SERP Empire Review

The click-through rate on your website is one of the most important elements to consider.

The reason CTR is very important is that the search engines, such as Google, rank your website based on the site’s click-through rate and user engagement.

In fact, most search engine optimization authorities will tell you that an organic CTR is the number one factor that you should consider.

“The better your click-through rate is, the better the search engine rankings you will achieve”

However, how do you increase your click-through rate naturally? After all, search engines are always changing the criteria that they look for when it comes to ranking websites.

To stay on top of these changes, you need a team that can help you stay on top of what’s important for your site’s SEO.

That’s where the SERP Empire CTR tool can help.

What Is SERP Empire?

Before we get into the review, it’s important to understand the SERP Empire CTR tool. It’s an automated solution that drives organic traffic to your website. Unlike other services, it uses automated traffic to increase your CTR on Google.

The goal of SERP Empire service is simple: generate clicks on Google to your website. Your site might currently be on the third, fourth or even fifth page of search engine results. Typically, sites that are ranked this low don’t receive much traffic.


However, automated organic traffic can click on your website after searching for keywords that you want to be associated with your website. In turn, it increases your site’s ranking on search engines. Before long, your website can be found on the first page of the results.

CTR Manipulation Is a Main Factor of SEO

SEO experts have long believed that a site’s click-through rate plays a role in its SERP ranking.

However, believing and knowing are two different things. For this reason, Rand Fishkin from Moz, which is a company that focuses on inbound marketing, set out to determine if a site’s click-through rate plays a role in Google’s algorithm.

One of his tests involved simply asking his followers on Twitter to do a web search. In the tweet, he gave them the specific keyword to search for and the site to visit. Within just a few hours, the site moved to the top position within the search results.

This proved once and for all that click-through rate manipulation works. In fact, it appears to have a greater impact on a site’s ranking than link building when it comes to generating traffic.

However, not everyone has a Twitter following of over 435,000 people to call upon to increase their click-through rate. For that reason, SERP services are an important market. They can manipulate your click-through rate to improve your SERP ranking.

SERP Empire Overview

It’s clear now that click-through-rate manipulation can boost your website’s position within search results. There are plenty of ways to go about doing it, but the SERP Empire CTR manipulation is one of the best.

This review will explain why it’s among the best for getting a higher rank in search engine results. Also, you can check out our review video for more information.

Getting Started Is Easy

Some services make it complicated to get started. With the SERP Empire tool, you can create a campaign within minutes of signing up. One reason why it’s so easy is that it does the work for you.

All you need to do is create a custom campaign. Then, list the website or websites that you want to improve the SERP rankings for. You’ll have to list the keywords that you want to receive traffic from as well.

Once you’re done creating your custom campaign, the service does the rest. It will search for the keywords that you listed and visit your website. This will increase your click-through rate, which will make a huge improvement in your search engine rankings.

Best of all, these results last. Once your website jumps in rank, it brings in organic traffic. This traffic will ensure that your website remains ranked highly even after your SERP campaign comes to an end.

Bring in Views From Anywhere

Sometimes you want to increase your search engine ranking in a certain location. This is a good idea for people who have local shops or online stores that only sell products in certain areas of the world. With this service, you can have the traffic visit your website from anywhere, including specific countries, states and (soon!) cities.

Let’s say that, instead of choosing this service, you choose a company that uses real people to increase your click-through rate. When it comes to getting geotargeted results, using real people is more difficult. After all, they have to be in that specific location that you’re targeting. On the other hand, automated traffic can appear anywhere in the world, so getting the results that you want is easier.

Affordable Traffic

On the topic of using automated traffic instead of real people, it’s essential to talk about price. Sites that use real people have to pay each individual for every click that they do. This means that you have to pay for each click.

With SERP Empire, you can get around 50 to 100 clicks or website visits for every dollar that you spend. This is nearly 20 times the going rate for websites that use real people. Because of that, you can stretch your budget even further to get better results.

With the basic Newcomer package, you can choose five keywords and country geotargeting for only $59 a month. This package guarantees 100 searches a day, and each visit that find your website will stay on your site for at least one minute. Most sites that use real people for clicks have no time requirement, so the visitors leave right away, which may hurt your ranking.

Do you want more views each day? No worries because this SERP service has packages that offer 300, 1,000 or even 2,000 searches a day. All of these packages include a month of service.

The Traffic Show Up on Analytics

When you use a service to increase your click-through rate, you typically have to take the company at its word that it’s increasing traffic to your website. This is especially true for services that use automated visits because they don’t always show up on website analytics.

However, that’s not the case with this SERP service. All of its traffic will show up on whatever analytics system that you use, including Google Search Console. In short, you can track the success of your SERP campaign in real-time. You’ll know the results are working because you can see them.

No Limit on Capacity

With services that use real people, there’s a limit on the amount of traffic that any campaign can generate for your website. The reason is that these services are limited by the number of people who conduct the searches. Even if they have thousands of members to search for sites, there’s only so much traffic that they can promise you depending on how many other clients that they have.

That’s not the case with SERP Empire. With automated traffic, it can offer unlimited capacity. No matter how big or small your campaign is, you can rest assured that this service can deliver. It’s one of the reasons why so many sites continue to use it month after month.

Reliable Customer Support

One of the biggest misconceptions with SERP services that use automated traffic is that you won’t be able to get help from a real person if you need it. While this service uses automation¬†to generate traffic, it uses real people to answer your questions. In fact, it offers access to expert staff 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Are you still unsure whether or not you should try SERP Empire? It’s important to know that you have nothing to lose because it offers a 100% money-back guarantee. If it fails to deliver on its promise of generating traffic for your site, you can get your money back with no questions asked.

No Penalties

People often stay away from sending automated traffic to their websites because of the penalties that some search engines put in place. If a search engine thinks that you’re artificially increasing traffic to your site, it can penalize your site by knocking it down the rankings.

The goal of penalties is to keep huge websites from buying billions of visits a day to stay number one. Also, if it was easy to get a site penalized for using automated traffic, it would be easy to send automated traffic to a site to get it in trouble.

Thankfully, that’s not the case. As a result, there’s virtually no risk to having automated traffic visit your website.

Error-Free Traffic Generation

With other traffic generating services that use real people, the chance for error is always higher. The reason is that people are more likely to make a mistake than automated traffic.

For example, individuals might visit the wrong website or search for the wrong keyword. When that happens, your increased traffic is linked with the wrong keyword. As a result, it does little to increase traffic from the people who search for the correct keyword.

Few Drawbacks

There’s no service that’s 100% perfect, and the whole point of a review is to show the good and the bad. Although SERP Empire has a high success rate, no service can guarantee results. It gives you access to all of the tools that you need to increase traffic, but there’s always a chance that you won’t see the results that you expect.

While this service is affordable for most companies that want to increase traffic, some smaller blogs or websites might find the $59 base package to be a little too expensive.

An alternative if you know how to set up all the residential proxies you could use is the CTR Booster Tool. But there is a bit of work needed to be set up with the proxies and it has to be run from a windows server.

SERP Empire Tests

It wouldn’t be a review without talking about if the service worked during testing. In the tests that we ran, we could see a significant boost in traffic to our websites. The amount of traffic, of course, varied depending on the package that we chose.

Also, one of our sites already had a fairly decent ranking, and we wanted to see if the service could improve it even further. When we started the test, the site was ranked in the 13th position on most search results using the keyword that we specified.

After using this service for a month, we noticed an increase to 9th spot. That result is better than most of the other services that claim to boost search results rankings.

However, we noticed even better results when we continued to use the service. Testing on multiple sites, we saw the best results after six weeks. In regard to the site above, it jumped from the 9th spot after a month to the 5th spot after six weeks.

While these results will differ for everyone, our testing was run on multiple sites of varying content and popularity. Roll on another four weeks and we managed to hit the #1 position for a 5200 monthly search term solely from CTR manipulation.

From 13th position in the search results to #1 after 10 weeks was just one example of the amazing results we received.

The Negatives From Testing

After testing a lot over the past year I have one negative to SERP Empire which I am speaking to the owner to try and change.

The tool uses the built-in feature “google search” feature of chrome and firefox to search for the keywords and don’t go on the google homepage and use the search bar there. (means they search the keywords in the URL bar and default browser search is Google).

As they do not use the google search bar on the google homepage then all the keystrokes that trigger the Google Suggest are not sent.

The owner tells me he is planning to release this feature soon but at present has not done this yet.

“I really hope soon SERP Empire fix not using the built-in URL search feature on browsers and use the Google Homepage search bar feature so this can trigger the Google Suggest as is very important”

Personally from a lot of testing I know the best results come from utilising the search bar on the google homepage because the google suggest is triggered and this helps hugely with brand building, which helps grow organic traffic from others clicking on the google suggest.

Try It Today

I am not one to carry on trying to persuade someone to purchase a tool or convince you with hundreds of case studies.

Whether you believe me or not then take action and test the tool out for yourself today.


I regularly use the tool on images, social media and webpages I want to rank across multiple brands I own.


Are you ready to increase traffic to your website? Within minutes of signing up, you can create a campaign and be on your way to improving your click-through rate. Best of all, you can see the results for free without entering your credit card information.

To get the ball rolling, it offers a free test drive. All you have to do is visit the tool and type in your email. From here, it will start to increase the CTR of your website with a keyword of your choice so that you can see the service in action.¬†Although the free trial is great, it’s usually not enough to see the first results – that’s why you will need to upgrade your plan after a few days.

In return, I would love your feedback from any of you who test the SERP Empire CTR Manipulation Tool because always keen to see the test results. What could work in one niche or country could vary to another?

All I can tell you is that not many tools I write reviews about but this SERP Empire tool was the best CTR Manipulation SEO tool I tested out of over a dozen.

Very Important To Understand

If any of you do test this on your money sites then make sure you don’t spam above the thresholds.

Sending 1000 clicks a month to a 50 monthly search term and you ranking on page three is an obvious footprint.

There is an amazing tutorial inside the tool that teaches you the parameters of click-through rate and that alone is worth you signing up for.

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