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Digital Nomad Life Lessons

Digital Nomad Life Lessons

I believe being the youngest of three sons is the reason for me being so loud and confident. But throughout my life like everyone I have learnt many life lessons. When you are younger you hear your parents tell you these things but take them with a pinch of salt. I have compiled a list of lessons I personally have learnt along the way below.


1. Take Action

This certainly has to be my #1 life lesson and for more information on taking action read this article. It covers a lot of reasons why people fail and mainly to do with the fact that they take zero action.

“Make your dreams a reality and start taking massive determined action today.”

Successful leaders and entrepreneurs have the courage to take action while others hesitate. There is a big difference between taking notice and getting up off your ass and implementing your steps to reach your goals. Without action, the best intentions in the world are nothing more than just that: intentions.

2. Spend Money on Memories

I am a huge believer that the most valuable asset in life is your memories. People can spend millions on materialistic products but the memories on your death bed are what you truly remember.

Spend Money on Memories - Digital Nomad Life Lessons

Celebrating Mike Hughes Stag Party In Las Vegas

“Fill your life with experiences. Have stories to tell not stuff to show”

Over the years I have bought nice cars, materialistic products and the concept of having it is far better than the outcome. For me life was meant for family, great friends and great adventures with them. We are so lucky to be born so go and live the dream and experience the adventures of the world.

3. Develop and Improve

There is no such thing as 10/10 in my opinion. We can all develop and improve and for our sanity and life goals we should look to improve in all areas of life.

It does not matter how old you are or how much experience you have, you should always be improving. If you are not improving yourself then are you being lazy? Train and develop even when you feel you are the best because you need to remain several steps ahead of the game.

“Show me a fully satisfied person and I will show you failure”

Online marketing for example changes regularly and you need to be keeping up to date with your knowledge. To further your own skills, be sure to check out the best SEO course and get the latest tips and techniques which are updated in real time to match Google’s algorithm.

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4. Friends and Family

Surround yourself with loads of friends and family. The more friends the better because it means more different experiences, but keep your best mates and family close because they will be there through everything. I wrote how networking was important in business but this also applies to personal lifestyles also.

“I have learned that it is not what i have in my life but who i have in my life that counts”

Create a tribe around you and make sure you gather around them frequently, it is always the times with your family and friends that are the best. The fun is priceless for your health, mindset and laughter is the best medicine for stress. A good laugh really does recharge your battery.

5. Play a Team Sport

Whether this is football, rugby, netball or whatever you decide. Being part of a team sport will give you the laughter and fun as a team. The exercise is great for health benefits but for me the banter is the real reason why it has so many benefits. Being involved in a sports team gives you the social side of life which will create so many happy memories.

Play a Team Sport - Digital Nomad Life Lessons

Leigh Athletic FC Team I Play Football for

6. Health is Wealth

Your health is who you are and who you will become. Eat nice healthy food and exercise daily. When you’re young you feel you can eat whatever you want but in later life this catches up with you.

“Your body is your most priceless possession so take care of it”

Make sure you live your life so your future self will be happy with what you did the previous day. Neglect your health and energy levels will drop and your whole life will change as health is the engine behind who you will become.

7. Learn a Martial Art

Great for conditioning and health benefits again. But the reason for learning martial arts is the respect it generates, building your concentration levels and discipline in focusing your mind. Oh and obviously the bonus is it helps you in self defence situations.

Learn a Martial Art - Digital Nomad Life Lessons

Me in Koh Samui learning Thai Boxing

8. Be Proud of Yourself

We are all unique human beings but do not chase your life trying to be someone you are not. Be yourself and be proud of who you are instead of comparing yourself to someone else. Your friends, your teachers, your parents and family all have expectations of you but just be yourself.

“Don’t wait until you reach your goal to be proud of yourself. Be proud of each step you take toward reaching your goal”

Do not try to live a life someone else would like you to be because that might not make you happy. You are awesome and have your own qualities which no one else in this world has. Here is an introduction to myself.

9. Choose your Own Path

Let close friends and family advise you on things, but you are responsible solely for your own path in your career, health and happiness. Choose your own path as it is your life. I absolutely love and enjoy networking, SEO and travelling so becoming a digital nomad was a no brainer for me because included all three of these things.

10. Treat People How You Want to be Treated

Ironically people start to change their attitude towards you when you begin treating them the way they treat you. There are a few great quotes I love on this life lesson.

11. Focus on Solutions Not Problems

Identify your problems but give your power and energy to solutions. Too many complain and waste time whining instead of accepting the problem and quickly finding a solution. Here is an article I highly recommend everyone to read about how to face your problems with solutions. If you focus all your ideas and energy into solutions then all the problems will make you the person you are today. Play the cards you are dealt the best you can and learn from all the mistakes along the way.

12. Think BIG

You really are capable of so much more than you can imagine. Chase your goals and set them high. You will be surprised how much you can achieve if you believe in yourself. Do not set your goals too small because you are capable of so much more. I love the quote

“Think big, believe big, act big and the results will be big”

13. Surround Yourself with Positivity

You’re a product of your environment so surround yourself with the best. Positivity breeds positivity so hanging around successful folk and happy people is key. Influence your family and close friends because a rising tide lifts all ships so your attitude can help others around you succeed.

surround yourself with successful people

Sir Alex Ferguson farewell game

14. People Come and Go

This could be university friends you lose touch with as you move back home. Or it could be loved ones who pass away. As awful as this sounds, we all are going to die. Instead of constantly feeling upset a close family member or friend has passed away, celebrate their life.

“People come and go but life is simply about seeing who cares enough to stay”

Have you ever watched X Factor and seen all the sob stories people come out with thinking they are unfortunate? The fact is it’s going to happen to us all, so are you going to waste your life away moaning or be positive and make them proud looking down on you? You need to learn how to let go as hard as it might feel.

15. Learn to Forgive Yourself

You are probably your own harshest critic. Do not beat yourself up and be your own personal enemy. You will make many mistakes and if you cannot forgive yourself how can you expect others to? Be kind and caring to your inner self because you can then look to make amends or get back quickly to your positive attitude. Learn from it and analyse if you have done something wrong but quickly forgive yourself and move on. There is no sense in punishing your future for the mistakes in the past.

16. Travel the World

Have you truly experienced life and seen the wonders of the world? Have you experienced the different cultures? You will be amazed by the beauty you can find across the world and you will grow your knowledge and memories massively from doing this.

Travel The World - Digital Nomad Life Lessons

Recent trip to Chiang Mai and loved the culture

17. Gratitude

Be grateful for what you have in life. Even if you think your life is shit be grateful because someone else is certainly struggling more than you. Do you have a roof over your head, two arms, two legs, fresh tap water, hearing, sight?. Unless you literally have not got any of these mentioned then feel grateful. Expect nothing and appreciate absolutely everything. We are so lucky to be alive so cherish every breath we take on earth.

18. Loyalty Over Greed

Be loyal and fight the greedy guy from inside of us all. Loyalty is a huge attribute I expect from all my friends and business partners. I was brought up with the ethics and morals to be loyal. You will encounter many times in life where you can get financial gains by not being loyal but this links back to ‘treat others how you want to be treated’

“There’s something wrong with your character if opportunity controls your loyalty”

How would you feel if a close friend was not loyal? Do not betray a friend or another person for personal gains otherwise karma will come back to bite you in the ass. Be loyal and not greedy.

19. Fail Regularly

This might seem a strange one to put down but it is so true. Failure in life is inevitable if you truly push yourself to your limits. It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all – in which case, you fail by default.

“We either learn to fail or fail to learn”

You can’t be paralysed by fear of failure or you will never push yourself. If you are suffering from analysis paralysis on what to implement then take the Best SEO Training Course EVER which will fill your brain with ideas again and push your boundaries every single day.


It is an amazing outlook to fail regularly. Because look how cool this would be for a school pupil is the teacher said “Right class you can all sit your exam and if you fail then go away, come back and resit it until you get all the grades you want”? This is basically what you can do in life. Test yourself and if you fail you go away learn what you got wrong and test yourself again until you hit your desired goals.

20. Work Hard but Play Harder

Grafting in work is an absolute given. The harder you work the more successful financially you will be but have a fine balance in life. If you do not play harder you will struggle to grow your friendships, to travel so much and create all those awesome memories. I certainly play very hard because for me life is about living so what makes me happy is banter, laughing, experiencing new adventures my playtime is when I create my best memories.

Work Hard and Play Harder

Myself at the best music festival in the world #TomorrowLand

21. Don’t Be Judgemental

Do not judge a book by its cover. You will be surprised in life what you get out of everyone you meet. I have heard stories of a homeless guy on the streets giving his last dollar to somehow who need to catch the bus. That act of kindness is unreal and similar story here which went viral about a homeless person giving a student £3 to get a taxi home safely. Don’t base your opinion on someone by their appearance and try to learn something from absolutely everybody.

22. Patience is a Virtue

Patience is not the ability to wait, but it is the ability to keep a positive attitude while waiting. Patience is not a skill but is a decision. Our inner self decides to get annoyed, and one of my weaknesses certainly is not being patient enough. Like the attitude to not give up, you need to remember the best things in life are worth waiting for. Try to improve and develop yourself to become more patient for your own self being.

23. Break The Rules

I do not mean break the law but breaking the rules. There are too many rules in life and if you are too well behaved and don’t break the rules you will never be a maverick or true original. Here is a great video from Arnold Schwarzenegger about breaking the rules.

24. You Cannot Please Everyone

Grow thick skinned for certain situations you will encounter. As we are all unique we all naturally have different opinions. Do not chase to please everyone because it is impossible and reverts back to being proud of who you are. Competitors, jealousy and others will not like you or make an opinion on  who you are without even knowing you as an individual but be hard skinned to understand this instead of fighting it. “The People who Matter Don’t Mind, and The People who Mind Don’t Matter”. There will be times certain folk in life are selfish or have a hidden agenda. I wrote an article about how wasted time is worse than wasted money because you need to quickly weed out the people in life who will not make you happy so more time can be spent with loved ones.

25. Question Everything

Never believe something without testing or seeing it for yourself. Too many times in life we take everything for granted when actually we should create our own opinion from experiences. Obviously seek advice but then check this for yourself to develop your own thoughts on situations. Trust people but verify it.

26. Never Give Up

Too many people in life think of an idea then never see the whole idea through. They give up when they are so close to something big or life changing for them. Focus your mind to complete tasks and do not jump from one minor task to another without finishing any.

27. Time Flies

If you do not live for today and make the most of your time before you know it then you will wonder where your time went. A great video from a friend named Diggy who I met in Chiang Mai shows his life lessons here. This video is superb and the reason I liked it so much was because I could relate to all his opinions. He also finishes this video with how time flies.

28. Delegate Work

When you travel and meet other digital nomads you start to realise so many of these have read the amazing books like the 4 hour work week and the emyth revisited which are possibly the best books I have ever read. These teach you techniques to stop getting yourself bogged down on day to day running of your businesses. I wrote an article about working on your business and not in it which explains the reasoning why delegation is key. We all have 24 hours in a day and are restricted to this so there is only so much you can physically do yourself. Hence the reason delegation of works is a real key to success and many entrepreneurs struggle to let go, but this struggle will always hold them back from further growth.

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid”

I absolutely love this saying about everybody is a genius. This is so true and we all have our strengths. However it is about having a great leader playing into all these strengths which is key. Hiring character and training the skill is important in my eyes. Plus when delegating work it is about coaching and leading the way on what you would like. A leader is always better than a boss.

29. Embrace The Digital Era

There has never been a better time in life than now to earn millions. It is so easy to advertise and promote your brands or services now online with billions of people having an internet connection. Read the article The Digital World – So Easy Making Money Online which explains the digital era we are living in and capitalise on this time because people will look back as these being the glory days.

30. Enjoy The Journey

I have some very close friends who are multi millionaires but some of these are depressed because all their life they have chased the money and done everything they can to improve their bank balance. With this obsession to earn more money they completely missed the point you only have one shot at life.

“So often we become so focused on the finish line that we fail to enjoy the journey”

You need to treasure every day as being your last and enjoy the journey. I did an article here called Live The Moment – It Is All About The Journey Not The Outcome which explains this in more detail but do not relate success to money.

Money should be the by product and my life lesson is success is fun, health, laughter and love. Money is not success and people need to enjoy the whole journey and not just the outcome.

31. Begin With The End In Mind

When looking to build a successful business you need to set your goal and then work backwards. Begin with the end in mind because otherwise you could end up creating a website that you like but it does not appeal to your target buyers. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Are you prepared to take these small steps to reach your goal? This saying I love because it is all about training and developing your skills so you are prepared for the fast growth when you are presented with certain opportunities. But it is all about realising the opportunities are rare so taking small steps of development in knowledge everyday will prepare you for the quick wins.

“Step by step you get ahead but rarely in fast spurts. But you need to prepare for the fast spurts by learning step by step”

A dedicated blog has been created called Work With The End In Mind because I learnt this as a valuable lesson when looking to flip some websites. I started several big affiliate websites and built them on a custom design website which saved me time and I thought this was a great idea because it suited myself. But if I had listened to this advice I would of realised that buyers would probably want the website in wordpress because that is what they are familiar with using. For me to sell the site at my preferred bid I needed to move all these sites over costing me a lot of money. Always set clear visions of the outcome and then work this backwards.

32. Study Stoicism

This is a big part of my life at present to study stoicism more. The reason this is such a huge life lesson for me is because a few close friends of mine have made multi million pounds in investments. Sounds amazing right? Well what if I told you that since they have seven or eight figures in their bank balance they have become depressed and not satisfied with life. Watch this video which explains stoicism a little more :

The video explains to practice misfortune. Sounds daft but we need to prepare ourselves for family members passing away. We need to prepare that some investments will fail, relationships might end and misfortune in this ever changing world is inevitable. Stoicism is something we all need to study because in life many people set targets and think ‘If I can just make one million pounds I will be happy’. But the truth is when you get there you set yourself new goals of two million, three million, ten million and its a never ending goal you chase for what many think will be happiness.

Look into stoicism more and in the video I love the self discipline techniques he explains. By using these techniques it allows you to gain self discipline because the people with discipline have ownership of their life. The techniques are to voluntarily cause yourself some discomfort to appreciate things in life. Here are some examples of voluntarily discomfort to practice to start making yourself tougher and stop being soft like most humans :

  1. See how long you can leave your air conditioning off on a hot day – you will appreciate this much more by doing this when it is on
  2. Go for a hike in bear feet – by doing this every morning you wake up to put trainers on or shoes you will appreciate what you have in life
  3. Take an ice cold shower – this will make you be happy for simple things like warm water
  4. Dont eat for 48 hours – then you will appreciate how easy it is for humans to access food so easily

It sounds crazy to do these things above by choice. But you are broadening your comfort zone to appreciate the simple things in life. Having clean running water, a roof over our head, the freedom of life and ability to access food so easily. We take all these things for granted too much but third world countries would do anything to be in positions many of you reading this are in.

33. Keep your Feet on the Ground When Your Head in Clouds

Having your head in the clouds is good to think big and to have big goals, dreams and ideas. But you need to keep “your feet on the ground” to be practical in where you are on the spectrum. You need to realise where you are in dreaming vs. doing and taking action to move towards your dreams. But keeping your feet on the ground and remembering your roots is key.

I come from a small town in England called Leigh. It does not even have a train station so not a large city location. But I love my roots and proud to be known as Leyther. Leigh town is my roots and I will always remain rooted and feet on the ground. It is fine having mahoosive goals in life but remembering your roots is also very important I believe. So this is why I thinking Keeping Your Head in the Clouds and Your Feet on the Ground is an important life lesson.

34. Move with The Times – DEAL WITH IT

This is a very frustrating life lesson when I hear people being negative towards change. Here is an article named Move with the Times – DEAL WITH IT I go into more detail on it. But Crypto currency is a prime example of this and people just sitting back not moving with the times and embracing the new digital currency. Over the years you hear I have learnt to ignore the negative vibes as history has shown these things to happen times and time again :

  1. At first they ignore you
  2. Then they start to laugh and ridicule your idea
  3. Then they fight you on the idea
  4. Then they invest in you

Uber, AirBnB and many others are prime examples of this. Be proactive and innovative in all work and thoughts in your life. I love these quotes to do with this “Too many businesses get left in the dust because they’re too comfortable with their current success” and also “I wake up every morning and think about how I can put myself out of business. By that, I mean I think about every way another business can can disrupt my profit and current successes”.

35. Replace Lose with Learn in Your Vocabulary

Although I have got this life lesson above on failing regularly then I wanted to add this also about your mindset around it. What I mean by this header of replace lose with learn in your vocabulary is that all losses will improve you and you will learn much more from these in life than anything else.

A never lose mentality is instilled into champions and entrepreneurs throughout the world. So I always educate my team to adapt this phrase into their mindset and always take this approach on outcomes:-

“You Win Or You Learn”

You see how this is not you win or lose. Replacing lose with learn now opens the door for you to experiment, test and push yourself much more as there is no option of losing. You train yourself to win and if it does not work out then you find out why and develop from it.

Too many never fail or lose in life but are not successful. This is because they live their whole life in the comfort zone and although this is a nice place then you never see progression or anything exciting inside of a comfort zone.

Do not let your weak mentality make you scared of losing or failure. Embrace it and try to push yourself every single day to lose or fail on something so you start to know your boundaries as this could be so much more than you predict. You are only confined by the walls surrounding you that your mind built yourself. Examples of how to push your limits daily:-

  • At the gym lifting a new heavy weight personal best
  • A run you do then try to reduce the time by 10 seconds
  • In the workplace how can you add an extra 5% gross profit
  • Outreach to try and connect to five new influencers
  • Health benefits – improving body mass fat, weight or your personal goals on physique
  • There is loads more but it is all about embracing your limits and treating losing as learning

36. Synergy is the Best Word EVER

Synergy is my favourite word in the world. This article on synergy and networking explains why I love synergising so much. I get asked to speak regularly at conferences and generally decline because do not personally promote myself as a brand. However if I ever did then SYNERGY would certainly be my topic. I love this quote on why networking is so great:-

“I learn something from everyone I meet. From most people I learn what not to”

With meeting people and synergising it is not just what you learn but also what you realise what not to do also. All the biggest entrepreneurs have dozens of success stories but along with that they have many failures and tips they they have learned along the way.

You might not agree with everything people say who you meet. Especially when you travel the world meeting people from different cultures, religions and origins. But the best part to all this is you have the choice to pick and choose what you want to adapt into your life and funnel your interests towards that.

37. Your Brain is Your Bitch

Created a blog on Your Brain is Your Bitch because of the importance on mindset. The truth is our thoughts create our feelings and our feelings create our actions which then our actions create our results. The question is – Are You in Control of Your Thoughts?

Every feeling in your life is because of a thought you’re thinking, it makes sense that we need to begin looking inside our minds and be conscious of our thoughts. Once you can become aware of your thoughts you can then decide which thoughts you want to keep thinking and which thoughts you want to get rid of. This will allow you to become the person you desire to be and therefore design the life you desire to live. The thoughts we think are a choice.

The law of attraction is a huge part to this life lesson. The truth is your Life is only as good as your mindset so educate and train your mindset with gratitude and positive thoughts. Do not make your brain be your bitch and get in control of your mindset because you can change the direction of your life with your thoughts.


I hope to add many more life lessons onto this article as I experience them. I am sure there are some I have missed off this list so please comment below on life lessons you have learnt and if I can relate to this then I will add them onto the blog. Hope you have enjoyed the read and if you can share this post that would be great.

A couple of articles I would recommend you read if you enjoyed the content are these two below. These explain why I believe SEO is the best trade to learn and how I became a digital nomad from learning SEO:

  1. How I Became a Digital Nomad Travelling The World Working From My Laptop
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If you are still not convinced about learning to become an SEO or affiliate marketer then obviously this is not meant to be for you. However for all of you that sign up to the best SEO course EVER I look forward to seeing your success stories over the next few years.

Your Brain is Your Bitch

Your Brain is Your Bitch

The things we do in life are based on how we want to feel. This article on ‘your brain is your bitch’ is to show how vital the brain, mindset and thoughts are to us all. Our thoughts create our feelings, our feelings create our actions and our actions create our results. The question is – Are You in Control of Your Mindset?


The Law Of Attraction

If you have never read the book called the secret then I highly recommend you buy this book today. It’s a great read because it outlines the power of the law of attraction. When we use our brain to think, we’re sending out signals into the universe. Whether positive or negative, the universal attempts to match us up with what we think about most, which is why we must never constantly think negative thoughts.

This video summary of the law of attraction sums up how powerful your thoughts and mind is which is all from actions carried out by your brain. This well known phrase sums up the best mindset tips:-

“If you believe, you can achieve and you will succeed”

There is a key understanding that is required in order to achieve success, and that is to believe that you can. I find so often that people do not truly feel they are capable of hitting their targets. Do you really think that all the successful people out there are either luckier, or more intelligent than you? Rubbish.

How the Brain is Like a Muscle

Muscles become stronger with use because the muscle cells synthesize new “motor proteins.” The added proteins, which are the engines of muscle contraction, increase the muscle’s size and strength at the cellular level. Your brain is similar because you use it or lose it.

The brain however strengthens in a different way as it is a pattern organising machine. Exposing the brain as a system to new experiences and new information is what grows the brains knowledge and strengthens it up.

confined by the walls you build yourself

Learn Something New Daily

I preach all the time to develop and improve everyday of your life. I was amazed how important this is for the brain as learning something new is what strengthens the brain massively. New experiences keep the brain at its best by giving it new information to organise and make sense of. This leads to learning, which drives the brain’s process of pattern recognition and neural reorganisation.

“Our entire experience on this planet is determined by how we choose to perceive our reality.”

Learning new skills not only adds to the brain’s repertoire of abilities, but it forces the brain to continually restructure its “filing system” and prevents “thought ruts” from forming. Being exposed to new ideas and experiences helps your most important organ in your body. So learning something new daily is an absolute must in my life moving forward in life.

Is Your Brain Your Worst Enemy?

There are many reasons why your brain is your worst enemy. This is why you need to train your brain and, as a result, improve your mindset and thoughts. You need a lot of discipline and self awareness to be able to properly utilise your brain and here is many reasons why your brain is your worst enemy:-

  • You Doubt Yourself – yet doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will

  • You Assume – never assume anything in life

  • Fail to Appreciate Small Things – happiness comes from the smaller things in life

  • Expectations – set goals but manage feeling unfulfilled if dreaming big

  • Take for Granted – show gratitude daily

  • Own Worst Critic – believe in yourself and think big

  • Over Analyse – do not suffer from analysis paralysis

  • Prefer the Easy Way – shortcuts are the road to failure

I’ve always found Psychology extremely fascinating. It surprises me how so many people can come out of difficult childhoods or traumatic situations to become the biggest entrepreneurs. I honestly believe this is due to educating the brain and strengthening up the mindset. Difficult childhoods seem to bring a determination to succeed and mental strength to take action and not stop until they reach their goals. All of this comes from the thoughts and mindset in us all as well as the ability to have the willpower and drive.

confined by the walls you build yourself

Train Your Mind To See The Good In Everything

Negative thinking is generally just a bad habit. Training your mind to see the good in everything will be one of the best steps you can take in creating an abundant and empowering life. It’s so much easier to give in to the negative thinking and live your life blaming others, feeling hopeless and as if the world is out to get you.

If you train your mind to see the good in everything then this eliminates all negative thoughts. Imagine every bad experience as a challenge or a task on someone looking down on you to see how you react. It’s your choice what you make of each and every situation. This video is the summary of You Are a Badass highlighting the power of your mindset:-

If you challenge yourself to always find the positives, you will grow as a person and your life will suddenly give you more and more reasons to smile and enjoy the journey. Positivity is a choice. The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts.

Ways to Strengthen Your Brain

After reading this and understanding how your brain is your bitch then are you going to go the extra mile in strengthening it. Hopefully you are so here are a few pointers on the best ways to strengthen your brain:-

  • Dedicate time to read new books
  • Learn new cooking recipes
  • Travel the world and experience new places
  • Forgive someone you hold a grudge against
  • Educate yourself to break out of your routine
  • Strengthen a relationship with partner, family or colleagues
  • Limit or try to remove TV or Video Games
  • Make love in a new position
  • Try a new sport you have never experienced
  • Take a class in a subject you know nothing about or learn a new language
  • Network at new conferences or seminars
  • Contact an old friend you have lost contact with

There are many more ways to strengthen your brain. The reasoning for this post is because your health is your wealth. Many of the younger generation are obsessed with their physique at training in the gym as well as healthy diets or food intake. But you rarely see anyone talking about the most important organ on a human being that the brain is. Make sure you are strengthening your brain guys and developing skills daily just for your own sanity.

Best Mindset Quotes

Here are the best mindset quotes :-

  • “Life is only as good as your mindset”

  • “You can’t win in life if you’re losing in your mind”

  • “If you’re serious about changing your life, you’ll find a way. If you’re not, you’ll find an excuse.”

  • “Im not broke – I am pre rich #PositiveThinking”

  • “You are confined only by the walls you build yourself”

  • “You have only failed if you have given up”

Whatever we plant in our subconscious mind and nourish with repetition and emotion will one day become a reality. We need to believe in ourself because remember this guys that YOU ARE THE ONLY YOU THERE IS AND EVER WILL BE – SO MAKE YOU AWESOME!!

Your Brain is Your Bitch Summary

Too summarise, your brain is your bitch shows the power in this human organ. The brain controls all the mindset and thoughts you think. Are you giving this the attention and care it needs? Regular developments of the brain are key but you also need sleep and rest to recharge.

life is only as good as your mindset

The conclusion on your brain is your bitch is that the things we do are based on how we want to feel. Our thoughts create our feelings. Our feelings create our actions. Our actions create our results.

“Our thoughts become our words, our words become our beliefs, our beliefs become our actions, our actions become our habits, and our habits become our realities.”

So, if every feeling in our life is because of a thought we’re thinking, it makes sense that we need to begin looking inside our minds and be conscious of our thoughts. Once you can become aware of your thoughts you can decide which thoughts you want to keep thinking and which thoughts you want to get rid of. This will allow you to become the person you desire to be and therefore design the life you desire to live. The thoughts we think are a choice.

Let me know your thoughts on the brain is your bitch and whether you know any other quotes I can add into this article?

Make Money Online – Are You Crushing It?

Make Money Online – Are You Crushing It?

So we greet the New Year and we hear ‘this year is my year’.

People say ‘last year I was unlucky and now is my time to shine.’ But were you unlucky or did you suffer from this?

You hear and read stories of online entrepreneurs making seven figures being sat on the beach. You have a new idea to market weight loss tablets or sell amazon products.

Lets Be Honest With Your Expectations

This fatrank website is generally built for motivating my team and trying to be positive. The point is there has never been a better time in this world to be a millionaire and that is true. For more information on why I think this, read my article about how we are in the digital world where we can all start making money online.

However I just read a great status below from a good friend of mine on Facebook called Derrick Yazwa. He is a solid guy and have a lot of respect for him because he knows it is hard work, takes dedication and his knowledge on cryptocurrency is great. He presents the Chiang Mai conference where he does a mighty fine job if I do say so myself:

Just a little reminder to those of you trying to come up in the game and start your own business. Especially if you feel like everyone else is doing so well and you just can’t break through.

Probably 90% of the people you see online #CRUSHINGIT! are absolutely full of shit. They’re only showing you the best side of themselves on their IG and Snapchat. They rent their cars and Photoshop their earning reports.

They’re not showing you the actual struggle and reality that comes with building a business. They are not telling you about how many times they failed before they finally made $1, if they even have yet.

These people are only telling you the side of the story they want you to hear.

Like the dropshipping guru selling you a course about how he made 7 figures on his store. Well that’s nice, but $1m in a dropshipping store that makes 30% profit leaves you with $300k before taxes.

Enough to live a good life? Yeah. Better than working a job? You’re damn right. But do you see how you’re not getting the full story?

There is so much noise and bullshit in the internet marketing industry and you need to be hyper-aware of it. Don’t focus too much on the stories, look below the surface. The most important thing to take away from all of this is don’t compare yourself to others. Don’t think too much about trying to chase what others appear to have. Focus on becoming better each day and serving your customers.

When you find your success, be humble and get out there and help others find success as well. No one is gonna remember what car you drove when you’re gone. They’ll judge you by the value you provided while here.

Realistic Goals

I am all for writing my articles on thinking big and grafting as it can take you anywhere you want to be. But guys we need some realism mixed into this also. I did a blog on unrealistic goals from seo clients which you should read. It is all about taking small measured steps to reach your bigger dreams.

if you can dream it you do it

Dream long term about your perfect house and car. But take smaller steps to get there that are achievable. Like in Derrick’s status which is completely true, there are so many fake ads going around about how they have made millions. It is frustrating because then you get the millennials of today thinking they deserve to be earning that. Watch this video on the link which talks about how many folk nowadays just feel they should be successful without actually putting in the graft and hard work.

Setting Up

If you are considering setting up an online marketing company I would say 100% this is a great option for you. There is certainly a shortage of quality SEOs in the world in comparison to the demand for businesses who need this.

But does that mean it is easy – absolutely NOT!!

It is a struggle and you need to work your socks off to build your business.

Reasons Online Marketing is a Quality Trade To Learn

This fatrank blog talks about many aspects of SEO, affiliate and live goals. Here are some articles you should read on why I feel online marketing is a quality trade to learn:

Hopefully you will have a read of these and understand why I think this industry is unreal.

But I need to stress to you exactly like in the status above it is not all plain sailing and it does take a lot of training and hard work to build your company.

Help You Crushing It

So to get you started on scaling and crushing it, here are some other articles to read through when you get chance:

Tips on Mistakes I Have Made Previously

Over the years I have wasted sooooo much money and time. I mean millions and years of training which the teachers were simply regurgitating. Here are some to consider:

  • There are so many courses out there to learn SEO but this is the best seo course in my opinion to date.
  • Strategies will need to change and you need to deal with it instead of moaning about what used to work.
  • You need to enjoy the journey as building your online business should be fun so do not just waste your life working but enjoy the whole journey.
  • Stay clear of pyramid marketing schemes as these generally are scams and you earn money from the weak which I do not like.
  • Treasure your time more. I am firm believer wasted time is worse than wasted money so whatever hourly rate you think you are worth, treble it.
  • When looking to work out your SEO costs and quotes, always allow for much more time than you think it will take.

no challenge no change

If it Sounds too Good to be True it Usually is

If something sounds like an offer you cannot refuse then have a think about whether this is a scam or not first. There is so much noise and bullshit in the internet marketing industry and you need to be hyper-aware of it.

Don’t get caught up in the stories, look below the surface. The most important thing to take away from all of this is don’t compare yourself to others. Don’t stress yourself out trying to chase what others appear to have. They’re not showing you the actual struggle and reality that comes with building a business. They’re not telling you about how many times they failed before they finally made $1.

Conclusion to Making Money Online

Looking to make money online can be easy. But too many nowadays post false earnings.

Too many post incorrect ads to get the clicks like push button rankings and make it sound easier than what it is.

I have written articles saying making money online is easy but this is only if you are willing to put the hard work in initially to learn the trade.

Like any trade you need to learn and develop your skills first before considering making millions because it is an art to rank websites.

I want you to make this year your year. I want you to be successful.

But to do this you need to take massive determined action and be willing to develop everyday.

Hit me up with your success stories or where you are struggling and I will happily help or praise your work. Peace and all the best.

Google Fresh Content Ranking Factor

Google Fresh Content Ranking Factor

Putting it simply the Google fresh content ranking factor basically refers to putting text on your site which is new. It also means regularly updating the text to ensure there is freshness within that page.

Putting fresh content on your site keeps the page up to date and lets Google know that your site is still relevant to the topic. If you don’t add new content your website may be seen as outdated. This can produce a negative effect when trying to rank on Google.

For the very best results, it is important that you think about onpage content and latent semantic indexing. Doing this will help you rank better on the various search engines.

Your Google fresh content ranking factor is an essential key to how your pages are viewed, ranked and received. Put very simply, it’s incredibly easy for your content to get lost in the sea of information out there. Because of this, it has to be constantly updated to stand out from the crowd in order for it to be relevant.

There are many search engines out there but Google is the market leader by some considerable way (think about it, how many times have you said, ‘I’ll Google it’).

Google Freshness Algorithm

There’s so much online activity now that Google actually changed its Freshness algorithm to compensate for it. For example, a website that updated its content five times a month ten years ago might have been considered a ‘Fresh’ site.

The same site might have to refresh its data five times a week now to be on the same level of exposure. Think of it as a Tamagotchi, one of those virtual pets that you have to look after – if you don’t nurture it, it will just fade away and die.

When taking into account adding new text onto your various pages, it is important that you are aware that you are not trying to rank different pages for the same keyword. This is known as content cannibalisation and can be quite bad when trying yo rank your various pages on search engines.

An excellent article on how the Google Freshness algorithm has been a game changer can be found here: https://www.searchenginejournal.com/google-algorithm-history/freshness-update/

Website Updated Regularly Are Rewarded?

Do you realise that websites that receive regular updates are actually given rewards? It sounds kind of obvious once you think about it. Play by the rules and update your pages regularly and your Google fresh content ranking factor will start to climb steadily.

The definition of ‘regularly updating your content’ will differ vastly from one niche to another. If your site deals with live football scores then it might refresh the text every minute or so. However if your niche is a new smartphone then a regular update may only be when a new model or software upgrade is launched.

Google has ways of compensating for this so it’s up to you to keep on top of your content if you want that greater SEO exposure. If you are new to SEO, you might want to read our introduction to search engine optimisation.

If you ask a child to tidy their room with the promise of pocket money as a reward, they’ll do it. It’s the same principal with Google Freshness. Keep your house in order, looking fresh and up to date and you’ll get a reward, only the reward here is more views for your pages.

Content writing

The best thing you can do at the start is to assess your current stature in the Google search rankings. If some aspects of your site are doing better than others then concentrate on the weakest links first.

This isn’t to say you should forget about the better performing pages, far from it. But by targeting the under-performing parts first your site will automatically generate more viewings. This will have the knock on effect of your site as a whole becoming more noticeable. Then you can improve your other content from there.

Remember, more views equals more rewards. This is why we would recommend showing off each of your articles on social media platforms too. Social media marketing success is getting to be more common and by sharing articles and pages you have written. You are able to generate more traffic to your site from people seeing the shared posts.

But how can you improve the content that is holding your site back? What tools are available to ensure that your site is as fresh as it can be so it can start earning those lovely rewards?

Use the following link to be taken to a fantastic short article which explains what aspects of freshness you control and how it affects your overall Google ranking : https://searchenginewatch.com/2016/09/26/guide-to-google-ranking-signals-part-4-content-freshness/

Updating Website Content

Updating your website content is a foolproof way of making it become fresher. Google might rank new articles and additional text to existing pages higher purely because of its publication date. However it needs more than this to keep it in the public conscience.

If you are relying solely on the inception date to make your page more popular then you will find that it becomes irrelevant very quickly. You could change the body of your text to conserve freshness; a drastic overhaul of a page will score highly on search engines whereas small changes may not even register. It’s all about finding the right balance.

Again, different niches have different values attached to them. So something like a newspaper whose article naturally changes very rapidly will have a different Google fresh content ranking factor than a sofa manufacturer whose articles will change dependent on the current styles and current promotions.

The point is to abide by the meaning of ‘fresh’ for your particular niche and Google will notice this accordingly.

Sometimes it is easier to create completely new pages than to try and rehash older ones (i.e, blogs). This not only has the advantage of containing fresh information for your viewers. It also alerts Google to the fact that the site is uploading new content and this will enhance your ranking position.

When thinking about creating new pages, you might want to start to create supporting articles to strengthen your existing pages.

Webpage Freshness Ranking Factor

How recently the page was published will determine your webpage freshness ranking factor. Google loves fresh content and there are a multitude of different ways in which it can rank your website. However you do have to be smart with how you use it. Google monitors three different types of searches when it comes to articles:

  • Regularly occurring events – This is any event that takes place on a regular basis. Examples include the draw for the Champions League or a general election. It is basically something that you would most probably want the most recent information about rather than historical news.
  • Frequent Updates – Searches for information that changes frequently but isn’t a regularly occurring event. An example of this could be the launch of a new games console.
  • Hot Topics & Recent Events – Anything that begins trending on the web and users need information on it straight away. This could be anything from a video that has gone viral like the laughing woman wearing the Chewbacca mask, to a celebrity announcing a divorce. Information on these topics may only a few minutes old and have quality content.

Google then starts looking for increased spikes in relaying this type of information on social media, news outlets and blogs to see what is ‘fresh’. If your article meets the criteria then it will sail up the Google rankings and make your content more visible.

The digital world can be difficult, especially with all these rules you have to abide by. However it’s all about consistency; if you have 300 articles you could use for your web page, don’t just put all 300 hundred at once and expect it to keep you at the top of the Freshness rankings because it won’t.

Yes, you may see a short term impact but you won’t sustain traffic to your page. Consequently your visibility will drop down rapidly. Manage them appropriately, post the most relevant ones first and then filter in the rest over time. This helps keep a continuous flow of traffic coming to your site and your freshness rating high.

Fresh Text To Existing Blog

Adding fresh text to an existing blog will do two things; 1) Keep the content up to date, making it relevant, and 2) it makes you more visible to the Google fresh content ranking factor. By producing new content often and generating a steady stream of traffic to your site, you make it that much more noticeable to Google and it will start to place you as an authority in that particular area.

Have a look at this video to see how you can alter your content to increase traffic to your site:

It works very much as a self sustaining system – the more you post, the more traffic you attract. The system will class users commenting on your posts as updates to your page and Google takes notice. This then continues the whole cycle.

The very nature of a blog is that it should reflect the here and now, the very personification of an easy way to access followers and potential clients on a global scale almost instantly. If your blog has laid dormant for a while with no new updates, not only does it defeat the object of having a blog but it will disappear without a trace with so much competition to go up against.

Sites such as WordPress, Tumblr or Wix have made it easier than ever to publish blog content. So why not take advantage of the technology and use it to grow your blog’s readership? It may be that your existing blog articles just need a tweak to be effective again; a new photograph or an update or rewording of a previous story can work wonders for your Google content ranking factor.

Try hyper linking articles from other prominent sources such as Wikipedia. This can increase your online appearance, also include more LSI words to trigger Google’s interest. You can find out more about the best keyword research techniques on our site. Alternatively, read the following article for a more indepth look into this subject:


Re-Optimizing Content on Old Articles

By re-optimizing content on old articles you can bring them back to life very easily and save yourself a lot of trouble creating new content. Quality articles will always beat old content that is full of padding – people won’t stand for it.

If you can create unique content then you’re off to a winning start already, but keeping your content succinct and to the point will hold their attention and keep them coming back for more.

Bullet points and short paragraphs are a great way of holding an audience. But your page must keep them captivated enough so that they come back for more. Use images, videos and links to other sites to expand your potential audience to aid this. SEO is mainly about content and links. We recommend the best SEO training course if you want to know how to completely revamp your site.

By reinvigorating old content with a splash of new information, you can turn some old articles into today’s hot topic.

Fresh Content SEO

The so called ‘Googlebots’, programs that scan the internet for websites, are constantly on the lookout for new data. The more often you update your articles, the more frequently the Googlebots will notice. If necessary you can find more about the Google bot crawl budget optimisation on our site.

When that happens, your fresh content starts to fulfill its SEO role and your site will get more traffic. Each new update will make the search engines take notice. So if you update it often enough you could even create a new listing on the Google index.

The more traffic you generate to your pages increases your chances of a regular audience. The bigger that audience grows the more Google will recognise it and rank your page higher and higher. You can find the top five reasons why fresh content is so crucial to your SEO here:


Every Page On a Website Must Be Updated Recently To Consider The Website Updated/Maintained?

Look at it this way; if you can’t be bothered to keep your pages updated and relevant why would you expect someone else to interested in visiting it, especially Google? You should update every page on a website regularly to consider the website updated or maintained.

Imagine you have a site with thousands of different articles you could update but only concentrate on a handful. Google is not going to notice you because the site as a whole would be classed as ‘dead’.

The ten ways that Google might determine your content’s freshness are listed in the following article : https://moz.com/blog/google-fresh-factor-new

Insane Google Ranking Boost

They do say that sometimes the simplest ideas are the best. This is no different with the Google fresh content ranking factor. There is no need to over complicate things; just administering a few simple changes will give your pages an insane Google ranking boost. Here are five key things you can do to give your site the best possible chance of receiving a Google ranking boost:

  1. Use keyword phrases – Give your page a title and just stick to that subject. Don’t be tempted to ramble onto something else. Make sure your keyword is highly visible in your content and you place it within the first paragraph if possible.
  2. Keyword Density – Make sure that you repeat your keyword multiple times throughout the article, as the more you mention it the easier it is for Google to pick up on it. Use natural phrasing though, don’t try to cram references in there that don’t sound right.
  3. Name Your Pages – Sounds obvious, but if you have a title that includes the keyword then you’ll be much easier to find.
  4. Links are Important Linking out to authority pages along the same subject matter will give an enormous boost to your Google rankings. By linking in articles from trusted popular websites, Google associates you with them. You might also want to consider silo structure internal linking if you want to improve your website and strengthen all pages.
  5. Make Your Design Accessible – If a site takes too long to load because it has a vast amount of high definition content, people won’t stick around to wait for it. Likewise, you need to arrange it organically so that every action you perform on it seems natural. If users have to start hunting for the content they want then they won’t come back a second time.

Google Freshness Factor

The Google Freshness factor can change at the drop of a hat in today’s worldwide, 24/7, instant access culture. It’s like the must-have toy at Christmas; people fight and claw to get it at all costs. Then just as quickly the phase has gone and the new must-have toy replaces it.

Trying to optimise your SEO in a climate such as this takes stamina and hard work. The fresher your content is, the more likely the Google algorithms will notice it. The job the Googlebot has is deciding how long a period of time is it would consider a subject ‘fresh’.

For example, something like Brexit is an ongoing story. But most people want know the most recent developments of the deal rather than historical data. So, if someone types in ‘Brexit’ in the Google search bar, the chances are they want to know about something that happened this week. Not something that happened on the Leave/Remain campaign trail at the very beginning.

If the latest news that week is Brexit reaching Stage Two of the talks, what the algorithm then has to determine is how long people consider that news hot before some other aspect of the story replaces it.

It does this by measuring the amount of traffic related to that topic. If people are writing lots of stories, tweets, blogs etc. about Stage Two, then the algorithm will pick it up and promote it to the top of the rankings.

Traffic is important on a site. The engagement rank – SEO click through rate traffic algorithm is definitely something you would need to bare in mind. What is the point in writing these fantastic pages, updating them with fresh content and building links if there is no traffic?

It will demote Stage Two once it sees the spike start to decline and something else overtakes it. The algorithm can revive it if Stage Two becomes an important factor of the negotiations again. This is where links to or a remoulding of older pages can become advantageous.

Google designs the algorithm specifically to know what is up to the minute and what is not depending upon the particular field it is ranking. You can read a more thorough explanation of how the Google ranking factor comes into play here:


Move With The Times – DEAL WITH IT

Move With The Times – DEAL WITH IT

I decided to write this post because recently I’ve heard a lot of people moaning. The answer to them all is they are not moving with the times. Simple little examples are:

  • White hat SEO agencies moaning to me they are being outranked by a black hat spammer and how it is illegal what they are doing (which obviously it is not).
  • A few friends completely against cryptocurrency because they do not understand what it is and they cannot deal with change.
  • The best one is a local clothing shop complaining how they have lost money to people buying online, yet she sits there all day waiting in hope someone walks through the door instead of setting up her own online shop.

If You Dont Like Where You Are, MOVE. You Are Not A Tree

I absolutely love this saying “If You Don’t Like Where You Are, MOVE. You Are Not A Tree” because it is so true. Society nowadays love to watch the negative news and generally moan. Instead go out and take action to create your own luck because you are the master of your own destiny. Hard work and graft might not come easy to you but Will Smith sums this up perfectly:

“The only thing that I see that is distinctly different about me is I’m not afraid to die on a treadmill. I will not be out-worked, period. You might have more talent than me, you might be smarter than me, you might be sexier than me, you might be all of those things you got it on me in nine categories. But if we get on the treadmill together, there’s two things: You’re getting off first, or I’m going to die. It’s really that simple, right?

You’re not going to out-work me. It’s such a simple, basic concept. The guy who is willing to hustle the most is going to be the guy that just gets that loose ball. The majority of people who aren’t getting the places they want or aren’t achieving the things that they want in this business is strictly based on hustle. It’s strictly based on being out-worked; it’s strictly based on missing crucial opportunities. I say all the time if you stay ready, you ain’t gotta get ready.”

There has been a huge cultural shift with the internet, social media and mobile devices. Everything from ordering your weekly food shopping to placing a bet online is at your fingertips. As these technological shifts happen many businesses get left in the dust because they’re too comfortable with their current success that they do not move with the times. You cannot afford to be complacent when the technology is moving so god damn fast.

Push Yourself to Lose Daily

Crazy right this heading to push yourself into losing daily?

What I mean by this is people do not realise how far they can push themselves. Push yourself to the limits so you know the boundaries. Get out your comfort zone and push yourself because all failures is steps you take to learn and develop.

Your success is driven by your daily routine. A comfort zone is a nice place to be but nothing ever grows there or is exciting. I train my team and use this quote regularly for them :-

If it does not challenge you then it wont change you!!

So if you want to progress, develop and improve your life, work, relationships and finances then you need to be challenging yourself more. Remove the word lose out of your vocabulary and replace it with learn. So everytime you lose or fail that is great because means you are learning.

If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It

This heading sounds a bit cheesy but it is so true. Lets look at recent history to prove this. Do you remember that small idea called Uber? How people thought this was a terrible idea because who the hell would want to get into a vehicle with a stranger? Well Uber is now the largest car service in the world and the best part about all this is they do not own a single car. The truth around this is in today’s world generally this is how great new innovative ideas pan out:

  1. At first everyone ignores your crazy idea
  2. Then they start to laugh and ridicule your ideas
  3. They attack your idea or fight it
  4. Then they build monuments of you or want to invest into the crazy idea

Another classic example of this is AirBNB. Two skint guys called Joe Gebbia and Brian Chesky were struggling to pay their rent. So they decided to try and rent out three airbeds in their living room as a conference was nearby. Surely no one would want to go online and book a place to stop with strangers. No that could never work haha. Well now from this initial airbed rental night they have developed and grown AirBNB to be with over $30 million. The best part of this again is they do not even own the accommodation but came up with a simple concept. Hopefully you are now getting where I’m coming from guys.

Key Takeaways

Here are some key takeaways I believe everyone should embrace. There is only one person who can improve your attitude and your life and that is you. If you do not like your 9-5 job or you’re bored at home then you are the only person to blame for this. The secret of getting ahead of the game is simply to start, so do not use the excuse you have no time because that is bullshit. Have a read of this article about being too busy because it is a lame excuse used by too many people. Here are my takeaways:

Embrace the Digital Era

I have created a full article about the digital world so go and read up on this in more detail here. But basically as the internet has evolved then we should be doing the same to adapt to this. The retail landscape is changing frequently. Bricks and mortar shops are the dinosaurs of retail nowadays.

ideas and execution

If your store is not online or you are not able deliver to your customers door then are you even open for business. Get yourself found online within Google search or on social media. If you need to learn SEO then start doing this today because like you would try to improve your sales techniques if you are struggling to sell then why not improve your marketing knowledge to get the initial leads in the first place.

Forget White Hat, Grey Hat SEO or Black Hat – Have an ROI Hat

If you start to learn the basics of SEO then you will come across the terms white hat, grey hat and black hat. White Hat Agencies mock Black Hat as being spammers but my opinion on this is that the black hatters generally just know how to manipulate the results in Google better. However me personally I do not consider myself to be any of white, grey or black hat. I like to see myself as wearing an ROI Hat. If something works well in marketing to get my businesses return on investment then I would look into doing this.

Deal With It

This may sound really harsh but again it is about embracing change and dealing with it. If you have never heard of stoicism then I would recommend you reading up on this. People will voluntarily discomfort themselves to prepare for misfortune. Here are some stoicism examples where they try to prepare themselves to be stronger. A great video explaining stoicism is here if you want to understand more on it:

Family members and close friends are going to pass away and are you going to let this affect your life for years or deal with it? Celebrate their life and make them proud of you but live for the moment as your time will be up soon anyway. A great quote on this is “a hurdle will always be presented in front of you so jump it and carry on with the race”.


The latest booming trend is digital currency. The cryptocurrency bandwagon has been slated for years and ridiculed. Is this not another Uber or Airbnb happening before your eyes? Why not look to invest a little bit into it. That way if it does boom you could make a lot of money and you have not just let this opportunity pass you by. Here is a website where you can buy digital currency online should you want to know the best platforms to purchase Bitcoin, Ethereum or whichever crypto coins you decide.

Your Network is Your Net Worth

If you want to move with the times then networking will open so many opportunities for you. The saying your network is your net worth is so true because it gives you more friends to share ideas with or pick up suggestions from. I am all about synergising with others and believe networking to be so important for developing your forward thinking skills. Get yourself to topic related conferences, seminars and meetups for whatever industry you work in. Build your network and make synergy a big part of next year.

Things Constantly Change

You must be willing to adapt in life as things are constantly changing. So instead of dwelling in the past on what has been then anticipate change and be ready for it. Monitor and quickly develop when the goalposts move. The faster you let go to the change the happier you will be. Watch this video and make sure you are the one who is happy to confront change head on and move with the times. Treat it as a new adventure, a new challenge in your life and embrace this. When things constantly change it keeps you on your toes and a gives a fresh feeling.


Don’t hate the player but hate the game. Get yourself in the game and start being innovative. Move with the times instead of wasting time moaning about how others might be hustling better than you. Make a start today to improve who you are as a person. Here are some other articles you can read about my lessons in life and progression to strive to be a better person:

Hope you enjoyed this blog and if I have missed anything off here please comment below. I’m always happy to edit, improve and tweak the articles I write if you feel something is missing. We built this website for my friends and family mainly instead of monetising it so comment away and I will add more details happily.

Conversion Rate Optimization January 2018

Once you have a website generating you traffic and ranking then conversion rate optimization is a must. There is no point having a website generating you plenty of visitors but not converting in the best way possible.

Conversion rate optimization is known in the SEO world as CRO and is the digital approach to framing or reframing to people who are not familiar to conversion optimisation methods.

Reverse Peoples Preference with CRO

Demonstrations and testing shows how you can reverse peoples preferences by guiding them to your preferred end goals. A world famous experiment demonstrated this by doing the following where he asked 600 people to imagine an outbreak of disease expected to kill. He gave the choice:

a) 200 people will definitely be saved

b) 1/3 probably all will be saved, 2/3 probability no one will be saved.

From the 600 people asked then 75% of people chose the choice “a”. He then presented the same choice differently to a second group of people. He gave the choice:

c) 400 people will definitely die

d) 1/3 probability no one will die, 2/3 probability everyone will die.

From the 600 people asked now then 75% chose option “d”. Even though options “a” and “c” are the same and options “b” and “d” are the same.

By ‘reframing’ identical facts he made the choices appear totally different.

Compared to What Syndrone

Is the glass half-empty or half-full?

The answer is always compared to what?

The glass is half-empty if person next to us has a full glass.

The glass is half -full if the person next to us has an empty glass.

We live our lives in a constant state of comparison.

So constant that we do not even notice it.

For this reason we need to concentrate on what is the context we are speaking into?

What is the context we want to create?

Control the context and you control the choice.

Utilise this skill online and you will be a CRO expert as it is all about testing what converts.

Who is the Best CRO Agency Globally?

When looking into CRO for your websites you could try to carry this out yourself. But my opinion on this is stop trying to be a jack of all trades as you will certainly be a master of none. Lets keep this article short and sweet for you guys. Enquire on https://www.croguy.com/ and get Kurt to do all the work for you.

He will set up all the tools like hotjar, ab split testers and run all the data through his tools. The data he receives then will act on this and improve constantly the conversions of the websites.

The CROGUY Introduction

With the CROguy done-for-you service, you give Kurt access to your site and he takes care of the rest.

From setting up and tracking of heat maps, graphic design, user interface improvements and full reporting, Kurts team takes care of the lot.

The CROguy regularly see 30-300% increase in conversions with the done-for-you service and Kurt provides full transparency on testing, reporting and updates, so you know exactly what he is doing to your website and how it is responding to the changes.

He even sends you video updates so you can learn out techniques for yourself to apply on other websites you own. I find this awesome because you get to pick up tactics and techniques yourself that work for this to improve other websites you own from web design stages.

Conversion Rate Optimization Pricing

Before anything else, it’s important to remember the one goal of conversion rate optimization is to reduce your cost per acquisition, or CPA.

You do so by taking a portion of your monthly marketing spend, and using it to pay for CRO products or services geared towards improving your conversion rate. The pricing is too difficult to just put a figure on because matters on the size and work involved to give the costs.

The conversion rate optimization services affect the prices given but enquire with Kurt for your site and I will be intrigued by how much he makes you long term.

Conversion Rate Optimisation Statistics

Conversion Rate Statistics needs to be taken from A/B testing is the most popular form of CRO, with 56% of marketers using this method. You need to solely use facts and data for your statistics.

Hotjar mixed with AB split testing to gather this is the best solution. But you need to be running this constantly and always tweaking, improving and developing the statistics to see best results.

What is a conversion in marketing?

A marketing tactic that encourages a customer to take a specific action. In electronic commerce, conversion marketing is the phrase used to often describe the act of converting a customer who browses your site to a paying customer.

What does conversion mean in sales?

The term “Conversion rate” is described as: “The percentage of unique visitors who take a desired action upon visiting the website”.

So this means the amount of visitors that came to your site and completed one of your website’s goals.

How do you calculate the conversion rate?

Conversion rates are calculated by simply taking the number of conversions and dividing that by the number of total ad clicks that can be tracked to a conversion during the same time period.

For example, if you had 50 conversions from 500 clicks, your conversion rate would be 10%, since 50 ÷ 500 = 10%.

What is the conversion strategy?

Conversion Marketing. Explore the Strategy of Conversion Marketing. You’ve set up your online business, and your website is experiencing increased traffic.

People are finding your website easily enough, but not sticking around long enough to purchase anything. It’s like you have a sales floor full of window shoppers.

What is CTR?

Click-through rate (CTR) is the ratio of users who click on a specific link to the number of total users who view a page, email, or advertisement.

It is commonly used to measure the success of an online advertising campaign for a particular website as well as the effectiveness of email campaigns.

How do I increase CTR in January 2018?

There is many ways to increate CTR. Click-Through Rate (CTR) is a measure of the percentage of clicks advertisers receive out of total ad impressions.

“Impressions” refers to the number of times your ad is viewed. If you want to improve your CTR then this is where i strongly recommend getting Kurt in as a specialist to improve the conversions on your site.