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Reviews of your brand online are one of the most influential factors for making purchasing decisions.

Recent surveys showed that 91% of customers trust online reviews as much as recommendations from family and friends.

With a vast majority of customers trusting the reviews are you optimising for your brand SERP?

Could those extra 5* reviews push your next potential client from consideration to purchase?

Do you even know that ratemybusiness.io is a brand that can supply genuine reviews from real people, done manually, and with different IP addresses?

#1 Trusted Google Review Supplier


For best results, you are better at adding reviews slowly so each review is drip-fed so algorithms see a steady flow of positive reviews being created.

RateMyBusiness.io Services

Ratemybusiness.io offer genuine reviews from real people on Google Maps Listings and Facebook Pages.

The Rate My Business company create all reviews for reputation management on different IPs and each review is created manually.

The Five Star Google Reviews service is having huge benefits for conversion rate optimisation and seeing positive ranking increases with GMB results.

Why Use RateMyBusiness.io?

If you are serious about your online presence and how your customers see your brand online then RateMyBusiness.io is a must to grow your positive reviews.

After years of research and testing, we’ve determined that using reviews to improve your online reputation is a safe and effective way to improve brand reputation.

Rate My Business services are a sure-fire way to accelerate your consumer decision journey from

Here are a bunch of reasons why you should use RateMyBusiness.io:

Improve GMB Ranking

When buying positive 5* reviews improves your GMB rankings for a number of reasons:

  • It improves the CTR of your Google My Business Listing when you have more reviews than your competition
  • Having keywords in your GMB reviews help rank the Google My Business Listing for more keywords

The better ranking of your GMBs is a huge benefit to driving more enquiries or sales to your website.

Do you want to improve your local rankings?

Well, make the most of the genuine 5-star review service from ratemybusiness.

Increase Trust And Credibility

With 91% of online customers trusting online reviews as much as recommendations from family and friends, you need to be maximising your positive reviews.

Consumers crave transparency and read fellow customer reviews in order to get it.

Building trust and credibility could persuade your next potential customers over the line to choose your business.

Five-star reviews give the opportunity to be in the right place at the right time, giving customers the information and trust for your online brand

Before placing orders or even enquiring with suppliers your potential customer’s research and check you’re a trusted provider.

Increase Your Brands Trust Online


Rate My Business Google Reviews

Influence Purchase Decisions

How much money is it worth to influence your targeted clients from:

  • Consideration to purchase?
  • From browsing to a sale?
  • From evaluation to enquiry?
  • From reluctant to ready?
  • From unknown to trusted?
  • From objections to spending?

Marketers should be aware of the way consumers research and buy products.

Building your reviews is the core goal of reaching consumers at the time they are searching for your brand – and ready to buy.

Using reviews to improve your online reputation is a great way of showing the consumers that you aren’t only the best, but the most trustworthy.

Improving your Google ratings for your brand will often seal the deal if customers are looking into your brand SERP.

Helps Your SEO

Google Maps Reviews and Facebook Reviews are indirect organic SEO ranking factors.

The 5* Reviews improve click-through rates and Google uses behavioural signals within their algorithm factors.

That is the core reason why Signal Boy orders see increases in SERP rankings because of the secondary behavioural signals they send through with engagement.

It’s very important to get consumers to click on your links and a good collection of positive reviews entices people to do just that.

Popular Questions

Why Are Customer Reviews So Important?

Reviews are so important for online reputation management.

The reviews have the power to influence consumer decisions.

They have the power to increase your credibility and gain consumers trust.

The reviews can encourage people to interact with the brand.

Why do people read reviews?

Reviews allow customers to get a trustworthy sense of how companies treat their customers.

Verified reviews offer valuable guidance from people who’ve used the service or product.

Make it easier for shoppers to decide.

Is online reputation management important?

Online reputation management (ORM) is critical for businesses to maintain positive brand identity in the eyes of consumers.

Your brand SERP is very important for all reputation online.

Digital marketers understand the value of online reputation management and building your reviews is the key to improving this.

Contact Details

Here are the contact details for Rate My Business:

  • www.ratemybusiness.io
  • Rate My Business, Unit 1h Station House Farm, 673 Chorley Rd, Westhoughton, Bolton BL5 3NF

Final Thoughts

So many large businesses do not look at their brand presence online.

In the digital world we live in you need to stand out from your competitors in every way shape or form.


Something I would recommend when ordering from RateMyBusiness.io is you can provide your own content for the reviews you order. Write these yourself because no one knows the industry better than yourself and you can make these reviews keyword-rich promoting the products or services you specifically want to.

If you order and leave the review text blank and get “Great Company” as a review then this is your own fault for being lazy.

Write the positive 5-star reviews with buying intent focussed content to convert your next potential customer.

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