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Having an author bio is more than just describing who you are to your website users, it is also a great way to build trust with Google that you’re a legitimate outfit.

Google wants to know who is responsible for the website and who wrote the content, which makes the author of the web pages very important.

The person who is responsible for the content creation is a huge Google E-E-A-T factor which stands for Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness.

Within this article, we’ll discuss in detail the importance of having an author bio on your website, and why this can be so advantageous for site owners.

Does Having an Author Bio Help Your EEAT Signals?

Having an author bio does help your EEAT signals, as it provides clear information to Google regarding who the website owner is and their history, helping to cement legitimacy across your site.

When a website is manually reviewed by Google quality raters, factors such as author bios are taken into account when they consider how reputable a website is.

Having a high quality author bio will help Google to see that you’re experienced in your industry, have expert knowledge regarding the topics you cover, have authority within the sector and can be trusted as a reputable online source.

How Do Google Quality Raters Know If Your Website Has An Author Bio?

Google Quality Raters are able to know if your website has an author bio by using a software called raterhub.

This software is used to manually analyse the quality of a website, and Google Quality Raters will check factors such as author bios when looking into the legitimacy and trust of a website online.

Factors like author bios, amongst other things, are important to Google when looking into your website. It’s important you have as many trust signals as you can in order to be favourable to Google.

Tips For Writing A Good Author Bio For Google

Here are some tips on how you can write a good author bio for Google, and for your website users:

  • Describe what gives you credibility in your industry
  • Ensure you come across professional
  • Provide examples of any previous work/experience you’ve had that is relevant to your site
  • Inject some personality into the author bio
  • Include information such as
  • Carefully consider your target audience

Reasons Why You Should Promote Your Author Bio

It’s all well and good having a great author bio, but there are also many reasons why you should considering promoting it, both on your website and on others.

Below are all of the best techniques in our opinion when it comes to promoting your author bio:

  • Create an author page and link from the footer
  • Write a press release relating to you as an author and link back to your author page
  • If you have a video describing who you are, post it on YouTube and promote your author page through it
  • Build tier two backlinks to any third-party endorsement websites
  • Share your author bio or author page on your social media profiles

You should promote your author bio as much as you can, because it is a huge experience, expertise, authoritativeness, and trust signal to Google Quality Raters.

What is a Google Author Transparency Manual Action?

A Google Author Transparency Manual Action refers to a site that has been penalized by Google for not providing clear or adequate information about the author.

This information can include the author’s bio, their “about” section, contact details, branded search results for the author, and various other components.

Sites subject to these manual penalties might see a decline in their visibility, a fall in search rankings, or could even be completely removed from Google’s search listings.

If you get an alert regarding violations of Google’s transparency rules, it’s crucial to make sure the details about the author are distinct and easily visible on your webpage.

Using Reverse Sink or Swim to Boost SEO and Brand EEAT Signals

When choosing a link-building agency, it’s important to ensure that the agency can offer advanced reverse sink or swim to prioritise having the author’s name in the title and URL.

Reverse sink or swim is the process of having your keyword specified in the title and URL of the page you are linking from.

Having your author name in the title and URL of a guest post is really beneficial for a number of reasons;

  • Boost in Brand Signals and Search Rankings
  • Enhanced E-A-T (Expertise, Authority, Trustworthiness) Score
  • Improved Social Media Sharing

You can also take this a step further to what we call the ‘The Absolute Killer Title Tag’. This consists of {TOPIC} + {AWARDS} + {BRAND} + {AUTHOR}.

Having topic, awards, brand and author name all mentioned in the title tag of a guest post can massively help;

  • Maximizing SEO Benefits and Brand Exposure
  • Showcasing Expertise, Authority, and Achievements
  • Increasing Click-Through Rates and Engagement

Perfect Reverse Sink or Swim Examples

These examples showcase the reverse sink or swim phenomenon, where individuals or companies not only rise to the occasion but excel, earning prestigious accolades at industry-leading events.

  • Karl Hudson at Searcharoo Collects “Best SEO Agency” at UK Digital Awards
  • Searcharoo’s Karl Hudson Win “Best Link Building Company” at UK SEO Awards
  • {AUTHOR} at {BRAND} Collects “{TOPIC}” at UK Digital {AWARDS}

Advantages of Customizable Titles for SEO

By buying backlinks with customizable titles and URLs, you can completely tailor the external post to make it perfectly relevant to your own page.

This makes the backlink perfect to pass relevance and power. There are a few other reasons why this is amazing for your page;

  • Increased Flexibility and Control Over SEO Strategy
  • Better Optimization for Targeted Keywords
  • Stand Out Among Competitors

How to Improve Your EEAT Signals With Your Author Bio

The best way to improve your EEAT signals with your author bio is to build links to your author page on your website.

We’ve analysed all of the best link providers for you to showcase the best places to go for author bio link building:

Searcharoo Author Bio Backlinks

Searcharoo is one of the most reputable link-building providers for a reason, and that’s down to the quality and relevance of the backlinks they build.

Their services are focused on ensuring that quality is delivered every time, with their links being designed to improve the EEAT score of the sites they are built to.

These can be a great option for those looking to lift their EEAT signals through backlinking to their author page.

AgencyBacklinks Author Bio Backlinks

AgencyBacklinks also offer some terrific backlink packages available to their customers, and can be a brilliant options for those wanting to send some positive EEAT signals to their author pages.

This particular business have a lot of experience in the link building industry, and are a trustworthy brand that offer very good links at competitive prices.

Be sure to take a look at AgencyBacklinks to learn more about how they can help lift your site’s EEAT score.

Authority Wall Author Bio Backlinks

Despite mainly being known for their content services, Authority Wall can also provide some excellent backlink opportunities for those wanting to build links to their author bio pages.

Their link building services are well-priced, and clients have seen some very positive results from using their services in the past.

Click below to get started with Authority Wall today.

High Rise Links Author Bio Backlinks

And finally, High Rise Links are our final link provider we’d recommend.

This specialist link building provider are known for working with clients in various industries, and can help you improve your EEAT score significantly by powering up your author bio page and increasing relevancy/trust.

Have a look at High Rise Links below to learn more.


Google Quality Raters will always be looking for new ways to judge the authenticity of a website, and using EEAT measures, they are becoming very good and working out who deserves to be ranking for the keywords they’re striving for.

By making the most of your author bio and author pages, and building high quality links to them, you can tell Google why you deserve to be considered a trustworthy and authoritative website within your niche.

It’s because of this that we feel having a good author bio and author page setup, as well as a good backlink strategy in place is another great way to show Google why you’re the right company to rank in your industry.

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