SEO Clients Unrealistic Goals

SEO as a profession is the best job in the world.

But why can ‘SEO for Clients’ be a completely different subject matter?

Make sure you watch our hilarious video on why we feel client SEO is not right for us:

Let me explain how Client SEO can be hard work because of the unrealistic goals set by clients.

Can I Do SEO for your Company?

Absolutely, definitely NOT!!

Why you might ask?

Here are the reasons not to carry out SEO for clients websites:

  • When you take on a client you end up mentoring them and being their consultant
  • Clients think they know best after reading a 2010 moz article which now makes them the expert
  • SEO allows you to work anywhere in the world – but clients restrict these wanting monthly meetings
  • SEO allows you to work whatever hours you prefer – but clients prevent this giving times for conference calls
  • It is one of the only professions you feel the need to spend hours explaining the work you are doing instead of physically doing it
  • Creativity and testing is important – but clients want instant results don’t give the time needed
  • You find yourself explaining everything you are doing probably because they have been stung before by previous bad companies

This might sound harsh but generally, the so-called guru’s who carry out client SEO work usually are crap.

Fingers Burnt Outsourcing SEO

Here are the reasons outsourcing SEO might be failing for you:

  • Why would a good SEO work for you on a wage and not on their own websites
  • The best SEOs will rank their own affiliate sites or lead generation websites
  • SEOs start out in client SEO to learn the trade wasting clients budgets
  • No legislation or regulations yet so any non-qualified marketer can brand themself a guru or specialist

There is an ongoing joke in digital communities that the failed affiliate marketers either carry out client SEO or sell the 7 figure dream SEO course.

“Those who can does; those who cannot, teaches”

The industry needs a cleanup and clients need to stop wasting money after being sold the dream, forcing them to invest and waste a lot of money.

You Need To Understand What You Are Ordering

Many SEO Clients have Unrealistic Goals in thinking you can get websites position one in the google search results within weeks.

Although this can be achieved in easier long-tail key phrases if you do keyword research properly then the more competitive niches cannot be done so quickly.

Please do not be that annoying client in the future and be one of those SEO Clients with Unrealistic Goals

If you are new to hiring SEO agencies, I would suggest reading the intro to SEO article. This explains the basics to search engine optimisation showing basic information with regards to on-page content techniques to explaining how link building helps the authority of the sites.

Can you get me #1 on Google?

One of the first questions from company owners is “Can you get me #1 in Google?”.

This is obviously everyone’s goals but be mindful it cannot be rushed.

Building too many links in a very fast time can actually harm your website and link velocity needs to be a gradual growth.

Combat Spam

Google needs to combat spam and websites trying to manipulate the search engine results.

So blasting 5000 backlinks in a short space of time is just going to highlight to google an unusual spike which will just end up a negative result to ranking positions.

Have a watch of this funny piss-take video of a client with unrealistic goals:-

Anyone with an understanding of SEO will know this client in the video is clueless and wants something which you cannot achieve.

A fast way to guarantee clicks to your website is PPC which stands for pay per click.

This is a bidding war to advertise your website at the top as a google ad. The highest paying consumer basically gets the top advertisement.

Food For Thought

However, my personal thoughts are that it becomes very expensive. It is essentially just renting a space with no long term gains.

The minute you stop paying for the clicks your site is then nowhere to be seen.

SEO is a Long Term Game

If you are looking into hiring an agency, you need the mindset that SEO is a Long Term Game.

A good SEO company will want to build your brand, the trust of your website and give audits to fix your on-page issues like content and site loading speeds.

All these contribute to the algorithm to get you higher in the SERPs.

Organic Ranking

Long term if you hire a good search engine optimisation agency then you will rank organically.

You should also be able to rank/bank for many years.

Naturally, if your site is ranking higher in Google then you will get more clicks. This should lead to more enquiries and the more leads you generate, the more orders you should get.

seo is a marathon

Choosing the Right SEO Company

You will realise I keep saying a good SEO company will help you.

Choosing the right SEO company is vital!!

This industry is absolutely rife with cowboys claiming to be gurus and specialists. Most of these people have less than one year’s experience.

I mean ask yourself this question… Who is a guru in any niche with less than one year’s experience?

Outsourcing and Cost

When hiring these people to outsource your work for better rankings, do not just look at costs.

Don’t think ‘I’ll use a company who is £200 per month because Company B is £500 per month’.

There could be real fundamental issues as to why one is so much cheaper than the other.

Do Your Homework

Working out of a bedroom with little experience will lead to cheaper prices but these agencies really could cause your website more harm than good. 

Trust me I learnt the hard way several times and I was the fool who compared prices and went with the cheaper quotes on a dozen occasions.

Spending over 6k a year and the website being in a worse position than when I started was not a nice feeling.

Effective Frequency Marketing

If you want to know how to choose the right SEO company then they really need to understand the future which is effective frequency marketing.

Ranking in web searches for the content on your website is a must!

But ranking images in Google search, videos in YouTube and ensuring people find you on social media is key too.

Building trust and brand awareness help conversion so much more!

How Do You Know it’s the Best Agency?

Now you are expecting me to answer this question “How do you know its the Best Agency?”

The honest answer is it way too difficult to analyse but I will do my best!!

More Than One Way To Skin a Cat

There are many ways to skin a cat and that applies to techniques in SEO.

This makes it awfully frustrating for corporate businesses and commercial companies. You could actually be paying 5k per month to someone who is literally doing an hour’s work.

You really need to understand what our outsourcing search engine optimisation company is doing for their money.

There is no better way than learning digital marketing. That way you know exactly what you get for your money. Sign up here to the best SEO course online.

page 2 of google serps

Case Studies The Way Forward?

Years ago I thought asking for previous case studies would be a great option.

Surely if they show you other companies they have helped and improved rankings on then you’ll feel more at ease?

I did this and was given dozens of case studies and examples. So I thought yes I have finally found the best one to meet my needs.

But how wrong could I be on nearly a dozen occasions?

What I realise is for every few case studies they show positive results on there will probably be many more where they have failed and driven negative results. But they will never show you any of these obviously.

Stay Vigilant

Sorry for the negativity on this but I am trying to highlight to you that you really need your wits about you.

You need to understand some SEO before outsourcing this because otherwise, I feel you will simply get robbed blind.

I have learnt the hard way and from this built my own team in Cheshire, UK to do a lot of work. We now outsource to well over a hundred virtual assistants we have trained up.

Why I Stick To Affiliate Marketing

Here is an example article of why I tend to stick with affiliate SEO as opposed to client SEO.

Carrying out regular meetings, having long chats on the phone to explain the links you have built and creating reports you will want all takes time and my time is COSTLY.

You honestly get clients thinking they understand best SEO practices and ask too many questions.

If a bricklayer was asked to explain after every single brick he installed why, how, where and what he was doing it would become a tedious task. And this is how I feel client SEO work is.

Lead Generation Affiliate Model

I generally am only doing affiliate marketing as opposed to SEO services to businesses in the UK and the only service I provide is looking into supplying a no risk supply of enquiries.

This method eliminates clients ringing to mither me with regards to what I am doing.

There is no need to ask questions on the rankings and details of why I have built websites in a certain way. This deal is not open to everyone and is generally only set up to people I like or a niche I am interested in doing.

Popular Questions

How do you explain SEO to a client?

The best ways to explain SEO to a client is:

  • Set Expectations
  • Regularly Communicate Results
  • Explain at Basic Level the Process
  • Send Reports of Work Completed
  • Keep Client Informed on ROI

What does an SEO person do?

An SEO person improves website rankings on major search engines, such as Google.

The SEO person ensures on-page optimization to produce relevant search results and a positive user experience, growing site traffic, lead volume and brand awareness.

Check out an SEO business opportunity with how to start an SEO business in-house.

4 Reasons Not to Do Client SEO?

Here are four reasons why you should not do client SEO:

  • Clients do not have patience for SEO
  • Affiliate Marketing is more passive income
  • Lead Generation you own the real estate
  • Having a client is being employed


In your spare time look into SEO and learn yourself the basics.

Network with others in the industry and ask for referrals because then you will understand what you are paying for.

You don’t just go buying a car without checking the specification and researching.

So why do you expect to just buy SEO without looking into this in detail?

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