CTR Booster Review

Are you making the most of your Click Through Rate Manipulation SEO strategy to improve your search eng click-through rate- CTR bots like SERP Empire, SearchSEO and SERPclix.

“Not manipulating CTR to your advantage is like saying Build Great Content and the external and internal Links Will Naturally Come. No!! To rank sites, you purchase backlinks to manipulate the authority of your website. Well why are you not manipulating the User Behaviour Data which RankBrain uses?”

Before we get started if you are not doing any CTR Manipulation techniques you cannot call yourself a proper Search Engine Optimiser, period.


What is CTR Booster?

CTR Boost software is advanced software which generates organic clicks for Youtube Ranker or Google Ranker settings on your mobile or desktop devices that will essentially help with the search engine results pages.

The CTR Booster increases Organic Click Through Rate (CTR), Time on Site (Dwell time) and Reduces Bounce Rate.

The CTR Booster slogan is to:

“Force Google to RANK You Higher By Boosting Organic User Metrics”

You need to increase your click-through rate naturally so check out my blog on How to Calculate Your Organic SEO CTR Manipulation.

Benefits of CTR Booster

Here are the benefits of using CTR Booster CTR Manipulation Tool:

Reduces Bounce Rate

Rankbrain is now a huge ranking factor and part of the rank brain signals is bounce rate.

With the bounce rate reduced, this will improve user engagement data.

“If the site has a High Bounce Rate, this suggests that it’s not fulfilling the searchers need”

So looking to reduce your bounce rate for your target keywords is important engagement factors you should look to improve.

If searchers click a listing and spend only seconds on a site before clicking the back button then it tells Google the searcher didn’t find what they were looking for. It also increases the bounce rate (something we want to keep nice and low).

Increase Dwell Time

Rankbrain also looks into time on-site to check the searchers are having a good experience with your webpage. With CTR Booster you are able to set up a long time delay to stay on your site to Increase Dwell Time.

“If a website has a large Dwell Time, this signals that the site contains what the user needs”

Dwell time is how long a user spends on the website after clicking the result. This metric is incredibly important, especially when teamed up with bounce rate and the way it will improve user engagement data.

Google Suggest

CTR Booster types keywords in Google search engine search bar.

The more searches performed in the Google Explore Bar influences the Google Autocomplete. Find out more information here on how to trigger the google suggests.

Many CTR tools do not use the google Explore bar and check out my negative to SerpEmpire Review here about them not triggering the Google Suggest because of this.

Intelligent Pogo-Stick Search

Clicks that Visit competitors first (for a short time) before clicking the back button and then visiting your own listing.

Look like a real human, reduce bounce rates and boost Dwell time.

CTR Booster comes with intelligent logic that performs a Forage for your keyword. It then visits one of your competitors for a very short duration before clicking the back button.

Then it locates your listing, visits it, and remains on your site for a duration of your choice scrolling around and visiting internal pages like a REAL person.

This shows Google that the user found what they wanted when they visited your site but not when they visited your competitor. This leaves no doubt that your site satisfied and fulfilled the searchers need.


The intelligent pogo-sticking search trains Rankbrain into understanding your site is better than your competitors.

Increase CTR

Organic Click Through Rate is debatably the most important key factor in Search Engine Optimisation. All CTR Booster clicks are displayed in the Google search console.

When CTR Booster visits a site, it acts like a REAL human that identifies itself as using REAL Established Browsers and Mobile / Desktop Devices.

It will Scroll around your site, Click internal links, visit internal pages and let all tracking scripts and pixels load as they would with any regular visit.

Boost Google Maps and YouTube CTR

CTR Booster can boost Google Maps and YouTube CTR using ISP Level IP’s.

Having REAL users in the system perform the searches and clicks for you.

If you have a Google business map listing then you’re going to love this feature that will majorly boost your google maps.

Local map CTR Booster allows you to search Google for your Local Keyword to locate your Google map listing.

It will find your listing, click on it and then visit the website link. It then remains on the site and boosts ALL user behavioural signals.

When you increase user behaviour signals, it will boost user behavioural data on mobile and desktop devices to boost Google organic clicks.

Geo-Targeting Traffic

Drive searches from the country where you operate your business. Great for local Search Engine Optimisation and you can upload your own residential proxies to suit your target geolocation.

CTR Booster Costs

The costs to purchase CTR Booster is $97.

There are no required expenses to work with this software itself however having access to proxies that work with Google will be needed.

It’s important the Google searches, clicks, and website visits look like they are being done by different users. For this reason, it’s key to having access to proxies is required, but it’s not just any old proxies.

This CTR manipulation consists of working with reverse proxies that provide access to a pool of residential proxies.

Who Owns CTR Booster?

CTR Booster is owned by Abbas Ravji.

Here is Abbas Ravji explaining about this CTR Booster tool:

The owner also is the founder of other tools such as socividz.com, socisynd.com and nichegenetics.com.

Based out of Peterborough in the UK then Abbs Ravji is someone to follow for his great tool creations.

CTR Booster Reviews

It is always good to see what other SEOs think about the tool and here are some CTR Booster Reviews:

  • “Finally… a Fully Tested and Easy-to-use system that Controls User Behavioural Signals to Boost Organic Rankings”
  • “CTR Booster gives you control of everything from visits to time spent on-site to, competition visits and bounce rate, search delay, the time between google pages and so much more. It’s a complete solution, even has the ability to add your sites to an exclusion list so you don’t accidentally hurt your own properties.”
  • “Abbs and his team have made this tool so polished, you can set the times of the visits, the frequency and duration, even the Search engines themselves to create an authentic profile of clicks, its a set and forget system.”
  • “Once again Google has changed their ranking algorithm. CTRBooster uses this new algorithm to boost your website and/or YouTube videos on Google AND YouTube.”

There are many more CTR Booster Reviews available on the sales page but these are the reviews which resonated with me the most.

Services Offered By CTR Booster

The CTR Booster Services are:

  • Perform Google & YouTube Search and Click projects
  • Perform Google Map search and Click projects
  • Boost Mobile or Desktop signals
  • Add Multiple Keywords per a project
  • Select Google location
  • Works with up to 10 concurrent threads at a time
  • View the browser or make it invisible
  • Control duration of visit and video watch time
  • Control delays between searching pages
  • Ability to visit competitor first
  • Fully Optimized to work with proxies
  • Import/export projects
  • Get other members to Boost signals for your properties
  • Performs intelligent scrolling
  • Acts like a real human
  • Control daily limits, max limits, etc
  • Runs whilst minimized
  • And so much more

As you can see the services you can use CTR Booster for is endless.


CTR Booster Click-Through Rate Tool is a user experience manipulation tool that if used correctly can help your websites or videos rank higher in the search engines.

Google looks at the way users react with your content in the same way it looks at how they react with your competitors so send better engagement signals to outrank them.

You can send better engagement signals to your site with CTR Tools such as CTR Booster.

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