“The Magic of Thinking Big” by David J. Schwartz – Book Summary


Key Takeaways:

  • Belief is essential for success: What we believe can affect our ability to achieve our goals. By adopting a perspective consistent with our strategy and focusing on success, we can develop the power of belief and improve our chances of success.
  • Excusitis can hold us back: Making excuses can be a destructive habit that prevents us from thinking big and achieving our goals. Instead, we should focus on taking action, not selling ourselves short, and surrounding ourselves with positive influences.
  • Master the power of thinking: Developing self-belief and thinking big can help us overcome obstacles and achieve greater results. By applying the principles of success presented in the book, we can improve our lives and achieve our goals.

Believe You Can Succeed and You Will

Believing is the precursor to achieving. In this section, we’ll explore the power of beliefs in shaping our realities and how it can lead to success or failure. We’ll discuss the importance of adopting a perspective that aligns with our goals, how the mind provides instructions on how to achieve them, and the detrimental role of disbelief.

By focusing on success and raising our standards, we can develop the power of belief and unlock our potential.

The importance of beliefs in drawing what we expect

Beliefs are imperative for our expectations and results. Our mindset acts as a self-fulfilling prophecy, either facilitating or limiting us from attaining success. David J. Schwartz’s book, “The Magic of Thinking Big,” emphasizes the need to have positive beliefs to achieve our goals and strategies.

A great strategy and outlook have a major effect on success. If we believe we can do it, our subconscious will give us instructions to perform better, leading to good results. But if we have negative beliefs, it can be a harmful power that causes failure.

We must cultivate the power of belief for higher standards of success and to visualize what we desire. Concentrate on our potential to overcome restricted beliefs and enhance our confidence.

Those aiming to better use the power of belief should include visualization practices and be with positive influences, like encouraging friends and inspiring books.

Ultimately, beliefs are indispensable in bringing what we anticipate. We must understand how our mindset shapes our results and adopt a positive outlook that fits our goals and dreams.

Adopting a perspective consistent with our strategy

Believing in our path is key if we want to succeed. It’s because our beliefs have a major effect on our expectations, behaviors, and results. We can sync our ideas, attitudes, and activities towards one direction by taking a viewpoint that matches our strategy. This focused way helps us stay motivated and strong against any problems we may experience on our journey.

To take a point of view related to our strategy, we need a precise view of what we wish to accomplish. That’s where the SMART idea helps. We must set up particular, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound objectives. In addition, we can divide these goals into smaller, doable tasks. Doing this guarantees that everything we do is in line with our strategy.

Besides making goals and working towards them, it’s essential to believe in ourselves. The more we trust in ourselves and our capabilities, the more self-assured and persistent we become when facing difficulties. Of course, increasing our standards continuously to challenge ourselves further can also help develop self-belief.

A tip for success and taking a viewpoint that goes with our strategy is to be around positive influences. We can look up to mentors or colleagues who motivate us and share our vision for victory. Their aid can help us stay responsible while giving us necessary feedback along the way.

In conclusion, belief is the fuel that sparks our minds’ capability to provide exact instructions on how to be successful. So, taking a viewpoint consistent with our strategy is essential to make sure that everything we do is in line with our goals and dreams.

The mind providing instructions on how to do things when we believe

Believing in yourself and your abilities can be powerful! It can lead your mind to find ways to make something happen. Here’s a guide to make the most of this power:

  1. Set clear goals that match your beliefs and values.
  2. Visualize achieving them, using all your senses to create a vivid mental image.
  3. Avoid self-doubt or negative talk that can stop you from believing in yourself.
  4. Remind yourself of past successes and strengths that’ll help you achieve your goal.
  5. Take consistent action, use the positive momentum from each success to fuel further progress.

Disbelief has an equally powerful effect. When you focus on doubts, you limit your potential for success. To perform optimally, you need to develop belief through positive thinking and action.

Believing in yourself opens up opportunities. It can be one of the most critical factors for success. By having faith in yourself and your abilities, you can overcome obstacles and reach your goal.

Disbelief as a negative power leading to failure

Belief is a strong power that can affect our lives and decide our success. On the other hand, disbelief can be a bad force and cause us to fail. David J. Schwartz wrote in his book “The Magic of Thinking Big” that what we believe impacts our expectations and how we tackle things. If we have negative beliefs or even just doubts, it can stop us from taking action.

To get a powerful belief, we have to stay focused on our plan and keep positive beliefs in our minds. Visualizing winning and raising our standards can help us to get over troubles by taking action. Belief is like a muscle, it gets better with focus and practicing success.

Fear and being a perfectionist give us an excuse habit. This prevents us from growing by stopping us from taking risks. We need to remind ourselves about the potential in us to break these mental blocks. Making positive relationships and surrounding ourselves with people who want us to be successful can help us reach our goals. In conclusion, we must grow the power of belief to lead a successful life.

Developing the power of belief by focusing on success and raising our standards

Believing in yourself and setting high standards are key to success. Cultivate self-belief by focusing on success and pushing your standards. The Magic of Thinking Big explains that our beliefs affect what we achieve. So align your perspective with your goal – and believe you can do it.

Focus on success and raise your expectations. Open your mind to possibilities and solutions. Use positive thinking to cultivate a positive mindset. Remind yourself of your potential and apply the principles from the text.

Building strong relationships is an added bonus. Surround yourself with inspiring people who encourage taking risks. Cure yourself of fear of failure or perfectionism that stop your progress. Focus on success and building relationships – for personal growth.

Believing in yourself and having high standards are essential for success. Focus on success, raise your standards, build relationships and have a positive mindset. Don’t let excuses stop you – take action and stay positive.

Cure Yourself of Excusitis, the Failure Disease

Excusitis, a disease that plagues the minds of those who aim for success. This section explores how the habit of making excuses is detrimental to thinking big. It will highlight the reasons for making excuses such as fear of failure and perfectionism and delve into tactics to overcome these fears. Additionally, we will discuss how building relationships is a key factor for success and not selling oneself short by seeking out positive influences.

The habit of making excuses and its negative impact on thinking big

The habit of making excuses can stop you from reaching your full potential. It can lead to reduced self-confidence and a failure mindset. Reasons for excusitis include fear of failure and striving for perfection.

To combat this, take action and don’t undersell yourself. Find supportive people, and focus on your abilities and past successes. This will help boost confidence.

To succeed, it’s important to steer away from excuses and adopt approaches that promote a sustainable strategy. By focusing on principles that enhance the mind, we can increase self-esteem, build relationships, and boost productivity while keeping excuses at bay.

Don’t let fear of failure or chasing perfection hold you back. Overcome excusitis and take steps towards reaching your goals.

Reasons for making excuses such as fear of failure and perfectionism

Fear of failure and perfectionism are two major reasons why people often make excuses. David J. Schwartz explains in his book “The Magic of Thinking Big” how these can have a damaging effect on someone’s ability to achieve their ambitions.

People fear the outcomes of failure. This might be disappointment from others, or losing opportunities in the future. So, they use excuses as a kind of shield. Similarly, those with a perfectionist streak use excuses to avoid taking action when they can’t reach their standards. Not believing in oneself can also lead to making excuses instead of taking action.

These excuses are based on limiting beliefs, which should not be allowed to hold people back from reaching their potential. One must push through the fear of failure and perfectionism by taking steps towards their goal, and surrounding themselves with positive influences. This will build their self-belief and confidence.

Pro Tip: It is essential to remind oneself of their potential, capabilities, and past successes. This creates a positive mindset needed for success.

Overcoming fear and taking action to achieve success

Fear is often a stop sign on the road to success. It can be so overwhelming that it prevents us from achieving our potential. Fear of failure, judgment, or even succeeding can cause many to sabotage their efforts.

To conquer fear and progress towards success, we need to take proactive measures. Here are five steps to help you face your fears and take action towards your goals:

Step Description
Step 1 Recognize Your Fear – To conquer fear, first identify it. Take time to list what you’re scared of and why.
Step 2 Dispute Negative Thoughts – Now that you know your fear, challenge any limiting beliefs and negative thoughts associated with it. Replace these negative thoughts with positive ones and cultivate a growth mindset that embraces challenges.
Step 3 Act Upon Your Goals – The best way to conquer fear is to take action despite it. Break down your goals into smaller, manageable steps and take action each day. This gradual approach will help you make progress towards your goals.
Step 4 Commemorate Small Victories – Overcoming fear takes time, so celebrate each small victory. Acknowledging these successes can help build up your confidence and motivate you to continue striving for your goals.
Step 5 Surround Yourself with Positive Influences – Find people who can inspire you and encourage your aspirations. This network will give you the support you need and push you forward even during challenging times. With positive influences, you can create an encouraging environment that will help you reach success.

At the end of the day, success is about facing fear and taking action towards our dreams. By following the five steps above, we can defeat fear and work towards living the life we want. Courage is not the lack of fear, but the action we take despite it. So, take small steps every day and watch as fear starts to lose its grip.

Not selling oneself short and surrounding oneself with positive influences

Believing in yourself is the key for success. It’s important to have self-belief that matches your goals and set you up for success. Plus, staying around positive influences helps. When you’re around people who support and encourage you, it gives you energy and motivation.

Beating excusitis and the habit of making excuses is essential for achieving big results. Fear of failure, overthinking and perfectionism can hold you back from your best. To overcome these, it’s necessary to act, not just think about it.

Making bigger goals and believing in yourself will help. It gives your mind instructions on how to do things better. Along with The Magic of Thinking Big, focus on positivity and avoid negative influences. Building relationships with supportive people can help you feel good and reach your goals.

Believing in yourself may not always be easy. To boost morale, remind yourself of your accomplishments. A takeaway: raise your standards through positive thinking. In conversations, use successful people’s names. Display motivating quotes in your workspace and realistic images of an ideal future.

Building relationships as a key factor for success

Creating relationships is key to success, as suggested in David J. Schwartz’s “The Magic of Thinking Big.” The book emphasizes the value of establishing positive environments and being with people with similar convictions and goals. Having a network of contacts who share the same values and objectives can give direction and guidance, resulting in better decision-making.

Furthermore, forming ties with individuals or companies can bring chances for exchanging ideas, knowledge, and resources. The focus is on constructing strong bonds that lead to collaboration for common goals. By joining forces with others, people can gain access to new perspectives, encouraging creative thinking and enlarging their outlook.

In our fast-moving and competitive world, building relationships is more important than ever. Thus, it is essential for individuals to invest time in creating genuine connections with others by participating in events or seminars related to their industry or area of interest. Growing one’s network is one way of obtaining precious information from other experts while also discovering new possibilities.

To sum up, developing relationships through networking should be a major part of achieving success in both personal and professional life. Heeding the ideas and advice in the book can lead to a brighter future full of positivity, growth, and accomplishment.

Practical Ideas, Techniques, and Principles for Mastering the Power of Thinking

With practical techniques, principles, and ideas for mastering the power of thinking, this section provides insights into how the right mindset and approach can help us achieve more in life. The sub-sections cover the importance of self-belief and confidence, the role of belief in inspiring action, and the power of positive thinking. Throughout “The Magic of Thinking Big” by David J. Schwartz, the author presents a roadmap for success, providing tools for developing the right mindset and applying the principles in everyday life.

The importance of self-belief and confidence in success

Belief and confidence are major players in success. David J. Schwartz’s book, ‘The Magic of Thinking Big,’ emphasises the power of believing in yourself. It shows that having a positive outlook and focusing on goals is essential. In contrast, disbelief is a negative force that leads to failure.

The book’s message is that thinking bigger allows us to see challenges as chances. Self-belief and confidence provide a strong base to take action and reach our highest potential. Staying positive helps to fight self-doubt and even when faced with difficulties.

Creating strong relationships is equally important. Self-belief should be prioritised and we should keep in mind our capabilities and successful principles. Facing fear of failure or perfectionism is also necessary for success.

Studies show how self-belief affects performance and success in various domains like sports and academics. (Reference: Hays & Brown) Ultimately, self-confidence is a powerful predictor of future success. Building self-belief and confidence is a must to reach our goals and make a difference.

Thinking big as a key to solving problems and achieving greater results

Believing in ourselves is key to unlocking great results. David J. Schwartz’s book, The Magic of Thinking Big, explains the power of self-belief. It stresses that when we trust in our abilities, our minds will guide us to success.

But having a lack of belief can cause failure. To get around this “excusitis,” the book recommends taking positive action instead of making excuses.

This includes speaking positively to ourselves and surrounding ourselves with supportive influences. Believing unlocks potential, allowing us to achieve things we thought were impossible.

Thinking big means taking a proactive approach to life. We must believe in ourselves and continually strive to improve. With The Magic of Thinking Big, anyone can have a strong mental strategy that helps them live an extraordinary life.

The role of belief in inspiring action and opening the mind to new possibilities

Belief is important. It gets us thinking and unlocks new ideas. When we believe we can do something, our mind tells us how to do it. Beliefs influence our thoughts, feelings, and actions. Having a positive outlook in line with our plan strengthens our beliefs and leads to better results.

Believing in ourselves helps us think big, solve problems quickly, increases our confidence and motivation, and helps us do more. Believing in ourselves is the first step to achieving big goals.

Fear and wanting to be perfect can lead to Excusitis- the Failure Disease. This means making excuses. To reach our goals, we need to overcome fear, have high standards, and take action. Knowing our strengths and perspectives helps us grow and build relationships.

Using ideas and techniques to enhance thinking helps us believe and take action. Reminding ourselves of our potential helps us stay positive. We should use positive self-talk and get rid of fear-filled phrases from our conversations.

To succeed, we should focus on changing our view of reality into useful ways. We should look at the opportunities we are capable of and persevere through obstacles without giving up. Staying optimistic helps us develop grit and relationships with others. This strengthens partnerships and leads to growth. Leadership can help business and personal growth.

Developing the power of belief through positive thinking and reminding oneself of their potential

Belief is essential for success. Develop it by having a positive outlook and reminding yourself of your capabilities. Without belief, failure is likely. To build this power, focus on success and raise your standards.

Cure “excusitis” to develop belief. Overcome fear, take action, don’t settle, and be around positive people. These are important for self-confidence and success. Also, build relationships.

Self-belief and confidence are key. Think big to solve problems and get better results. Belief gives action and opens up new chances. Plus, positive thinking and reminding yourself of your potential also helps.

In short, strong belief in oneself is necessary. Positive thinking, raising standards, and building relationships will help you master this valuable skill.

Applying the principles for success presented in the book

Unlock your potential to achieve greatness today – by applying the principles for success presented in the book “The Magic of Thinking Big”! This book contains valuable principles for achieving success, happiness, and personal growth. It provides practical ideas and techniques that readers can apply in their daily lives to master the power of positive thinking.

Self-belief and confidence are key to inspiring action, solving problems, and achieving greater results. Thinking big is one way individuals can open their minds to new possibilities. Positive thinking enables individuals to remind themselves of their potential and take action towards achieving success.

But to effectively apply the principles for success, individuals must cure themselves of excusitis – a failure disease characterized by making excuses due to fear of failure or perfectionism. Overcoming negative emotions requires a commitment to taking action and not selling oneself short. Building relationships with positive influences is also crucial.

Developing the power of belief through positive thinking is vital for reaching one’s goals. By adopting a perspective consistent with their strategy and focusing on success, individuals make it easier for their minds to provide instructions on how to achieve things they believe possible.

The book presents a story about a salesperson who initially struggled but then changed his mindset, believing in himself and managing to sell more than anyone else while charging higher prices. So, start applying the principles for success presented in this book today and unlock your potential to achieve greatness!


Unlock the power of thinking big in your life! In the conclusion, we’ll explore the transformative effects of thinking big on achieving success, staying motivated, and finding happiness. Discover the key takeaways and action steps to incorporate into your daily life. Plus, find out why “The Magic of Thinking Big” by David J. Schwartz is a must-have resource for personal growth and development.

The transformative power of thinking big for achieving success, motivation, and happiness

Believe in yourself and think big for a transformation of success, motivation, and happiness. Acknowledge how beliefs draw expectations and be consistent with your strategy. Concentrate on success and raise standards to build belief. Having a positive mindset gives instructions on how to do tasks, whilst disbelief can lead to failure.

When faced with problems, think big for solutions and greater results. Believing is crucial for inspiring action and broadening possibilities. Develop belief through positive thinking and remind yourself of your potential. Mastering the power of thinking requires ideas, techniques and principles.

Fear of failure, perfectionism and self-doubt can impede progress. Overcome fear by taking action and avoid negative influences. Surround yourself with productive relationships and follow the principles of “The Magic of Thinking Big” for personal growth.

It is essential to incorporate the power of thinking big for success, motivation, and happiness. Taking action on key takeaways and applying them to daily routines can lead to a life transformation.

Key takeaways and action steps to apply in daily life

Believing you can succeed is key for success. The Magic of Thinking Big teaches how to utilize thinking to reach motivation, success, and joy. This part outlines how to use the book’s teachings in life.

Four steps to apply the book’s key teachings:

1. Have faith in yourself and your capabilities. Think about success. Uplift your standards. Recall your possibilities.
2. Don’t let excuses hold you back. Avoid failure-fear or perfectionism. Take action to achieve goals. Don’t let negativity take over.
3. Believe in yourself. Repeatedly boost positive beliefs. Imagine great results. Form relationships – they are essential for success.
4. Use these teachings regularly. Practice and make routines. To master the power of thinking big, focus on self-growth. Implementing these teachings will yield more in time.

Also, express gratitude often – it’s scientifically proven to raise wellbeing and productive thinking.

The Magic of Thinking Big as a valuable resource for personal growth and development .

“The Magic of Thinking Big” by David J. Schwartz is a must-read for anyone looking to achieve success and personal growth. This book emphasizes the importance of believing in yourself and presents practical techniques and principles to master the power of thinking. These insights demonstrate how our beliefs shape our actions and expectations, helping us to overcome fear and negative habits. Thinking big is an essential element when problem-solving and reaching greater results.

This book explains the negative effects of disbelief and low standards on attainment. It encourages readers to raise their expectations, surround themselves with positive influences, and build relationships that improve their well-being. “The Magic of Thinking Big” inspires action by sharing principles such as developing self-confidence, focusing on positive thinking, and reminding ourselves of our capability.

It also provides unique details on how adopting a perspective that is in line with one’s strategy can increase the mind’s power. This power provides instructions on how to do things when there is belief in its possibilities, resulting in improved outcomes in different areas of life. David J. Schwartz wrote “The Magic of Thinking Big” in 1959, making it timeless and relevant even today.

In conclusion, if you want to maximize your potential for success and happiness, even in the face of difficult obstacles, then “The Magic of Thinking Big” by David J. Schwartz is a great resource for personal growth and development.

Five Facts About “The Magic of Thinking Big” by David J. Schwartz – Book Summary:

  • ✅ The book emphasizes the importance of self-belief and confidence in achieving success and happiness. (Sources: Readingraphics, Dan Silvestre, Growthabit, Tyler Devries)
  • ✅ “The Magic of Thinking Big” presents 13 key principles for success. (Source: Readingraphics)
  • ✅ Believing in oneself leads to motivation, energy, and confidence, while doubting oneself leads to a lack of action. (Sources: Readingraphics, Dan Silvestre, Tyler Devries)
  • ✅ To develop the power of belief, one needs to focus on success, not failure, and not short-change oneself. (Sources: Readingraphics, Dan Silvestre)
  • ✅ Confidence can be developed through intentional habits and surrounding oneself with positive influences. (Source: Tyler Devries)

FAQs about “The Magic Of Thinking Big” By David J. Schwartz – Book Summary

What is “The Magic of Thinking Big” book about?

“The Magic of Thinking Big” by David J. Schwartz is a self-help book that emphasizes the importance of self-belief and confidence in achieving success, motivation, better results, more money, and happiness.

What are the key principles for success presented in the book?

The book outlines 13 key principles for success, including believing in oneself, thinking positively, never selling oneself short, surrounding oneself with positive influences, building relationships, and taking action to overcome fear.

How does believing in oneself lead to success?

Believing in oneself triggers the mind to figure out how to achieve success, while doubt and disbelief lead to failure. By focusing on success and reminding oneself that they are better than they think they are, individuals can develop the power of belief and achieve great things.

What is the “Go First Class” mentality advocated in the book?

The “Go First Class” mentality means striving for excellence in everything one does, from personal presentation to work performance. By embodying a high standard of quality and professionalism, individuals can get positive results and attract opportunities.

What are some practical tips for developing the power of belief?

The book recommends thinking positively, reminding oneself regularly that they are better than they think they are, and conditioning oneself to think in terms of success rather than failure. It also suggests setting higher standards and not selling oneself short.

What is the good news according to “The Magic of Thinking Big”?

The good news is that confidence is not innate and can be developed through intentional habits. By taking advantage of the power of belief and thinking positively, individuals can achieve great things and live a fulfilling life.