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TAKE ACTION – You Create Your Own Luck

TAKE ACTION – You Create Your Own Luck

The Path to Success is Massive, Determined Action

If you ever hear any of the great entrepreneurs’ number one rule in life, it is to start taking action. The way to get started is to stop talking and start doing. Forget all the excuses of how you are too busy or you need to learn more before you start. The best way to learn in life is to test, test and then test some more. The testing that fails will teach you much more and you will remember never to do that again.

Therefore in my opinion I never say anything has failed because my response is “that did not work out exactly how I thought it would however I have learnt a lot from that and now have a different angle to go after”. Therefore every failure you create switches into a success story in your life because the famous saying “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” is so true.

You Are So Lucky

The amount of times each day I hear people say to others ‘You are so lucky’ is scary. Sometimes the older generation has a mindset that younger people are lucky to live in the digital age. They’re lucky because they don’t have to work as hard as people did 20 years ago. They’re lucky because technology gives them everything they need to succeed.

But who’s to say that only people under the age of 30 can access the internet? Anyone can harness modern technology in any way they want with a smartphone or computer. Here is the reason why I became a growth marketing guy because allows me to follow my dreams. I recently read a comment by a friend which I loved which said:

“I am so lucky by the way i went against the grain, didn’t buy into a career path that 99.9% of your peers were doing, risked it all learning a skill that isn’t taught in universities, learned how to scale a business without actually going to business school, and then working 7 days a week dealing with ups and downs of a multi-billion dollar algorithm.”

My mentality to this is another famous quote “You can’t win the raffle if you don’t buy a ticket”. Lets just say you have a 9am-5pm job, ask yourself this – What are you doing between the hours of 6pm-2am to enter more raffles (I am using raffles in comparison to work)? If someone is grafting between these hours to get themselves the chances to win more raffles then how is this luck? Is it not that these so called ‘lucky’ people are going the extra mile and taking massive, determined action?

Improve, Develop, Adapt, Be The Best

If anyone follows football then you must of heard of Cristiano Ronaldo. He has been voted the best in the world several times winning the Ballon d’Or award. However he is a prime example of improve, develop, adapt, be the best because he is still the first player to get on the training ground and the last one to leave. He still to this day wants to keep improving and developing his skills to remain the best.

This takes a lot of hard work and graft put in today for tomorrow to reap the rewards. Start taking action and constantly strive to be the best you can be. Times change and people have to adapt new strategies, ideas and develop with the times. Do not rest on your laurels and think the world owes you something because while your competitors are taking action you will be losing.

How Do You Greet Monday Mornings?

Many people greet Monday mornings with a negative attitude. but why? If any of you have read the book called ‘The Secret’ you will realise all these negative thoughts is attracting negativity into your life. You are choosing not to be positive in your thoughts and are wasting your life with doing so.

Wake up with a smile and ambition to develop your skills, adapt in the current marketplace, improve your inner self and become a better person. Watch this video which shows how many UK people approach a Monday morning:

Can you now start to make a conscious effort in your life to improve your Monday mornings? Yes we all get stuck in traffic, have our bad days and get frustrated when a job might not work out. But that is life. Deal with it. Stop getting on your high horse thinking the whole world is against you.

Top 20 Life TAKE ACTION Quotes

Here is a top 20 list of life quotes. There are so many to choose from but I (James Z Dooley) have selected the ones I feel are best connected to this article about taking massive, determined action:

  1. The starting point of all achievement is desire.
  2. Action is the foundational key to all success.
  3. Small deeds done are better than great deeds planned.
  4. The path to success is to take massive, determined actions.
  5. The harder you work the luckier you get.
  6. You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.
  7. The best way to predict the future is to create it.
  8. You didn’t come this far to only come this far.
  9. Without continual growth and progress, achievement and success have no meaning.
  10. Success doesn’t happen to you, it happens because of you.
  12. To make an omelette you have to break some eggs.
  13. Massive action equals massive results, no guts no glory.
  14. If my auntie had bollocks she’d be my uncle (HAHA had to throw a funny one in there lol).
  15. If you don’t like where you are then move. You’re not a bloody tree.
  16. Winners make it happen. Losers let it happen.
  17. He who dares, WINS.
  18. Do something today that your future self will thank you for.
  19. You get what you work for not what you wish for.
  20. The man at the top of the mountain didn’t fall there.

These 20 quotes above are all absolutely spot on. I will focus on quote #18 which is “Do something today that your future self will thank you for” because this is so true. Each night when you go to bed, ask yourself whether you have done something today that your future self will thank you for

This could be earning some extra money, completing a big run, doing a huge gym workout, eating really healthy food, testing your brain and learning a load of new tricks and tips. We all have the same 24 hours in the day to make this happen.

Can You Improve Your Life Goals?

Any of my staff reading this will be getting annoyed when I post this video from Gary Vaynerchuk. But this is because I play his videos in the office on a regular basis. Watch this video about life goals and see that it does not matter what age, gender or religion you are. You as an individual can adapt and grow in the age of the digital era:

Do You Need to Change Your Attitude?

Some people believe that they are unable to achieve as much as others because they don’t have the same talents. They think that you need to be a young person who’s an expert in using technology, or have a degree in business. But that’s not the case.

It doesn’t take any talent to have a positive attitude or a good work ethic. You don’t need any special education to be passionate about what you do or to go the extra mile. Anyone can do these things and work hard to achieve their own success.

start out in online marketing by taking action


Improve your skills and knowledge today by being active and learning what you need to know to succeed. This course gives you the tools you need to develop yourself and become a successful entrepreneur. Join today and start changing your outlook on what you can achieve.


What is One Bit of Advice You Can Give To Me?

So the reasoning behind this article was this exact question: ‘What is one bit of advice you can give to me?’ People must ask me this every day on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Whatsapp a dozen times. It usually starts on Facebook with a friend request followed by someone starting up in the SEO niche and want to ask this question.

I simply reply with ‘TAKE ACTION’ but many expect more than that in my response. There is no magic key to ranking websites or marketing where one click of a button and bang you have the secret formula. It takes hard graft, grit, perseverance and lots of testing which you can only do if you are taking massive, determined action.

Hey, I am not complaining about getting asked these questions because there is nothing I like more than networking. I will always try to help others and build relationships in the niche, but if someone asks me what is one bit of advice then it has to be this. If anyone reading this wants to meet up or have a Skype session then I am always happy to do so because synergising with people is what I love. If you have any extra quotes I can add to this article or you want to discuss anything further then hit me up on social media or leave a comment and will happily respond to your messages.

Tell me what action you have taken in the past month on the comments section below. Even if you feel that you are ahead of the game look to develop and improve further because around the corner change will happen. Are you ready to adapt and be the best when this does happen? Prepare yourself and take action today to be ready for development and improvements tomorrow.

Road to Failure – Lame Excuse “Too Busy”

Road to Failure – Lame Excuse “Too Busy”

So here I am on a Friday night at 7:30pm writing this article for my team to digest. The title sums up the blog nicely. Road to Failure – Lame Excuse “Too Busy” is more driven towards motivational speeches and how the easy default setting of TOO BUSY should never be used in your vocabulary.

We All Have The Same 24 Hours in a Day

I was interested in whether any entrepreneurs have ever come across this in business. Then I quickly realised the term ‘too busy’ is very common. In fact it is a phrase often used by people who are lazy. I read this article and loved this opening paragraph – “What makes both of us liars is we constantly say we’re too busy. I’ve learned over the years that too busy is simply code word for either not interested or simply a means of not being able to manage your life correctly because you’re lazy. Therefore, you’re either a lazy liar who cannot manage your life correctly or you’re simply not interested.”

Still with me or insulted at this point? The last thing a writer needs to do is insult his audience. I’m here to offer an awakening because I fell culprit to the ‘too busy’ syndrome years ago and getting out of it gave me the potential to become aware, productive, and happy. It made me a human again. Watch this amazing motivational video and remember this every morning:

As I dug deeper into articles when writing this post Road to Failure – Lame Excuse “Too Busy” I started to realise this is a vanity issue. However being too busy is not respectable anymore. The article shows some amazing quotes no much better than  “Being busy is not the same as being productive,” says Tim Ferriss, “…and is more often used as a guise for avoiding the few critically important but uncomfortable actions. Being busy is a form of laziness – lazy thinking and indiscriminate action.”

However, it’s important not to point the finger and start branding people as ‘lazy’ or ‘not willing to work’. In many situations, this sort of attitude can be a result of poor leadership or unclear instructions. If someone is unsure of what their role is, or they don’t feel like they fully understand what they need to do, they are likely to withdraw and develop negative feelings towards their job. By spotting these issues and clearing up any misunderstandings, you are much more likely to engage the employee and make their working environment more positive and enjoyable.

drive your business

How to Counter ‘Too Busy’ Excuses

The best way to start countering these excuses of ‘no time’ or ‘too busy’ is simply asking questions. If you ask the right questions, you’ll most often prove—without explicitly saying it—that many excuses aren’t 100% justifiable (i.e., if your employee had started the project when you first assigned it, he would have had plenty of time). But more than that, asking these questions will convey to your employees that you’re not just going to sit back and accept excuses without a word.

stop being lazy and boost your skills


If someone is struggling to keep up with their workload or complete their tasks, there’s often a reason behind this. Of course there are just some people who want to get away with doing the minimum amount. However in many cases there will be something you can do to help. Maybe they are finding it difficult to prioritise different projects, or they don’t enjoy certain aspects of their role.

don't have enough time

Obviously it’s going to be rare for someone to enjoy every single part of their job. But perhaps it would be better for another member of your team to take on these tasks? Rethinking who you delegate projects to might create a solution which works best for everyone. Consult your team and find out whose strengths lie where so you can set tasks accordingly.

You may find that someone enjoys doing a particular task more than someone else, meaning they’ll probably do it more quickly and efficiently. By speaking with your employees and finding out what they actually like doing, you’ll have a better chance of making things more productive.

People Might Need Motivation

Everyone needs motivation in a working environment. You might feel that you are spending extra time trying to motivate certain people who are falling behind. However, the truth is that everyone should feel motivated and happy in the job role. We all have our bad days, our hangovers, our sleepless nights, stress with money and arguments with loved ones. But it is the self discipline to motivate yourself that makes you graft.

Many get the violin out and want help, assistance, love, care and the real winners in life graft and motivate themselves to work hard. We all need mentors whether we are the apprentice office cleaner or managing director of a billion pound business. Build self discipline and start to watch motivational videos like this:

Disengaged Staff Members

So how do you know if you have disengaged staff members? It’s about building a connection between staff and the business, so they genuinely care about its success whilst in turn fuelling performance and output, and making your customers happier too! So how can you tell if your employees aren’t engaged? Here are 12 of the common warning signs to see whether your staff are not engaged with your company – https://www.coburgbanks.co.uk/blog/staff-retention/disengaged-employees/

If you want to improve your team’s efficiency, productivity and output without spending an absolute fortune on over-exaggerated showmanship, then all you really need to do is think like a leader!

  1. Keep your people happy and engaged.
  2. Build trust within the team.
  3. Never ignore a problem in the ranks.
  4. Stick to your values.
  5. Dare to care.

You’ll notice that the strategies we’ve outlined above are just really easy, really small changes in attitude and behaviour.

But they’ll make a huge difference and you’ll soon notice the increase in engagement and a brightening of mood.

How to Motivate Your Staff

The best way to motivate staff is not a one size fits all approach. Trying to re-engage existing employees or motivating new ones can be a simple task, or it might take a little more work. However sometimes you get a bad egg who appears to be incapable of doing a hard day’s work – we’ve all met them. However reading this webpage helped me to collate a 10 ways how to motivate lazy staff:

  • Communication is The Key – If you think you’ve got a capable staff member but they’re under performing, there’s really no point beating around the bush – face the problem head on. Call a formal meeting, sit down with said staff member and constructively discuss what’s going on, constantly reminding the employee of the important role they play to the business. In most cases, there’ll be a reason why they are under performing; it could be because of personal issues, unreachable targets or perhaps, they’re struggling with some part of their job. You’ll never know unless you ask. This conversation will give you an opportunity to help those who are genuinely struggling. However it should also give those inherently lazy employees the kick up the backside they need to get back on track.

communication is the key

  • Set Objectives – Could your employee simply be lacking direction? Some people work better when they have strict targets – not everybody can or wants to work under their own initiative. This is often the case in collaborative environments where people have many different projects to complete and many different teams to confer with. Without some kind of guidance and structure, it can leave employees with piles and piles of projects, to finish, without knowing which one is the top priority. Here is a great training web page on setting objectives structure – https://www.smartsheet.com/blog/essential-guide-writing-smart-goals Agreeing on targets and prioritising workloads with your employees will really give them a much more clear structure of what they need to be doing. If someone understands their role and the tasks you set them, they are much more likely to succeed and enjoy their work. SMART managers create Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-based goals.
  • Give Staff Incentives – I know it can seem pretty unfair to have to reward lazy staff members for simply doing their job. But the thing is; many (in fact most) people work well when they know that a reward is available if they exceed the (SMART) goals you have set them. And you don’t have to just give incentives to your sales staff (although it’s easiest to for them). You can offer rewards to all staff members, perhaps based on work completed, successful projects and positive customer remarks etc. And – your incentives don’t have to be monetary! There are thousands of ways you could be saying ‘well done’ and ‘thank you’ to your team! If you want some ideas here is a great article – https://www.coburgbanks.co.uk/blog/friday-funnies/50-ways-to-say-thank-you-to-your-staff/
  • Offer Progression – One of the best incentives you can offer your employees is a clear route for progression. Would you want to be stuck in a role with no prospects of promotion, new responsibilities or change? Most people wouldn’t – and that’s when unhappiness and indifference start to creep in. Why exactly should I go the extra mile? I’m not going anywhere anyway. Working towards a possible promotion can have a massive morale boosting effect on your workforce. It may just snap some out of their lazy slump!
  • Address Any Training Issues – Of course, if you’re going to offer progression, you must have the right training in place to back it up. There’s nothing more frustrating for an employee than being unable to do part of their job and asking for help all of the time. Their morale will fall, they’ll feel like a burden or they’ll start to get complacent (AKA lazy). If you develop employees through training, you are likely to see the rewards. You’ll have a team who will show more commitment and be more capable of delivering success to the business.

staff training

  • Give Them More Responsibility – Is your staff member lazy or just bored? Going back to point one – it’s time to have a chat. In most cases, your employee will admit that the reason they’re feeling demotivated (and a little bit lazy). It’s often because they find the job too easy, don’t feel valued enough and are being underutilised. Handing over more responsibility will make them feel more valued. It also gives added motivation to do well – it’s their neck and reputation on the line, after all.
  • Determine Their Interests – Do you enjoy every single aspect of your job? Most people don’t. Are you good at everything? Most people aren’t. An important part of being a good leader is being able to identify your employees’ strengths, weaknesses, likes and dislikes. You can then give tasks out in the most productive way for your team. If you can, assign tasks based around personal strengths (for example, organisation, leadership, team-work). This really can boost productivity, morale and overall output in your office. If someone is apathetic towards a certain part of their role, they’re much more likely to do a bad job of it. So that’s where your ‘lazy employees’ start to appear.
  • Assess Your Entire Team – Although you may recognise that one individual is showing signs of laziness, the problem may not be isolated to just them. Sometimes, it can be a symptom of a much bigger problem, affecting the entire team. Carry out an internal audit. Have an open (no-judgement) meeting and get feedback from the staff. Be straight with your employees – just ask them, what’s going on? If you’ve noticed a decrease in engagement, output and general happiness in the office, then you need to find out what’s causing it.
  • Offer Support – Our personal lives have a real effect on our work. So when you first notice a ‘lazy’ employee, it’s really important to try and work out whether anything is going on in the background. Make sure you’re approachable and friendly and when you know there has been an issue, be as accommodating as possible. I promise the loyalty and respect you gain from treating staff fairly (and like human beings) will be worth it.
  • Know When It’s Time to Give Up – There’s only so much you can do to motivate your employees. Sometimes, you’ve just managed to hire a bad (lazy) egg. If the rest of your team are performing well and seem happy and engaged, but one employee is trailing behind (and they haven’t got any personal issues going on) it’s time to make a change. Otherwise they’ll bring down the morale of the whole team! No one likes working hard and looking across at a co-worker who gets away with bloody murder.

Don’t Be Counterproductive

While it’s true that some people can use the excuse of being too busy as a way to avoid taking on new tasks, it’s also important not to dismiss this completely. If you are saying yes to every opportunity that comes your way, and passing huge amounts of work onto your staff, you’re going to end up with a problem. Agreeing to take on new projects and then not being able to complete them is a waste of everybody’s time.

be more productive

Make sure to only give your staff work that they can realistically keep up with. Otherwise you will get stuck in a cycle where people are confused and don’t know what to prioritise. Learn when to welcome new opportunities which will grow your business, and when to say no to things that you can’t fully commit to.

Move With The Cheese

I got told to read an awesome book called ‘Who Moved My Cheese?’. This book is written about change happening. You need to adapt with the times i.e. move with the cheese. The main points I took from the book is that change happens. Deal with it. Prepare yourself for the change. Monitor your workload and always try to improve. Watch this video which is the movie summary of the book ‘Who Moved My Cheese?’:

Anticipation that you need to move with the times is key to success. Some people in life always stay within their comfort zone. But get ready for the change. Adapt to change quickly. The quicker you let go of the old cheese, the sooner you can enjoy new cheese. Enjoy and savour the adventure of the new cheese. Be ready again though to quickly change and enjoy more new cheese. Embrace the journey of new ventures and stay with the current times.

How Do You Motivate Yourself for Work?

Come on then readers let’s hear how you motivate yourself for work! I want to know what videos you watch, which people or mentors you follow for advice. Share more information with me that I can include in this article. I want more help and assistance to add another 1000 words onto here, several motivational videos you love and your personal opinion on this blog post. I want to network with you because synergising is so important in life.

When new staff start at our offices, training them straight away to have the right attitude is key. We always want our staff to go the extra mile in the workplace. Having the attitude to go above and beyond will always help you progress. Comment on this article or tweet myself @james_dooley to voice your opinion because I love to hear all angles on this debate.

Do you suffer from this excuse and need to break the mould? Comment below on ideas you are trying to do so that you can prevent this from happening.

No Risk Supply Of Enquiries

No Risk Supply Of Enquiries

Last Updated: Jan 17, 2018 @ 11:13 am
You may be wondering if it is possible to receive a “No Risk Supply Of Enquiries” to your business. Well, this is a service we are looking to supply to companies who want to boost their sales and profits. The phrase ‘nothing in life is free’ can be true in many cases, and you will probably think that this offer is too good to be true. But you’d be wrong. This link explains why our lead generation is free which has been asked many times over so follow the link to read the explanation and also scroll to the bottom of this page to read all the references we have already from UK businesses utilising this service.

Here is an introduction to myself James Dooley, I have basically lived and breathed SEO in the past 8 years. I will quickly point out that this industry is rife with cowboys claiming they can get you to page one of Google search results, but let me get started to explain this agreement and strategy I am doing. Here are 4 options a business could use to generate leads online:

1) SEO to improve website rankings – See here what seo is if you are not sure.

2) PPC to pay for your site to rank highly in Google – Basically renting a space on the search engine results pages.

3) Pay Per Lead – Calculated risk where you are paying for leads to your business.

4) No Risk Supply Of Enquiries – Not paying for all leads but just for successful secured jobs.

Show me any business that says they get enough enquiries and I will then show you failure!

Lets get started then and I will break down the 4 options to explain why each strategy above could be a good investment or whether you are gambling with your money.

Option 1 – SEO to Generate Leads

Ranking organically in the SERPs (search engine results pages) is done by optimising your website with the keywords on the site and by building high quality and niche relevant backlinks. This seems easy right? Well let me tell you if you read my introduction to myself here then you will see “Over the years I have learnt the hard way outsourcing to many different agencies with minimal gains”. This is because the SEO industry is filled with agencies who think they know what to do in terms of improving rankings. They might even show you dozens of case studies from their happy clients. But let me tell you something, for every case study you see showing positive results in the SERPs, there are probably a dozen negative ones that they will not show you.

learn how to carry out SEO in house


Completing SEO yourself may seem like a daunting task but it’s possible if you have the right knowledge and develop your own skills. Sign up for the course today to learn more and find out how you can improve rankings for your own websites.

In this video you can see a brief explanation of SEO and how it is used for companies:

SEO Agencies

I am not here to say SEO is not good for your business. If you find the right company to do this then it is a great investment into a growing company. You get higher rankings which leads to more clicks onto your website, which leads to more enquiries, and the more leads you get the more orders you should generate. BUT, the problem you face here is finding the good SEO service that works well for your company and generates the results you want. These agencies are not easy to find and they will not be the cheapest as you certainly pay for what you get.

In general you can look to pay between £200 – £2,000 a month on SEO where these companies will build you backlinks. The rankings will improve over a few months and you will think this is great, then one morning you will get up and see your website cannot be found in the search results. It has seemingly fallen off a cliff, and basically this is where your SEO agency are not clued up and have more than likely over optimised your links to make you receive a penalty.

Random Ranking Factor

When trying to improve your position in search engine results, you may have come across something called the random ranking factor. This is also know as the Google Dance and it can affect SEO strategies, potentially leading to a penalty. When you apply SEO techniques like building links to a website, you might see a sudden drop in rankings. This could be due to the random ranking factor as Google drops your site temporarily to see if you will react to it. If you panic and remove any links you’ve built, Google will know that you are trying to manipulate the search results, and then apply a real penalty to your website. This is something that makes SEO services difficult because clients can get annoyed that their site appears to have dropped. A bad SEO agency might then remove any strategies they have applied, without realising that the drop is just a result of the Google Dance. The website will then be left with a real penalty anyway.

Poorer Rankings

So guess what? You have been paying this business all that money and now you are in a worse situation than you were before you even started paying them! Can you get refunds on this? Absolutely not and they will probably blame something you have done also to get themselves out of it and try to charge you more to get the penalty removed etc. I see it personally like a cowboy mechanic adding on loads of extras to your bill that you never needed. For this reason I think it is a huge gamble for any company to pay for SEO services. Just because it is so difficult to find the right company to do it correctly and make it worth your money.

The difficult part to SEO is you have to invest your money in it months before seeing any results so you will not know whether the company you are using is good or bad. It could be a £6,000 investment over six months and then it actually puts you in a worse position than when you started, that is the scary thing. Trust me I know first hand because 8 years ago I personally got burnt for over £40,000 trusting companies to do what they promised and this is why paying for organic SEO is a huge gamble.

Option 2 – PPC to Generate Leads

PPC (pay per click) basically involves you paying the search engines like Google to rent a space within the SERPs. This in my opinion is great for short term investment and ranking a website page quickly. What I mean by that is let’s say Beyonce was playing at a gig and the event wanted to sell tickets. This is something which will only be available in the short term so an advertisement for this is perfect. SEO would be daft because it is generally done for long term investments and by the time the page has ranked organically the event will be over, whereas PPC gives instant results.

On the flipside if you are looking to make long term plans for growing your business, then I see PPC like renting a house. It is dead money and the minute you stop paying for the clicks your website is gone from the search results. SEO at least (if done correctly) ranks long term and gives you more traffic for years while PPC in my opinion is a short term investment plan.

Successful PPC Advertising

I will have many now reading this and saying that is ridiculous because lots of people make millions from using PPC advertising. To answer this, yes obviously if done correctly you can be clever in finding key phrases that convert well and make ROI on this. But unless you are an advanced pay per click expert you are going to throw away money on irrelevant clicks from people who don’t want the product or service you are offering and this can become very costly.

Do these clicks on the website mean you are guaranteed to get enquiries? No they do not, but you would hope the more clicks to your site the more leads it will generate and the more order you’ll convert. Again, this is a big gamble as you can’t be 100% sure that every click you pay for will result in an enquiry and an order. In fact most of them probably won’t result in anything. Big brands might be able to afford this risk but small companies need to be careful. Spending £5,000 month on clicks does not instantly mean more orders, can you afford to spend this on a gamble to convert some clicks into leads and then those leads into orders? That is something only you can decide!

This video below explains the process of PPC and how it can be applied to maximise traffic and sales for your business:

Option 3 – PPL to Generate Leads

PPL stands for pay per lead and this is an option which really can be great for businesses. Why is this much better than SEO or PPC? Well the simple answer is in Option 1 you are gambling to improve your rankings which MIGHT lead to some more clicks but that is a risk. Then with Option 2 you are gambling that the clicks you are paying for MIGHT get you some more enquiries but that is a risk. What happens if the clicks you are paying for are coming from a competitor looking at your site? What happens if someone wants to check some information on a product but does not want to order it? Then lastly what’s to say someone clicks onto your page and doesn’t like your site so decides not to enquire with you. At the end of the day you are taking risks in option one and two.

Paying for Leads

So having said that, is Option 3 a risk free solution? The answer to this is also no it is not risk free but you are certainly lowering the risks and taking a calculated gamble by paying for leads. Once you have received the enquiries, it is the up to you to convert them into orders. As you are not paying on the chance to improve your Google ranking or just for clicks, you are further down the line by paying for leads so you stand much better chances to get orders here.

Sourcing Your Enquiries

Is it easy to get pay per lead deals? If you are looking for a pay per lead strategy from someone then you might find this difficult because the majority of companies will not do this deal for you. The reason for this is that they are also taking a risk themselves with ranking in the search results. As they do not get paid unless they get you enquiries, the pressure is on them and this eliminates all the bad SEO companies because they know that it will be difficult for them to rank your site. On the flip side like myself where I know 100% I can rank whatever niche I want then I could easily do this strategy because although it is a risk for myself I know I can get leads.

But, with my ‘negative business owner’ hat on for small companies, is this a big risk? Yes this is still taking a gamble, although this is a small risk some companies might again think it is difficult to pay for all leads. If there happens to be an influx of enquiries which don’t convert because the client wants a cheaper price or different product, this is where you can end up paying for nothing. Remember some businesses are very wary about risking their money, and rightly so as paying per lead still poses a risk.

Option 4 – No Risk Supply Of Enquiries

This brings me to the final option, and this is the service that I will be offering. Your company can receive leads from customers who are interested in buying your products or paying for your services. You will not pay to get the leads, you will simply pay a percentage of the profits made from any orders you get through these enquiries. However I do have to consider a few factors before providing a no risk supply of enquiries to any companies. These are things like:

  • Do I trust the business owner?
  • Do I believe in their company?
  • Do they offer services nationwide in the UK?
  • Do keyword research and search analytics suggest that this strategy will work for them?
  • Are they happy to deal with a larger volume of enquiries?
  • Can they turn these into orders with profits?

I am going to be taking all the risks with this strategy because I know that I am personally able to build a website, rank it, get traffic to it and then generate enquiries with good calls to action. What I cannot guarantee is that the business owner I work with can convert these enquiries into orders and therefore make a profit. Hence me having to look into the trust of the person, their business niche and whether I personally feel they can convert these into profits.

Converting to Orders

If the leads turn into orders and profits we look to split the winnings from this, if they do not turn into an order then you pay absolutely nothing. This way you are only losing a share of profits which you would have never had in the first place. There are no contracts and no subscription fees so all the risk lies with myself. But I personally am a guy who does not mind taking risks and investing in myself to succeed. By generating hundreds of new enquiries businesses should then be getting a lot more orders, and for these companies it is an absolutely no brainer because there is zero risk whatsoever. A video here explains the UK Lead Generation Service we provide :

You might be thinking ‘Yes but that means if we get any orders we need to split the profits with you.’ But let me leave you with this thought: Let’s say we decided on 50/50 split of profits made from the leads, my answer to this would be – “I would sooner have 50% of something than 100% of nothing.”


I am updating this post here now with references because are now in a position where we have a lot of really happy clients. These are all getting hundreds of website enquiries through and growing their companies. Here below are the references received from a few of our existing customers :-

Phil Jepson (Owner of Maxomil) – Maxomil is a nationwide UK company that supplies inflatables to event companies or anyone wanting to purchase an inflatable. This could be bouncy castles, zorb footballs or new products like the KickDarts blow up inflatable. We had him a professional video created from one of my businesses at PromoPixa here:

But then needed to generate leads from ranking in the google search for hundreds of keywords he had sent through. We managed to optimise the websites onpage perfectly with a large amount of content, images, videos and then build strong backlinks to these pages. Here is the reference PDF he sent through Maxomil Reference PDF which if you click on the pdf link says:

Hi PromoSEO

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you over the past 12 months in helping myself scale out MaxoMil. The amount of website leads we receive on a daily basis is complete and utter madness.

Previously we spent fortunes every month on facebook ads, google adwords and link building companies. This helped us slightly but nowhere near the amount you have managed to create for us.

The amounts we actually pay out now is at no risk because only paying for the converted orders and that is why I have been happy to up my margins and kickbacks to you at more than what you suggested. Role on 2017 because we have now got better rates from our manufacturers. This will then in turn generate higher profits and I cannot thank you enough for all the hard work and graft you have put in.

I was asked by James Dooley whether I would be willing to write a reference because he is worried the offer can seem to be good be true. I will be honest and if I didn’t know him already through playing football then I would have thought the same.

He is a genuinely nice bloke who cares for businesses he works with to make sure it is worth their while hence only paying for successful orders. If you get the chance to work alongside PromoSEO then snatch their hands off because trust me guys it will be one of the best decisions in your career.

Scott Robinson (Owner of F1 Marking) – F1 Marking are a company based in Buckinghamshire in the UK. They work nationwide and have installers throughout the country installing road lining and white lines to motorways. I came across them doing some amazing work in school playgrounds and as there was a crossover with a few of my companies I thought it would be beneficial for myself to help this company out and they have grown massively in 2016. If you read this link here F1 Marking Reference Letter you will see that Scott has received over 300 enquiries:

When I was initially approached by James Dooley from PromoSEO about a lead generation service, I was apprehensive to begin with. They were offering to provide leads for my company with no upfront cost, and this seemed too good to be true. The proposed service would only require payment for leads that my business was able to convert into orders. I decided to take the opportunity as it seemed I would have nothing to lose, and after several months I have not looked back.

The service that James and the team at PromoSEO have provided has helped our company to grow and we have seen more enquiries than ever before. For each of the leads that we receive an order from, we pay an agreed proportion of the profits to PromoSEO. Any leads which do not convert into an order are completely cost free. It really is a win-win situation for our business and it has provided us with many more customers interested in what we offer.

After seeing success from the first few months of receiving the leads, it became clear that a higher investment in lead generation would see an even bigger increase in new enquiries. We began to pay a higher percentage of our profits to PromoSEO in order to develop a more advanced strategy. From this we have seen an exponential growth in leads coming through as well as orders being placed with our company.

As we are only paying for successful leads, this strategy has become much more cost effective for us than other options. We previously used sources such as Checkatrade, Yellow Pages and Google Ads to bring new customers to our website. However, after investing in the lead generation services and developing a working relationship with James, we have found that we no longer need to pay for other listings.

I would thoroughly recommend taking the opportunity that PromoSEO are offering if you are looking to grow your business and bring in new enquiries for your services. We would like to thank James and everyone at PromoSEO as we have only seen positive results and are sure that this will continue in the future.

Matthew Paczkowski (Founder of Air Pixa) – Air Pixa is a video production company based in Manchester. They have some amazing drones which make them able to take the best photography and videos. The quality of their work is unreal and honestly believe they are the top rated videographer agency throughout the UK. For this reason I decided to team up with them to supply them leads. It has worked great for them and TBH worked well for me because means I get to use their services regularly for our own productions. Here is the reference letter from Matt AirPixa Reference which is copied here below:

We met James back in 2015 when he approached us with his idea of no up-front cost lead generation service for our newly established Aerial Photography and Video Production Service – AirPixa. As we are no experts in SEO we didn’t really understand how this will work nor did we have anyone to reference his offering with. Understandably we were a little bit apprehensive however as we had nothing to lose, we’ve decided to give it a go and see how it will work!

We provided James with examples of our photographs, videos and keywords. He embedded those on PromoSEO and other websites that he manages. Within just few days enquiries started to come in!

The service that James and his team provided us with has helped AirPixa to grow and we are seeing more quality enquiries coming through on daily basis. We pay an agreed proportion of the profits to PromoSEO. Any leads which do not convert into an order are completely at no cost to us. You won’t get this anywhere else it is really a win-win situation and it has provided us with many more customers interested in our services.

As we are only paying for successful leads, this strategy is a lot more cost effective for us than other options. We previously used pay per click sources to bring new customers to our website. However, we no longer need to rely on those campaigns as we have found that leads generated by James and his team are more cost effective for us.

If you are considering PromoSEO services for your niche business area – just go for it! Don’t waste your time talking to other SEO companies, they will only burn your money and time! Talk to James and his team. We’ve not come across anyone who understands SEO better and is as hardworking as James and his Team. Thank you Guys!

Nik Spence (Sales Director of Uniplay Markings) – Uniplay are a playground markings company installing graphics into schools, colleges and parks throughout the UK. Here is the reference letter from Nik Uniplay Lead Generation Reference which is copied here below:

My company was recently offered an opportunity to enter a lead generation agreement. This was brought to us by Scott Calland from Soft Surfaces Ltd who was looking to provide leads to new companies. He explained that their business had developed its own marketing organisation and was beginning to offer these services to others. There was no contract involved so we decided to take the opportunity which only required us to pay for successful leads.

The success that we have seen from this strategy has been fantastic, and we are receiving more enquiries and new customers than we have ever seen in the past. The agreement offered by the company means we simply pay for leads which we generate into orders, and any unsuccessful ones are free of charge. To begin with we agreed an appropriate percentage of the profits from each job to pay back to Soft Surfaces for their work.

As a result of the growth we have seen in our business since taking this opportunity, we have decided to increase the proportion we pay in order to invest in further development. If you choose to take up the offer which is being provided, I would highly advise contributing as much as you can to help advance the strategies and bring you even more in the long run.

We can only thank Scott and the marketing team at Soft Surfaces for bringing us this opportunity and helping us to grow our business further.

Steve Kerwin (Managing Director of Pro-Res) – Pro-Res are a great indoor resin flooring business working nationwide in the United Kingdom. Here is the reference letter from Steve Pro-Res Lead Generation Reference which is copied here below:

I have known James Dooley for over 10 years now and was happy to agree to the lead generation service he provides, our resin flooring business saw immediate benefits in both quality convertible leads and general exposure to clients our existing marketing strategies hadn’t found.

Id happily recommend James and his organisation to anyone thinking of embarking on Search engine based leads, there are no hidden costs or surprises down the line and Pro-Res (UK) Ltd are delighted with the results.

So as you can see we already have many happy UK businesses making the most of this amazing deal.

Delegation is the Key – Working on (Not in) the Business

Delegation is the Key – Working on (Not in) the Business

Recently I have become manager to a local football team. I find myself using the delegation techniques in getting players to assist my workload and because of this get branded lazy or saying I am a chief delegator. But actually this is where success comes from and getting everyone to muck in and help out.

This is actually good management skills because if you read my road to failure article on laziness then it will show that success is when the managers can spend time physically working on strengthening the football team or business and not working within it (i.e. personally writing the blogs, building the links, cleaning the offices in workload should be delegated as should in football collecting the kits, filling up water bottles etc).

Your value as a leader isn’t knowing how to do everything, it’s knowing who can do what and getting them to do it!

In the military the best leaders and commanders are the individuals who have the knowledge and ability to delegate. Here is an amazing article on 5 Reasons You Need To Delegate Your Way To Success which runs through why delegation is very important. It’s impossible to know everything your employees know. This doesn’t make you a less professionally competent person, it makes you normal. Richard Branson does not know how to drive one of his trains or aeroplanes but he runs a successful business in Virgin in these industries.

Delegation Key Points

Delegation and setting systems in place is the Key to Sustaining Success.  When you are growing a business, there are always more things that need to get done than there is time to do them. You really need to step back working on the day to day tasks like pricing, sales, project management and set strategies in so your team can run this efficiently. To keep your business growing, you have to find ways to do more without working yourself inside of the company.

If you are delegating out some tasks right now doesn’t mean you are good at delegation. You’ve probably delegated the simple, repetitive, low risk tasks. To really make delegation work, you have to be able to delegate some of the truly important work that you do. What’s so hard about delegation? Why does it seem especially difficult for entrepreneurs? To be an effective delegator, you need to understand the roadblocks in your way. Until you realise the problems and issues that can arise you will always struggle to live the laptop lifestyle travelling the world.

Delegation is a risk. What if your staff make important decisions and they made the wrong one? How much might it cost? Whatever the short term cost of that bad decision might be, I promise you that it will cost you much more in the long run if you do not delegate important work. If you insist on having the final say over every important decision, you will never develop an effective management team and never realise the full potential of your business. If you delegate effectively and set systems in this then making the wrong decisions should not happen – if it does then blame your strategy and in your training methods include the pitfalls so it does not happen again.

learn how to delegate your tasks


If you think it’s easier and quicker for you to do it rather than taking the time to train someone else to do it. Yeah, that’s right, you can do it in 15 minutes but it will take two hours to train someone else to do it. That works for a one-time task, but for repetitive tasks, you’re just kidding yourself if you think this is an effective use of your time. If this is the way you work, you’re trapped on a treadmill going nowhere. For the sake of your company (and your sanity), at some point, you’re going to need to let go. Here’s how smart owners delegate work effectively. Here are key points to effective delegation:-

1. Set Goals – Make a list of all the tasks you now do each week. Pick out the one task that makes the biggest contribution to moving your company toward its goals. Give this task the number one. Then pick out the second most important task and assign it number two. Continue through the list numbering all the tasks. Now split the list in half by ranking. The bottom half of your list becomes your Delegation List of tasks you will begin to offload. Set times against these goals and create the indepth training for your staff to delegate this to.

2. Select Strengths of Your Staff – You need to position your work infront of the right staff. Passing accounts work to your most creative member of staff will not get you the best results. Selecting the right personnel for the work you are delegating is crucial. They need to really enjoy be able to understand the work you are passing them and play to their strengths. Review each of the people in your organisation in your mind and decide who is ready to take on more responsibility.

Determine what skills each of them has and how those skills match up with your Delegation List. While employees need to be skilled and knowledgeable, they also need to be enthused about their work. Enthusiastic employees accomplish more, perform better and are more creative. Good managers can inspire their people by communicating how they will be integral parts of your business plan for the coming year.

3. Communicating Your Message – This is my opinion is so important and if anything goes wrong on workload I always blame myself for not explaining or communicating this well enough. Be certain that you clearly detail the outcomes you expect. Be less clear about how those outcomes should be achieved. This way your people will be able to work towards the same objective you are aiming for while using their creativity to perhaps find a better way to achieve that goal.

Ask the employee to write up the notes and to carefully define the issues listed above. Ask them to prepare a proposal detailing how they will perform the tasks and achieve the stated goals. Before concluding the meeting, set a time for a followup meeting. At the second meeting, discuss the employee’s ideas, make any revisions required and finalise the plan. Be certain that a timeline is associated with each step of the plan.

4. Develop and Improve – If you think your standard operating procedures (aka SOP’s) are going to be spot on first time you are deluded. Regularly checking the training with the people you are delegating to is key to success. Asking them can they think of ways to improve this which might save time, money or be better systems to get to the end goal faster. Keep communication and looking to develop your training strategy. Technology evolves so fast so what might be best practice this month could be out of date the following and listening to your team and improving the SOP’s is vital.

It’s important to be aware of, and use, your surrounding talent. It’s good for employees, too, because blocking the skills and ideas of employees can lead to the loss of the best talent. When employees see a manager is listening, they feel empowered and vested in the manager’s decisions. Managers must be willing to learn and that means listening closely. And managers can communicate that willingness to hear by responding to employee statements with productive questions.

drive your business

5. Keep the Faith – Naturally mistakes will happen and things will get missed. Keep the faith that the delegation will work and when work does go wrong (which it will in the infancy) then plan to do #3 and #4. Basically improve your training and include what issues could come up then communicate these improvements to the staff you are delegating to.

Let your staff know that you realise there can be no progress without risk taking. Let the staff or virtual assistants know you are available to help and that you will do everything you can to make them successful. And don’t forget that regular followup and communications will avoid unpleasant surprises for you and your employees.

6. Don’t Chase Perfection – Sometimes 90% is more than good enough. Your objective is to get the job done, not create a masterpiece. Establish a standard of quality and a fair time frame for reaching it. Once you establish the expectations, let your staff decide how to carry out the project. Everything can be improved and developed but don’t waste too long on the small things. Perfection is the enemy of progress.

7. Indepth Standard Operating Procedures – Make sure your employee has all the information needed to complete the job. Confirm that they understand and accept the requirements. Step by step articles and also if possible videos to go with the wording is best practices.

8. Say Well Done – Motivating the staff and making sure they are rewarded with a well done goes a long way. Make sure employees know that you recognise and appreciate their efforts.

Create More Time To Synergise

When you spend less time working in the business on day to day routines this free’s up time you should spend synergising. Read this article on the importance of creating a synergy and networking with like minded business owners. From speaking to close friend and team mate at football he has recently taken on someone at his work as he was a sole trader and could not believe the impact it had. He said now being two on site literally allows them to complete 4 times the amount of work. So if these figures of 1+1=4 does not tell you synergy is soooo important then I am not sure what will.

The video above which reviews the 4 hour work week book shows you what you need to do in reducing your hours of physical work. Outsourcing work and delegating to staff is so important if you are serious about scaling your company out. Using the 80/20 rules helps you a lot where you get rid of the worst 20% of your clients so that you are never running at 100% capacity as this does not allow any room for growth.

Invest in Your Staff

When looking to delegate work and scale your business then I cannot stress to you enough the importance to invest time in your staff. Setting up SOPs for your employees is very important to set procedures for repetitive work in accordance with agreed specifications aimed at obtaining desired outcomes.

Having a standard operating procedure is great but I always find spending the time to explain what and why they are doing this work helps them to understand the importance. This allows them to look out for any potential shortfalls or errors and highlight these as they go along. You want the staff to grow their knowledge and development with the business so these members of staff can become middle managers and train new starters also.

Why Delegating is a Must for Myself

If you have read my other articles on this website you will realise I love to travel and here is a Digital Nomad Life Lessons blog on why I enjoy travelling so much. Freeing up my time to forward think allows me to create better more efficient strategies put into place to scale out work. Becoming a digital nomad shows how easy it is to work anywhere in the world with wifi and internet connections evolving so much.

Those first several years trading before making it into a functioning business, you wear many hats, usually because you can’t afford to hire anyone else to take the trash out, keep the books and talk to the web designer. But the truth is, your job should be running the business. When you realise that and start delegating, your business will grow.

It is important to realise that people will do things differently than you might have but that doesn’t make their way wrong. You need your staff you give the SOPs to be brave enough to tackle you or ask questions if they feel there is anything to improve or develop better. In fact, a new viewpoint could expand your company’s reach and allow it to grow in ways you never would have considered.

Plan for Working on (Not in) the Business

When you are looking to grow the company you run then to progress and strengthen the business might mean you have to take a step back personally to move two steps forward. You need to find systems to remove yourself personally from the day to day routines. Lots of business owners wish they could involve themselves less in the day-to-day operations of their businesses.

When you have 10 or even 20 employees, you involve yourself in all aspects of the business from sales to finance to operations to purchasing. But if you want the company to grow and perhaps get to that elusive “next level” everyone’s always talking about, you have to build an organisation that can do the job without you managing every detail. Here is an amazing video showing the review of the book E Myth Revisited which is one of my personal favourite books.

If you read this article then you will see he had less stress and aggravation with 105 employees than when he had 10. It allowed him to work on marketing, new business opportunities, networking or travelling the world. The article highlights the issues you need to hurdle to make the transition from doer to manager to executive. Naturally, surmounting these hurdles is easier said than done and can take years to accomplish. This list does not have all of the answers but should at least provide you with the right questions to ask yourself.

1. You. You really have to want to get out from under the day-to-day. It requires getting out of your comfort zone, learning new things, and unlearning old habits. It all has to start with prioritising your workload and offsetting repetitive workloads.

2. Hiring.
If you don’t learn how to hire the right people, you will continue to chase your tail. (This does not come from a fortune cookie; if anything, it comes from a no-fortune cookie.)

3. Standards. A company’s reputation and its customers’ satisfaction will be determined by what a company expects of itself. Setting standards should not be done casually by  whoever happens to be in the driver’s seat. The standards should be well thought out and aggressively communicated, and they should be lived. Whether it is response time or product quality or how clean you keep the bathroom, there are numerous things that define a company.

4. Training. People are not going to figure out everything on their own. And if they do, it will be after messing up orders, customers and your reputation. How many different kinds of customer problems can there be? How many solutions are there? Challenge your staff to develop and overcome problems that is natural to come up in daily life circumstances.

think outside the box

For people to follow and respect you they need to understand you, so make clear communications your goal. Express what you want from your employees in simple statements that you can translate into workplace expectations.

5. Systems, Procedures, Planning and Tools. There are ways to avoid mistakes, to keep track of things and to be more effective and efficient. Every time something goes wrong you should ask yourself, is there something we could have done to avoid this?

6. The Wrong People. Your employees have varied talents and needs. Taking a genuine interest in their lives will foster their loyalty and pay rich dividends. Sometimes it is bad hiring, sometimes it is just a bad fit. I used to put out fires all of the time. I finally figured out that it was better to get rid of the arsonists.

That doesn’t mean these employees don’t mean well.  It may mean, assuming they have been properly trained and managed, that they can’t do well. This step requires will — as in you will do something about it. Is there anyone working for you that you would be happy to see quit?

7. Delegation. This one seems pretty obvious, doesn’t it? But delegation only works when you have the right people. And the hardest part is accepting that some of the things that you delegate will not be done as well as you could have done them yourself. You can afford to fix occasional mistakes more easily than you can afford to do everything yourself.

8. Compensation. It is difficult to run a smooth operation if you are constantly losing good people. What is your turnover rate? Do you pay enough, respect enough and provide a pleasant work environment?

9. Feedback. Have you surrounded yourself with yes men and women? You do not want your staff sitting on the fence and agreeing with everything you say. Of course, you have to be able to handle the truth! Sometimes I am wrong, sometimes I am oblivious, sometimes I am delusional. The last thing I want is to stay that way. This is where fear of the boss can do the most damage. Don’t get me wrong, I am not naïve enough to think that no one is afraid of me because I am the boss.

I do feel that the lonely-at-the-top thing is very, well, lonely. But there is no greater feeling than knowing that people are with you on a common cause, and you don’t have to read their minds. Get your staff being honest and have the brave nature to tackle you if they feel it is wrong or you could do something better.

10. You, again. Maybe you really like being the sales rep, the production manager or the one doing the work. Maybe you are trying to be someone you are not. I have learned that there is such a thing as big enough. It can be liberating to people who are ambitious to recognise that they have limitations, and that they do not have what it takes to be the next Bill Gates — and that it is OK More than OK!

I have also learned that many entrepreneurs want to hire someone to take care of the things they don’t want to do. I would be very careful about thinking that one person is going to come in and handle everything. Build the organisation. Or not. Small can be beautiful.

11. Dont blame Staff – Blame Yourself. Do you find yourself getting mad at employees all of the time? That is a waste of energy and bad for the morale of the company. This includes the people you never get mad at. It guarantees that no one will want to make decisions.

There are three possibilities: you haven’t trained people properly, or you have some people who should be working in a different job (for you or for someone else), or you still think that everyone should think like you. If everyone thought like you, they would own their own business. And then they could have the opportunity to be mad all of the time.

Growing the Business

When reading through articles about scaling out businesses then I loved this bit of content from this webpage – Just as you can over-parent you can do the same thing to your company. I am at the place where I know that the staff I have are capable and I can let them handle it. If you hold on too tightly, things won’t grow. This really goes hand in hand with the millionaire fast lane book where you have three financial paths being the sidewalk, the slow lane and the fast lane. If you really believe you are able to cope with the fast lane then outsourcing your work and delegation is really key to success. Watch this video and it will explain the three financial paths and see which one you are?

Some business owners spend so much time working on their weaknesses and trying to be everything but the problem is that company will only grow to the limits of the talents of that individual. You want it to grow to the talents of entire team. It takes a group to move an organisation forward. Once owners understand that, they are well on their way to success. True leaders understand they don’t have all the answer and they surround themselves with the right talent hence the reason why synergising is so crucial to business owners.

Being An Effective Leader

If you want to run a successful business you have to know how to play to your strengths. It’s pretty easy to micromanage everything. You may think that you can do things better and more efficiently than anyone else. That might even be true, but all the time you are spending doing jobs that other people could be doing is time that you are not running your business. When you worry over simple details that your employees could be working on, you are not being an effective leader.

As the leader of your business, you are responsible for spotting problems and delegating solutions. You are responsible for setting goals and thinking about the future. The only person in your company who will have genuine motivation to grow your company is you. Every minute that you spend working on tasks that you could delegate is a minute that you are not planning, strategising and building the best business possible. Work on your business, not in your business is the real key to success. For this you need to develop delegating techniques. More information on this can be read here.

Are you Too Involved?

We all get heavily involved in the day to day tasks where we strive to deliver our promises, satisfy customer deadlines. But we need to look at the warning signs I have put together below:

  1. You have to check everything once your staff have completed a task
  2. Your staff feel they have to run decisions through you
  3. You bring the most sales into your business
  4. Any bad debts land on your desk to chase
  5. You never complete long term plans because of day-to-day works
  6. Working long hours but still not seeing the rewards financially
  7. No clear vision where your business is growing
  8. Before you know it the week or even worse the month has passed you by with no growth
  9. Reactive in the workplace instead of being Proactive

Here are all tell tale signs that you involve yourself too much in day to day running of works. You need to manage this if you need the company to grow.

move with the times or get left behind

If you are working as an effective leader then here below is workload you should be working on day to day:-

  • Looking at problem areas and how you can improve them
  • Setting more SOPs so staff understand the workload better
  • Training staff and spending time with them to develop and improve
  • Marketing why you have the edge on your computers and expressing this through targeted media channels
  • Strategy and monthly targets you need the business to grow into
  • Accepting or seeking help is not a sign of failure or weakness, it’s a sign of strength and leadership
  • Networking and Synergising with suppliers and even competitors

Then you are in charge of the big picture. When you see areas that need improvement, delegate the work out. Doing this means you can be the leader and visionary that you need to be. It may take some practice if you’re used to getting really hands on in your business. But your employees will appreciate the trust and responsibility you give them. You will quickly learn that you can do the job of leading your business that no one else can do.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Rounding this up then it might sound easy to delegate work out. When actually this is one of the hardest things you will ever have to do. Delegating and building your team to help out and have motivation like yourself is hard. You may even want to think about different lead generation services to help bring new customers to your business. If you are reading this article you will be motivated yourself and dedicated to the cause. This means it is easy for you to grasp this but trying to get your employees to understand is tricky. A fine art then many might not be able to cope with because of many reasons. You might expect too much from staff, find it difficult to let go and prefer to get your hands dirty.

This is fine and growing into a big business is not for everyone. Having a multi million pound company does not necessarily make you happier. Sometimes a small company that is manageable is great as little stress is involved. We are all built differently and over the years I have learnt working 7 days a week and 18 hour shifts is not healthy.

You need a fine balance in your life and this is where delegation for myself is certainly key to my own personal success. That success in my eyes is more time to spend on creating amazing memories with my family / friends and travelling the world which is why I became a digital nomad and live the laptop lifestyle working whilst travelling. That is keeping healthy with exercise and being able to have the freedom to enjoy life.

Let me know whether you feel I have missed anything on this article and follow me on social media to discuss this further. I love discussing anything related to what I write about and always want to network so be good to hit me up!! Take care and speak soon.

Are Virtual Assistants a Must?

Are Virtual Assistants a Must?

When looking to scale your online business, virtual assistants are absolutely a must. Anyone not leveraging the ability of using virtual assistants with the technology we have nowadays with Skype, WhatsApp and email being so easy to communicate is crazy. Employing some offshore employees is seen by some as being cheap labour, and people may use the phrase ‘pay peanuts and you’ll get monkeys’. However, your VA is only as good as the training provided to them.

What is a Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant is also known as a VA. It is basically an assistant worker but unlike a PA (personal assistant) who would generally be based in the same office as you, these could be based anywhere in the world. Modern technology makes it just as easy to Skype your VA thousands of miles away as it is to make a phone call to a member of staff in your head office nearby.

Where to Employ Virtual Assistants?

The location of your virtual assistants is important in my opinion. I am not going to discredit any countries but some are better than others for particular tasks. The most common countries I come across when VAs are employed is Phillippines, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Thailand.

So why do I feel a certain country is better for certain tasks needed? The short answer is language barriers you might have between your offshore employee and your in-house team. I generally find the Philippines personally to be the best for content creation of supporting blog articles over many others and that is generally because all speak English very well. India tends to offer the best for web development because internet code and advanced technology is taught to kids at a young age. However this is only based on personal experience and from utilising many offshore employees this is what suited our company best.

Why Hire a VA?

If you are debating why to hire a VA then read my blog here about delegation being key to success. You need to free your time and in my opinion any task which is repeated more than once should then be outsourced. The reasons behind hiring a VA are endless. It gives assistance on workload without the need to supply office space and ability to hire them on a ‘pay per job’ basis. This strategy helps you forecast the money you will be investing more easily making your business more scalable to build your empire online.

How Do I Hire a VA?

If you are looking to hire a virtual assistant, here are some websites to help you:

  • Onlinejobs.ph
  • Upwork
  • People Per Hour
  • Elance

There are many other ways to find your perfect offshore employee. For example purchasing gigs from websites like Fiverr and Sourcemarket. If you find the purchased gig to be of a high quality then you might outreach to the supplier of this to see whether he is interested in working for you full time or reach out to see whether they would like extra work.

Do Virtual Assistants Offer Scalability?

The main advantage to using VAs is the time it frees for your in-house staff to scale out, develop and improve strategies. I personally could not have grown my online ventures without the use of virtual assistants. If you know anything about me then you will know I don’t solely employ virtual assistants because having the right systems in place is a must. Therefore I employ over a dozen full time UK based staff in our head office in Cheshire. These in-house staff are what I would like to call middle managers where they all get assigned several VAs each to outsource any repetitive work.

Setting the Right Systems is Key

Anyone who hires virtual assistants successfully will tell you it is all about the systems and training you have in place. If you have a VA which makes a mistake then the first place you should look is at your training, your step by step guides and systems in place. Could that have been improved so your VA did not make that mistake? If so develop and improve this so it doesn’t happen again.

When you first start looking into using VAs, I am not going to lie, the time, effort and patience you need is daunting. The work needed in setting this up is by no means easy and having the time and resources to properly create step by step tutorials and videos is in my opinion the difference between success and failure. The real reason you hear some VAs not working out is because the systems you have implemented are not good enough. Do not leave any stone unturned and cover every possible outcome so that mistakes are limited.

What are your Options?

Someone in the digital space who is crushing it at the moment is a chap called Ryan Stewart from Webris based out in Miami. Here is a great video which fits in perfectly with this article – Outsourcing: Pros, Cons and How to Offshore RIGHT:

3 minutes into the video above it discusses the 4 different employment types you can consider when scaling out your company. There are:

  • Employee in house – Can be costly to employ full time staff but the benefits of having someone in the same office do have many perks.
  • Freelancer – You generally find the decent freelancers are always busy, can be costly and are generally a one person set up who is limited to the time in the day to complete the tasks.
  • Outsource – You are on their terms and outsourcing to a company could be costly with you reliant on them to complete the tasks.
  • Hire a VA – If you hire well you should be able to bypass the language barrier and then you have a full time, quality employee whose daily duties you can manage. This allows you to prioritise your workload and not be reliant on others as much to scale.

When Should You Delegate to a VA?

If you find yourself doing anything in your daily duties more than once then can this be outsourced to your VA? Any repetitive piece of work you carry out should be considered to be delegated onto virtual assistants. Free up your time to be thinking and not doing. I cannot stress to you enough the importance of creating spare time for you to forward think and plan ahead.

Understand your staff’s workflow and see how this can be improved. Make sure your managers are spending time managing the team and are not bogged down on the day to day tasks. You can outsource these tasks to your VA at a fraction of the wage you are paying your in-house team. You need to consider the importance of the work which you outsource. If you are building a brand then your team need to be the personality behind this so I wouldn’t delegate this section of your workload. However, any data inputting or repetitive tasks that can free up time should go into tutorials and you can delegate these to VAs.

When looking to use a VA, it should be for executing the physical workload. Having them as the ‘do-er’ creates time for your staff and yourself to be the thinkers. Your middle managers need to be planning and setting the strategy for your VAs to then complete and execute.

Process Everything with SOPs

You can put almost everything you do into a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). You might like to think you are so important and advanced that you cannot simply create these tasks into step by step guides. Trust me if you break down your work into SOPs almost all of it can go into well written Standard Operating Procedures.

Clearly defining your SOPs with actionable videos, screenshots of each task and well written process documents is where your VA can pretty much just be qualified at data entry level. If you set out the SOPs clearly then they will simply be following guides and not need to understand why, how and what they are physically doing. The process takes care of itself and your VAs can simply rinse and repeat this for you time and time again.

Create checklists for your virtual assistants so this allows you to track where they are up to on the works delegated. These checklists and documents with all the log ins clearly identified is what will prevent them from having to ask any questions and therefore allow the rinse / repeat process to be done in super-fast time.

Virtual Assistants Feedback

The feedback from my virtual assistants is generally positive. The reason for this is the systems that are in place for them. Any member of staff unsure to their job role is out of their comfort zone and this slows productivity down. Having the communication and training in place is crucial.

I strongly recommend both step by step guides on articles for your VA to read and also a video tutorial as well to physically show them the guide on how you want this done. Once you have these saved on your documents then it is easy to edit should anything need improving or altering.

Get the feedback from them on whether the tutorials could be clearer and listen to what they have to say. Improve, develop and optimise your systems because every day you strive to develop this will help you grow your online presence further down the line. Make sure you remain positive regarding any problems you encounter because this gives you room to improve. Do not moan at your problems but take action and develop so it does not happen again.

Some VAs are Now my Best Mates

I personally have now become good friends with a lot of VAs throughout the world. I love the fact these people are grafting for me to help build the business. Therefore I would recommend once you find a decent virtual assistant to keep them by rewarding them. A pay rise or a birthday bonus goes a long way to keeping them happy.

There is nothing worse than chopping and changing your employees. The staff retention we have has been unreal and I think this is mainly to do with the respect and rewards we show to our virtual assistants. These are hardworking staff taking massive action for your business. So, like you would an employee based in your office, reward them when it is needed.

VAs Help You to Synergise

The assistance of VAs gives you more time to forward think and more time to do the most important element of any business growth – SYNERGISING. Every minute you spend networking is gold in my opinion because you bounce ideas with entrepreneurs to optimise and develop further. The synergy and networking gives you ideas to build more joint ventures. The more joint ventures you do with like-minded people the more you learn because we all have different strategies to market and there are so many ways to get the best results.

Be prepared to hustle and don’t become lazy thinking it is easy just hiring virtual assistants now because developing and improving your systems is the key. I love the wording SYNERGY and any mate will be laughing now reading this because I repeat it so many times in all my blogs but it is not just a work reason why I adore it. I truly believe in the ‘rising tide lifts all ships’ mentality so the more friends and pals I can help out the better. A happy millionaire is way better than a lonely billionaire in my opinion and life is all about the journey – certainly not the bank balance.

Are You Doing Enough Joint Ventures?

Ask yourself: are you doing enough joint ventures with mates in the same niche? If not then don’t make excuses and start them right away. It could take years to become successful but making money with friends is so rewarding and satisfying. I am always up for JVs and run my no risk supply of enquiries for this reason because I want to see folk around me crushing it.

Hit me up with a message if there is anything here I have missed that you feel should be added, or if you have a project you think be good for us both to get our teeth into. I have staff and resources to scale niches out if I feel it will be fun and worth our time in doing so. Take care and thanks for reading the article as I’m just on the plane ride home from Las Vegas which was one of the best weeks of my life. Peace and love you all x x