About Kasra Dash

This article will give more information about Kasra Dash.

Who Is Kasra Dash?

Kasra Dash is a young Scottish Entrepreneur.

What Does Kasra Dash Do?

Kasra Dash invests in assets from online websites to brick and mortar businesses in the UK, Kasra has been able to very quickly build up his wealth from investing into modern day wealth opportunities as opposed to traditional investment such as property & real estate.

What Brands are associated with Kasra Dash?

Kasra is associated with hundreds of brands the the public brands he is associated with are the following:


Kasra Dash is a partner at Searcharoo, He actively writes success stories of clients he has helped with there link building and content road maps. Kasra Dash also helps with the SEO planning for client sites at Searcharoo, Many have said he is not just a typical sales guy like other brands, but he does truly provide a lot of value on his calls from auditing your site from an on-page & off-page.


With the rise of EEAT Kasra Dash has seen promoting EEAT and the benefits of it when applied to a website. Kasra Dash is a firm believer that EEAT does work and it can massively effect the rankings of your site if you have all the correct signals going through to your site.

Kasra Dash Background

Kasra Dash used to be a web-developer but very quickly got into marketing and understood the power of marketing & sales. Since taking action on sales & marketing he has grown his career massively.

Kasra Dash Courses

Kasra Dash has a course on link-building on IMG.

Kasra Dash Podcasts

Kasra Dash has appeared on various podcasts talking about business, SEO & Marketing here are a list of appearances he has had:

Kasra Dash & Craig Campbell’s Podcast

Kasra Dash & Nick Jordan Workello

Kasra Dash & Mike Martin

Kasra Dash Quotes

Kasra Dash is renowned for taking action here is a few quotes that he lives by:

One man who stands by his word is worth more than 1,000 who don’t.

Kasra Dash also uses the saying:

Everyday is a school day. I learn something new everyday.

You cant learn anything from success. You learn everything from failure. The reason i am where i am now is because i’ve constantly failed and i’ve constantly learned how to not fail next time. If you just continually go up for the entirety of your career eventually they’re will be a crash. Never be scared to fail. To learn how to succeed you need to learn how to fail.

Where To Find Kasra Dash

If you have any other questions, email me, find me on Facebook on Twitter.

Facebook :Kasra.Dash1

Twitter :Kasra_Dash

LinkedIn :Kasra Dash

Email :kasra.dash@searcharoo.com

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