Twitter Moments

Twitter Moments should form part of your SEO strategy in June 2024 if you are looking to improve your Brand SERP.

What are twitter moments and can they rank high in Google SERPs?

Twitter Moments are curated stories that are easy to create via the navigation bar on Twitter moments include a title, description, curated tweets, and a selected cover image. When you create your own story with Twitter Moments they can rank high in Google search results.

But how do you optimise twitter moments within your SEO strategies?

Let us dive into everything you need to know about Twitter Moments and the benefits it has for SEO.

How to Create Twitter Moments?

Here is how to create Twitter moments:

  1. Login to your twitter profile
  2. Click on “More” + “Moments” to go through to this URL
  3. Create new twitter moment
  4. Add title and description
  5. Add several relevant existing tweets
  6. Choose a tweet URL for the cover image
  7. Select publish
  8. Click “Public: Everyone can discover the Moment”

Can You Rank Twitter Moments?

Once you have the URL like this you can then start to hit both CTR and Embeds to the Twitter moments.

The twitter moments webpage ranks high in Google SERP because of the power of the root domain.

So once you send traffic to this URL from specialist CTR tools or backlinks to get the URLs crawled it can start to rank for your focus keywords.

Why Use Twitter Moments?

Twitter Moments let you tell a story with longer-form content that can curate multiple tweets.

A tweet is restricted in content length and the Twitter moments allow you to combine different perspectives to tell an interesting message.

Being able to curate tweets surrounding a topic can allow you to deliver a powerful story in topics related to your brand.

Different types of Moments

Here are the different types of Twitter moments:

  • Create inspirational storyline
  • Showcase positive customer stories
  • Curate round-ups
  • Recap an event
  • Promote branded news
  • Resurface old Tweets
  • Combine related memories into one story
  • Showreel positive annual events


The curated long-form twitter moments have been amazing for SEOs who struggle to deliver brand messaging in a single tweet.

Not only can Twitter moments drive insane traffic through followers, but they can also rank for targeted keyphrases your brand wants to rank for.

Twitter is built for discovery, and Moments are a natural way to help brands increase visibility and join the wider conversation.

Don’t let your amazing tweets go to waste and create a Twitter moment to skyrocket your Twitter engagement.

The creation of Twitter moments allows you to cluster your related tweet into one combined story for your audience to see.