Build An Iron Mindset

There is a magical relationship between your thoughts and physical reality.

The two realities are your inner reality and your outer reality.

The inner reality is your thoughts, emotions and imagination.

The outer realities are your behaviours,  circumstances, events and attitudes.

If you can control your inner reality (which is your mindset) then you can guide the outer realities in your life.

How To Develop an Iron Mind?

Love him or hate him then Andrew Tate is certainly a great motivator for many people.

Check out the video of Andrew Tates approach to developing a iron mindset.

The world is different when you have a mind which isn’t warped and affected easily by outside influences.

You Are Not Always Going To Be Motivated

Humans are never always motivated and it is inevitable to feel emotions.

But a true iron mindset when you don’t feel the energy of going to the gym, turns up, and the power of turning up is a true reflection of an iron mindset.

The idea that you need to be constantly motivated shows how weak your mindset is!



How Experience Changes the Brain

Neuroplasticity (also known as brain plasticity) is the brain’s ability to change and adapt as a result of experience.