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James Z Dooley – SEO Enthusiast Introduction

James Z Dooley – SEO Enthusiast Introduction

This blog article is to give a quick introduction to myself James Z Dooley born in Salford on 7th September 1983 and give you some background to who I am, what I do and to basically say all future blogs are to the best of my knowledge and hope you enjoy my articles and shared information / thoughts. (more…)

How to Maximise Your Instagram Account

How to Maximise Your Instagram Account

Dec 14, 2017 @ 1:19 pm

This blog article will discuss how to maximise your Instagram account by helping you to improve your content and increase your page following. Hopefully this will help to get your account noticed by a relevant audience. What’s great about Instagram is that it is a visual social media channel, which people love.  A lot of individuals prefer to look at images and are more likely to follow links through these images as opposed to having to read information to see what content the page might have to offer. You can optimise your Instagram account through using various techniques that will encourage more traffic and engagement with your page.

People find it much easier to process images and videos compared with large amounts of written content. This is why image-based social media sites are so popular as it’s simple to enjoy what is being posted, and find new things that you are interested in. These platforms also offer great power if you want to market a product or service by making sure your business is seen by relevant people. If you want to generate more followers and more likes on your posts, there are a number of different techniques you can try.

How to Build Instagram Followers

First of all, you need to think about your target audience. Who do you want your page to attract and what are you trying to sell? You have to think carefully about your focus, and stick with a relevant theme. Whether it is health, food, fitness, photography, cars or anything else, you need to make sure that your visual content is relevant to what you want to promote. With this, you will need to think about the type of ‘hash tags’ people search for when wanting to find specific content. If someone is looking to find new workout videos, they will probably search hash tags such as ‘gym, workout or fitness’. Like Twitter, Instagram is extremely useful for hash tags and not only is it easy to search for relevant images, but it puts you at a great advantage of attracting the right clientele to your Instagram page.

This video below explains some more tips on growing your Instagram followers:

Use Popular Keywords

With this is mind; think about the keywords you want your page to be related to. Having too many hash tags in the description of your image can sometimes look like you are trying too hard. Therefore, in the main description, add in two or three of the most useful and relevant tags that you want your page or image to be associated with. In addition to this, you can then add more relevant tags to the ‘comments’ section on your image. This will allow your image or video to still be associated with the relevant tags when searched for, without looking like ‘spam’ in the description itself. For example, if you wanted to upload a healthy recipe you might add the hash tags ‘healthy’ and ‘recipe’ to the initial description, and then add additional tags to the comment such as ‘#healthyfood’, ‘#health’, ‘#eatwell’ etc.

By doing this, you make it much easier for people interested in those topics to find your post. This could be through them searching the hash tags, or clicking onto one from another post that they like. If your photo or video is displayed within the list of posts under that tag, it’s much more likely that it will be found and liked by people with similar interests.

Consider Paying for Targeted Ads

You can run an ad campaign on Instagram which displays adverts for your page to users who have similar interests. These strategies can be uniquely targeted to specific users who like and follow pages in your niche. This means you don’t waste money on your ads being shown to people who will not be interested at all. If you have the budget for this and you use social media marketing as one of your main advertising platforms, it’s definitely worth giving it a go. Many businesses see a great return on investment from paid adverts on social media as targeting them to specific groups of people makes them much more effective.

How to Interact on Instagram

The more followers you start to build, the more you can start engaging with them. To encourage regular visitors to your page, interact with your audience as much as you can. Talk to your page audience, reply to image comments and ask them what they want to see more of. Read the comments and reactions to your posts to identify what your most popular content is. This can then help you to drive even more traffic into your Instagram page. Also comment on other relevant posts and pages, so other people’s followers see your page name.

Instagram Social Media Marketing

You can even try following people who follow accounts similar to yours. There’s a good chance they will be interested in your posts as well, and you could get a follow back from them. Always try to keep your posts and comments section friendly and positive. Do not engage negatively with any bad comments that you might receive. But if someone has a complaint about your service, try to take it out of the public view and into a private message to resolve the issue. This makes you appear much more professional and helpful.

5 Top Tips for Your Instagram Account

When you are working on building a successful Instagram account you will notice that the more socially active you are, the more responsive your audience will become. Follow these 5 ‘top tips’ to get the most out of your social media account:

  • Caption your photos – Add something interesting to the caption of your image, along with hash tags so your audience are eager to follow more of your posts. Links to relevant blogs/articles or your own website is a great way to keep your audience interested.
  • Make your page aesthetically pleasing – Keep with a relevant theme using images that look good next to each other. Your audience will appreciate a page that looks nice.
  • Time of image upload can be influential – There are certain times of the day where social media users are more active, so it can be helpful to post your images at specific times. A lot of people tend go through their Instagram feed soon after they wake up in the morning meaning 7am-8.30am on a weekday is a popular social media slot. This also applies to the evening when people have finished work and are doing an evening social media check between 7pm and 9pm.
  • Take good quality pictures – Your page will attract more followers if your images are of a decent quality.
  • Talk to your followers – Comment on their page and they are more likely to comment on yours. Instagram users love being social!


Using Instagram can be a great way to promote your business online. It enables you to display your content to millions of users who may be interested in what you have to offer. Both images and videos are effective in grabbing attention online, and they tend to generate more interest than written paragraphs of text. By harnessing these tips, you can maximise your Instagram account and get the best results from it. Feel free to leave a comment on this post if you have any more suggestions for how to create the most effective social media marketing campaigns.

Advanced Reddit SEO Guide 2017

Advanced Reddit SEO Guide 2017

What is Reddit?

Reddit is a social news aggregation site where you can set up a personal or branded profile. The popular website www.reddit.com goes by the slogan, “The front page to the Internet.” The name is a play on words for the phrase “I read it on Reddit”. The huge domain can be a great source of getting traffic to your website. If you’re trying to get traffic, you need to learn the basics of Reddit and it’s etiquette. The reason for this is because the users are ruthless and any spam shared will quickly be reported and down voted.

If you share valuable links adding further information to users then this can help a lot for your SEO to your websites. However, Reddit can be tricky because non relevant or spammy content will be down voted so you need to make sure you do not try to spam users just for backlinks. The submissions with the most positive up votes appear on the front page or the top of a category. Content entries are organised by areas of interest called “subreddits”.

How To Use Reddit

Reddit’s registered community members can submit content, such as text posts or direct links. Registered users can then vote submissions up or down to organise the posts and determine their position on the site’s pages. Reddit users (known as redditors) have the ability to vote on submissions and comments to increase or decrease their visibility, as well as submitting links and comments. Users can also create their own subreddit on a topic of their choosing, and interested users can add it to their front page by subscribing to it.

Using reddit.com is all about adding value to the visitors. Engaging and networking with like minded people in your niche. TAKE ACTION now to engage, engage and carry on engaging more to build your karma points but more importantly to build real relationships. Redditors can be a tough bunch (and that is the reputation they have and why marketing on Reddit is not mainstream). They even have subreddits created for spammers or annoying users that they cannot stand, simply to down vote and troll them. Getting the right mix of shares, adding value and commenting is key because if done wrong it has the potential to damage your online reputation.

Create Personalised Subreddits

Creating a personalised subreddit for your company is certainly going to add value when you place backlinks in the sidebar. Trying then to strengthen these subreddits with links and engagement will strengthen the SEO to your money site and hopefully the engagement will drive visitors to your website.

There are millions of “Subreddits” which each hold a different community, share different kinds of content, have different rules and moderators. It’s essentially a mini-forum for each Subreddit. Having these mini-forums make it easy for people reading or browsing reddit.com to go straight into the specific niche they want to look at. This could be news, shopping, music, funny videos or anything like puppy images.

Any registered user who has maintained an account for 31 days or more may create a non-default subreddit. Building the age of your account is great because otherwise you are restricted to making new subreddits. Also building up your profile with karma points gives your account more authority and trust.

Format with MultiReddit

Once you’ve found a few subreddits, you’ll want to head back to the Reddit homepage, head to the left hand side, look for “multireddits” and click the “create” button. Adding a multireddit pulls all the subreddits you would like to see into one feed. Having a multireddit means you can easily sort through the content you want to engage with relevant to your niche.

On your multireddit you want to go to the “Top” button on your multireddit’s nav bar which will list the highest up voted posts in all of the subreddits you’ve just found, giving you a clearer view of what kind of content makes it the the top of these subreddits. You can also use these social platforms for a different approach to keyword research because with millions of people using Reddit you will find LSI keywords that the Google planner and SEMrush will not highlight for yourself.

Building Reddit Account Authority

When looking to build the authority of your Reddit profile, this is also known as building karma points. Redditors earn “post karma” and “comment karma” for submitting text posts, link posts, and comments, which accumulate as point values on their user profile. “Post karma” refers to karma points received from text and link posts, while “comment karma” refers to karma points received from comments. Building relationships in your community is vital and here is an article http://www.fatrank.com/why-networking-is-vitally-important/ on why you should be networking and generating interaction.

Karma reflects the quality of the content you have provided: the up votes or down votes that you get for your comments and posts compromise your “karma” count. More Reddit “karma” means that you are a trusted source and a healthy Reddit user (and not another brand spamming Reddit). There is added value if you are posting links from an authoritative profile because could make the difference in the links being no follow to being do follow. Watch this video about building your Reddit authority:

Reddit uses no follow tags as well as do follow ones. Whenever you post a new link, it is no follow by default, but only if you use a new account. There is no definite answer for when you start to get do follow links, but it is usually enough with 3-4 good links that get a few up votes each. The current theory is that it is based on user karma, so go and contribute before you post your links!

Think of karma as social proof of your knowledge, and as we all know, social proof is effective! If lots of people like your posts, they must be good and trustworthy.

Why Use Reddit?

Reddit is a huge powerful site with very high domain authority and trust. It is a great tier one branded account to bring freshness of links and traffic to your website. When content does well on Reddit, it is good for SEO. Redditors post the content they discover on Reddit to their social media accounts, blogs, YouTube channels, etc. If the post is a text post on Reddit, it can also rank high in search engines, which leads to referral traffic.

So if you want your content to do well on Reddit, bring value. All links submitted to Reddit start out as no follow links. Links on Reddit become “do follow” links after they receive a score of two or greater (score = up votes – down votes). So a random link submitted to Reddit provides little direct SEO value as a link unless other users up vote it. Therefore it gives you all the more reason not to spam the channel but be selective in your posts and create catching titles to gain up votes. Adding good quality content will benefit you a lot more as other users are more likely to like it, and this gives you more trust.

Roundup Of Reddit Actions

Reddit can be a fantastic place to market your business. Make a plan and get to work. Start by listening to what is being said and seeing what interests the people, and what engages them the most. When you can, chime in with a smart comment that adds value. Take a look at all of the above examples and see what you need to do to make the post work, from the title, the text, and the goal you have in mind. Complete these steps weekly:

  1. Subscribe and take part in the subreddits that are most closely related to the niche that your brand is part of.
  2. Create your own subreddits for your brand / products – build links to these URLs with PBNs, SAPE or other links.
  3. DO NOT submit only links to your blog (Reddit only allows for 10% of your submissions to be from the same source).
  4. DO NOT submit the same post or comment a bunch of times to multiple subreddits.
  5. DO NOT ask for up votes or any other kind of vote manipulation.
  6. Be creative and share posts in subreddits that focus on images and videos (you could create funny gifs, memes etc).
  7. Strengthen your profile for social proof by engaging with others, and then engaging some more to boost your account karma.
  8. Pro Tip – Post full articles and attribute the source as opposed to just a link because gets more interaction.

Further Reading On Reddit Optimisation

Here is a great article explaining the fundamentals on reddit ethical marketing.

When I read this blog then thought it summed up reddit.com perfectly so well worth a read.

As always the God Of SEO has a great marketing strategy here aimed at Reddit

The biggest SEO subreddit is – https://www.reddit.com/r/bigseo/

This article has been written by myself on the flight home from a trip to Chang Mai. We went over to meet a load of digital nomads travelling the world while dominating affiliate and SEO services globally. The experience was superb for the networking and great fun. If anyone is interested in looking to become a digital nomad then read this article which explains the work, best locations and details on how to become a digital nomad.

How to do Local Website SEO

How to do Local Website SEO

How do we approach a Local SEO Client?


Maximise Your Tumblr Profile

This article and video explains how to maximise your Tumblr Profile, many SEO gurus get caught up in the main social platforms of Twitter and Facebook, but a less popular platform – Tumblr, is actually where the most reshares and likes come from. Therefore from a marketing point of view it is definitely a great place to share blogs, images and videos. If you’re completely new to the whole social media marketing thing, you can take a look at our previous post 6 Stages of Social Media Marketing Success to help you get a grasp of the basics and to learn how you can promote your content through social networks. If you already have some knowledge of marketing your business or website through social media, let’s take a look at how Tumblr could increase your reach even further. (more…)