Best Indexers for Third Party Websites

Backlinks are a waste of time and money if they’re not indexed or seen by search engines.

Getting backlinks helps boost your website and improve your search rankings. But Google often overlooks a number of sites with their small crawl budgets.

That’s why third-party indexing tools are popular; you can use some of the best indexing tools to ensure that your site’s links are being seen.

Read on for details on the best indexing tools for third-party websites in 2024 and what you should be looking for.

Why Third-Party Indexing is Important

Third-party indexing is crucial for maximising the SEO potential of backlinks from external websites. These backlinks act as endorsements, signalling to search engines that your content is valuable and trustworthy.

But Google missed a number of backlinks. When these pages are not crawled, your backlinks are useless.

Typically, you’d be unable to have any involvement in getting another website crawled, but thanks to indexing tools, you can prompt search engines to crawl third-party sites.

However, without proper indexing, these backlinks might not be recognised by search engines, rendering them ineffective.

The primary challenge with third-party backlinks is the lack of direct control over their indexing. You cannot directly prompt search engines to crawl and index these links as you would with your own site’s content. This gap can lead to potential visibility losses, especially if these backlinks are from high-quality sites and could significantly bolster your SEO efforts.

Indexing tools bridge this gap effectively. They ensure that search engines are alerted to these third-party backlinks, speeding up the indexing process. This quick action transforms backlinks into active ranking factors, directly influencing your website’s search engine ranking. By using indexing tools, you ensure no valuable backlink goes unnoticed, thus maximising your SEO strategy’s reach and efficacy.

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Why Use Indexing Tools for Third Party Sites

Indexing tools for third-party sites are designed to address the challenge of ensuring that valuable backlinks are recognised and indexed by search engines. These tools play a pivotal role in the SEO ecosystem by actively facilitating the visibility of your external backlinks.

Direct Notification to Search Engines

One of the primary functions of third-party indexing tools is to directly notify search engines about the existence of new backlinks. This proactive approach ensures that search engines are aware of these links without waiting for their natural discovery, which can be uncertain and slow.

Enhanced SEO Impact

By ensuring that third-party backlinks are indexed, these tools amplify the SEO benefits of your backlinking strategy. Indexed links are considered by search engines in their ranking algorithms, thereby improving your site’s authority and search visibility. This is particularly important for links from high-domain-authority sites, as they pass more ‘link juice’.

Overcome Indexing Challenges

External backlinks, especially those from lesser-known or newly established sites, may not be prioritised by search engines for crawling and indexing. Indexing tools mitigate this risk by systematically submitting these links for indexing, ensuring they contribute to your SEO efforts.

Speed and Efficiency

Indexing tools significantly reduce the time it takes for backlinks to be recognised by search engines. What might naturally take weeks or even months can be reduced to days or even hours, providing a swift boost to your SEO strategy.

Tracking and Reporting

Many third-party indexing tools provide detailed analytics and reporting features. These allow users to track the status of submitted backlinks and evaluate the effectiveness of their indexing efforts. Such insights are invaluable for adjusting strategies and proving the ROI of SEO investments.

In summary, third-party indexing tools are crucial for anyone looking to maximise the impact of their external backlinks. They ensure that every backlink counts towards improving your website’s search engine ranking, making them indispensable tools in the arsenal of marketers, bloggers, and SEO professionals.

Best Indexers for Third Party Websites

Take a look at the top-rated indexing tools for third party websites:

1. Indexceptional

Indexceptional is the number one voted indexer for third-party websites, allowing you to effortlessly get your backlinks seen.

Indexceptional is renowned for its lightning-fast indexing speeds and high indexation rates, ideal for rapidly getting third-party backlinks recognised by search engines.

It ensures backlinks from external sites are indexed effectively, enhancing the SEO impact of your external link profile.

The reason many SEO professionals flock towards Indexceptional is is due to their speed of indexing, over 80% success rate and their 100% money-back guarantee.

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2. GIGA Indexer

GigaIndexer makes it to second in our third-party indexer list.

The biggest benefit of Giga Indexer is the speed of indexing, which takes less than three days. It also offers great value with flexible plans and success rates over 80%.

GIGA Indexer offers a user-friendly interface and powerful indexing capabilities, making it suitable for managing diverse backlink types from third-party sites. Its advanced algorithms prioritize effective crawling, ensuring comprehensive coverage and fast indexing of your backlinks.

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3. IndexMeNow

IndexMeNow is especially effective for quick visibility improvements, making it ideal for bloggers and website owners who utilise third-party backlinks extensively.

It supports large-scale indexing tasks effortlessly and provides detailed indexing reports to monitor the status of each submitted backlink.

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4. OmegaIndexer

OmegaIndexer makes it to number four on our list of the best third-party backlink indexers.

OmegaIndexer provides advanced features for managing and tracking backlinks from different web platforms, efficiently indexing third-party backlinks to ensure they contribute to your site’s SEO strength.

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5. Linkdexing

Linkdexing offers a customised approach to indexing with a high success rate, making it suitable for indexing third-party backlinks that require specific handling to ensure they are recognised by search engines effectively.

Linkdexing have customisable packages and an easy-to-use interface for all users – easily add in the website’s URL and let them handle the rest.

It doesn’t match the speed and success rates of our top options but it is certainly a top contender.

Find out more about Linkdexing with our comprehensive guide.

6. AddToIndex

AddToIndex prioritises speed and efficiency, rapidly adding third-party backlinks to search engine indexes, which is essential for websites that frequently update their content and require quick SEO improvements.

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7. Links Indexer

Links Indexer uses cutting-edge technology to manage and optimise backlinks, ensuring that third-party backlinks are efficiently indexed and contribute positively to your website’s SEO performance.

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8. Instant Link Indexer

Instant Link Indexer is known for its rapid indexing capabilities, quickly integrating new backlinks from third-party sites into search engine results, thus boosting the visibility and authority of your website.

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9. IndexInject

IndexInject offers a versatile range of features for optimising backlinks, with advanced monitoring capabilities that allow real-time tracking of backlink indexation, making it ideal for managing third-party links.

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10. Speed Links

Speed Links is recognised for its fast indexing services and innovative approach to managing backlink portfolios, particularly for third-party backlinks that need to be indexed quickly to improve search rankings.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a third party website?

When we refer to a third-party website, we’re talking about a website that’s not your own. This could be where a backlink to your website is located, but the only way to get it indexed would be from indexer tools.

What is a third party indexer?

A third party indexer is an indexing tool that can be used to index and prompt Google into crawling third party websites that are not owned by you.

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