a lot of patience and often a lot of failure. You’ll find yourself trying lots of things that have no effect, and even some things which have a negative effect, before you find what works best. This can even vary from niche to niche and depending on who your target audience is. Some companies will have great success using social media campaigns, whereas others get better results from paid Google ads. This is why growth hacking is key as you always need to be ahead of the game in your own industry.

How to Become a Growth Hacker?





Why Become an SEO?

Why Become an SEO?

I often get asked what job I have and most of the time I struggle to answer this question. This is because so many different professions in our trade call themselves SEO gurus, online marketers, digital nomads, digital marketing experts, growth hackers and many more job description names. In a nutshell I help commercial businesses generate more leads and gain exposure in as many places as possible. The benefits are endless and I love being an SEO or whatever else you might want to call it. If you want to look into this yourself and start a career in SEO then follow the link for online courses educating you on everything you need to know to become an online marketing specialist. So let’s get started and explain the benefits of why you should consider being an SEO.

1. Job Satisfaction

A huge benefit of being an SEO is job satisfaction. You are working with businesses in helping them grow their profits and if you are good at what you do then you can make a lot of companies a lot of profit. The success is hugely rewarding because your clients are constantly ringing to thank you, ask to take you out for drinks, and they are basically reliant on you so the customer relationship is amazing. You have the power because you are the person generating them the clients they need and for this reason you get great job satisfaction from what you do.

the best ways to become an SEO and develop skills


Making money online by helping these businesses with SEO is certainly not the same as multi level marketing. In my eyes, MLM is conning people to pyramid sales and in the long run many people lose out on this. To read about the difference on MLM and SEO click the link for more details. The job satisfaction of being an SEO is certainly a feeling of fulfilment or enjoyment that a person derives from their job and in this specialist niche you feel these rewards daily.

2. Not Location Dependent

You can travel anywhere in the world and as long as you have a laptop and an internet connection you can work from wherever you are. This gives you great freedom and flexibility as there is no need to rent an office or worry about commuting into work every day. You can work from home or even as you travel around the world. It is totally up to you and your schedule, but you need to make sure you are putting the hours in if you want to get real results. This kind of lifestyle is often referred to as a Digital Nomad way of living, you can see more about this here. Many people enjoy being able to work like this when it is convenient for them with no limitations.

3. Growing Industry

The SEO business is constantly growing as new developments come about in online marketing. Google updates its ranking algorithms frequently, meaning new strategies are needed. There are now more searches and more users of search engines than ever before, so the demand for conquering this market is massive. So many people now take to Google before buying products and looking for services, and there are so many ways to generate profits from this. The number of companies moving online to sell products or market themselves is also on the rise, giving even more opportunities to digital marketers.

Traditional advertising methods are becoming less popular and less powerful with many businesses trying to keep up with the online world. You can see more about the growth of SEO as an industry in this blog post if you are interested in reading more. Getting a job within the SEO niche gives you plenty of room to develop and advance in the future with strategies changing almost every day.

4. Profits Can Be Unlimited

There is no cap on what you can earn. The more you graft the more you will earn and as the industry is growing every year there is not enough marketers for the demand of work so prices can be ridiculous. With this kind of skill and expertise being in such high demand from so many companies, there are plenty of opportunities to make good money through SEO and digital marketing. Being able to bring in leads and increase profits for a wide range of businesses is a priceless service to offer, so you’ll be sure to see the benefits if you put the work in.

5. Flexible Working Hours

Work whatever hours you want to work and from whatever location in the world. This flexibility makes it easy to learn and grow your skills in your own time when it’s convenient. Work around your own lifestyle and your family to make your daily tasks easier to manage.

Let me Break This List Up With a Mindset Section

If you are reading this and thinking “WOW! This is a dream job because I can make money while sat on the beach drinking mojitos and get rich quick.” Then please close down this article now and never return to this website ever again. No but seriously guys you need the right mindset from the start and that is you will be willing to graft and take action to make this happen. You need to learn a lot and understand the niche first before just going out delegating all your work to staff overseas and not knowing what you are paying for.

Please read this article here – You Create Your Own Luck By Taking Massive Determined Action because it is amazing how many people say you are so lucky. But my response to that is “It is amazing that the harder I work the luckier I seem to get.” You need to be willing to put the graft in and do not get stuck in the cycle of ‘Analysis Paralysis’. This is the state of over analysing (or over-thinking) a situation so that a decision or action is never taken, in effect paralysing the outcome. Start taking massive determined action today and if you need to improve your SEO knowledge or are looking to start out in this industry then register to this completely free webinar which will give you more information –

6. Most Searched For Skill

For business owners and recruitment companies the most searched for skill globally is SEO. The demand for SEO is so huge and the amount of marketers cannot keep up with this demand. There are not enough people trained in this field to cover the demands from businesses all over the world. It means that having this knowledge gives you a valuable service which you can provide for any company that wants to increase their sales.

If a business wants to grow and be more successful, owners need to be looking into new ways of marketing in order to boost sales and bring in more clients. With in depth knowledge of Google ranking strategies, you’ll be in a position to fill this need and work within many industries. The digital marketing world is constantly expanding which means there is always a demand for online marketing services.

7. You Don’t Need to Meet a Single Client in Person

You can deal with all your clients remotely from anywhere in the world. Connecting with Skype, email and many CRM systems which are now available means you can get clients from anywhere in the world and not just within your local town. Because your work is so accessible from wherever you are, this gives you even more opportunity to expand who you work with. There is no need to go out to different offices and meet with clients to explain what is being done each month. You can simply work from your own schedule, delegate out certain tasks and customise everything to how you want.

8. Never Run Out of Potential Clients

There are 118 new websites coming online every minute, so that’s 7083 new websites every single hour. Putting that into a daily amount, that is 170,000 new websites every single day entering the internet. So that is potentially 170,000 new clients you could go after to provide them a service. The vast majority of new and existing companies will be looking for ways to get more customers and ultimately make more sales and profit. If you have enough knowledge of SEO strategies to be able to provide these leads, you will become valuable to lots of businesses.


There are so many different niches and markets available, with new ones being created every day. These all open up opportunities with companies who need to increase their sales but are unsure of how to go about digital marketing and don’t know where to start. You can provide an effective service which helps them to become more successful and generate better profits.

9. Your Revenue Can Be Made Totally Passive

I am a massive advocate for outsourcing your work. Here is a great article about hiring virtual assistants to help you grow your company. Therefore you could potentially have a team of staff employed anywhere in the world completing your services for you to relax and earn more passively. The amount of SEO outsourcing agencies are endless and delegating this work is key to success. So lets say you decided to visit the popular website Upwork then if you posted a job in there on average they say the estimated amount of replies is 41 applicants saying they can fulfil your job role you need completing.

Having such a large amount of skilled workers available makes it easier for you scale up your work as you are not just depending on what you can do in a day. As long as you set up Standard Operating Procedures for each task that you need done, assistants from all over the world can work for you and make the whole process much quicker.

10. The SEO Community

WOW guys the SEO community is something else. I have made so many great friends and treat them now as part of my extended family. We travel regularly to meet up and the community is the best I have ever come across out of all the industries. Sharing knowledge, ideas and helping each other is such a great feeling as you will always come across people who can teach you things and vice versa. I personally love the definition of Synergy where two heads are always better than one as you can bring more ideas to the table. In the world of SEO networking is vitally important because it’s very difficult to come up with all of the answers and ideas by yourself. Talking with people about their different experiences and strategies they have tried can benefit you both in getting the best outcomes.

Why Become an SEO: Round Up

Since I became a digital nomad I have learnt so many life lessons. Here is an article with regards to digital nomad life lessons that runs through everything I have learnt while working in SEO and travelling the world.

If you want to travel and make money online or build a large SEO agency then you really need to understand the huge benefits of delegation because you need to outsource the work to technicians to allow you to be the online entrepreneur to grow your earnings.

Best SEO Training Course EVER

Best SEO Training Course EVER

There has never been a better time on Earth to make money so fast. I have never known a time when you could easily create a 7 figure business within a few years without any high investments needed. But today the Digital Online Training Course will completely change the way you think.


Are you truthfully happy with your wage and realistically are you pushing yourself to develop? Stop moaning and start taking action because guess what people – unless you are improving, developing and building every single day then you are losing.

The reason for this course is that there is a serious lack of quality marketers. This course is about getting yourself advanced and becoming part of a community where you have full accessibility to the highest paid affiliate specialists and SEO agencies. Being taught all the advanced strategies allows you to understand how to sell this service. Then you might decide to outsource some works to the community members, because many niche down to a particular element.

The community is going to create access to experts who have previously carried out this course. The knowledge will allow you to work on your clock and you choose the hours you want to work. As the information and training is continuously updated in real time, you know you’ll be getting the most recent techniques. Travelling while you work anywhere in the world is an option where many create the #LaptopLifestyle or #DigitalNomad route doing this. With a laptop and internet connection, you really can work anywhere in the world. As this course is completely accessible online, you’ll be able to learn in your own time and when it suits you. I became a digital nomad several years ago and being able to work anywhere in the world has transformed my life for the better.

Information Overload

OK so now we are in the digital era and it is so easy to make money carrying out SEO, social media, blogging, copywriting, web design etc. But let me guess, you are getting bombarded with offers, webinars, courses and videos, all pointing you to the next “bright shiny object”, trick and tactic that promises to double your traffic overnight.

At present there is a huge issue for new starters or existing marketers with what to believe online. Google updates literally most days and this means in most cases you are reading and being taught information about SEO from years ago. You need a Digital Online Training Course that updates in real time and gets the information from tried and tested resources. I wasted so much time over the years carrying out training courses which were so basic, outdated and pointless. For me time is the most precious asset we have so we need to make sure we are not wasting this on the wrong tutorials.

While there are many great, trusted online marketing resources out there, most of us feel like we’re constantly gathering pieces of a massive jigsaw puzzle. What you really need is the puzzle itself, and this Internet Marketers Course delivers just this. We have this exact SEO training course for you which consists of over 100,000 words of content and hours of videos. The material is always being updated with the latest developments in the online marketing world. It can be completed in your own time wherever you are as long as you have an internet connection as it is full accessible online. Check out our webinar about this course because I am happy to guarantee money back if this is not the best training online course you have ever done.

Why Choose This Digital Online Training Course?

The course is designed to assist marketers understand how to grow companies online. Driving more traffic, creating more leads and most importantly getting a return on investment. It is a foolproof strategy that is advanced in all core elements of growth during this amazing digital era.

The creators of the course update in real time so, unlike being taught marketing through universities or colleges which are years out of date, you know you are getting the latest development of training.  Every member who contributed to the course is making 7 figures plus annually so it is safe to say the information within this course is second to none.

Flexible On-Demand Learning allows you to complete the course when you want. The entire library of digital marketing classes can be accessible when it suits you to complete. The development skills are going to keep you in work forever. Why? Can you tell me one single business or company you know that doesn’t want more clients and more leads?

best seo course with money back guarantee


I will quickly make you aware that you can definitely get cheaper training programmes but you get what you pay for. If you are not serious about developing your knowledge to become a better person in your work and improve the journey of your life then the course certainly is not for you. But if you want to develop and try to be a better marketer then there is no other course to consider.

Who is This Course For?

The course is considered the most advanced online marketing course there is. Time served marketers have been amazed by the knowledge and information they have learnt from this. However it has modules starting right from the start of time so someone with zero knowledge can develop and blossom into a growth hacker or marketing guru. The different parts cover things like content writing and optimisation, as well as building links through various strategies. We already train up beginners into the SEO industry from local schools but this course is much more in depth and we like to call it the Best SEO Training Course EVER.

Small business owners looking for more traffic and customers online will benefit hugely from this. Even if they decide to outsource the marketing long term at least they will know what it is they are paying for. The issue at present with business owners paying for SEO agencies is they do not even understand what they are paying for. They set unrealistic goals on Google ranking because they think that SEO involves hitting a magic button to get your website to position one. If these managing directors complete this course they are able to realise the work involved in ranking the websites and know exactly what they are paying for.

Digital Marketing SEO Course

Existing Bloggers looking for a clear-cut content marketing strategy will certainly learn so much from this. The Digital Marketing Course goes into detail on formatting content properly with schema markup, meta tags, keyword density and includes all off page metrics to help improve the bloggers’ websites. The off page strategies could include sharing the posts throughout social media networks on auto pilot as well as link building strategies. Great content will get shared and be linked to by external sites so it is getting the best advice on how to leverage this. With regular updates to the course training, you’ll always be accessing the most recent and best material.

This course is certainly not for someone who does not want to listen and claims they are too busy because this is a lame excuse in my opinion. The best of the best marketers in the world earning upwards of 7 figures per month are always training and developing skills daily. Never stop wanting to learn and improve, and complete this course whether you are just starting out in looking to grow your business or you want to take your career to that next step.

Digital Online Training Course Costs

Don’t let the low price fool you! I set out to make the best online marketing course available, revealing a simple and proven blueprint for growing your business. There are many courses available for upwards of £20k. My passion is helping business owners succeed by making this highly valuable material available to everyone with the desire to build a thriving online business. Take action, implement the course modules and start repaying the costs of the course instantly.


The costs of the course will be the best investment you have ever made. The long term value you will get from this advanced knowledge will drive you into many markets throughout your life. All businesses in the world would love more enquiries and you will be in a position to deliver this.

SEO Training

Unless you are at position one in Google SERPs for all your keywords then it is plain and simple this course is perfect for you. Getting seen on the first page of search engine result pages is crucial for businesses and online marketers. If you are not on page one then you are losing money every single day so take action and get yourself the skills to resolve this problem. The techniques for improving Google rankings are changing every day as Google updates its algorithms. This is why we provide the most up to date resources to ensure you complete a course which is relevant in today’s online world. It can be accessed online from wherever you are as long as you have an internet connection so it’s completely flexible to your lifestyle.

Search Engine Optimisation Training is perfect for generating leads and growing the business. Any company generating more leads will earn more money, full stop. So get leveraging the knowledge today and sign up for the course. With the online marketing world changing literally every day, this program brings you the freshest information with real time updates. Do not make excuses that you do not have the time or you’re not sure this is right for you. Start taking the steps to become an expert today. As all the modules are updated in real time there is no learning old techniques like with the majority of other courses.

We are the most advanced SEO Training provider there is because every module is tested in detail to give you the best opportunity for success. It is important for people who are interested in SEO to get the right information that is working today (not yesterday and certainly not last year). If you are evaluating other courses then check the last time they updated their modules because you deserve to have the latest Digital Online Training Course.

Niches To Market

Here are some of the industries we recommend looking into:

  • Real Estate – Think of how many cities, states, counties etc, there are in the world. Every one needs a place to live and someone wants help getting more customers in this field everywhere.
  • Home Improvements – Think about people wanting to install a swimming pool in their house, or people adding porches or conservatories to their building.
  • Medical field – Plastic surgeons who perform breast augmentations, rhinoplasty, liposuction, you name it. They make a lot of money from each customer and they wouldn’t say no to more.
  • Lawyers – Think about how much money they make on a case by case basis.
  • Funeral Directors – Funeral sites are everywhere and the average funeral can cost upwards of $10,000.
  • Finance – Payday loans, mortgages, debt advice, retirement plans and much more financial sectors all need to get found digitally.
  • Marketing – Offering the SEO, PPC, social media marketing to other businesses to help them improve their online presence.

All these niches are generally industries that are growing year on year and will certainly carry on to do so. Niching down to become an expert in one of these fields will help you scale out the business opportunities. You will be confident to deliver results in this field because will have tried and tested resources so understand exactly what is needed.

join the digital marketing course today

sign up here

Travel and Make Money Online

If your dreams are to travel the world and earn money while travelling then this SEO training course is perfect for you. Learning the essentials on how to rank better in Google will allow you to work anywhere in the world from your laptop on the provision you have WiFi connections.

Travel and Make Money Online

This is known to many as laptop lifestyle or a digital nomad. Check out my digital nomad life lessons article which highlights a list of lessons I have learnt since becoming a Digital Nomad. Basically as you are location independent this means you literally can be anywhere in the world to carry out your SEO techniques in ranking websites for clients or your own affiliate marketing sites. This also goes for completing the training as you’ll have 100% access to the material online so all of the learning can be done at a time to suit you.

Internet Marketing Degree

For anyone looking into doing a university degree in digital marketing or internet studies, please think again. The internet world is changing every single day so why complete a 3 year course which will basically be 3 years out of date by the time you have completed it? Below you can see the benefits of completing this online course:

  • You don’t need big budget or money because costs are low
  • The material is continuously updated with new developments
  • Don’t need to start full time (flexible hours to suit you)
  • Don’t need existing client base list (this is building from scratch)
  • Don’t need to meet clients (all sorted online)
  • Don’t need any previous SEO knowledge
  • No need to purchase traffic with ads (all organic traffic techniques)
  • No costs involved with expensive software required
  • No cold selling or sales needed (clients will come to you)

All you need is the desire and commitment to succeed. You get lifetime forum access to closed groups to ask questions with the best marketers in the world. The networking is so important in digital marketing because you can all share ideas and help each other to learn the best practices. The forum access which allows you to network with the biggest affiliates in the world is worth its weight in gold. The Best SEO Training Course EVER contains over 100,000 words of content training, over 18 hours of video training, case studies from real marketers you can chat with and some free tools we will chuck in with the SEO training.

Multi Level Marketing Training

If you are going to get involved in multi-level marketing then you really need to understand the digital side of marketing. Being able to advertise your products and services online is going to put you one step ahead of your competition. Get the MLM training from this online marketing course where it will show you the basics from initial site design, content to advanced link building training. I personally am not a fan of multi level marketing which you will be able to tell from my recent article Real Entrepreneurs Stay Clear of Multi-Level Marketing. But if this is something in your career you want to pursue you still need to understand ranking websites, and this Best SEO Training Course EVER is certainly the answer to your problems.

Affiliate Marketing Training

The affiliate marketing training we provide has no fluff, no hype, no get rich quick promises, and no auto pilot push button magic formula. It is the in-depth training to acquire specific skills to allow you to market affiliate products online. The affiliate marketing industry is growing every year because there are more products to sell online and more buyers starting to realise how much easier it is to purchase goods on the internet.

The affiliate marketing training can help you decide whether you want to build your own in house SEO team which we decided to do, or outsource your workload. In all honesty we also outsource a lot of work to virtual assistants from around the world. If anyone is not sure what a virtual assistant is, this is a self-employed administrative or personal assistant who works remotely for various clients. When most people hear “virtual assistant,” they assume it’s a secretary who works from home but these could be VAs from anywhere in the world.


When carrying out this affiliates training we talk you through how to go about hiring VAs and the benefits of this. I created a blog named Are Virtual Assistants a Must which obviously gives you my full reasoning behind why I feel delegating work and hiring virtual assistants can help your business grow so fast. There is no reason you could not purchase these tutorials to send onto your staff to develop and improve their knowledge for search engine optimisation.

Growth Hacking Training Course

Taking the growth hacking training course is only going to enhance your company visibility. If you complete the tutorials of the search engine optimisation courses then you will be able to grow online sales. Many growth hackers have completed this course and gone on to be very successful online entrepreneurs. Growth hacking is a process of rapid experimentation across marketing channels and product development to identify the most effective, efficient ways to grow a business. Growth hackers are marketers, engineers and product managers that specifically focus on building and engaging the user base of a business.

Growth Hacking Training Course

Growth hackers generally will not suffer like most people with analysis paralysis. Analysis paralysis is the state of over-analyzing (or over-thinking) a situation so that a decision or action is never taken, in effect paralysing the outcome. They have the amazing ability to Be Positive To All Your Problems because if something fails the growth hackers will quickly learn from this and adapt strategies. You generally find many people who go onto complete this Best SEO Training Course EVER quickly adapt the positivity to take action and if something fails quickly adapt with the times.

How to get a Career in SEO with no Agency Experience

If you want to have a career in the world of SEO but you don’t have any experience, you’ll need to start learning. You can begin developing your knowledge of digital marketing and become familiar with the basics at first, and then move onto more advanced techniques. There is no need for you to have any previous experience as you can learn everything you need to know from this course and through doing your own research. The approaches change all the time so there is no better way to get the relevant skills than to learn as you go. Even advanced digital marketers need to keep on learning and improving their knowledge every day to make sure they are on top of their game.

The SEO Career Kickstart

This course gives you a kickstart to your SEO career by providing you with all the information you need to work for yourself. You’ll have access to the most up to date techniques, enabling you to develop your skills and begin offering online marketing services to businesses in a variety of niches. Gaining this in depth knowledge helps you to make a start on becoming an advanced SEO and turning it into a full time career.

How to Become an SEO Freelancer in 48 Hours

Through learning the material within this training course, you’ll be able to become an SEO freelancer in 48 hours. Of course you can take it at your own pace and learn at a time to suit you, so it could take longer than this. It completely depends on your current lifestyle and how much time you have to put into it. You could even start putting processes into pace while you’re still learning so you can make the most of your time.

It does take a lot of hard work but if you are willing to put in the effort then you’ll definitely see it pay off. Becoming a freelancer means you choose your own working hours and which parts to delegate out to other workers. This gives you the freedom to focus on generating new ideas and thinking about how to develop and grow.

How to get a Job in SEO?

The best way to get a job in SEO is firstly to develop your skills by completing the Best SEO Training Course EVER. This will honestly give you the knowledge and understanding of what is needed to be a search engine optimisation specialist. There has been thousands take this course go onto being marketing gurus and the leading marketers throughout the world. Once you can understand the topics within the course then adding on your CV the knowledge and understanding of onpage content, social media marketing, link building and more importantly advanced strategies to attract backlinks then companies and businesses throughout the world will be desperate to employ you.

If you are not sure whether you want a job in SEO then you need to understand the benefits involved. Read this link Why Become a SEO? that highlights the benefits of why you really should consider starting a career in the search engine optimisation industry. The lists are endless with why you should become an SEO but the article rounds this up nicely.

Adapting and Improving

All of us need to adapt and improve every day to remain at the forefront of the marketing industry. Search engine optimisation quickly moves and new techniques become apparent everyday. This is why always having the mindset to improve is key. Networking and creating a synergy with potential partners is key to success. If you are still unsure whether to complete this training course there is not much more I can say to you. I will hand on heart offer money back if you complete this course and believe it has not improved your knowledge on how to make money online.

The only person stopping you from doing this course is yourself. Analysis paralysis is a common issue and you really need to get yourself in the mindset to further your knowledge but more importantly implement what you know into taking massive determined action. Hit me up if you have any questions as I’m here to help anyone who honestly wants to better themselves. If you are constantly asking questions why, what, when, how are you doing this then honestly take this course. Once you have completed it you will know everything I know on online marketing. Then it is just who is determined to graft the hardest.



If you complete the Best SEO Training Course EVER there are hundreds and hundreds of niches you can enter which are very easy to dominate. Just think of anything you type in online or your friends and family do. Get ranking local services in the town you live in and branch out from there tackling harder markets as you progress. I want to hear all your success stories from this please because I am passionate about folk creating a wealthy and successful but more importantly enjoyable lifestyle.

Real Entrepreneurs Stay Clear of Multi-Level Marketing

What is Multi-Level Marketing?

Multi-level marketing is a strategy that some direct sales companies use to encourage their existing distributors to recruit new distributors by paying the existing distributors a percentage of their recruits sales. The recruits are known as a distributor’s “downline.” All distributors also make money through direct sales of products to customers.

Wikipedia explain it as Multi-level marketing (MLM), also called pyramid sellingnetwork marketing, and referral marketing is a controversial marketing strategy where revenue by a non-salaried workforce is derived from a pyramid-shaped commission system via two potential revenue streams according to the MLM’s specific “compensation plan”: from commissions on sales directly to their own retail customers, and from commissions based on sales by other distributors below them.

Multi-level marketing is a legitimate business strategy, though it is controversial. One problem is pyramid schemes, which use money from new recruits to pay the people at the top, often take advantage of people by pretending to be engaged in legitimate multi-level marketing. Pyramid schemes can sometimes be spotted by their greater focus on recruitment than on product sales.

Why Do I Not Personally Like Multi-Level Marketing?

The main frustration to MLM is the people involved usually exploit close friends and family.  MLMs are “doomed by design” to recruit too many salespeople, who in turn will then attempt to recruit even more salespeople. What you start to find is the people involved usually take to their facebook profile and constantly start to push new products or services. They pray on friends and family to buy the next amazing green tea product, diet pill, makeup, air purifier, healthy juice food sachets or whatever other product they can basically purchase cheap but sell ridiculously high so all the referral chain of promoters can get paid a cut on everything the person towards the bottom of the pyramid can sell. But guys do not take my word for it alone and please read these links below when you get chance which properly explains Multi-Level Marketing :

What’s Wrong With Multi-Level Marketing?

Business Insider says Avoid MLM

MLM is a scam

I am writing this article in hope that many might be spared the inherent and associative pitfalls by avoiding the practice. I have seen first hand it ruin valuable relationships with no regret or conscience. Just another product or service gets released and the MLMer is off again selling to friends and family. What goes unnoticed to the MLMer is that when the neighbourhood is turned into a marketplace, something precious is lost… which is not easily regained.

Summary of What’s Wrong With Multi-Level Marketing

  • MLMs are “doomed by design” to recruit too many salespeople, who in turn will then attempt to recruit even more salespeople, ad infinitum.
  • For many, the real attraction of involvement in multi-level marketing is the thinly veiled pyramid con-scheme.
  • The ethical concessions necessary to be “successful” in many MLM companies are stark and difficult to deal with for most people.
  • Friends and family should be treated as such, and not as “marks” for exploitation.

Making Money Online

Making money online can be very easy if you pick up real life skills. These skills could be SEO, teaching yourself adwords, social media marketing or website development. All these ‘get rich quick’ schemes are ridiculous and in my opinion MLM is just another pyramid marketing strategy to pray on the vulnerable. I am not saying money cannot be made in the Multi-Level Marketing because it certainly can be but normally at your friends or family expense. My personal recommendation is stay well clear if any of these are ever asked from you :

  1. Fee to “get your business started.” If their business model is really from selling products, then up-front fees should be unnecessary and are inappropriate. Unless these costs are for personal development training because you need help in acquiring a skill do not spend big money for a few brochures.
  2. Promise big money with little work. There are of course things that you can do to make money without having to work all that hard. But, it’s just not possible for everyone who joins a business to be able to make so much money without working. Making money takes work. You need a skill and usually in business need to take some massive action to start making good money.
  3. Purchases encouraged as “investment.” Often times MLM companies want you to think that making purchases for products within the company will advance your status, or grow your business, more than satisfy sales. Do not buy products upfront as this is where you are investing £200 as a rough figure for £30 of product (guess who takes all your commission, your referrer).
  4. High income projections. Many companies love emphasizing how much you will make, but rarely mention how you are going to make it. MLM opportunities have proven historically to be, at best, a little better than a side income for most people.
  5. Money from recruiting. If they would rather have you recruit another distributor than a new customer, then their products are not what is driving the company. A company that is filled up with people but no products is still just a group of people, not a thriving company.

Look to invest time and money into developing skills to market and work online. These skills is where you can start to earn money online. No it is not easy to learn and it takes a lot of commitment to develop the skills to optimise websites, fine tune paid advertisements but once you pick up these skills it is very rewarding.

Why SEO is Different?

If you are not sure what SEO stands for then this link explains what it is. Teaching yourself how to optimise websites to rank better in Google is a skill. It is a skill I think all business owners and young people should look to achieve. If you want to learn SEO and are seriously interested and committed to developing these skills then hit me up on social media and I will point you in the right direction to learn this.

learn a trade like SEO


Carrying out SEO is basically done to commercial real life businesses. So whatever the trade the company is in like roofing, plumbing, conservatories, dentists or basically any niche they can rank higher within google to get more enquiries. More leads should convert into more sales and therefore more profit. This is not praying on anyone vulnerable and there is a real skill involved in this. The SEO industry is booming and will continue to grow for years to come so it certainly is not too late to learn this skill. Read this article about how this industry has now become a $65 billion trade –


To round this off, if you are interested in any of the following I would personally stay well clear of MLM techniques and develop your skills to learn about search engine optimisation, social media marketing and digital media where your skills can help real commercial businesses in all sectors throughout the world :

  • Wanting to become an SEO Manager
  • Make money online working at home
  • Travel and earn more being a digital nomad
  • Laptop Lifestyle course essentials
  • Online SEO Course > Outdated University Marketing Course
  • No fluff but Complete SEO Training Course
  • SEO Training for Stay at Home Mum
  • Cheaper University Digital Training Course

There is a serious lack of talent within the world for great SEO individuals or marketing people. Just speak to any local recruitment company and they will say if you have any digital marketing knowledge they could place you into work right away. If interested to learn SEO then message me and I will put you on the right path to success.

Why Our Lead Generation Works For Everyone?

Why Our Lead Generation Works For Everyone?

Free UK Lead Generation Service

I have released a lead generation service which has zero risk to clients within the UK as long as they are happy to receive leads for projects they can carry out anywhere within the UK. Whether the enquiry is in Scotland or down to Devon the potential clients would be able to service the leads and provide quotes to carry out the works. If this sounds interesting for your UK company then visit for more information on this.

How can it be Free?

The reasoning behind why I personally chose to make the service of providing leads free of charge was because over the years we have carried out lead generation to hundreds of businesses. This model used to be a cost per lead basis depending on the niche so it could be anything from £5 per enquiry (smaller jobs like carpet cleaning) up to £200 per enquiry (large scale lawyer work).

We agreed a rate per lead and this was set in stone so whether the enquiry converted or not this was the rate to pay. However we started to get some customers asking for meetings because they weren’t happy to pay for some of the leads. This may have been because it was a competitor asking about prices, or the person enquiring didn’t have the budget required for the work. But for us we wanted the clients to take the rough with the smooth i.e. if we only charged for converted leads (which is what we do now) then they would be happy to pay maybe 1k per order.

see how much work goes into what we do


Creating a Win-Win Strategy

Many clients could not see the forest for the trees. They were moaning about the non-converting enquiries as opposed to collectively looking at what they were making from the converted orders and seeing whether the amount being paid was worth it. Therefore I decided I did not want the hassle of any customers not being happy and we changed our structure. This actually worked out better financially for us, and it made the clients a lot happier. Here is an example:

Client received 100 enquiries at £20 per lead (converting 12 into orders) = We received £2000

On average he was receiving around 100 enquiries but all I was getting from him was complaints about how 88 of them didn’t convert. He moaned some were never going to order as they didn’t have a big enough budget. I could understand his frustration but, from a lead generation point of view, you should take the rough with the smooth. Nonetheless we changed the business model and restructured the process.

I asked him what he was willing to pay for a successful order and to my amazement he said he would be willing to give me a kickback of £300 per order. Therefore with the example above, he now has to pay me £3600 as opposed to £2000. This is so much better for our business financially but actually improved the whole model and process. Now I never have one customer moaning if they receive some bad leads as they don’t pay a penny for leads and only pay for converted orders which is out of their profits.

Why Provide Free Leads?

Above explains in more detail why I decided to set this lead generation service up for free. It felt like I was doing Client SEO where the customers was asking for meetings about the enquiries when it was pay per lead model. Ideally the setup I create needs to be completely hands off so I can spend time travelling as a digital nomad but while exploring the world these leads can be generating me money without the need for meetings. The Free UK Lead Generation Service should work completely hands off because I get you leads for the service you provide and then we both benefit from this. Here is a video which explains the lead generation service to UK companies :

How I Generate Enquiries?

Getting asked how I generate enquiries seems to pop up at the start of every new agreement. There is no simple answer to that because could be one of hundred ways. As an all round growth hacking strategist then here is a little background to myself which will highlight I have a team around me to assist this all to work. It could be anything from creating a new website that we SEO and get ranking organically in google, PPC adwords, facebook advertising. Here explains some options with online marketing and you can see that various techniques suit different niches. We tailor our strategies literally for every individual industry because we need to try and make sure we deliver the best quality enquiries because only get paid on leads converted into paid orders.

Depending on the niche we can even look into traditional marketing where we use PromoMedia to carry out all kinds of offline media strategies. Here is a video explaining what PromoMedia can carry out for us :

The video explains we are able to carry out all aspects of old schools marketing from newspaper ads, TV adverts to radio advertisements and much more. This can be very costly to run such media and this is therefore why it is best to use a specialist company like PromoMedia. Our digital growth hacking strategies are also excellent so for this reason I do not feel much risk in providing leads for free. I know we can rank websites so unlike others who will ask for monthly SEO payments whether they improve your rankings or not then we just work on successful leads.

Leaves you with zero risk in any agreement we have, which then means it allows us time to crack on delivering you results as opposed to wasting time providing glossy reports and having monthly meetings. You will see I am pretty negative towards monthly client SEO because there is so many cowboys out there taking money from businesses and doing nothing to improve their rankings. On the flipside read this SEO Clients have Unrealistic Goals article and you will start to see just why I prefer this model.

It’s Kind of a No Brainer

The method we now have in place is the most efficient way for us to make clients happy and reduce hassle for our own staff. Of course it involves an element of risk on our part as we are doing work for something which we could potentially never be paid for. However, this is why we do our research into the niche before agreeing to provide the service. If we feel that a particular industry is lucrative enough and that the company will be able to convert leads, we are more than happy to take the risk.

For the client receiving the leads there is no risk as nothing has to be paid until an order is secured. We’ll agree on a reasonable payment amount based on the value of the order received. As you are only paying for the converted work, there is no need to worry about wasting money on leads which aren’t suitable and don’t convert.