Wiki Wookiee Review

As Wookiees are stronger than most humans we thought it’ll be great for them to acquire our Wikipedia Backlinks for us.

Wikipedia links are one of the most trusted citation votes your website can achieve.

Let Wiki Wookiees do the heavy lifting for you and acquire the placements your brand is missing currently.

Let Wiki Wookiee Do The Heavy Lifting


Let me introduce you to my thoughts on the WikiWookie service and whether you need it in your processes to improve google search engines ranking.

Do Wikipedia links help SEO?

Yes, a Wikipedia link is a great way to help your page rank higher.

Having external links from Wikipedia to your site also helps in boosting your SEO page rank score.

Wikipedia is one of the most authoritative and well-trusted sites on the internet, providing users with detailed information on almost any topic they can think of.

Unlock your website’s full potential by securing one of the most highly credible and authoritative backlinks that exist on Wikipedia created by Wiki Wookiee

Getting links to your website from Wikipedia can be extremely beneficial.

Why Do Wikipedia Backlinks Help Your Link Profile?

Wikipedia backlinks help your link profile because it is part of the seed set of trusted sites on the web link graph.

The shortest distances from the set of seed sites your domain is the more trusted and powerful your link profile becomes.

Wikipedia drives RELEVANCE and TRUST to your backlink profile which is very important for long term rankings

The more Wikipedia links you can get from the most relevant pages related to your niche the better for your link profile is.

All backlink profiles should look to be getting several trusted seed website links from Wikipedia.

How to Get Links From Wikipedia?

The best way to get links from Wikipedia is:

  1. Click through to
  2. Add Wikipedia link to cart
  3. Purchase for the Wikipedia backlink
  4. Fill in details of URL, anchor text and topic

To avoid your site getting blacklisted in Wikipedia you need to hire a specialist vendor like Wiki Wookiee.

Alternatively, if you want to try and create your own Wikipedia link placements you can follow our guide on how to get Wikipedia backlinks manually.

The Wiki Wookiee Promise

The Wiki Wookiee Promise is they will replace any Wikipedia Backlink for free if in the first 90 days any get removed by moderators.

After Wiki Wookiee conclude the research and place the link, it rarely gets removed.

In the unlikely case that our backlink gets lost within the warranty period, they replace Wikipedia links free of charge.

Leave it up to the Wiki Wookiees to secure a niche-relevant Wikipedia placement in the language of your choice

The 3-Month Link Warranty gives peace of mind to any link buyers of purchasing Wikipedia backlinks.

What are Wookiees?

Wookiees are fictional hirsute humanoid aliens in the Star Wars universe.

They come from the planet Kashyyyk and are taller and stronger than most humans.

The most prominent Wookiee is Chewbacca, co-pilot of the Millennium Falcon alongside Han Solo.

Who Are Wiki Wookiee?

Wiki Wookiee are the best Wikipedia backlink service in the SEO communities.

The founders understood many marketers were asking how to get a link from the largest Encyclopedia and tested for many years various methods.

With low costs to buy Wikipedia backlinks from their company, it has made them the market leader for backlinks Wikipedia SEO services.

Popular Questions

How Long Do Wiki Wookiee Take to Place Wikipedia Backlinks?

Wiki Wookiee take on average 4-6 weeks to place hyperlinks on Wikipedia.

On it says:

“Our end-to-end process usually takes 7-10 business days.”

But from ordering Wikipedia Backlinks for 6 years now they really need to change this because at certain times of the year I have known the lead time takes up to 12 weeks.

They have always delivered the backlinks (or refunded) if the domain is blacklisted for some reason on

What are the contact details for Wiki Wookiee?

The contact details for Wiki Wookiee are:

  • 10d Anerley Station Road, London, Greater London, SE20 8PT

Customer support is something this company need to improve on. The support can take weeks to respond to simple questions or updates.

But when they do respond they have replied to say “We keep our prices very low because have no sales or support team” and will get round to placing your links or giving refunds if we cannot submit the backlink.


Wikipedia backlinks need to be part of your backlink profile.

Being mentioned by Wikipedia builds a more recognizable and reputable brand.

Wiki Wookiee does the heavy lifting for you to get Featured By The LARGEST Encyclopedia In The World

You can try to build up your contributor accounts or outsource to a reliable vendor in WikiWookies:



Here are the most common questions regarding Wikipedia backlinks.

Do Wiki Wookiee Support Non-English Versions Of Wikipedia?

Yes, Wiki Wookiee are proud to be the only link building vendor that supports more than 90 different Wikipedia extensions.

Wiki Wookiee want you to not only get a backlink from a relevant Wikipedia referral page that is related to your website but to also get it in the same language and geolocation.

Is Wikipedia a good backlink?

Wikipedia is one of the biggest, oldest and most authoritative websites on the internet which makes Wikipedia backlinks one of the most powerful links on the planet.

It’s hard to do a Google search for any term that doesn’t list Wikipedia in the top 10.

How much does a Wikipedia Backlink Cost?

The cost of Wikipedia backlinks is $169 per URL.

The prices of Wikipedia Links can vary depending on the link building company but our preferred supplier is Wiki Wookiee because the service is the best we have used.

The $169 cost for a Wikipedia Backlink is value for money.

How to avoid your website getting blacklisted in Wikipedia?

The best technique to avoid your website getting blacklisted in Wikipedia is hiring the best SEO specialist like Wiki Wookiee to complete these works.

As Wiki Wookiee understands all the Wikipedia rules and legislation they follow what is needed and will only place backlinks from relevant sources.

Why is my Website Blacklisted on Wikipedia?

Your website can get blacklisted and blocked from Wikipedia for a number of reasons:

  • Wikipedia behaviour reported for spam under any contributor account
  • Connected to an IP that has been used in a problematic way or there is a concern about your editing
  • Problem with your username – your username was unsuitable and has been blocked
  • Unintended triggering of anti-vandalism systems (known as “collateral damage”) – your IP address, unfortunately, happens to match an IP address used by a blocked account
  • Using a VPN or other anonymizing proxy service – you are using a VPN or another service that uses proxies

It is very easy to get IP addresses, domains or contributor Wikipedia accounts blocked by spam edits or being reported for problematic behaviour.

This is another reason why you should use a specialist Wikipedia service provider.

Specialist Wikipedia Link Building Company

Use Wiki Wookiee

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