SEO Testing Review is a tool built by Nick Swan in the UK.

SEO Testing helps you easily track the changes you make to pages, to see if they have an effect on Google rankings and clicks.

The SEOTesting tool is designed to automate a lot of the SEO jobs with Google Search Console data.

What is SEO Testing?

SEO Testing is a product built on the back of those manually put together spreadsheets.

“No doubt we have all spent countless hours staring at the numbers in Google Search Console and Analytics – creating our own spreadsheets to track things and work out what changes to make to our sites” Nick Swan

Instead of doing all the number crunching and graph drawing manually – SEO Testing will do it automatically for you.

Saving you time and giving you great insights on how to make your website better and get more organic search traffic from Google.




Check out where SEO Testing uses Serpstat to find CTR SEO opportunities –






Nick Swan consistently seems to be improving the tool and is very active in SEO communities.

You can find Nick on Twitter and LinkedIn, or drop him an email on


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