Death By A Thousand Cuts

Death By A Thousand Cuts - You Already Know The Answer

Death by a thousand cuts is a figure of speech where you are too busy but when you try to cut the time back you realise it is not an easy task to do.

Another variation of the term is Distractions By A Thousand Cuts that refers to a failure that occurs as a result of many small issues rather than one major one.

Common Distractions That Kill Your Productivity

Although you might be a grafter who takes action constantly you might have underlying issues with productivity caused by your distractions.

Finding your flow state of mind is a super important task you need to understand.

Stop Wasting Time Copying Me On Emails

Am I unreasonable for getting so annoyed about everyone at work copying me in on emails?

I have to read through the whole email trail to see what has been said and then just found out, they have done it to keep me in the loop.

We should have a policy to only cc people in if we want a reply from those people. If you’re not expecting a reply, tell them about the issue at next opportunity.

Death By A Thousand Cuts - Copied in On Emails

The message needs to be that ‘I trust you, so don’t need to be copied on every email. You go develop and let my inbox be a lot healthier’.

Stop Double Checking Everything

One of the most irritating traits is when everything gets put on your desk to just double check it.

When having to double check everything to drains your motivation and your brain is your bitch.

So trying to eliminate excessive questions or people double checking things is important to scaling because employees need to make mistakes and learn on their own two feet to grow.

Death By A Thousand Cuts - Stop Double Checking Everything

Encourage and force your staff to go with what they feel is right because otherwise, paralysis by analysis will kick into your team.

Stop Nagging On Petty Little Things

If people are going to gossip or nag about petty little things please do not involve me.

I love this article I did on wasted time is worse than wasted money and ideally, I want a positive mindset. So do not moan as that is being negative and also wasting my time so it is a double blow.

Death By A Thousand Cuts - Stop Nagging

Although people might not understand those 5 minutes nagging to be long then with this whole distractions by a thousand cuts they might start to understand my frustration with this.

Don’t Ask Questions You Already Know The Answer To

Please Don’t Ask Questions You Already Know The Answer To because this is such a waste of time.

Why would you even ask a question you know the answer to? It is usually a lack of confidence or where the staff are trying to do it so the blame is moved off them because they can come out with the ‘well he told me to do that’.

Death By A Thousand Cuts - You Already Know The Answer


This article is working progress and is going to be added onto with more examples of the DEATH BY A THOUSAND CUTS.

I read this article about 15 Habits That May Make Someone Irritating Without Realizing It and I started to relate to many of the points in this blog thinking I suffer from doing many of these bad traits.

I started to question myself and realised I always seem to be sinking at work and needing to play catch up constantly which can consequently lead to irritating habits in the present moment like being glued to the phone.

The more I looked into this problem to more I started to understand my distractions constantly and I am going to enjoy sharing this article when I start to get these pointless interruptions in my workplace.

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