Progression and Growth of Social Platforms

progression growth of social platforms

The Progression And Growth of Social Platforms is amazing to see on this graph below because I was very shocked to see certain social-media platforms to actually be released earlier than their competitors.

Timeline of Social Media

If you want to find out about the timeline of social media, we can help you. Below you can see a timeline of social media platforms and their start dates. The introduction of social-media has enabled a number of businesses to gain more customers and improve their business overall. If you are looking for social media marketing success, we can help you.

Here you can see a list of different social-media platforms and the dates they were established. This may also help you with ideas on how you can get your business out there.

Evolution of Social Media

Social-media has been evolving for a good number of years. When we think about social-media, everybody automatically goes towards Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and so on; however social platforms go right back to Instant Messaging, digital chats and much more. Each of these can be managed via the FollowLiker tool which many SEOs are using.

It started with simple chats online like Instant Messaging along with other forms of social interaction like file sharing, etc. Multi user messaging came about in 1996. This is the time when emoticons and abbreviations like ‘lol’ came about.

In 1999, live journals, blogs and forums were created to help people interact in large groups.

Golden Age of Social Media

The Golden Age came about in the early 2000s. Wikipedia was introduced in 2001 and Friendster in 2002. 2003 was the introduction of Hi5 and MySpace where numerous people could interact with each other.

In 2004 The Facebook was first available for Harvard University students only. This was also the year that Flickr was established, which allowed for online photo sharing. 2005 was big for video with the introduction of YouTube. Allowing people to stream and share videos. Reddit was also big that year, as a new entertainment platform.

Social Media Sites

The biggest and best performing platform was established in 2006 – Facebook – and now has over 1 billion active users. This same year Twitter was invented. Tumblr followed in 2007 which allowed people to enjoy a live streaming and microblogging site. In 2009, Whatsapp was also created which allowed for group chats making communicating much easier.

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Following on from these, you may also recognise some more recent platforms like Snapchat, Tinder, Vine and Pheed. It is important to think about a wide range of different platforms when looking to create a good online presence and draw people in. Most businesses will benefit from social-media marketing, so make sure you don’t miss out!

Personal Experience

My personal shocks was that MySpace was actually brought out after Facebook and Linkedin because I had a MySpace account way before these two social-media platforms.

The next for myself is that it seems like YouTube has been around for a lifetime. I cannot believe how recent this is compared to the other social-media accounts. But will be interesting to hear your shocks and thoughts on this graph.


Something else I have taken from the image is that all the new innovative social media platforms seem to be driven towards images and videos.

The public now seem to prefer to share a photo instead of a status like ‘Just woke up and off to gym’ and basically prefer to share a photo of their healthy breakfast or night out with friends.

Looking to the Future

I wonder where the future lies for many of these accounts. A lot are being bought out by the bigger players in the field like Facebook just purchasing WhatsApp recently. I would love to hear your comments on this and have a few questions for all you readers :

  1. Which one of these accounts release dates shocks you the most?
  2. How many of these accounts have you never heard of?
  3. How many of these accounts do you actual use?
  4. Last but not least which do you personally like the best and why?

Get in Touch

I hope you have found this article enjoyable to look back on the growth and progression of social-media and if you have please make sure you share this on whatever social platforms you are using and if you have any questions please comment below or tweet myself on @james_dooley where I will be happy to engage with you and share knowledge and thoughts with each other!

If you are interested in more information on the history of social media, you might want to check out this detailed social media timeline. As mentioned previously, for further information you can get in touch with us by using the comment section below.

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