3k ODYS Gambling Site Live Case Study

ODYS-Global Case Study

The live case study is going to show you the power of building a site out on an aged authority domain.

Odys.Global is my go-to provider of these powerful domains and for more information on the supplier check out our guide to ODYS premium domains.

Are you ready to be kept in the loop on Building a Super Authority Affiliate Gambling Site on a 3k ODYS Domain?


The case study will dive into monetising the website, earnings and growth over the next 18 months before potentially selling the domain for a 72-month profit valuation.

Starting Out With An Authority Domain

SEO can take years to rank a domain, especially in the gambling niche.

So if you can get a headstart by building on a premium domain from Odys.Global this is going to save time, money and resources in getting out the sandbox.

AhRefs Metrics

AhRefs is a widely used SEO tool used to reverse engineer competitors backlinks, carry out keyword research and fix site audits.

They have a very popular set of metrics known as UR (means URL Rank) and DR (means Domain Rank).

Check out the metrics below from AhRefs on the gambling affiliate site we bought:

AhRefs Live Case Study Gambling Affiliate Site

AhRefs Traffic Boner as we add our first set of pages to the site

As you can see the UR39 and DR55 for the domain is very strong.

With a Domain Rank of 55 when we write content on this strength of domain we will bypass the sandbox and be straight into authority mode.

Google Search Console

There is no better data than Google Search Console because this is factual data on what your website is doing.

Having GSC set up on our gambling affiliate live case study website is a must to show the graph for impressions and clicks.

Here is the google search console metrics gradually growing and responding well to each webpage we add.

Google Search Console ODYS Gambling Website Case Study

Google Search Console showing steady growth in impressions as we add new articles to the website

The graphs show you above the power of building on an authoritative high DR domain and by doing so gets you straight past authority wall.

There is no need now to mention ODYS again because it has done its job on setting the foundations for us to strengthen an already powerful domain.

Now it is time to utilise the SEO skills needed to take the site onto another level.

What Are the Next Steps?

The next steps needed to be done now to grow this affiliate site is going to be exactly what I outline in my blog invest in digital assets online:

  1. ✅ Go and buy an aged domain from https://cli.re/odys
  2. ❌ Carry out keyword research on https://cli.re/semrush to map out your content plan
  3. ❌ Group keywords using a keyword clustering tool like keyword cupid
  4. ✅ Learn how to write quality content for free https://cli.re/surferseocourse
  5. ❌ Sign Up to https://cli.re/surferseo and write all your articles in the content editor
  6. ❌ Upload the quality content and hit articles with engagement to get out sandbox https://cli.re/signalboy
  7. ❌ Purchase a few high-end links from https://cli.re/highriselinks
  8. ❌ Get some super relevant links from https://cli.re/getmelinks
  9. ❌ Hit social to all your links https://cli.re/signalboy
  10. ❌ Run a regular audit to check the technical https://cli.re/semrushaudit
  11. ❌ Sign up to affiliate programs like awin, amazon, https://cli.re/shareasale and any others that sell your niche products
  12. ❌ Monetise informational posts with advertising platforms like mediavine, adthrive or adsense
  13. ❌ Sign up to all the gambling affiliate programs and negotiate best commercials

We will work through the content strategy and the plan will be to upload 2 articles per day on the site.

In time we will look to start hitting fresh links and social signals to these new webpages once they start to rank in the top 30 results (which should always be the case if we write SEO optimised content in surfer SEO and internal link correctly).

Follow The Progress

Make sure you follow the progress of the next steps we are going to make and long term goals.

Short Term Progress

The short term goals at present are to do the following:

  1. Create a full content roadmap to order content
  2. Employ virtual assistants to delegate the content creation
  3. Upload the content that is written within Surfer SEO so high quality
  4. Run content audits throughout the site regularly to improve
  5. Build some reverse sink or swim guest post placements
  6. Order social from signal boy to drive engagement

The short term goals above will get the domain to earning 10k a month revenue.

Long Term Goals

The long term goals at present are to do the following:

  1. Build Domain Authority to the site with high DR backlinks using branded anchors to the homepage
  2. Create supporting documents around the topic of the niche
  3. Look at content expansion ideas to rank the website for more keyphrases
  4. Improve commercials and set up bespoke referral deals
  5. Line up digital asset investors for the sale of the website

The long term goals will be having the domain receiving thousands of new registrations to earning 30k plus a month revenue.

Then the goal will be lining up investors to look at purchasing this brand.

Wrapping This All Up

We hope you enjoy our SEO live case study and keep up to date with our progress.

It wasn’t too complex, right?

What we did wasn’t rocket science.

We just followed all the industry-leading best practices, which led us to drive amazing results.

We built the site with amazing content and built great new backlinks. But there is so much more we can do yet.

But the most important factor in my opinion was we built the site on an aged, trusted, high authority domain by Odys.Global.


Go get yourself an account with ODYS and see whether there are any domain names suited to your hobbies and interests.

I would love to know your successes on any case studies or if a project is failing where your systems are falling short.

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