Best SEO blogs you must follow!

There are that many SEO blogs out there giving you so much information and can also start to contradict each other. So here is our list of the best SEO blogs to follow which will give you some great information from noob to the most experienced SEO professional:

The Best Blogs

  1. Search Engine Land
    This is a great hub for news and information on everything search relate and is updated massively everyday.
  2. Search Engine Journal
    Again another great blog which is updated every days with the most up-to-date news & information.
  3. Moz Blog
    Lead by Rand Fishkin their whiteboard Friday is a much that you should tune into every week.
  4. Matt Cutts
    This is everyone should keep their eye on as Matt Cutts who is head of Googles Webspam team.
  5. SEO by the Sea
    This is a very smart seo blog, they look at Google’s patent filings and whitepapers to bring us great algorithm assumptions.
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