SerpClix Review

Many website owners look to improve their Search Engine Results Pages Click-Through Rate.

Improving your CTR helps with your SEO efforts. But is SerpClix the best CTR tool to use?

Our SerpClix Review will highlight our opinion on the tool and how they compare to competition like SERP Empire, SearchSEO and CTR Booster.

Who is SerpClix?

SerpClix is an agency that helps websites improve their SERP CTR in Google Results.

SerpClix is the crowd-sourced solution to improve your organic Google rankings by sending CTR from real human visitors, with no bots used.

SerpClix is a legitimate company and pays their website clickers for completing tasks.

What Does SerpClix Do?

The SerpClix clickers employed are tasked to:

  1. Type in a search query
  2. Enter your search engine results pages (SERPs)
  3. Click on your desired website to improve that sites CTR
  4. Spend Time on your site to improve the user metrics

Increasing your organic click-through rate (CTR) will boost your SEO rankings.

How to Join SerpClix?

Anyone can apply to “Become A Clicker” and join the SerpClix army of clickers.

The company requires that you download and install Firefox on your computer.

You’ll need to download and install the add-on to Firefox.

Just use the add-on to sign in to the company to find your orders.

The orders are easy to complete and it requires that you click on an order, find the website, and visit the site for 60 seconds.

Your pay will vary from month to month and it will depend on how many websites you visit.

Is SerpClix a Scam?

No definitely not. SerpClix is a CTR tool that I have seen positive results from in the rankings.

In order to join the company, you must be a real person with a real IP address. That means that you can’t use a VPN or Proxy to work on this site. The system can detect if you are trying to spoof your IP address when you register.

The system will detect your IP address and assign you a quality score. If your IP address quality score is too low, the site won’t allow you to work there.

In order to work on this site, you must register and log in from a Windows or Mac device. You won’t be able to use a smartphone to work on this site.

So SerpClix shows quality measures in trying to make sure the referral traffic to your sites is diverse and real.

SerpClix Vs SerpEmpire

The debate of SerpClix vs SerpEmpire had an easy winner from our testing.

SerpEmpire won from the results easily.


The truth is I do not personally understand the why or how SerpEmpire won on the testing but out of 10 separate tests they won on 9 of them.

I would love to showcase a load of case studies, ranking graphs and information but the truth is I am not going to reveal some of my money sites.


Although SerpEmpire won from my testing then something that is important for everyone to understand is BOTH seen positive results.

SerpClix is certainly not a bad tool and we found positive jumps from using the tool.

The real takeaway from this SerpClix Review is the power of CTR Maniplation SEO in July 2021.

The click-through rates are becoming more important than ever in Google as they keep looking to user engagement more on each algorithm update.

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