Chiang Mai SEO Mastermind

The Chiang Mai SEO Mastermind is a must-visit event for my calendar each year.

In my opinion, masterminds are so much better than any conferences you will attend.

It brings some of the biggest online entrepreneurs together in the same room to compare ideas and testing.

What People Say

The feedback of the Chiang Mai SEO Conference is unreal.

Check out the testimonials and feedback given by some of the biggest marketers in the world.

Mads Singer

Masterminds are 100% what has made my businesses what they are today.

Personal Development and learning are key, however, the BEST way to make a huge difference in your business is to have other people give you direct feedback on what you are doing.

I attend and speak at a lot of conferences and while you can learn something from the speaker, it’s really masterminding and relationships that’s the game-changer.

As a member of multiple masterminds, it’s where I make sure to be on the top of my game every time.

You can learn a ton from not only people giving you feedback, but also from others getting feedback on their business, that might be further ahead in their journey than you are.

Rick Hope

I prefer the Mastermind to the conference because the knowledge bombs seem to come from this meetup.

You can chat on a one to one basis to discuss problems and issues specifically related your own company.

The Chiang Mai Mastermind is great as a private invite-only event so the calibre of members is very high.

Gareth Daine

Private masterminds are insanely better than conferences because you don’t get soundbites or theory. Or regurgitated nonsense that everyone else spouts.

You get genuine, tried and tested strategies that actually work and if you’re lucky enough to attend a mastermind where you actually all sit down and work on problems and test the shit out, then you get even more value.

On top of that, the relationships you build are second to none.

I’d take a private mastermind over a conference any day.

That said, conferences are great for networking and meeting new people.

Josh George

Masterminds are 5x more valuable than conferences in my opinion.

A mastermind provides you with the opportunity to raise issues you’re facing in your business and get direct feedback from people who have personally been there themselves. What better way to scale your business than to learn from the ones who have been there and done it?

People tend not to hold back in masterminds and let more out the bag, primarily because it’s a smaller group. People also subconsciously go above and beyond to contribute so they’re not seen as “adding no value”.. which is great as it provides everyone with more solutions to their problems.

Conferences, on the other hand, are attended by larger groups and offer more generic advice. The speakers typically never reveal what’s really working for them or elaborate on the finer details. The main value in conferences is networking as you’ll meet a wider range of people.

Promotional Video

Here is a promotional video showing the roundup of a previous year mastermind hosted in Chiang Mai:

As you can see the location is amazing and the amount of digital nomads and entrepreneurs is great.

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