Best Search Engine Indexing Tools

Discover the best website indexing tools to improve your website’s online visibility and search engine rankings.

Website owners and marketers must use the best website indexing tools to assist web pages being indexed and ranking in Google SERP.

Indexing your content in the Search Engines is the most important part of SEO because you can have the best content or backlinks in the world – but if its not indexed it will never drive organic traffic.

The most advanced search engine optimisation specialists are constantly force indexing all backlinks to get indexed fast and leverage the power of the link building campaigns.

In our guide to the Best Search Engine Indexing Tools, our team have comprehensively tried and tested every single indexer to provide a comparison score in 2024.

Top Website Indexing Tools

From our research, here are the top-rated search engine indexers.

1. Indexceptional

Voted the number one overall indexing tool is Indexceptional.

The was awarded the following:

  • Best rapid website indexer
  • Best value for money indexing tool
  • Highest indexation rates
  • Fastest 1st Googlebot Visitor

Another amazing benefit of Indexceptional was it also voted #1 for getting Bingbot crawling the URL the fastest.

Check out our full review of Indexceptional indexer.

2. GIGA Indexer

In second place on the list of best indexers is Giga Indexer.

GIGAindexer Indexing Tool

With great indexation and 1st Googlebot visits the indexer is highly recommended.

Giga Indexer is one of the best website and backlink indexers with high indexing rates for competitive prices.

3. IndexMeNow

In third place on the list of best indexation websites is Indexmenow.

It’s on the pricier end of the spectrum and the most expensive of all the 31 indexers.

But with a money-back guarantee the service is a great way if you have a problem with indexing webpages or backlinks.

4. OmegaIndexer

In 4th place on the list of top indexing services is Omega Indexer.

It’s designed to work efficiently, ensuring that your backlinks are indexed by search engines.

Our team does not recommend OmegaIndexer directly to your money site, but feel it is a good indexing option for indexing your backlinks.

Its standout feature is the speed at which it operates and OmegaIndexer indexing is recommend to:

  • Guest Posts
  • Link Inserts
  • Citations
  • Press Release URLs
  • Web2 Backlinks

Omega Indexer is a great backlink indexing software to use in 2024.

5. Linkdexing

In 5th place on the list of best indexing tools is

LINKDEXING presents a new and unique approach to index links, as it will force Google to crawl your site, pages or backlinks with high Index rate.

Many customers like for the re-indexing pages that were previously de-indexed by search engines.

Check out our full review on Linkdexing.

6. AddToIndex

In 6th place on the list of best indexing tools is

AddtoIndex is a premium backlink indexing service that can submit your backlinks to Google, Yandex & Bing.

Prior to submitting any URLs to Yandex, Google & Bing through their Webmaster Tools, addtoindex check the indexing call returns a 200 status code.

7. Links Indexer

In 7th place on the list of best indexing tools is

Links Indexer is a simple backlinks indexer where it sends each of the “backlinks” submitted to hundreds of statistical sites quickly.

Enhance your backlink strategy by uploading and indexing your backlinks for improved search engine visibility with LinksIndexer.

8. Instant Link Indexer

In 8th place on the list of best indexing tools is

Instant Link Indexer is an automatic backlink indexer tool that is fast and secure.

It claims to be “Absolutely Whitehat and 100% Safe Google Approved Methods” but does integrate with black hat tools like GSA Search Engine Ranker, Magic Submitter, and SEnuke XCr.

The team would only ever recommend this indexation service for the use of backlinks or tier 2 link building campaigns.

Use our InstantLinkIndexer review for everything you should know.

9. IndexInject

In 9th place on the list of best indexing tools is

Index Inject is for SEO professionals, internet marketers, and bloggers to assist their website URLs or backlinks to get indexed faster.

Check out our full review of Index Inject on how the link crawling service is designed to enhance the visibility of your backlinks in the search engine results page.

10. Speed Links

In 10th place on the list of top-rated indexers is Speed Links.

The indexation is not as good as the top 3 indexers, but Speed Links is a much cheaper alternative.

Our team did not feel Speed-Links was the best value because they do not offer a guarantee on indexation.

But as a cheaper alternative you could look to register an account with Speed Links and maybe use alongside guaranteed indexing services like Indexceptional.

11. UltimateIndexing

In 11th place on the list of top indexers is

UltimateIndexing significantly reduces the time it takes for new content, web pages, and backlinks to be indexed by Google.

Check out our full review of UltimateIndexing.

12. SmartIndexer

In 12th place on the list of top indexing websites is

The SmartIndexer is an effective backlinks indexer to help in this matter and boost your SEO process.

Check out our full review of SmartIndexer.

13. PageIndexer

In 13th place on the list of best-rated indexers is

PageIndexer is a simple way to index all of your websites’ pages on Google.

Check out our full review of PageIndexer.

14. LinksIndexingExpert

In 14th place on the list of best indexing tools is

Their strapline is “Make Your Backlinks Zero To Hero With Link Indexing Service” as they look to fully index all tier one backlinks to customers sites.

Google Indexing is a serious problem for SEO Agencies, Link builders, Freelancers and Website Owners in May 2024.

So using Links Indexing Expert or one the top 10 indexers from the list is a must for effective results and to enhance your SEO link building efforts.

15. LinkIndexing

In 15th place on the list of best indexing tools is

LinkIndexing backlink indexing service looks to unlock the full potential of your website’s backlink profile.

Backlinks that are not crawled or indexed provide zero value and LinkIndexing look to get your backlinks crawled by search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing.

The team strongly recommended not using this indexing service for money sites and only for backlinks because it sent Web 2.0 backlinks to drive more power, but some SEO’s will see this as problematic or toxic backlinks directly to a money website.

16. Google Search Console API

In 16th place on the list of best indexing tools is Google Search Console API.

Submitting the URLs to GSC help index your pages and the great thing about this is its free.

The downside is that Google Search Console API is not as fast or effective as other third party indexers.

Google Search Console Indexing

In you are a blogger and limited resouces then the free GSC API might be your best option until you can afford to start investing in SEO tools you need.

17. URL Monitor

In 17th place on the list of the highest rated indexers is URL Monitor.

If you are looking for a monitoring tool to check the current indexation status then this tool is great.

But the indexer just leverages webmaster tools and you pay a fee for what can be done directly with Google Search Console API.

18. EliteLinkIndexer

In 18th place on the list of best indexing tools is

Elite Link Indexer looks to bring Google Bot to crawl your backlinks that are not yet indexed in Google SERP.

By getting the Google web spiders to crawl the URLs allows the link juice (page rank) to be passed to your website.

Backlinks that are not crawled or seen by Google provide no value and need to be picked up by using third party indexing services.

19. Indexsor

In 19th place on the list of best indexing tools is

The Indexsor Backlink Indexing Service offers a 100% Credit Back Guarantee.

But the team could not get the “Premium Backlink Indexer” to work and get the backlink URLs to index.

Further tests will need carrying out with indexing service.

20. Indexification

In 20th place on the list of top-rated indexers is

It is marketed as one of the most affordable backlinks indexing services popularly used by SEO specialists and bloggers to index their backlinks and get increased visibility on search engines.

But with the website not secure we have reached out to test the contact details and had no reply so yet to pay any money incase it is a scam.

We will continue to try and test and update the review of this brand.

21. One Hour Indexing

In 21st place on the top-rated list of indexers is

We are awaiting a response to test One Hour Indexing as all reviews seem to be from 5 years ago.

The indexing service seems to integrate with automated tools like GSA Search Engine Ranker so might only be a solution for indexation of tier two backlinks or tier 3 backlinks.

Why is Indexceptional The Best Indexer?

After testing 31 different indexers we found Indexceptional to be the best indexing tool to get web pages indexed in Google and Bing search.

Indexceptional was the best on the ratings as it scored 47/50 on these metrics:

  • 1st Googlebot Visit – 10/10 score
  • Indexation – 9/10 score
  • Value for Money – 8/10 score
  • Customer Service – 10/10 score
  • Guarantee – 10/10 score

The overall score of 47 out of 50 ranked Indexceptional as the best indexing tool and Giga Indexer was voted the second best out of the 31 different indexing tools.

What We Look for in the Best Indexing Tools

When picking out the best indexing tools for 2024 our team of experts research the following:

Best Indexing Tools for SEO

1st Googlebot Visit

Googlebot is the generic name of Google’s web crawler.

It is important to check how fast the indexer gets the web page to be crawled by Googlebot.

The faster the 1st Googlebot Visit the better the indexing service is.

The fatest 3 indexing tools for getting Google’s web crawler to visit first was Indexceptional, GIGA indexer and Indexmenow.


The most important aspect to an indexer is getting the web page stored in the Google index.

Indexed pages can be shown in Google Search results and indexation is crucial for the indexers to of done their job.

Google’s index is a library of hundreds of billions of web pages.

The best indexing tools assist get web pages crawled and indexed in Bing or Google SERP.

The best two indexing tools for getting Google crawler to index in the SERP age GIGA indexer and

Value for Money

The cheapest indexing tools do not mean they are the best value for money.

Cheap indexers that do not guarantee or index your pages online is not good value.

The best value for money indexers are the indexing tools that get in the long run cost the least and have the highest index rates.

The best value indexers are GIGA indexer, Indexmenow and Indexceptional because they give 100% money back guarantees if the URL does not index.


Any indexers offering a money back guarantee is amazing for customers.

The biggest advantage of offering a money-back guarantee is that it removes the barrier to purchase by instilling trust with the customer.

The only three indexing tools that offer 100% money back guarantee for non-indexed URLs are Indexmenow, and

Customer Service

Good customer service always helps retain your customers and is important when choosing the best indexing tools in 2024.

When customers looking to index URLs in Bing or Google search have questions then customer services is important.

The best indexation tools need to have a fast and responsive customer service.

My team tested all the indexing companies customer service and the best indexers for customer assistance was and

How to Get All Pages Indexed in Google For Free?

The best way to get web pages indexed in Google SERP for free is submitting the xml sitemap to Google Search Console.

Building relevant backlinks improves crawl budgets and good use of internal links helps all pages to get crawled and indexed.

When submitting a sitemap.xml file to GSC then Googlebot will be able to crawl all URLs in your sitemap.

How to Get All Pages Indexed in Bing For Free?

The best way to get web pages indexed in Bing Search for free is submitting the sitemap.xml file to Bing Webmasters Tools.

As a webmaster, you can submit URLs to Bing for free programmatically through the Submit URLs API or the URL submission feature in Bing Webmasters Tools.

Website owners should acquire more external dofollow backlinks to attract Bingbot to crawl and find the domain more frequently.

When submitting a xml sitemap to BWT then Bingbot will be able to crawl all URLs in your sitemap.

Why Is It Important To Use Indexing Tools?

It is important getting your content indexed by search engines because if a page is not indexed, it is not ranking and therefore generating zero traffic from organic search.

Bloggers can create the best content in the world and if it is not indexed – it is worthless.

Indexing tools help website owners and bloggers to get their content indexed fast and give better chances to driving traffic to websites via SERP rankings.

The best indexing tools like Indexception and GIGA indexer can ensure that content is indexed quickly and efficiently for better chances of ranking in the search engine results page.

Why Is Indexing Your Backlinks Essential For SEO?

You cannot expect to rank high in the search engines if your backlinks are not indexed.

Indexing is the foundation of your link building SEO strategy.

Here are several reasons why indexing your backlinks for essential for search engine optimisation:

  • More Visibility – The more content you index online, the more traffic you’ll receive from search engines
  • Greater Exposure – The more backlinks you index, the more SERP domination you can achieve
  • Higher Authority – An indexed backlink from a high DR domain increases your site authority
  • Higher Rankings – Websites with quality indexed backlinks are rewarded with higher rankings
  • More Page Rank Distribution – Your backlinks are used as an indicator of the strength of your site and indexed backlinks pass page rank (link juice) to your domain
  • Increased DR – Domain authority is an indicator of a domain’s ability to rank

If spending money with a link building agency you need to be force indexing all guest posts, niche edits and citations through the best-rated indexing tools.


As indexing becomes more difficult in May 2024 due to the mass AI-generated content online you need to leverage the top-rated indexers available.

Our team tried and tested every single indexer that was recommended to us from the SEO community.

Many had zero percent indexation and bloggers need to make sure they research the top performing indexers available that work.

The standout two indexing tools were Indexception and GIGA indexer and they scored the highest on the overall scores.

Best Indexation Tools 2024

The team will regularly update the different indexing websites and as of May 2024 the scores are accurate up to date.

Remember indexing can be tricky and you will greatly speed up getting all your articles or backlinks indexed with the use of the highly rated indexing tools.

Popular Questions

Should Bloggers Use Indexing Tools?

Bloggers should be using indexers to help get blog posts indexed faster.

The sooner you can get a blog article indexed the quicker you will get increased organic visibility.

Bloggers who write posts that is newsworthy want to be the first to get content indexed on a story, which leads to the blog to start ranking for relevant searches related to your post’s topics and keywords.

This visibility in search enginers leads to more visitors to your blog.

Is Indexing More Important Now With Artificial Intelligence?

As more bloggers and webmasters leverage AI-generated content it is harder now for search engines like Bing and Google to crawl all the internet and index URLs.

The use of quality website indexers is more important than ever in trying to assist getting AI-generated content crawled and indexed for organic search visibility.

The AI content still needs to meet the same standards of quality, relevance, and usefulness for the search engines to store the content in their index.

Is It Harder To Index Pages Now?

Getting pages indexed has never been as difficult as today.

Google is trying to conserve its crawl resources and prevent index float.

It has become increasing difficult to index pages organically and this is why the best indexers are crucial for SEO in May 2024.

If you want to index third party websites like Linkedin Pulse or Medium then Google Search Console API does not work and this is why you need to sign up with some of the top-rated indexing tools.

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