Wiki Wookiee Review


As Wookiees are stronger than most humans we thought it’ll be great for them to acquire our Wikipedia Backlinks for us.

Wikipedia links are one of the most trusted citation votes your website can achieve.

Let Wiki Wookiees do the heavy lifting for you and acquire the placements your brand is missing currently.


Let me introduce you to my thoughts on the WikiWookie service and whether you need it in your processes to improve google search engines ranking.

What are Wookiees?

Wookiees are fictional hirsute humanoid aliens in the Star Wars universe.

They come from the planet Kashyyyk and are taller and stronger than most humans.

The most prominent Wookiee is Chewbacca, co-pilot of the Millennium Falcon alongside Han Solo.

Do Wikipedia links help SEO?

Yes, a Wikipedia linkĀ is a great way to help your page rank higher.

Having external links from Wikipedia to your site also helps in boosting your SEO page rank score.

Wikipedia is one of the most authoritative and well-trusted sites on the internet, providing users with detailed information on almost any topic they can think of. Getting links to your website from Wikipedia can be extremely beneficial.

How to Get Links From Wikipedia?

The best way to get links from Wikipedia is:

  1. Click through to
  2. Add Wikipedia link to cart
  3. Purchase for the Wikipedia backlink
  4. Fill in details of URL, anchor text and topic

To avoid your site getting blacklisted in Wikipedia you need to hire a specialist vendor like Wiki Wookiee.

Alternatively, if you want to try and create your own Wikipedia link placements you can follow our guide on how to get Wikipedia backlinks manually.


Wikipedia backlinks need to be part of your backlink profile.

You can try to build up your contributor accounts or outsource to a reliable vendor in WikiWookies:


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