Surfer SEO Review

There is a lot of hype at the moment around the Surfer on-page analysis SEO tool, recently voted the best on-page data-driven tool in September 2020.

“Surfer SEO is making huge waves for its emergence into the Online Marketing Community”

So I thought I would need to test this out for myself.


Let me introduce you to my thoughts on the SurferSEO tool and whether you need it in your processes to improve google search engines ranking.

The Surfer SEO Team

Before we get started on reviewing the Surfer tool then the team need a huge shout out. Here are many of the team at the Chiang Mai Conference below.

Surfer SEO at Chiang Mai Conference

The reason I want to first and foremost talk about the Surfer SEO Team is that they are a team from Poland who has taken the internet marketing communities by storm with their attitude to listen to what the marketers want and tweak their services to suit.

Chiang Mai Mastermind With Surfer SEO Team

The photo above is a mastermind they put together in Chiang Mai before the conference to talk through the pros and cons of the tool and how it could be improved.

As the algorithms change on a monthly basis then having the attitude to understand to tweak and change things along the way is what will make Surfer SEO rise to the top because their team is a credit to the industry in wanting to learn from the communities feedback.

This before anything else is vital to long term growth and success.

What is Surfer SEO?

This website is an online data-driven tool for on-page SEO optimisation.

It allows you to analyse and compare your page against other ranking pages from competitors and sites that currently rank well within the SERPs.

This basically takes out the guesswork and allows your page to join the top pages in the SERPs!

Do you want to be at the top of the search results?

SurferSEO analyses the top ranking pages within the search engines results page and lets you know exactly what is missing from your pages, which your competitors may have.

Sounds easy?

Secret Weapon For On-Page SEO

The SurferSEO is our secret weapon on-page SEO tool.

“Imagine sitting a test but having the answer sheet to the questions – this is what Surfer SEO is for ranking websites in Google”

Sounds crazy but this is why the surfer is the secret weapon we use to improve onsite tweaks.

Content Is Key

Who else has been raised in the industry understanding that content is key and the more content the better you will rank? Well, SurferSEO has completely turned that theory upside down with its WORD COUNT report.

Whether you need new content or need help optimising existing content, SurferSEO is a great tool to use.

The video below explains the correlation in your word size total is important and at times if you are the outlier with too much content compared to your competition you should condense down to be within the average suggested.

So by simply auditing your word tally to match your competitors, you can completely transform how your page will rank. Now do not go running to the hills with this removing a load of quality content if you have too much or adding a load of waffle if not enough because correlation is not causation.

“Google doesn’t rank your website… your competitors do!”

This saying is a great way of understanding you need to be doing similar to what is ranking on the first page…. and then that bit better.

Correlation is King

Historically working towards ranking your site to the top of google based on your intuition and experience would be time-consuming and at one time this was enough. Now surferSEO will analyse 500 different factors across the top search results and then compare those with your page.

This then makes it incredibly easy to compare your page with your competition and then optimise the specific factors that influence rankings for your keywords.

You are now in a perfect position to understand what exact keywords need to be added or removed to ensure your page becomes relevant as possible in Googles top 10.

Choose The Right Competitors to Correlate With?

When looking to correlate with the best-ranked websites in Google you need to choose the webpages which are winning with their onpage.

The Content Score metric here is a new SEO metric that grades quality and relevancy of your competitors ranking for your desired keywords.

How good is your content in comparison to other pages in SERP? Which pages that already rank for a keyword should be your benchmarks for on-page optimization? 

Is there a correlation between content quality and position in search results? Today, answering those questions became a little bit easier. With the latest product update, the team from Surfer introduced a brand new metric that will become your best friend in content optimization. That metric is Content Score.

Content Score Metric

Content Score is based on more or less 100 on-page factors and ranges from 1 to 100, where 100 is max. It takes into consideration signals like:

 Content structure

 Using relevant words and phrases

 Using NLP (Natural Language Processing) words and phrases

 Content length

 Main keyword usage

Content Score may vary for one page depending on a target keyword. It’s because it takes into account the quality and relevance of the page in terms of a target phrase.

For example, the article “The best books on economics in 2020” will score higher for the “economics books” keyword than “marketing books”. The quality may be the same in both cases, but the relevance is much higher for the first keyword.

Content Score can be a game-changer in the hands of a skilled SEO. It automates analysis and speeds it up significantly. It assures that every time you analyze SERPs in terms of on-page optimization, your analysis is spot-on.

If you’re optimizing your content, you should use Content Score to determine the best benchmarks for your page. You don’t want to compare yourself to pages that rank for any other reason than outstanding content.

There’s no other metric on the market that checks so many factors and speeds up your analysis like this. That’s why anyone who puts content in the centre of their marketing strategy, should definitely test the new metric from Surfer.

The Surfer team made the Content Score available for all users, regardless of their plan (including trials). It is available inside their SERP Analyzer tool and in the customization panel of Content Editor.

I know that they will iterate the metric so it will get more and more accurate in the following months. The score will be an important part of further product development and will be enhanced with machine learning technology. Based on changes and displayed content in Google search, the score will adjust the weights of different factors, depending on a keyword.

The content score is going to assist you to choose the best competition to correlate your content towards which is key to getting access to the correct data.

Content Editor Review

So, what is the Surfer content editor details?

The content editor analyses real-time data to determine how to best optimise your content. This is based around the main keyword and topic. It allows you to create a sheet to send onto your copywriters to work from and understand what key phrases you want the article to cover.

Copywriters love the sheet the content editor produces and what is great about the feature is you do not need to give all your freelance writers access through a username and password login. The sheet you create can be set to public.

The Perfect Post

The content editor allows you to write the perfect post by using the data of the top-ranking sites.

With more emphasis on content structure and content optimization in the search engines results setting out your keywords in a systemised format is more important than ever.

Surfer will analyze your top 10 competitors and their content…

It offers suggestions on:

  • The number of words, headings, paragraphs, images etc to use
  • Use of bold
  • Important keywords/phrases and terms to use
  • Other relevant items to include
  • How to utilise questions and answers

This information can be used to set a target word count and keyword density.

Once changes have been made, check Google Search Console to see the progress. We recommend checking pages after a week or so.

Cover the Complete Topic

You can also analyse specific keywords before writing a page.

This allows you to give the right information to content writers and ensure you are covering the page topic in its entirety.

Creating this perfectly written supporting documents is part of an advanced SEO strategy. Take out the advanced SEO Course for free here.


Having the ability to know from a cheat sheet as you are writing what keywords will help strengthen your page’s performance is what makes the content editor feature so good for when you are scaling content for your money sites or affiliate websites.

SERP Analyzer

Check out our video on the build-in SERP Analyzer Tool Review below:

It is important to remember correlation doesn’t necessarily mean causation.

But the SERP analyser report is a great way to ensure you are at the top of your game.

Keyword Analyser

So what is the keyword analyser on the SEOsurfer?

The keyword analyser provides information to optimise your page with the right keywords and phrases.

It does this by inspecting the SERPs and correlating the most used keywords for this topic.

How To Use The Surfer SEO Keyword Research Analyser

Using the tool is simple and super user-friendly! Just follow the steps below:

  1. Type your keyword in the dashboard
  2. Pick search location by clicking on the flag (the UK, US etc.)
  3. Press enter

The analyser will get to work and trawl top ranking pages for your keyword.

This will then produce a list of keywords, questions, phrases and even common backlinks.

Audit Analyzer Review

Are you looking for an in-depth audit for your site?

Surfer does exactly what it says on the tin.

You can effortlessly generate professional audits for any URL using the SurferSEO audit feature in seconds!

SEO Surfer Features

The tool has a large number of useful easy to follow features that help with your on-page SEO.

Please see a list of the best features below:

  • Real-Time Data of the top 40+ ranked websites
  • Content Optimisation
  • User-Friendly
  • Over 500 Ranking Factors
  • Great Customer Service

With many more features available, this is a great tool to scale your business, just like your competitors.

How Much is SurferSEO?

The Surfer Account purchase prices start at $29 dollars. This includes 5 queries a day and 250+ factors analysed. 

Remember, nothing good in life comes for free.


Payment Plans

The different annual purchase plans can be seen below depending on the numbers of users:

  • Hobby -$29
  • Basic – $59
  • Pro – $99
  • Business – $199
  • Business+ – $650

It is also possible to create a custom plan to ensure you are making the most out of these features.

Surfer SEO Vs. Cora

Cora is a tool very similar to Surfer being an on-page analyzer tool.

Cora, for years, was really the only on page optimization analysis available so it took the throne in many ways. But at $250 a month, you need to ask yourself how valuable this is to your business?

For those with unlimited funds then Cora may be the tool for you but for those looking for great value for money SurferSEO will definitely suffice.

For anyone who likes ‘easy to use’ interface, then Cora is going to look like and everlasting matrix with its Excel format. It’s clear that SurferSEO has really thought out their interface design with its navigation friendly platform. SurferSEO illustrates a visual representation of any week spots on your page. Who doesn’t love a visual? Sorry, Cora.

Where Surfer really does run rings around Cora is its speed. Surfer currently with 4 additional features over Cora is on the ball when it comes to updating new features and implementing user feedback. The team at Cora don’t seem to be as efficient in this department, which is amazing news for Surfer.

So in short, Cora and Surfer are both fantastic SEO tools and it may be that Cora is the right tool for you depending on what you need to achieve. But it’s clear from reading the above where SurferSEO advantages are apparent.

Surfer SEO Review

Overall, I am extremely happy with the Surfer tool.

This process is something I have been doing manually for years, but this now allows me to scale content at a much faster rate.

Great For Writers

This is also an ideal account for my writers to use.

As with many great writers, they are fantastic with language but not too interested in the SEO aspect.

Surfer provides a set of clear guidelines to ensure every page is optimised to rank!


I love the fact our freelance writers now have a data-driven tool to work from correlating information and averages we aspect for the content structure and keywords.

We also love that Surfer has released a Google Chrome Extension (in beta). So for everyone who uses Google Docs, this is going to make your practice, even more, user-friendly.

App Surfer SEO Testimonial Results

So after a lot of testing the app surfer SEO, the Cora correlation analysis programme and page optimiser pro we voted surfer SEO to be the winner for our agencies to use.

Surfer has been voted:

  • Best Content SEO Audit Software
  • Cora vs Pop vs Surfer SEO Winner
  • Most recommended SEO Content Analysis Software
  • Best Onpage SEO Tool in the World

Since using Surfer SEO reports we have found it much easier to order content in scale and the content writers have found it easier to complete the content creation also.

What Surfer SEO Could Improve On

Not everyone is perfect so I am here to try and think of ways how the team at SurferSEO can improve their software.

But as I find things that would improve the data-driven tool then Michal (cofounder) implements this right away.

So at present, this section needs to remain blank but in time if I find anything that could make this tool better I will be sure to add into here.


All in all, we are very happy with the SEO Surfer Data-Driven Onpage Tool and it is no surprise we seen this voted the must-have SEO Account for 2020.

Another huge positive is how active the owners are in the social media groups and listening to feedback and improving their tool further.


If any company is looking to scale content creation then the easy to use SEOSurfer is a must-have to help achieve optimized content first time.

Surfer has made such a huge impact on the global SEO community in such a brief amount of time… this alone suggests how exciting the future looks around the tool SurferSEO.

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SurferSEO Testimonials

Using tools like Surfer SEO has helped a number of SEO enthusiasts and entrepreneurs.

Instead of just listening to my thoughts on this amazing tool to improve your page content length and quality, see what the experts say:

“Surfer started making big waves for its emergence into the market as a powerful onsite optimization tool. It allows you to make data-driven optimizations to your website that are based on what the top-rankers in the niche are already doing. It looks at word count, keyword density, backlinks, subheadings, and nearly everything else to give you a playbook on what you need to change in order to compete on page 1. It also has a Surfer SEO content editor that allows your writers to be guided by data when writing their content. It’s a game-changer.” Matt Diggity

Matt Diggity is a hugely successful online entrepreneur and for someone of that stature to speak so highly of the tools show the power it has.

“Surfer SEO is ideal for SEOs looking for a data-driven analysis tool with a great interface and is entirely affordable at just $29 per month. We like it because it gives us the ability to tweak our content in a way that no other tool in that price range does. The fact that Surfer SEO has made such a big impact on the global SEO community in such a short amount of time is also an indication that the best is yet to come.” Authority Hacker

Authority Hackers are one of the most loved digital businesses so whenever they are reviewing a product positively you need to listen.

“Surfer makes on page SEO actionable for anyone regardless of your experience and is super affordable starting from only $29 per month. It has quicly become a key tool in my SEO process and we are seeing more and more Surfer success stories by the day. All I have to do is share the Surfer SEO content editor URL with my writing team, and they do the rest. So if you’re serious about increasing blog post traffic, getting more website views, creating higher ranking content, bumping up your existing ranks and keen to achieve quick wins without spending loads of time and money… Start your Surfer SEO trial now. Because it’s not often a new SEO tool causes this much disruption.” Matt Woodward

And Matthew Woodward is a dinosaur in the SEO industry with a wealth of knowledge. So for him to promote is the icing on the cake.

As you can see here from three hugely influential testimonials then it is clear to say you are missing out if you do not have this as part of your SEO tools in September 2020 and beyond.

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