Cheapest Methods to Index URLs in Google

As Google tightens their budget and updates their guidelines, many web owners are losing out on backlinks pointing towards their site and also have web pages that are unseen.

Indexing tools have become a great option to boost a site’s visibility and ensure that backlinks are not wasted.

They streamline and speed up the process but many of them are expensive. We have found the cheapest ways for you to get your URLs indexed in May 2024. Not only can you use Google Search Console, but you’ll also be able to get good value from top indexing tools.

What is the Cheapest Method to Index URLs with Google?

There are various methods to index your site without it being costly, you can use Google, or set your content up correctly.

Use Google Search Console

Google Search Console is the primary tool for requesting an index of your site’s URLs for free.

You can prompt the search engine to crawl your new pages or let them know when a page has been updated.

It’s a great technique to speed up the process, but often pages are still missed. This can be due to numerous reasons, including thin content, duplicate content, or poor SEO structure.

Optimise Site Structure

The best thing you can do to encourage your site to be indexed is to get the SEO and overall site structure correct.

This means optimising content correctly. Not overoptimising, ensuring you answer the query, and adding internal links. A strong internal link structure makes it easy for your audience to navigate your site and improves the user experience. It also increases the likelihood of Google crawling these pages.

Submit Site Map

Many of the indexing tools ensure that you have a site map submitted but this is something that you can do yourself free of charge.

Submit your XML site map to make the crawl of your site simple.

Share to Social Media

Social media signals are a great way to not only get an influx of traffic to your site but to also make Google aware of your pages.

By sending social media traffic, you’re more likely to get your web page crawled. Be sure to share your new posts across multiple platforms.

Cheapest Indexing Tools for Google

You can also take advantage of the best value indexers for Google, such as Indexceptional and Giga Indexer.

There are cheaper options on the market, but these offer the best value, saving you money in the long-term with their high indexation rate.

Indexceptional is the best value

Although Indexceptional isn’t cheap, it offers the best value with 80-90% success rate. The indexation rate directly impacts the cost of the service – allowing you to enjoy great value when opting for a premium tool such as this one.

Indexceptional made it as the No. 1 third-party indexer and is also considered the best overall indexing tool.

It is super-fast and can handle a huge volume of links. What’s more, it comes with a 100% refund policy, giving you peace of mind.

GigaIndexer has the cheapest payment plans

GigaIndexer is the cheapest indexing option out of all of the indexing tools available.

This is taking the value into consideration – including the speed of indexing, indexation success rates and their payment plans.

They have generous offers for payment and allow lots of URLs to be submitted. Giga Indexer also boast 80% success rate, ensuring that you won’t have to continuously submit your links.

Google Search Console is Free

Google’s native tool, Search Console,, allows you to enter your URLs to be crawled. You can prompt the search engine by adding the URL to Google Search Console and selecting request index.

This is also known as “fetch and render” and makes Google aware that you want the page recrawled or a new page crawled for the first time.

It’s completely free and if you have also submitted a sitemap, then in theory they should have no problem indexing your pages.

But that’s not always the case and that’s why many indexing tools are more popular than ever. Search Console does not match the methods of advanced indexing tools, plus they can also be used to index third party websites.

Other Free Indexing Tools

If you search for free indexing tools outside of Google Search Console, you will find them but they are essentially doing the same thing as Google, only you’re using a middle-person.

We’d urge you to stick to premium and trusted tools that use white-hat methods, such as Indexceptional to submit the URLs via Google Search Console yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get your URLs indexed quickly?

You can request indexing using Google Search Console for free, but for quick indexing and a chance to ensure you get your page seen, you will want to use the quickest tools, such as Indexceptional.

Can I get backlinks on third party sites indexed?

Yes, you can use indexing tools to crawl your backlinks. Third party indexing is typically out of your hands, but thanks to the creation of top backlink indexers, you can prompt the search engine to crawl these pages despite them not being on your website.

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