Triggering Google Suggests


Imagine any search term you want your site to rank for has an autofill suggestion with your brand after it?

Just think of the extra clicks your website will get if your brand appears more in the Google autocomplete queries?

Marketers are triggering Google Suggests and not telling you about this well-kept secret.

What is Google Suggest?

Google Suggest is “semi-automatic entry” which are Google’s keyword suggestions that appear as you type the first letters of a new search in Google.

The objective is to suggest search terms similar to the ones you are looking for, in order to save you time by anticipating the query.

Google Suggest is the semi-automatic completion feature that Google has implemented in its search engine. ‍

This feature allows searchers to obtain relevant suggestions associated with a specific request. ‍

For companies, having their brand displayed as a Google suggestion when the searcher makes a query allows them to get more qualified traffic.

Google created Google Suggest to help autocomplete the searchers predicted phrase (based on previous data).


The gif shows the Google Suggest with autocompleted phrases as you start with the opening letter.

How Google Suggest Works

It is necessary to know the Google criteria for a suggestion to be triggered.

Google Suggest depends on the following:

  • The language and localisation of the Internet user
  • The keywords search volume
  • The trend of the keyword
  • How many times the keyword is mentioned on the web (must be crawlable by Google’s spider)
  • How many times the keyword is mentioned on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook

The most important factor to triggering the Google Auto Suggest is the frequencies of a keyword typed by several Internet users that allow Google to integrate these different suggestions in its tool. The most popular query on the internet will thus be listed first, then the second most popular, etc…

Interesting Facts About Google Autocomplete

Ben Gomes (VP, Search Engineering) and Chris Haire (Product Manager, Autocomplete) from Google’s search team take the Autocomplete Interview and answer the Internet’s most searched questions about Google autocomplete and search.

An extract from the video which was important is this answer.

“We look at the actual searches that are done on Google and show common searches and trends that are relevant to the characters entered and that are also related to your location and previous searches.”

This interesting answer shows you that if you get your CTR calculations right for keyphrases you want in the Google autocomplete you can trigger google suggests.

How Do I Trigger Google Suggest?

The way to trigger Google Suggest Autocomplete is making actual google searches for the phrase you want to appear.

The best technique for making these google searches is utilising CTR Manipulation.

There is a number of tools like serpempire, serpclix, microworkers, and many more which can carry out the CTR Manipulation needed.

But the important factor in all this lies in the management of the click-through rate ratio and the following information.


When you want a keyphrase in French then the exact french keyphrase needs searching for in Google Search Bar.

The language of the visitor needs to match the query you want to trigger in Google Suggest.


More than 150 countries are available for Google Search.

CTR can be done from a targeted location and a targeted browser which is needed to trigger the Google Suggest.

When you choose a country, such as France, searches are made from with the Chrome browser in French.

Searching in will add the phrases to Google Suggest for the geolocation of France only.

Keyword Search Volume

Search Volume is the most important factor in triggering Google Suggest.

To display your target phrase as a Google suggestion, you will need to build search volume greater than 200 searches per month.

Keyword Trend

Create a trend around your target search query you want to trigger in the Google Suggest.

The more the keyword is searched in a short period of time, the higher its trend.

We recommend searching over several months to break your keyphrases into the autocomplete search bar but higher search volumes bolster the keyword trends.

The Search URL Hack

The hack using the search URL is where you:

  1. Open the Google TLD you want queries to be added to the Google Suggest
  2. Search the Target Query in the search bar
  3. Copy The URL
  4. Paste this URL on your social media and email campaigns
  5. The people who click the link will, in turn, be searching your target query in the target Google TLD you want them to

So for example, if I wanted to get the phrase triggering google suggest fatrank in the Google Suggest. The link should direct you to for that specific phrase.

Case Study Examples

All this talk of Google Suggest Autocomplete sounds great. But show me live examples of this working.

A huge casino comparison based out of the UK then KingCasinoBonus do a great job at building their autocomplete in the Google Suggest.

Google AutoComplete King Casino Bonus

As you can see the amount of autocompletes this brand receives is amazing.


Adding your names to popular search queries hugely improves your online reputation for your brand. ‍

When using CTR SEO it allows you to increase the success rate of your business in triggering Google Suggest.

Although CTR Manipulation acts on the trend of your keywords, their monthly search volume, and the geographical location of searches, we do encourage other methods for you to try and build your search query like the search url hack.

Start grabbing those google suggests for search queries you want to show up in the autocomplete search bar.

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