GigaIndexer Review

Recent Google updates leave site owners in a predicament…

New websites take longer to be seen, backlink placements are missed, and if you have lots of pages to index, Google may miss them.

GigaIndexer is a powerhouse of an indexing tool, showcasing lightning-fast speeds and 80% success rates getting your URLs picked up and seen.

We were impressed with this indexing tool. They take care of your backlink campaign, affording you more time to get through the tasks on your to-do list while they streamline your indexation process.

Before deciding whether to use this indexer, be sure to read our detailed GigaIndexer review and why they were voted #2 in our best search engine indexing tools.

Are you wasting money on your backlink efforts? Some links aren’t even noticed by Google and are therefore costing you lots of money, indexers are made to combat that.

Key Takeaways

  • A super-fast indexing tool that has turnaround times of 72-hours
  • Success rate of 80%
  • Number 2 during our tests and were only beaten by Indexceptional
  • More affordable than other premium tools as able as this one

What is Giga Indexer?

Giga Indexer is an indexing tool created to speed up your indexation process and get your backlinks picked up by Google or other search engines.

Often, backlink campaigns waste money because the links are neither indexed nor crawled by Google, rendering them obsolete. GigaIndexer accelerates the process of search engines crawling your URLs, ultimately aiding in achieving faster rankings.

Giga Indexer is one of the best indexing tools, with powerful software, an easy-to-use interface, and an immense success rate.

How Does GigaIndexer Work?

Giga Indexer is a streamlining process for your streaming and could help you improve your rankings. Here’s how Giga Indexer works:

  1. Firstly, you will need to register on their website.
  2. You then add your URLs to your account.
  3. Giga does the rest of the work using their indexing techniques.
  4. It takes 72 hours for your links to be crawled.
  5. You get a report with successful or unsuccessful indexation requests.

GigaIndexer Features

GigaIndexer is one of the top indexing tools for a reason; we’ve all heard about their success rates and speedy systems, but we put them under the microscope.

Speedy Indexation: 72 Hours

It doesn’t get faster than GigaIndexer and their 72-hour turnaround time. They deliver your indexed links within three to five days.

Your orders will show as “in-progress” and typically, your orders will be completed within three days of this stage.

What’s more, if your links aren’t indexed within five days,, you can take them up on their refund guarantee. Your money will go back into your account.

Success Rates: 80%

GigaIndexer blew us away with their consistent success—they deliver 80% success rates on indexing your URLs.

Indexation rates of 80% are one of the best indexation rates we’ve seen – alongside Indexceptional’s backlink indexer.

Refund Guarantee: Promise

Their promise gives you the chance to get a 100% refund if you’re not satisfied. Also, if your links aren’t indexed within five days, you will get your money back.

Pricing: $0.28 per Link

They are a premium tool offering complete value – you won’t find software that offers this much value elsewhere.

We’re talking about a top-tier indexation tool that made it second on our list of extensive tests, yet they are providing unrivalled pricing. The price is shockingly low, especially when compared to rivals that often triple their prices.

It works out at $0.28 per link that you submit for indexing.

Payment Methods: Crypto Included

There’s a range of payment options, which is always a plus. Lots of SEOs are gravitating towards cryto payments for these backlink services for ease of use.

Here are the methods available at GigaIndexer

  • PayPal
  • Crypto
  • Debit Cards
  • Credit Cards

Benefits of GigaIndexer

There are plenty of benefits to using an indexing tool such as GigaIndexer. Not only does it help you get your links picked up by search engines, but it also saves you time.

Improve Search Rankings

Tired of not seeing ranking improvements?

It’s now harder than ever to get your content ranked. Gaining visibility is a profitable asset and one that indexing tools help you achieve.

This is done by getting your backlinks, social media posts, videos and any other supporting SEO signals seen and indexed. The subsequent benefit is to power up your site through these off-page tactics while also attracting organic traffic from other mediums.

Boost the Power of Backlinks

Your backlink campaign is expensive and is a complete waste of money if your links are not seen or indexed.

By using Giga, you’ll be able to ensure that your links are seen, ultimately boosting the power of your links.

Powerful backlinks will then power up your website and have a direct effect, making it imperative to make sure your links are crawled by major search engines.

Stop Throwing Money Away

Each time a backlink isn’t picked up, it’s money wasted. By spending three times the amount on a less capable backlink indexer, it’s money wasted. Using your time without streamlining with an expert index service is also wasting your money.

We were sceptical about the influx of different indexers, but it’s proven time and time again that top-level tools such as GigaIndexer know exactly what they’re doping and make the process simple.

Gain Time Back

By streamlining this task, you can get your links indexed. This gives you time to concentrate on important tasks.

Gain time back to power through your to-do list; it only takes minutes to submit your links using their software.

GigaIndexer vs. Other Indexing Software

We compared GigaIndexer to other indexing tools on the market, and after testing them, they were voted second for best search engine tools.

After trialling GigaIndexer, they are one of the fastest and most reliable indexing tools available. No other indexers are anywhere near the level of Giga – the only comparable software is Indexceptional.


Who Should Use Giga Indexer?

Giga Indexer is perfect for SEOs, digital marketers, or anybody who wants more visibility for their brand or website. Whether you’re a beginner or expert in any of the previous, Giga is set up to make the entire process simple.

The interface allows you to easily input your URLs so they can be crawled and indexed.

Is GigaIndexer Safe?

GigaIndexer only uses safe practices and adheres to all of Google’s latest guidelines and updates.

They even mention how it could be used to speed up indexing on your website including “money” websites.

Final Thoughts

At a better price-point than our number one pick (Indexceptional) it makes sense to pick over any other competitors. It’s fast, easy to use and cannot be beaten on indexation rate.

We weren’t sure if the site would live up to the comments we saw made by professionals online but try it for yourself.