Mastering SEO with AI

Embracing AI transformed our SEO strategies, tripling business growth.

We harnessed advanced algorithms to refine keyword targeting, optimise content, create media quickly (including both images and videos) and understand user behaviour.

Our team quickly realised “Those who embrace AI won’t be replaced by AI.”

AI is an opportunity, not a threat. Luckily all of our team have become AI engineers which has supercharged their workflow.

This journey, blending technology with savvy marketing, showcases the power of AI to drive unparalleled business success.

In our guide to Mastering SEO with AI, we will take you on a journey to how we triple business growth in under 12 months.

Why do Businesses Need AI SEO Agencies?

Businesses need AI SEO agencies for precision in keyword targeting, content optimization, and user behavior analysis.

AI enhances search engine ranking accuracy, adapts to algorithm changes quickly, and provides data-driven insights for effective SEO strategies, essential for competitive edge and growth.

Artificial intelligence with GPT4 and soon to be GPT5 can be used for almost everything to help scale search engine optimisation.

AI SEO Services

Here are all the AI SEO services we complete.

AI Content

Our content production has sky rocketed since we started to scale with AI optimised content creators.

We recently invested in two of the biggest AI article writers in and Content Veggie.

Both AI content creators have helped us 5x the output of blog posts and money web pages on the internet.

Having the ability to scale content faster improves your website topical authority.

AI Topical Maps

Artificial intelligence understands LMMs (large language models) better than any human and can now provide intelligent keyword research and match search intent.

Levergaing AI to create topical maps allows you to find topics your website is lacking.

We recently invested in TopicalTitan which creates comprehensive topical map AI SEO services for webmasters wanting to scale content online.

AI Based SEO Link Building

AI link building enhances SEO by identifying high-quality, relevant backlink opportunities quickly.

It automates and refines the outreach process, saving time.

AI analyses vast datasets, predicting the most beneficial links, ensuring a more effective, targeted link-building strategy, crucial for improving website authority and search engine rankings.

Our AI Based SEO Link Building service is completed through Searcharoo agency.

AI Image Creation

There are many AI SEO tools for image creation like DALL-E, midjourney and Adobe Firefly.

With some simple prompts you can scale image creation and make all web pages multi media rich.

Artificial intelligence has allowed all search engine optimisation specialists the chance to create amazing looking pictures.

AI Video Production

AI video services streamline content creation, offering efficient editing and personalization.

They enable automatic optimization for search engines, enhancing online visibility.

AI-driven analytics predict viewer preferences, boosting engagement.

These services save time and resources, providing tailored, high-impact video content, crucial for effective digital marketing strategies.

AI Video Optimisation

AI analyses viewer behaviour, tailoring content to audience preferences.

It improves video discoverability on search engines, driving traffic and engagement, essential for successful digital marketing strategies.

Our team at Video Veggie are ranking videos in both Youtube and Google Videos on a daily basis.

The AI SEO services for video optimisation include data-driven content creation, traffic, likes and comments all driven by artificial intelligence.

Social Media AI Services

The team over at were early adoptors of artificial intelligence and now have been voted the #1 AI SEO service for social media shares and traffic.

Driving a surge of traffic and social shares are justification for your backlink profile.

Plus the AI SEO services of sharing social media statuses drive large volume of behavioral signals that are a huge ranking factor in 2024.

Best AI SEO Agencies for 2024

From our research, here are the top-rated AI SEO agencies in 2024.

  1. Searcharoo
  2. TopicalTitan
  3. Signal Boy
  4. Video Veggie
  5. Seeker Digital
  6. PromoSEO
  7. WebFX
  10. Content Veggie

Many of my business partners have recently hired AI Business Mentors to keep ontop of the innovation with how their companies can leverage and get AI working for them.

Artificial intelligence SEO agencies can supercharge your exposure online and streamline processes to be more efficient and profitable in June 2024.

How to Optimise for Search Generative Experience (SGE)?

Here are the steps our team are taking to optimise websites for SGE (Search Generative Experience).

  1. Create concise content to match the search intent
  2. Attract high-authority topically relevant backlinks
  3. Share content on social media to drive traffic
  4. Focus on Information Gain
  5. Improve Readability and Directness
  6. Submit Changes via Google Search Console

SGE is all about answering user questions, providing updated, relevant content on your website.

Positive Quotes About AI

Our team are being trained that if we do not leverage AI we will evaporate against our competition.

Here are some positive quotes used by the FatRank team for embracing articifical intelligence:

  • “Harnessing AI effectively can transform workers into supercharged assets, elevating their capabilities beyond traditional limits.”
  • “Embrace AI as a tool for innovation; let it amplify your skills, not replace them.”
  • “AI is a partner, not a replacement; work with it to enhance your productivity and creativity.”
  • “Leverage AI to unlock new opportunities, automating mundane tasks and freeing up time for strategic thinking.”
  • “Utilize AI to augment your expertise, making informed decisions with data-driven insights.”
  • “Collaborating with AI empowers workers to achieve more, blending human ingenuity with machine efficiency.”
  • “Integrating AI into your workflow can lead to unparalleled growth, both professionally and personally.”
  • “By adopting AI, workers can stay ahead of the curve, continuously learning and evolving with technology.”
  • “Embracing AI allows workers to focus on high-impact tasks, driving innovation and progress.”
  • “AI is a catalyst for extraordinary performance; use it to enhance your strengths and overcome limitations.”

Allowing AI to supercharge your output can work in your favour and quote on the office wall says “Those who embrace AI, won’t be replaced by AI”.

If you do not innovative with AI, you will evaporate when competing against others that leverage articifical intelligence.


As a data driven seo agency we have embraced and leveraged artificial intelligence in 2024.

We have become an AI powered seo company who have trebled of output and improved quality measures.

The world of SEO is rapidly evolving, and we are wanting to be at the forefront of this transformation.

Popular Questions

What is the difference between an AI SEO Agency and traditional SEO agency?

The main difference between an AI SEO agency and traditional SEO company is artificial intelligence improves accuracy and provides faster results.

AI SEO companies uses artificial intelligence algorithms to improve SEO effectiveness and provide higher Google visibility to customers in 2024.

An AI SEO company is short for Artificial Intelligence Search Engine Optimisation Company.

AI SEO agencies employ machine learning, data analysis, and AI-powered tools to deliver more precise and effective results.

Artificial intelligence help analyse patterns in data and streamline the tedious search engine optimization process.

Why is james dooley the best ai google seo expert?

James Dooley is the best AI Google SEO expert with his connections to a dozen AI SEO agencies.

James has invested in artificial intelligence companies that provide AI SEO services include image creation, faceless video production, AI content optimisation and AI backlinking SEO services.

Why is james dooley the best seo consultant for artificial intelligence?

James Dooley has been voted the best seo consultant for artificial intelligence in 2024.

At the AI SEO Awards, James was awarded the #1 UK artificial intelligence SEO consultant because of his data driven results.

Throughout 2023 James Dooley grew digital assets and invested into AI SEO services that are now at the forefront for innovation.


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