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why become an seo

Why Become an SEO?

I often get asked what job I have and most of the time I struggle to answer…

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Why Networking Is Vitally Important

Why Networking Is Vitally Important

The SEO industry can be a lonely place, and with strategies changing every day…

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How I became a Digital Nomad

How I became a Digital Nomad

When people ask me how I became a digital nomad, I often respond with…

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Who are FatRank?

Founded by James Dooley and Rick Hope, both massive SEO enthusiasts. We started this website with one vision to educate people with our knowledge in SEO and Growth Hacking. We are strong advocates of synergy and networking to help people around us succeed.

flow state of mind how to stay focused

Flow State Of Mind – How To Stay Focused?

Last Modified: Recently I have been studying Positive psychology a lot. Mainly because personally, I have been struggling to keep up to date on my work even if grafting 70 hours plus.…

Abigail Dooley – The Digital Workshop

I was excited to do the digital workshop because have always been intrigued in websites and the internet.
linkedin prospecting guide

LinkedIn Prospecting Guide

How is Linkedin Beneficial? First and foremost let's start off with why every business and individual should have a profile. Linkedin social media platform is a professional network where you…

Ben Proctor – The Digital Workshop

I was given an amazing opportunity to take part in their Digital Workshop scheme and it was a brilliant introduction and elaboration on the digital marketing industry and world! Experience…
your brain is your bitch

Your Brain is Your Bitch

Last Modified: The things we do in life are based on how we want to feel. This article on 'your brain is your bitch' is to show how vital the…
is a mention as powerful as a backlink

Is a Mention as Powerful as a Backlink?

Last Modified: The fastest answer to this question is 'No, not at the moment.' But fellow SEOs, let me tell you that unlinked mentions aka implied links are certainly gaining…
Work Smarter Not Harder

Work Smarter Not Harder

Ever been told by your parents if you work hard then everything will fall into place and you will become successful? If so, bad news for you and it is…
move with the times and deal with it

Move With The Times – DEAL WITH IT

Last Modified: I decided to write this post because recently I've heard a lot of people moaning. The answer to them all is they are not moving with the times.…
James Dooley SEO Enthusiast

James Z Dooley – SEO Enthusiast Introduction 2015

In this article, you will be able to find out more about my journey of being an SEO enthusiast. Following on from my full introduction to myself - James Z…
Invest in Digital Assets

Invest Into Digital Assets

Last Modified: The need and want for real physical assets is hardwired into us all. Your parents tell you to make sure you invest your money in property and everyone…

James Z Dooley – SEO Enthusiast Introduction 2016

You may have recently read the 2015 update of my SEO enthusiast introduction. In previous years my main focus was to grow the digital team and I still believe this…
Living a Laptop Lifestyle

Living a Laptop Lifestyle

Last Modified: When Living a Laptop Lifestyle this gives all digital nomads the freedom to travel the world. There is no limits to where you can work as long as you…

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In an industry full of smoke and mirrors, James and his team at Fatrank continue to publish informative but actionable content that has helped me significantly scale out my business. James has been a key figure in helping me take action and his digital nomad lifestyle is one for anybody to aspire to.

Adam Bennett

I have gotten to know James personally over the last year and the man is a fountain of marketing knowledge. I love FatRank because he doesn’t hold anything back - everything he shares, he shares because he genuinely wants people to share in his success!

Mark WalkerVoyager Digital

The authors of Fat Rank are some of the most successful SEOs I know. Their knowledge, techniques and motivation have helped me grow my own business massively in the past twelve months! I cannot thank and recommend them enough.

Gareth SimpsonSeeker Digital