Great AdWords Advert Variations

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Smaller businesses who try AdWords simply fail because they don’t know what they are doing!

They may know the basics of AdWords, but there are parts of the campaign setup process that need to be perfect to stop your campaigns from ballooning in cost and gaining rubbish clicks.

I’m going to go through a quick strategy for making sure you constantly have the most attractive adverts that you could running. Keep on reading for information on Adwords adverts variations.

Setup for Split Testing Adverts

One way to get you on the road to perfecting your PPC campaign is creating Great AdWords advert variations.

With these adverts, the stronger your CTR (click through rate) is, the better your quality score which in turn gets you higher up the positions and lowering your cost.

By default when you go through the process of setting up a campaign with google AdWords your ad rotation may be set to “Optimise for clicks”, this is where we need to make our first change.

To start:

  1. Select your desired campaign
  2. Find the Ad delivery: Ad rotation, frequency capping section
  3. Select Rotate evenly (see below pic)

Adwords Advert Variations

Right, now we have told Google AdWords that no matter how many adverts we have for a particular AdGroup, show them evenly through Google.

Setting Up Strong Adverts

When setting up adverts for a client I go through this small process each time:

  1. Check your competitor’s ad copy to see if they are doing something that you maybe didn’t think of or that will directly affect your adverts such as an offer.
  2. Include a strong CTA (call to action), you need to give people a next step ,and a little push. For example, “Buy Today”, “Download for Free Now”.
  3. Include an offer, try to stand out amongst your competition, have something they don’t such as 10% off. This may make a huge difference.
  4. Tell them why your product / service is better than others.
  5. Use any awards / accolades that you can in a variation of your ad and see how that performs.

What not to do with your adverts

  1. No call to action on your adverts
  2. Not focusing the adverts on the keywords for the ad group
  3. Not trying a variation of the adverts with the Title: {KeyWord:[Main Keyword]}

What is {KeyWord:[Main Keyword]} ?

This is great to include in your ad, what happens, is google will replace this block with what the user has searched.

Your adverts look even more relevant, the [Keyword] to the right is the fallback keyword for google to use, for example, if they search for a long tail keyword that won’t fit in your ad.

The different variation of using keyword insertion:

Your ad’s title How the ad title appears to potential customers
Buy {keyword:Chocolate} Sweets Buy abc Sweets
Buy {Keyword:Chocolate} Sweets Buy Abc Sweets
Buy {KeyWord:Chocolate} Sweets Buy Abc Sweets
Buy {KEYWord:Chocolate} Sweets Buy Abc Sweets
Buy {KeyWORD:Chocolate} Sweets Buy Abc Sweets
Buy {KEYWORD:Chocolate} Sweets Buy Abc Sweets

If you want to know more about this check out Using Keyword Insertion

The Advert

Great Advert Variations

So this is the final result of one of the variations for a Swimming Pool Pumps company, it includes everything i feel it needs to such as:

  • Strong CTA – Buy online and save today!
  • A great offer – 25% off Swimming Pool Pumps
  • Relevant headline for ad group – Swimming Pool Pumps

Creating Advert Variations

Now we have out strong base advert, we go through the process of creating 2/3 variation of this such as the below:

Google Advert Variation

With the above advert, I have used the keyword insertion method.

Give it a Few Weeks

I would recommend waiting a few weeks before going back in and being critical of your adverts. A day or two is not enough time to understand how your adverts are performing.

When we go back and check the performance of the ads we will be looking at the CTR of the adverts. Therefore we can see what the rate of impressions to clicks are this will tell us which of our adverts are the most attractive.

Delete and Tweak

Let’s say you have one advert with 10% CTR and the other has 9% CTR. I would leave them both running for longer as there is no advert that stands out above the other.

If you have an advert with 5% CTR and another with 9% CTR I would go through the process of deleting the advert (or hiding) with the lowest CTR then making a new variation of the better performing advert with slight tweaks such as the CTA or offer.


I do this every 2/3 weeks, I will delete, tweak and repeat.

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