Page Optimizer Pro

When it comes to optimising a page to rank higher in Google search results you need to be looking at using SEO Content Optimisation Tools in July 2024.

Page Optimizer Pro has been recently voted the best on-page optimisation tool to strategically place entities and words on a web page to improve content scores.

In our Page Optimizer Pro guide, we run through everything about the search engine optimisation Saas tool.

What is PageOptimizer Pro?

PageOptimizer Pro is an on-page search engine optimisation tool that helps content writers produce perfectly optimized pages for Google.

PageOptimizer Pro uses a US-patented ranking factor scoring system to tell you the most important things to optimize on your page for more traffic and better rankings.

Web marketers have the ability to rank content in Google with ease by effectively following POP (Page Optimizer Pro) suggestions.

It is important to understand that POP does edge analysis for you to win in the SERPs.

POP does not create averages, as this gives average results.

Check out the Kyle Roof video on What POP Is and How It Works.

PageOptimizer Pro Watchdog

POP Watchdog is one of my favourite features of the Page Optimizer Pro content optimisation tool.

After completing your on-page optimization and publishing your article you should be looking to continuously improve your content with progressive optimisation methods in July 2024.

POP Watchdog monitors for SERP changes weekly, monthly, or quarterly depending on your plan and settings.

Check out the video of Kyle Roof explaining the POP Watchdog monitoring feature.

POP Watchdog alerts you with the exact recommendations to improve your web page as it catches changes in your competitors.

EAT Analysis

The EAT Analysis feature in PageOptimizer.Pro allows you to optimize and improve Expertise, Authority and Trust (E-A-T) Factors on your website.

The E-A-T Analysis feature protects your website from future Google Quality Updates.

As RaterHub is more active in July 2024 with quality raters the EAT Analysis feature in POP is a must-optimisation strategy for your domain’s overall quality.

The Google Quality raters are third-party contractors who assist Google in analysing your E-A-T- metrics which stands for expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness.

The E-A-T Analysis feature is only available for POP Agency Plan users only. Check out the guide on How To Use E-A-T in PageOptimizer Pro.

PageOptimizer Pro Reports

Kyle Roof walks you through a POP report to make sure you understand the valuable information POP shows you.

The reports highlight words to add on the web page and perform simple math to see what you can do to outperform your competition.

Who Created PageOptimizer Pro?

The founder of POP (PageOptimizer Pro) is an SEO specialist called Kyle Roof, who is debatably the top-rated SEO page optimizer.

POP is based on Kyle Roof’s Scientific On-Page SEO Method and backed by over 400 search engine optimisation tests on the Google Algorithm.

Kyle Roof is famously known to prove Google doesn’t really “understand” content – it’s just a math formula that looks at certain inputs.

Kyle’s SEO tests shocked the SEO community when he ranked a page written purely in lorem ipsum content and just changed keywords in certain parts of the page that Kyle thought Google’s algorithm treats as a ranking factor.

PageOptimizer Pro Chrome Extension

With the new PageOptimizer Pro Chrome Extension, you can now get your POP recommendations directly in your preferred editor including Google Docs.

You no longer need to give content writers access to your POP Account.

All you need to do is give them a unique ‘Secret Key’ and they can get to work.

You can install the POP extension by clicking here to download the latest Chrome Extension.

Here is a video guide on How to Use PageOptimizer Pro Chrome Extension.

Check out the full guide to the POP chrome extension features.


The pricing for POP is very competitive compared to its competition.

Here are the costs and packages:

  • $22 per month – Basic Package for single user account
  • $33 per month – Premium Package for single user account
  • $44 per month – Unlimited Package for single user account

PageOptimizer Pro Pricing Packages

You can get started with a 7 day free trial to test the on-page optimization tool.


If you are not happy with the PageOptimizer.Pro features, here are page optimizer pro alternatives:

The list of POP competitors provides optimisation suggestions to improve the search engine optimization value of how Google algorithms score content quality.

Final Thoughts

Many search engine optimisation specialists ask me the following questions:

  • Is POP better than surfer SEO?
  • Is POP better than market muse?
  • Is POP better than
  • Does POP actually help your SEO?

The truth is POP is a must-have tool if you are looking to create perfectly optimised content on your websites.

Is it difficult to argue which content optimisation tools are best because they all use different algorithms to extract suggestions?

Here are some examples of what my SEO team say about the various tools:

  • OMG Kyle Roof is a genius and POP pulls in exactly how many iframes, headings and images to add to the page
  • We prefer the dashboard the user interface on Surfer SEO, but the information is better from POP
  • The EAT analysis is unreal to provide pointers on how to improve your trust in Google
  • POP is faster than marketmuse, but love using both tools for optimisation strategies

For the costs involved if you are serious about improving content, I strongly suggest subscribing to all the tools and looking to extract snippets of information from each.

I highly recommend POP because Kyle Roof understands edge analysis at what makes your content rank and what the Google algorithms are looking for specifically.