Trend Jacking

Trend jacking is a strategic marketing approach employed by numerous leading reputation management firms that helps to boost a website’s visibility online.

It is also frequently used as a crisis management tool to combat negative publicity.

In this article, we will delve into the concept of trend jacking, highlighting its effectiveness as a growth hacking technique utilised by businesses worldwide.

What is Trend Jacking?

Trend jacking is a popular digital marketing technique used by businesses to leverage the power of trending topics, events or hashtags on social media platforms to increase their brand’s visibility, engagement and reach.

It is a form of news jacking, where businesses create relevant and engaging content that is in line with the current trends and hot topics that are buzzing in their industry or niche.

By hopping onto these trends, businesses can take advantage of the increased traffic and interest around these topics to drive more traffic to their website, increase their social media following and ultimately boost their bottom line.

With trend jacking, businesses can create a strong brand presence, increase their credibility, and foster a deeper connection with their target audience by tapping into what they care about the most.

However, it is important to use trend jacking ethically and avoid any content that may be controversial, offensive or insensitive to avoid damaging the company’s reputation.

How to Maximise Your Trend Jacking Strategy

Trend jacking can be an effective way to generate interest around your brand or product, but it’s important to have a solid strategy in place to maximise its potential. Here are some tips to help you make the most of your trend jacking efforts:

Stay up-to-date with the latest trends

To successfully trend jack, you need to be aware of the latest trends and conversations in your industry. Monitor social media platforms and news outlets to stay informed and identify opportunities for trend jacking.

Be quick

When it comes to trend jacking, timing is everything. You need to be quick and agile in your approach, as trends can come and go in a matter of hours.

Have a team or process in place that can quickly identify and respond to trending topics with relevant and timely content. This will help you to stay top of mind and maximise your exposure to new audiences.

By staying informed and being agile, you can effectively trend jack and leverage the latest trends to boost your brand’s visibility and reach online.

Best Trend Jacking Agencies

Here are all of the best trend jacking agencies for 2024:

News Jack is a top-rated digital marketing agency that provides bespoke news, brand and trend jacking services to businesses across various industries.

With a team of experienced marketers, they help businesses capitalise on current trending topics and events to create engaging content that resonates with their audience and drives brand awareness.

Their trend jacking services cover a wide range of strategies, including social media monitoring, real-time content creation, and cross-channel marketing.

With their comprehensive approach, they can help you craft an engaging brand story that resonates with your target audience and generates interest around your company.

Newquay Voice

Newquay Voice is an ideal platform for businesses looking to employ trend jacking as part of their digital PR strategy.

With its large publication and professional team of reporters and journalists, Newquay Voice is a trusted source of news and information, making it an ideal platform for businesses to engage with their target audience through trend jacking.

By leveraging current events and industry news, businesses can create compelling content that resonates with their audience and helps establish thought leadership in their industry.


Recuro is a leading digital marketing agency that offers a wide range of services to help businesses increase their online visibility and drive engagement.

With a team of experienced professionals, they can provide expert guidance on how to use trend jacking to enhance a brand’s reputation and reach a wider audience.

With a focus on ethical and tasteful trend jacking, they ensure that businesses can leverage current events without causing any negative backlash or harm to their reputation.

Why Consider Trend Jacking?

Trend jacking is a powerful technique for businesses to stay relevant and engage with their audience in real-time.

In today’s fast-paced world, where trends come and go quickly, it’s important for companies to be able to capitalise on these trends in order to stay ahead of the competition.

By trend jacking, businesses can piggyback off of popular trends and topics, effectively riding the wave of popularity to increase their own exposure and visibility.

One of the main benefits of trend jacking is the potential for increased reach and engagement. By tapping into a popular trend or topic, businesses can increase their visibility and potentially reach new audiences who may not have been aware of their brand before.

This can lead to increased brand awareness, website traffic, and ultimately, conversions.

Additionally, trend jacking allows businesses to stay relevant and up-to-date with the latest trends and topics in their industry, which is crucial for maintaining a competitive edge in today’s market.

How to use Trend Jacking effectively for Digital PR

To make the most of your trend jacking strategy for digital PR, it’s important to stay up to date with the latest industry trends, news and events.

You can achieve this by subscribing to relevant publications, monitoring social media trends and engaging with industry influencers.

Another way to use trend jacking effectively for digital PR is by creating content that is relevant and timely. This can include blog posts, social media updates, videos, and infographics.

By creating content that is aligned with current trends and events, you can increase your chances of getting noticed by your target audience, as well as journalists and influencers who may be interested in sharing your content.

How to Begin Trend Jacking

Trend jacking can be a highly effective strategy for increasing brand awareness and engagement, but it requires a bit of preparation and research to be done effectively.

Here are some steps to begin trend jacking:

  1. Identify current and upcoming trends: Stay up to date with industry news, social media, and other online resources to identify popular and emerging trends that are relevant to your brand or industry.
  2. Create a content calendar: Plan and schedule your trend jacking content in advance to ensure that you are ready to take advantage of any trending topics.
  3. Research the competition
  4. Analyse how your competitors are using trend jacking and identify areas where you can differentiate and stand out.
  5. Stay authentic: Make sure that your trend jacking content aligns with your brand’s values and messaging, and doesn’t come across as opportunistic or insincere.
  6. Use social media: Leverage social media platforms to stay on top of trends and share your trend jacking content with your audience.
  7. Monitor and measure results: Keep track of how your trend jacking content is performing, and adjust your strategy accordingly based on what is resonating with your audience.
  8. Engage with your audience: Use trend jacking as an opportunity to engage with your audience and build relationships with them by asking for their opinions and feedback.
  9. Collaborate with influencers: Partner with influencers who are experts in the trends you are jacking to increase your reach and credibility.
  10. Be timely: Act fast and publish your trend jacking content while the topic is still relevant and generating buzz.

Is It Ethical To Trend Jack?

Trend jacking can be ethical, but it has to be done properly and with due care.

It is important to make sure that any trend jacking is done in good taste, and not in a way that is offensive or insensitive to others.

It’s crucial to consider the potential impact of trend jacking on the reputation of the brand and whether it aligns with the company’s values and mission.

Is Trend Jacking Better Than Standard Advertising?

Trend jacking and standard advertising are two different approaches to marketing, with their own unique advantages and disadvantages.

While standard advertising can be effective in promoting a product or service through traditional channels such as print and TV ads, it can be expensive and less targeted than trend jacking.

Trend jacking, on the other hand, is a more cost-effective approach that leverages existing trends and popular topics to create engaging content and capture consumer attention.

It allows brands to tap into the conversations and interests of their target audience, increasing the likelihood of engagement and sharing.

In this way, trend jacking can be a more efficient and engaging way to reach and connect with consumers.

However, it’s important to remember that trend jacking should be done ethically and in a way that adds value to the conversation, rather than exploiting it for commercial gain.

Benefits Of Brand Jacking

Brand jacking, when done correctly, can provide a range of benefits to a business.

Here are some of the main advantages of using brand jacking as part of your marketing strategy:


In conclusion, using a professional trend jacking business can provide valuable guidance and ensure that trend jacking is executed in a tasteful and ethical manner, avoiding any potential backlash or harm to the brand’s reputation.

A professional can also help develop a strategic plan for trend jacking, including identifying the target audience, selecting the appropriate platform and timing, and crafting compelling content.

Ultimately, with the right approach, trend jacking can be a powerful tool for businesses to differentiate themselves in a competitive market and reach a broader audience.

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