Aged Domain Case Study

We bought an affiliate on an aged domain that had suffered badly from sudden drops in organic traffic.

Our Aged Domain Case Study will show you everything we did to bring the website back to its glory days.

The results made this aged domain case study one of the best SEO case studies in 2024.

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The Aged Domain Case Study will run through everything we did on the site to recover the rankings and grow to record-breaking earnings.

Step 1 – SEO Audits

Before looking to build new backlinks or add more content to any website you need to analyse the current state of the website.

There are 3 audits we think are essential in June 2024 to have carried out on all websites for future planning.

Backlink Profile Audit

A backlink profile audit can manually check every single link pointing to your website and disavow any toxic links.

Here is what the link audit did for my aged domain case study:

  • Showed best places to add tier 2 backlinks
  • Disavowed links from a negative SEO attack
  • Labelled all backlinks with 2024 Link Detox Rules
  • Highlighted missing anchor text I should be using
  • Showed which revenue-generating pages needed a targeted link-building campaign

Technical SEO Audit

The technical SEO audit reported:

  • Sized all images correctly
  • Lazy load media
  • Missing ALT attributes were written and added to pictures
  • Broken internal and external redirects got fixed
  • Sitemap was added to the robots.txt file
  • Internal HTTP URLs were updated
  • Social Media Links were set as nofollow
  • Content pruning to low-quality pages
  • Improved silo structure with “in-content inlinks” report

Ranking Blueprint

The ranking blueprint then gave a plan for missing content and missing backlinks the site was lacking.

Dominate Rankings With The Ranking Blueprint

The best part of the ranking blueprint was the clusters it returned to build our topical authority scores.

Part of the Process

Here were some of the steps taken in the process.

  1. Order some social signals to various web pages
  2. Buy 3-4 Wikipedia backlinks to relevant pages from Wiki Wookiee
  3. Expanded on existing content with surfer SEO and marketmuse
  4. Created tighter / more relevant clusters of content
  5. Create a GMB Listing and build trust with GMB SEO Hacks
  6. Build trust by buying positive reviews from
  7. Built only trusted and low toxicity links after a disavow was submitted
  8. Had 47 new articles written from content gap analysis

Wrapping This All Up

We hope you enjoy our aged domain case study.

It wasn’t too complex, right?

What we did wasn’t rocket science.

We just followed all the industry-leading best practices, which led us to drive amazing results.

We built the site with amazing content and built great new backlinks. But there is so much more we can do yet.