Mental Masturbation

If you spend countless hours having these amazing, intellectually stimulating conversations but take little action you suffer from mental masturbation.

Mental masturbation is spending countless hours having these amazing, intellectually stimulating conversations but without taking any action.

Too many people get excited to read books and as they finish feel this is going to change their life.

Only years pass and their success and happiness never reach their goals.

So they grab another book and get that “a-ha” moment again because this time it really is going to transform their life.

Nope. Nothing. Nada. Zero. Zip. Zilch.

Break the addiction and stop talking and start fucking doing!

I would like to take this time to apologise….. To absolutely fucking no one! Get off your fat arse and stop thinking you have read the 4 hour work week so instantly an entrepreneur or entitled to success

In our Mental Masturbation guide, the hope is you stop the need to spend hours on the phone about what you are “thinking about doing” or stop “reading dozens of books” as these intellectually stimulating activities are excuses to stop you from taking massive determined action.

What is Mental Masturbation?

Mental Masturbation is the act of engaging in useless yet intellectually stimulating conversation, usually as an excuse to avoid taking constructive action in your life.

The brain enjoys engaging in intellectually stimulating conversation, usually as an excuse to avoid taking constructive action in your life.

Intellectual masturbation is pleasurable but unproductive mental activity.

Mental Masturbation is too much reading or talking – not even taking action and doing.

Sufferers become all wrapped up in this intellectual crap because it makes them feel important or smart, so it’s just for self-gratification not for any real purpose.

Are You Suffering From Mental Masturbation?

You are suffering from Mental Masturbation is you are doing the following activities:

  • Spend hours on the phone with friends talking about life, business and what your new plans are
  • Share quotes from books you were reading, and knowledge picked up from the book
  • A recent book has given you insights about major breakthroughs in what you are going to
  • Exhausted after learning new things, you are too tired to start the new ideas

Mental Masturbation Symptoms

Here are the most popular symptoms you know if someone has suffered Intellectual Masturbation:

  • Read half of an article from any media about a topic and give your opinion as an expert
  • Make up your intolerant, self-centred, superficial and absolutely closed attitude, with expressions such as “I am like that” as justification for something, I imagine a serial killer saying it with the bloody knife still in his hand
  • Always blame everything on other people or things
  • Have new ideas every week, without finishing an amazing previous idea
  • Educate how to make money, when they have never made money personally
  • Read several books and am now an influencer on how to live a happy, successful life

The Mental Masturbation Theory

You can become addicted to the “a-ha!” moment.

When the light bulb goes off as you find the perfect website that promises to answer all of your questions, sit in a seminar with the latest guru, listen to an audio program or read a new book – it’s like an orgasm.

It feels sooooo good. You’ve figured “it” out, the missing link, the nugget of knowledge that will make everything fall into place, your life will make sense, the world will finally recognize your greatness and your bank account will triple.

Ahhhhhhh, that feels good.

When you put the book down, return to your office or try to get back to your life’s work, it feels boring. You don’t feel that same energy, the high is gone.

So you go in search of the next “a-ha” moment, the next intellectual orgasm.

The Mental Masturbation Solution

Create your own urgency and excitement instead of waiting for your brain to get turned on.

If you can turn yourself on about your life right now, that’s when you’ll find your sweet spot.

Break your addiction to mental masturbation.

Stop avoiding taking constructive action and do not be scared of failure.

Embrace failing and take the mindset of “You win, or you learn”.

Alex Hormozi Quotes

Here are some amazing quotes from Alex Hormozi on the topic of Mental Masturbation:

  • “There is a misnomer around education and so a lot of them mentally masturbate to watching lots and lots of videos. And so they just learn and I think that they think that exposure to information is learning and I don’t think that’s true because 99% of things I have learned is through doing”
  • “Success measured on the grand scale of financial wealth is far from impossible and yet thousands of people struggle with getting there. Many are struggling with the fear of failure and the fear of taking the risks necessary to succeed”
  • “If you want to know how to stay poor. Fail once. Quit forever. The way to success is to try till the time you achieve your goals.”
  • “A way on how to stay poor is assuming you are always right”