Links Indexer Review

Links Indexer made it into our top 10 on the Best Search Engine Indexers of 2024.

Our team of experts have put the tool through rigorous testing, submitting different types of URLs and analysing the speed of indexing, indexation rates and ease of use.

Read on for details on this service in our Links Indexer review and more on a couple of other indexing tools you should know about.

Key Details

Let’s have a quick look at what we found when testing Links Indexer:

  • A reliable indexer with safe methods
  • Trusted by thousands of users
  • Cannot compete with top players such as Indexceptional

What is LinksIndexer?

LinksIndexer is presented as a reliable and effective solution for those looking to enhance the visibility of their backlinks in search engine results.

The platform boasts a variety of tools designed to streamline the indexing process, including features for backlink indexing, sitemap indexing, and generating new high-quality backlinks. This cloud-based index service aims to simplify SEO practices by ensuring that backlinks, which are crucial for ranking, are recognised and indexed by search engines like Google.

LinksIndexer is a competent indexing tool but we were put off when seeing the price and comparing the value to GigaIndexer

How Does LinksIndexer Work?

The process within LinksIndexer is straightforward and automated:

  1. Create a New Campaign: Users can start by setting up new campaigns within which they can manage their URLs.
  2. Upload Backlinks: The next step involves uploading the backlinks that need to be indexed.
  3. Automated Indexing Process: LinksIndexer automates the indexing process by pinging each link to ensure it’s crawled and then enhancing its authority through various high-domain-authority platforms.

Key Features of LinksIndexer

Here are some of the features Links Indexer is known for:

Indexing Backlinks

From backlink indexing to sitemap updates, LinksIndexer covers a broad spectrum of SEO needs ensuring your backlink campaign is spotted.

Quick Indexing Results

They promise to index links within a week, and although it’s far from the fastest when looking at the top indexers around, it’s certainly satisfactory.

We often like to use great value indexers that are faster than this.

Advanced Technology

Utilises a safe, automated system that boosts the indexing chances of each link. It’s important to have trust in the tool you’re using and be comfortable that they’re using up-to-date, safe tactics.

Detailed Reporting

Provides transparent and detailed reports on the progress of your links, with full download rights for comprehensive visibility.

Trusted Users

Links Indexer claims to have served 4200 users and over 9 million links in the last 24 hours. They also have a pop-up in the corner of the screen each time a verified user purchases.

Comparing Links Indexer to Other Index Tools

Those looking to streamline their indexing process with a reliable tool should look at premium indexers such as Indexceptional and Giga Indexer over

Links Indexer vs Indexceptional

Imagine choosing a Fiesta over a Ferrari, that’s what picking Links Indexer over Indexceptional compares to. Indexceptional made it as 2024‘s number one indexer, offering speed, efficacy and reliability – that ultimately gives you time back.

The time and peace of mind you gain from a top-tier tool such as Indexceptional is invaluable and allows you to concentrate your efforts elsewhere while their team takes care of the rest.

Although Links Indexer is a competent tool, they cannot compete with the speed, indexation rate and value of Indexceptional. Links Indexer is the cheaper choice but over a month’s period, you will gain your money’s worth, and you also get a 100% refund guarantee if you’re not satisfied.

Read our complete Indexceptional review with our guide.

Links Indexer vs Giga Indexer

Giga Indexer is ahead of the curve, almost making Links Indexer look like a dated tool – the two indexing services are in different leagues.

What sets Giga Indexer apart is its dedication to successful indexation that meets 80% plus and also their friendly customer service.

When you look at their prices side-by-side, there’s only one winner and that’s the number 2 voted index tool,

We put Giga Indexer to the test in our GigaIndexer review, checking it for guarantees, customer support, speed and success rates.

Reasons to Use Index Tools

There are plenty of benefits to using indexing tools especially for getting your backlinks indexed:

Quicker Search Engine Recognition

Indexing tools speed up the process of getting new content and backlinks recognised by search engines. This is crucial for keeping your site’s information up-to-date in search results, especially for dynamic websites that frequently add new content.

Improved Site Visibility

By ensuring all your web pages are indexed, these tools increase the overall visibility of your site on search engine results pages (SERPs). This can lead to more organic traffic as more pages become discoverable by potential visitors.

Enhanced SEO Rankings

Properly indexed pages can significantly enhance your SEO rankings because search engines are better able to crawl and analyse your site comprehensively. This detailed understanding allows search engines to more accurately position your site in response to search queries.

Effective Utilisation of Backlinks

Backlinks are a critical factor in search engine algorithms for ranking websites. Indexing tools ensure that all backlinks pointing to your site are recognised and indexed, thus contributing positively to your site’s authority and ranking.

Detection and Recovery of Lost Links

Over time, some links may get lost due to changes on external sites or the removal of pages. Indexing tools can help rediscover and re-index these lost links, reclaiming their SEO value.

Detailed Analytics and Reporting

Many indexing tools provide analytics that offer insights into the indexing status of your pages, the health of your site’s SEO, and the effectiveness of your backlink strategy. This data is vital for ongoing SEO adjustments and strategic planning.

Risk Mitigation

Using indexing tools helps ensure that your SEO efforts are not wasted. These tools prevent scenarios where valuable content or backlinks fail to contribute to your SEO because they haven’t been indexed.

Time and Resource Efficiency

Manually ensuring that all new content and backlinks are indexed can be time-consuming and resource-intensive. Indexing tools automate this process, saving time and allowing you to concentrate on other critical aspects of website management and optimisation.


Is Links Indexer the Best Index Tool?

Links Indexer made it to number seven in our top indexing tools guide – trailing way behind the well-known and celebrated Indexceptional.

Indexceptional is the number one with super-fast indexation and unseen indexation rates of 80% and higher.

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