Zero Risk Lead Generation Service

So many companies in the UK overspend or waste time sourcing the best lead generation company.

We have a risk-free lead generation platform where you pay only for results. No subscription fees. No contracts. We got you covered with lead generation. Relevant enquiries directly in your mailbox. Risk free as only pay for conversions. Simple!!

You can do your due diligence by checking testimonials and case studies but still why is it so many lead generation companies do not deliver a consistent flow of quality leads?

If you choose the right Lead Generation Company they should boost your business growth and have the right customers knocking at your door. Generating high-quality enquiries is the Lead Generation companies job to make sure you get an ROI (return on investment) from their money spent.

This is where at FatRank we have taken all the risks and provided a no-risk supply of enquiries for new clients we onboard.


We like to think our lead generation system works for everyone we onboard because only money is taken after the customer converts paying leads.

We are one of the very few companies who have the confidence in what we do so happy to only charge on the results we deliver.

No Risk Lead Generation Service

Here are explanations of our no risk lead generation service.

  • Revenue Share Lead Generation: Each client is like a partner. Using a partnership approach, we only make money if you succeed. Lead Gen is a results business
  • Performance-based lead generation: We only charge money based on performance, so all the risk is with the lead generator. Performance-based lead gen is great for UK businesses to grow without huge costs attached
  • No win no fee lead generation: Lead generation with no win no fee enquiries means you only pay for converted jobs won. No payment is made for enquiries, seo, ppc and only fees on conversions
  • Pay on Performance Lead Generation: Our lead gen service is a no risk supply of enquiries to UK companies who only pay on performance. If you dont convert the enquiries into profit, you pay zero
  • Pay on Conversion Lead Generation: The only pay on conversion lead gen model eliminates any risk to companies receiving the enquiries. Accepted customers only pay on conversions made

To take advantage of FatRank’s risk-free enquiry supply and significantly boost your business, we encourage you to reach out today.

FatRank offers an exclusive, real-time quality leads service, renowned for its effectiveness but noted for its selectivity, making acceptance a mark of distinction.

How much commission is paid on the Pay-on-Conversion Lead Generation Model?

If you are looking to understand the intricacies of commission-based lead generation, this video explains the commission structure for the lead generation service in the UK.

Do You Need a Lead Generation Company?

Businesses need a specialist lead generation company to bring them a consistent flow of quality leads.

A company is great at their trade – so leave the digital marketing strategies to experts who specialise in this.

A successful business requires a steady flow of new customers that is not reliant on “word of mouth”.

Although word of mouth brings you some of the best quality leads it is not consistent enough to grow your business.

If you want to bring new customers to your business, you need a strong online strategy for attracting more enquiries.

Lead Generation Agency UK

Finding decent lead generation services within the UK can be a pain. Most of the time, lead generation companies to fall into one of two categories:

  1. They provide acceptable leads, but at a slow pace and a low number of them.
  2. They provide a lot of leads, but they are low-quality leads.

Using one of these two lead agencies can be damaging for a business, especially for small businesses. However, FatRank is proud to say that we’re one of the best lead generation companies UK.

Our process involves us taking the potential consumer through a state-of-the-art sales funnel, going from attracting them with ads to helping our clients nurture leads.

Additionally, we carry out market research so we can understand more about your industry and provide you with viable leads. Our customer focused campaign is no match for the competition!

Why Do Some Lead Generation Companies Fail?

Some UK lead generation companies fail because they only focus their attention on the number of leads.

The volume of enquiries generated is a vanity metric and the best lead generation companies want to focus on conversions and return on investment.

The better lead gen agencies will force the customer to providewith all the essential website information needed to succeed.

If the client does not provide the most profitable services, images, videos and have a great response time from initial enquiry to contact then it is destined to fail.

Due to such a focus on the number of leads, most lead generation companies provide rubbish leads and don’t boost profit for your business.

Our no-risk supply of enquiries goes through a vetting stage to check whether the company is the right fit for us and ready to take their business onto another level.

Why Do We Decline Some Customers Who Want Leads?

Starting to generate leads is a costly exercise and we decline some customers if we feel their conversion might not be high enough.

Customers wanting to team up with a lead generation company on a commission only based setup has nothing to lose.

Why do we check new customers?

We audit and analyse customers enquiring for leads to check they have a positive brand SERP.

For many customers now we are asking them to purchase a video similar to below for only £850 to improve their branding.

Creating a Win-WIn Strategy

The method we now have in place is the most efficient way for us to make clients happy.

It also helps reduce hassle for our own staff. Of course, it involves an element of risk on our part.

We are doing work for something which we could potentially never be paid for.

However, this is why we do our research into the niche before agreeing to provide the service.


If we feel that a particular industry is lucrative enough and that the company will be able to convert leads, we are more than happy to take the risk.

For the client receiving the leads, there is no risk as nothing is paid until an order is secured.

We’ll agree on a reasonable payment amount based on the value of the order received.

As you are only paying for the converted work, there is no need to worry about wasting money on leads that aren’t suitable and don’t convert.

Create a win-win strategy

Why Our Lead Generation Works For Everyone?

Our lead generation process works well for everyone because the customer only pays for converted leads.

“We found the Client SEO Industry to be terrible. From awkward clients asking what you doing, why you doing it, how are you doing it and wanting glossy reports for every step taken. To SEO agencies with no experience of ranking highly in Google over-promising with results that is impossible”

There are running jokes in the lead generation communities that most SEO agencies “fake it before they make it” with client money. Then once they learn from spending these investments they stop doing client SEO and move onto affiliate marketing or lead gen.

The truth is we do not need to promise any rankings or traffic because if we do not produce the results we do not get paid anything.

Adding in a ‘finders fee’ cost to the quote means the customers receiving the enquiries is at zero risks financially because pays nothing unless it turns into an order.

“We get less hassle from our customers when enquiries are free that allows us to spend more time on growing the volume of leads sent”

This link explains why our lead generation is free which has been asked many times by our existing customers.

With our agency being experts in providing marketing services, we know how to provide highly qualified leads and keep leads informed and engaged with your brand.

Consumer interest is something we can keep high with our marketing strategy and we have a proven track record of helping thousands of companies throughout the UK.

If you combine our high quality leads with your high quality sales team, your company is bound to get more sales.

Our Lead Generation Strategy

From years of research and testing, we’ve developed a system that provides UK companies with some of the best leads in the market!

Using a combination of content marketing, ads, optimisation of landing pages and an industry-defining sales pipeline, no other lead generation companies come close to providing the service we do.

Such campaigns can be difficult to carry out as you need to know what you’re doing to avoid making any losses. When business prospects work with us, they can see this strategy implemented and understand why it’s so successful.

Clients have told us that other agencies, like Pearl Lemon leads, don’t provide a consistent stream of leads and the leads generated are usually poor quality. Such service providers don’t have the years of experience and the team of experts that we have.

Gone are the days of cold calling, our approach to direct marketing makes lead gen outsourcing a profitable and viable option for any business.

No matter what target lead segment you have in mind, we here at FatRank can help you achieve what your business needs. High quality leads.

What Niches Do We Generate Leads In?

As a lead generation company we have over 340 different rank and rent websites in almost every niche thinkable.

Some of the most popular lead generation niches are:

How Do We Generate Leads Online?

We generate leads online by carrying out the following services:

  • Ranking Google My Business Listings
  • Ranking Youtube Videos Online
  • PPC – Renting space on the search engine results pages, paying for ads
  • Building Authority Backlinks
  • Optimising Content with Surfer SEO
  • SEO – Organic search engine optimisation techniques
  • Facebooks Ads – Generating Leads through Facebook advertising
  • Social – Organic social media posts to gain traction
  • Guest Posts – Writing compelling content on related websites or trade magazines
  • Brand SERP – Improving the brand results to show up for more terms

Lead Generation FAQs

Why Our Lead Generation Works For Everyone?

FatRank lead generation model works for everyone because customers only pay commissions on successful orders.

There are zero upfront fees and as a specialist lead generation agency we take all the risks because are confident our system works.

Why Eliminate Cost Per Leads?

You should eliminate the price per lead at all costs because the lead generation company is not rewarded for the quality of the enquiries.

The lead gen agency solely focuses on generating a volume of leads and is not tasked with the conversion which is why so many lead generators fail.

Is lead generation a niche?

Lead generation is a niche in itself.

Generating leads is a skill and if someone is not qualified in digital marketing they can waste a lot of money in the wrong areas.

The best lead generators will target a demographic of customers and their specific set of needs.

Lead generation is all about quality over quantity and as a niche you need to be a qualified marketer to have the skillset to get this right.

Who Generates The Enquiries?

We have a strong team based in the UK that can generate enquiries nationwide.

All the team love SEO and finding ways to be found in as many places on the internet as possible to generate enquiries.

Here is a build-up of who we are as a company:

Our team are able to analyse the Google SERPs to see why keywords and niches we are able to win on drive quality enquiries.

Lead Generation Advice

The top lead generation companies are very selective with who they work with. Most of them will only work with companies who have a lot of capital to spend. We’re different.

We care more about the direction that you want to take your business. We look to provide our qualified leads to companies wanting to grow and expand.

Building relationships with our clients is a key aspect of our agency. As the relationship grows, our lead generation method will adapt and change to match your new aspirations. It’s no surprise our clients say we’re the best lead generation agency in the UK.

You might be wondering “why are you so confident?”. Simple. The competition may have a good lead generation campaign in their arsenal, but we have multiple fantastic lead generation campaigns.

Our risk-free payment scheme means you get to see how our lead generation funnel provides you with high quality leads, without losing any profit or budget.

Generating sales leads has always been our strong suit, so why use another telesales lead generation company that relies on cold calling and providing poor sales leads? Use the champions!

Final Thoughts

It boils down to whether you want to grow your business?

You see in my experience there are two types of business owners.

  • Those who procrastinate and struggle make decisions
  • And those who take action when an opportunity is presented

We only want to work with people who will grow as we start to generate a higher volume of enquiries that convert.

Find Out The Best Solution for Leads

If you’re not prepared to grow and advance, then prepare to be stuck with other lead generation agencies who can’t match our lead generation services.

However, if you’re ready to grow and become the industry best, then prepare to have our lead generation campaign implemented for your business and see how our lead generation services are the best.

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Options For UK Companies

Companies in the UK for 4 options generally for lead generation sources.

Some of these include building an in-house team of marketers and trying to generate internally.

All businesses generally though want more leads as can grow if the volume increases.

Show me any business that says they get enough enquiries and I will then show you a failure!

Let’s get started then and I will break down the 4 options to explain why each strategy above could be a good investment or whether you are gambling with your money.

Option 1 – SEO to Generate Leads

Ranking organically in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) is done by optimising your website with the keywords on the site and by building high quality and niche relevant backlinks.

This seems easy, right?

“Over the years I have learnt the hard way outsourcing to many different agencies with minimal gains”

This is because the SEO industry is filled with agencies who thinkthey know what to do in terms of improving rankings.

Theymight even show you dozens of case studies from their happy clients. But let me tell you something, for every case study you see showing positive results in the SERPs, there are probably a dozen negative ones thatthey will not show you.

SEO Agencies

I am not here to say SEO is not good for your business. If you find the right company to do this then it is a great investment into a growing company. You achieve higher rankings which leads to more clicks onto your website, which leads to more enquiries, and the more leads you receive the more orders you should generate.

BUT, the problem you face here is finding a good SEO service that works well for your company and generates the results you want. These agencies are not easy to find and they will not be the cheapest as you certainly pay for what you get.

In general, you can look to pay between £200 – £2,000 a month on SEO where these companies will build you backlinks. The rankings will improve over a few months and you will think this is great, then one morning you will get up and see your website cannot be found in the search results.

It has seemingly fallen off a cliff, and basically, this is where your SEO agency is not clued up and have more than likely over optimised your links to make you receive a penalty.

Poorer Rankings

So guess what? You have been paying this business a lot of money and now you are in a worse situation than you were before you even started paying them!

Can you get refunds on this?

Absolutely not and they will probably blame something you have done also to get themselves out of it and try to charge you more to get the penalty removed etc.

I see it personally like a cowboy mechanic, adding on lots of extras onto your bill that you never needed. For this reason, I think it is a huge gamble for any company to pay for SEO services. Just because it is so difficult to find the right company to do it correctly and make it worth your money.

What you don’t see behind the scenes is all the blood, sweat and tears it takes agencies to drive and build traffic.

What You Dont See Behind The Scenes UK

The difficult part of SEO is you have to invest your money, months before seeing any results so you will not know whether the company you are using is efficient or not.

It could be a £6,000 investment over six months and then it actually puts you in a worse position than when you started, that is the scary thing.

Trust me I know first hand because over a decade ago I personally got burnt for over £40,000 trusting companies to do what they promised and this is why paying for organic SEO is a huge gamble.

Option 2 – PPC to Generate Leads

PPC (Pay Per Click) basically involves you paying the search engines e.g. Google to rent a space within the SERPs.

This, in my opinion, is great for short term investment and ranking a website page quickly.

What I mean by that is let’s say a music artist was performing at a gig and the event wanted to sell tickets. This is something which will only be available in the short term so an advertisement for this example is perfect. SEO wouldn’t be cost-effective because it is generally carried out for long term investments and by the time the page has ranked organically the event will be over, whereas PPC gives instant results.

On the flip side if you are looking to make long term plans for growing your business, then I see PPC as renting a house. It is dead money and the minute you stop paying for the clicks your website is gone from the search results. SEO at least (if done correctly) ranks long term and gives you more traffic for years while PPC, in my opinion, is a short term investment plan.

Successful PPC Advertising

A number of you reading this will say this is ridiculous because lots of people make millions from using PPC advertising. This can be the case and obviously if done correctly you can be clever in finding key phrases that convert well and make an ROI on this. But unless you are an advanced pay per click expert you are going to take such risks with your money on irrelevant clicks from people who don’t want the product or service you are offering and this can become very costly.

Do these clicks on the website mean you are guaranteed to get enquiries? No, they do not, but you would hope the more clicks to your site the more leads it will generate and the more order you’ll convert.

Again, this is a big gamble as you can’t be 100% sure that every click you pay for will result in an enquiry and an order. In fact, the majority probably won’t result in anything. Big brands might be able to afford this risk but small companies need to be careful. Spending £5,000 a month on clicks does not instantly mean more orders, can you afford to spend this on a gamble to convert some clicks into leads and then those leads into orders? That is something only you can decide!

This video below explains the process of PPC and how it can be applied to maximise traffic and sales for your business:

Option 3 – PPL to Generate Leads

PPL stands for pay per lead and this is an option that really can be great for businesses. Why is this much better than SEO or PPC? Well the simple answer is in Option 1 you are gambling to improve your rankings which MIGHT lead to some more clicks but that is a risk.

Then with Option 2, you are gambling that the clicks you are paying for MIGHT get you some more enquiries but that is a risk. What happens if the clicks you are paying for are coming from a competitor looking at your site? What happens if someone wants to check some information on a product but does not want to order it? Then lastly what’s to say someone clicks onto your page and doesn’t like your site so decides not to enquire with you. At the end of the day, you are taking risks in option one and two.

Paying for Leads

This being said, is Option 3 a risk-free solution? The answer to this is no it is not risk-free but you are certainly lowering the risks and taking a calculated gamble by paying for leads. Once you have received the enquiries, it is then up to you to convert them into orders. As you are not paying on the chance to improve your Google ranking or just for clicks, you are further down the line by paying for leads so you stand much better chances to get orders here.

Sourcing Your Enquiries

Is it easy to get pay per lead deals?If you are looking for a pay per lead strategy from someone then you might find this difficult because the majority of companies will not do this deal for you. The reason for this is thatthey are also taking a risk themselves with ranking in the search results.

As they do not get paid unless they get you enquiries, the pressure is on for these companies and this eliminates all the SEO companies who aren’t as efficient because they know that it will be difficult for them to rank your site. I am 100% confident I can rank whatever niche I desire then I could easily follow this strategy because although it is a risk for myself I know I can generate leads.

Is this a risk for small companies? Yes, this is still taking a gamble, although this is a small risk, some companies might again think it is difficult to pay for all leads.

If there happens to be an influx of enquiries that don’t convert because the client wants a cheaper price or a different product, this is where you can end up paying for nothing. Remember some businesses are very wary about risking their money, and rightly so as paying per lead still poses a risk.

Option 4 -No Risk Supply Of Enquiries

This brings me to the final option, and this is the service that I will be offering. Your company can receive leads from customers who are interested in buying your products or paying for your services.

We have a risk-free lead generation platform where you pay only for results. No subscription fees. No contracts. We got you covered with lead generation. Relevant enquiries directly in your mailbox. Risk free as only pay for conversions. Simple!!

No Risk Supply of Enquiries

Risk-Free Lead Generation

You will not pay to get the leads, you will simply pay a percentage of the profits made from any orders you get through these enquiries.

However, I do have to consider a few factors before providing a no risk supply of enquiries to any companies. These are things like:

  • Do I trust the business owner?
  • Do I believe in their company?
  • Do keyword research and search analytics suggest that this strategy will work for them?
  • Do they offer services nationwide in the UK?
  • Are they happy to deal with a larger volume of enquiries?
  • Can they turn these into orders with profits?

I am going to be taking all the riskswith this strategy because I know thatI am personally able tobuild a website, rank it, get trafficto it and then generate enquirieswith good calls to action.

What I cannot guarantee is that the business owner I work with canconvert these enquiries into orders and therefore make a profit.

Hence me having to look into the trust of the person, their business niche and whether I personally feel they can convert these into profits.

Most lead generation companies charge per lead sent to you, we operate differently and take all the risk. Lead generation marketing is one of our specialities.

Regardless of the target market, we’re working in, we can make potential customers become full customers. You just have to have a sales team in place who can push them over the line.

Converting to Orders

If the leads turn into orders and profits we look to split the winnings from this, if they do not turn into orders then you pay absolutely nothing. This way you are only losing a share of profits that you would have never had in the first place.

There are no contracts and no subscription fees so all the risk lies with me. I personally do not mind taking risks and investing in myself to succeed. By generating hundreds of new enquiries, businesses should then be getting a lot more orders, and for these companies, it is an absolute no brainer because there are zero risks whatsoever. A video here explains the UK Lead Generation Service we provide :

You may be thinking this suggests that if we get any orders we need to split the profits with you? let me leave you with this thought: Let’s say we decided on 50/50 split of the profits generated from the leads, my answer to this would be – “I would sooner have 50% of something than 100% of nothing.

Lead generation industry

Business lead generation is a market full of low-quality agencies and most can’t provide the sales lead generation service we provide. In addition, regardless of if your looking for lead generation companies London to Aberdeen, we can work all across the nation.

Our lead generation process has been refined and can reach potential customers all over the nation, meaning we can target a specific area that benefits you.

With companies popping up all over the united kingdom, we want to help your company stand out from the crowd. We aim to generate high quality leads and be the best lead generation service provider, so we want to grow with you.

If you’re one of the key decision makers for a company interested in this service, just remember that our service is limited.

We can’t help every company across the united kingdom, so you need to act fast to work with us, or you’ll be stuck with sales lead generation companies who couldn’t care about your business.

Whether it’s b2c, b2p, p2b or b2b lead generation, our lead generation agency can help you. Other lead generation agencies only specialise in one sector, but our strategy helps us reach across all sectors.

What’s next? Get your sales team ready for some of the best sales lead generation services they’ve ever seen. Prepare for qualified leads from a state-of-the-art lead generation funnel. Be ready for our lead generation campaign to take your company above the competition.