Best Indexers for Backlinks

Backlinks are a powerful asset in SEO, but without visibility, they are a waste of money.

Recent Google updates have reduced the number of web pages crawled, leaving many backlinks unnoticed.

Backlink indexers address this issue by boosting the visibility of your links, ensuring they are effortlessly recognised by search engines and indexed quickly.

Coming up, we’ll explore top tools like Indexceptional, GigaIndexer, and IndexMeNow that streamline this process for maximum effectiveness.

Read on for the best backlink indexers in 2024.

What Are Backlinks & Why Are They Important?

Backlinks are incoming links from a web page to your website.

They are an important part of websites and are included in SEO strategies. Search engine algorithms take links into consideration and factor them into the authority and relevance of your website.

If a site with a high domain rating links to your website, it is a great signal that’s likely to boost the power of your website and improve your search rankings.

Backlinks have been around for decades, yet they’re still considered one of the most integral parts of building websites and brands.

But there’s a growing problem… many backlinks are being completely missed, rendering them useless.

What Are Backlink Indexers?

Backlink indexers are indexing tools that help you get your URLs recognised and crawled by Google.

Google often misses web pages and there are numerous reasons for this. But all pages missed mean a lack of visibility and wasted backlinks.

There’s no point in creating a backlink campaign that requires money and resources if Google doesn’t index the page.

Indexers for backlinks are the perfect solution to getting your backlinks seen and creating juice to power up your site.

Indexceptional won the top voted backlink indexer with flying colours – it won all of our tests for speed, indexation rates and getting the first GoogleBot

Why Get Backlinks Indexed with a Tool?

Backlinks that aren’t indexed with a tool could cost you thousands of dollars.

Indexing tools ensure that your backlinks are picked up and are powering up your website. Indexers make sure that your money isn’t being wasted on backlinks that are never seen.

What’s more, you also get to streamline the process, saving you time to invest in other tasks.

Indexing tools speed up the process, making it simple with their easy-to-use interface, and they also apply multiple strategies to ensure that your URLs are not missed.

Before being able to enjoy the benefits of a backlink indexer, you first need to find the best tool for you, with plenty to pick from.

We’ll help you through the process of picking the best indexing tool for backlinks shortly.

The Best Backlink Indexers in 2024

Don’t use any old backlink indexers; be sure to find recommended and tested indexing tools for your strategy.

We’ve helped save you time by testing all of the best backlink indexers. Here are our top-rated indexing tools:


Indexceptional is the number-one voted backlink indexer, known for being a powerhouse service with advanced tools and lightning-fast speeds.

With an indexing time of 72 hours, you’ll be hard-pushed to beat these times. By speeding up your indexing process, the tool makes sure you aren’t wasting time. Allow up to five days for your link to be processed and indexed.

Many indexers have a small success rate, meaning that your submitted URLs may not be successfully indexed. Luckily, Indexceptional exhibits an impressive 80–90% indexation rate.

Find out everything you need to know about this easy-to-use tool with our Indexceptional review.


GigaIndexer is a top indexer that specialises in getting your backlinks seen.

Its sophisticated algorithms are designed to prioritise the prompt crawling and indexing of submitted backlinks.

Giga is a world-renowned piece of software known for its speed, but it also offers great value, with offers starting at $15.

Get your links indexed in under 72 hours and also enjoy 80% success rates with this premium indexing tool.

Unsure on whether they cut it? You’ll be surprised by some of the integrated features we found during GigaIndexer test and review.


IndexMeNow may not compare to the top two indexers on this list, but it’s competent software with a user-friendly design.

Adding projects to your account has been made easy, effortlessly add your backlinks to their tool and await them to seamlessly get your URLs crawled.

You’ll save time and effort with this process, ensuring that your brand’s visibility increases. For more details, use our guide on IndexMeNow and see whether it suits your latest campaign.


OmegaIndexer is a fast indexer ideal to use on your backlinks – simply add your URLs for submission, and they will take care of the rest.

You’ll be guaranteed peace of mind with this fast process that seamlessly gets the GoogleBot to your guest posts, web 2.0 or other links.

Gain insight into your backlink indexation with their reports, which provide all the data you need. This gives you the chance to monitor and analyse your process. Find out how successful your indexations have been with their full report.

Read more about our tests during the Omega Indexer review.

Link Indexing

Link Indexing provides targeted backlink indexing services designed to cater to the varied needs of businesses and website owners striving to improve their SEO footprint.

A distinct feature of Link Indexing is its wide array of customisation possibilities. Users can tailor the indexing process to align perfectly with their specific audience, industry requirements, or strategic objectives.

This personalised approach guarantees not only a high volume of indexed backlinks but also ensures their relevance and quality, significantly boosting the overall effectiveness of the SEO strategies employed.

By prioritising the quality and pertinence of backlinks, Link Indexing significantly enhances the authority and online visibility of websites, driving improved search engine rankings.

Essentially, Link Indexing plays a pivotal role in augmenting SEO outcomes by ensuring that all backlinks are synergistically optimised to bolster the website’s presence on the internet.


AddToIndex excels as a backlink indexing service that emphasises both speed and efficiency, ensuring quick indexing for significant SEO gains.

The service guarantees that backlinks are indexed swiftly, providing an immediate impact on search engine optimisation. In today’s fast-moving online environment, waiting for search engines to notice and index backlinks can lead to missed opportunities.

AddToIndex stands out by rapidly integrating backlinks into search engine indexes, allowing websites to experience faster improvements in their SEO performance.

Acting as a catalyst for quick SEO advancements, AddToIndex streamlines the indexing process, cutting down on delays that can hinder a website’s competitive edge.

By adopting AddToIndex, websites can enhance their market presence by speeding up the indexing process, thus securing a tactical advantage in boosting online visibility efficiently.

We strip this tool down and reveal all of its best and worst features in the AddToIndex review.

Links Indexer

Links Indexer stands out as a comprehensive solution for backlink indexing, equipped with a diverse array of tools and features to guarantee proper recognition by search engines.

Utilising state-of-the-art technology, Links Indexer simplifies the management and optimisation of backlinks across various platforms, empowering websites to elevate their SEO performance effortlessly.

The platform prioritises efficient and effective backlink indexing, enhancing website visibility and credibility significantly.

By leveraging Links Indexer, users can anticipate improvements in organic search rankings, heightened traffic flow, and a bolstered online presence, culminating in amplified success for their websites.

Check out our complete guide on Links Indexer with our review and tests.

Instant Link Indexer

Instant Link Indexer is a rapid and dependable tool for immediate backlink indexing, ensuring swift integration into search engine results.

This efficiency accelerates visibility and enhances the website’s authority. It plays a pivotal role in boosting search engine rankings by maintaining a robust and continuously updated backlink profile.

During our tests, it didn’t live up to the hype, but they certainly set the bar high. With that said, despite being unable to match the top-rated services on our list, it is an impressive tool.

Find out more with our in-depth guide for Instant Link Indexer.


IndexInject offers versatile features for optimising backlinks, including real-time monitoring capabilities that provide detailed insights into indexing status.

This empowers website owners to make informed decisions regarding their SEO strategies. Its user-friendly interface makes it accessible to users of all technical proficiencies.

Find out everything you must know with the detailed IndexInject guide.

Speed Links

Speed Links is renowned for its rapid indexing capabilities and innovative approach to backlink portfolio management.

Its lightning-fast indexing process leads to quicker visibility and ranking improvements for websites. The platform’s state-of-the-art technology streamlines backlink data monitoring and analysis, ensuring efficient management of backlink profiles.

We tested Speed-Links with our thorough testing protocol to see how it compared to the top brands.

Ultimate Indexing

UltimateIndexing is a comprehensive solution designed to handle complex backlink structures and optimise backlink indexation for maximum SEO impact.

Its robust features excel in managing intricate backlink networks, providing efficient and effective strategies for backlink indexation. Websites with diverse backlink profiles can greatly benefit from its value, ensuring proper indexing and enhanced search engine visibility.

UltimateIndexing costs $0.05 per link and claims between 80-90% indexation rates. Find out why we didn’t believe they met that claim in our full UltimateIndexing review.


SmartIndexer makes it into our top 10 indexing tools for backlinks – thanks to their fast indexing, high efficacy and approved methods.

This sophisticated approach enables efficient analysis of backlinks and the identification of those with the highest potential to boost search engine rankings.

By prioritising high-quality and relevant backlinks, SmartIndexer helps websites enhance their online visibility and reach their target audience more effectively.

We put it to the test during our SmartIndexer analysis where we reviewed the service.

How to Choose Backlink Indexers

Don’t commit to just any indexer, be sure you have one that meets all of the requirements. We have listed the key features required to be a quality backlink indexing tool bbelow,including the speed of indexation, success rates and how many you can submit:

Speed of Indexation

Using an index tool is all about speed, you want your backlinks to be picked up as soon as possible. The faster you get backlinks indexed, the quicker your site will climb the ranks.

The fastest indexation comes from GigaIndexer and Indexceptional with times between 72 hours and five days.

Most indexing tools take a week or two to finalise the indexing process.

Ease of Use

The point of an indexing tool is to streamline the process, you want to save time. Therefore, it needs to be quick and simple to use.

We have tried all of the indexation tools on our list, checking out their interfaces. The indexing tools allow you to add projects and submit URLs. You can then sit back and await your report.

Volume of Links

Be sure that you have a software that can facilitate the number of links you need to submit. This may come down to the plan you’re on or you may get better value from a tool with flexible pricing, such as GigaIndexer.

Success Rate

Indexation rate comes into play; the more successful, the better value you get per link that you submit.

We have now found some incredible tools with cutting-edge performance, offering over 80% success rates.

When we began using these indexers, they had somewhere around 25–50% indexation rates. Now you’re able to enjoy the top three on our list and get 80%+ of your links successfully indexed.


There are lots of expensive indexing tools, and many of them lock you into a monthly subscription.

Here are some of the things we check for when it comes to pricing:

  • The total price
  • Whether you are locked into a subscription
  • How many links the plan allow
  • Success rate
  • Refund guarantees

All of the above factor into the value of the product; each person will require something different. There are pay-as-you-go options, and you can get amazing pricing at many top tools.

It’s rare to get a guarantee of some kind, but we found a refund guarantee at Indexceptional, if you’re not satisfied, you get your money back.

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