Topical Authority Semantic SEO Course

The Topical Authority and Semantic SEO Course by Koray Tuğberk GÜBÜR have been one of the main talking points in 2024.

After the 87 Lectures (over 9 Hours, 23 Minutes, and 17 Seconds) you should have unlocked the NLP-Powered SEO strategies with an in-depth understanding of Natural Language Processing, empowering you to analyze and extract valuable insights from text data.

There is no hiding the fact this course is going to be a very advanced course to learn proficiency in Natural Language Understanding, allowing you to create content that is both contextually relevant and engaging for your target audience.

Who is Koray Tugberk GUBUR?

Koray Tuğberk GÜBÜR is the founder and owner of Holistic SEO & Digital, who has created the Topical Authority Semantic SEO Course.

Koray Tuğberk GÜBÜR Semantic SEO (Fundamentals) Course

When I researched Koray’s biography I personally loved this quote as it is so true in June 2024.

My background in black hat SEO made it easy for me to excel in white hat industries, where it seemed like laziness was the norm.

Koray Tuğberk is from Turkey and publishes content regularly on the advancements of Natural Language Processing, semantics, and the importance of topical authority.

Koray Tuğberk GÜBÜR provides SEO Consultancy, Data Science, and Search Engine Optimization services with strategic leadership for the agency’s SEO Client Projects.

All of Koray’s SEO Case Studies are backed with data, research, and detailed A/B Tests along with their results.

Koray regularly attends webinars, conferences, and SEO-related events.

You can contact him with any questions on the Topical Authority and Semantic SEO Course by:

What is the Topical Authority Semantic SEO Course?

Here is the promotional video for the Topical Authority and Semantic SEO Course.

The Semantic SEO (Fundamentals) Course includes 87 Lectures (over 9 Hours, 23 Minutes, and 17 Seconds).

Master the Art of Topical Maps and Authority

The Semantic SEO (Fundamentals) Course allows you to unlock the full potential of your SEO efforts by mastering the advanced concepts of topical maps, topical authority, topical coverage, historical data, originality, information quality, algorithmic authorship, and semantics.

By enrolling in our comprehensive course, you’ll gain access to a wealth of benefits, including:

  • ✅ Proficiency in creating topical maps, allowing you to strategically organize and optimize your content for maximum search engine visibility
  • ✅ Expertise in building topical authority, positioning you as a trusted expert in your niche, and attracting targeted traffic
  • ✅ Mastery of topical coverage, enabling you to provide comprehensive, in-depth information that keeps your audience engaged and informed
  • ✅ Insights into leveraging historical data, helping you to create data-driven, relevant content that stands the test of time
  • ✅ Techniques for ensuring originality and information quality, setting your content apart from competitors, and earning you a reputation for excellence
  • ✅ Understanding of algorithmic authorship, empowering you to create content that appeals to both human readers and search engine algorithms
  • ✅ Proficiency in formal and inquisitive semantics, allowing you to craft captivating sentence structures that resonate with your audience

Could This Course Change The Way You Write SEO-Optimised Content

The Topical Authority and Semantic SEO Course has been advertised to take your SEO projects to the next level by harnessing the power of semantic SEO, co-occurrences, semantic closeness, semantic similarity, and semantic relevance.

Can this course revolutionize your SEO approach and unlock unmatched success in the digital world?

  • ✅ In-depth understanding of semantic SEO, enabling you to optimize your content for both search engines and users
  • ✅ Expert guidance on leveraging co-occurrences to establish strong relationships between related keywords and improve your content’s relevancy
  • ✅ Mastery of semantic closeness, helping you to create natural, contextually relevant content that resonates with your audience
  • ✅ Exclusive access to techniques for identifying and utilizing semantic similarity, allowing you to expand your keyword reach and stay ahead of the competition
  • ✅ Strategies for ensuring semantic relevance, keeping your content fresh, engaging, and primed for top search engine rankings

Harness Semantic SEO

Discover the secrets behind semantic closeness, named entity recognition, central entities, and search engine optimization with semantics to rule the search rankings in your niche.

  • ✅ In-depth knowledge of Semantic SEO, empowering you to optimize your content for both search engines and users
  • ✅ Proficiency in semantic closeness, allowing you to create contextually relevant and engaging content that resonates with your target audience
  • ✅ Mastery of named entity recognition, helping you to identify and leverage key entities in your niche for improved search visibility
  • ✅ Expertise in central entities, enabling you to create content that’s laser-focused on your audience’s needs and interests
  • ✅ Advanced strategies for search engine optimization with semantics, ensuring your content consistently achieves high rankings and drives targeted traffic
  • ✅ Unrivaled topical authority, positioning you as a trusted expert in your niche and boosting your income potential

Honest Feedback

Now I have worked through the 9 Hours, 23 Minutes, and 17 Seconds of lectures I can provide my honest feedback on the course. (I have sat quietly in groups and listened to a mixture of reviews so was interesting to see what my feedback was going to be).

How Long Did It Take To Complete Koray SEO Course?

It took over 60 hours to complete Koray SEO Course.

How the hell can a 9 Hours, 23 Minutes, and 17 Seconds course take me over 60 hours to complete? Mainly because I watched some videos back several times to create notes.

What are My Thoughts on Koray Tuğberk GÜBÜR From the Course?

Koray Tuğberk GÜBÜR has been an absolute legend in responding to questions or statuses in the active Topical Authority Semantic SEO groups.

His patience with certain subscribers has been admirable because some of the answers to questions are explained clearly in the course.

Is Koray’s SEO Course Value For Money?

The Topical Authority Semantic SEO course is amazing value for money with comprehensive lectures on exactly how Google scores content and topical authority.

Anyone who does not see this advanced SEO course as having great value obviously does not understand the importance and needs to potentially revisit the lectures and truly research what is being said.

Does Koray Tuğberk GÜBÜR Over Complicate Things In His Training?

Great question – at first I was in the same boat as others and thought Koray was trying to use words just to make him sound intelligent.

The first time I watched the course I felt like I was pausing the lectures and having to search what the f*ck the terms he was using even meant haha.

The second time of watching the lectures I learned soooo much more and appreciated the terms he was using as these are the exact terms used in the Google Patents.

The truth is I have been in the SEO game for well over a decade and I personally make up terminology and that does not mean Google is using the same language or terms to describe things as myself.

Can I Take Anything From Koray Course and Implement Into SOPs?

I would like to think I network with some of the best SEOs in the world and nearly all of them said “Dooley you need to meet Koray as he is a genius”. But when I asked them all what can they implement from his teachings they were unsure of how to take the knowledge and scale into SOPs.

The first two times of watching the course this was my biggest problem. I was asking myself these questions:

  • How can I train staff to understand lowering the costs of information retrieval?
  • How can I train staff into writing more concise content to improve the distance from Q to A
  • Improve SOPs to start answers with subordinate text in a responsive way to score highly on “Google’s Predictive IR”
  • Train staff how to carry out content pruning efficiently – to delete content and gain traffic
  • Improve SOPs to make sure content is as short as possible, but as long as necessary
  • Create fewer pages with more value to lower CoR (cost of retrieval)

Luckily I have some very advanced copywriters on my team who are brilliant with sales copy, extracting entities, and understanding concise content is key (far better than I can).

We have rewritten so many standard operating procedures now because after testing this across many websites seen great results.

Topical Authority Semantic SEO Key Takeaways

Prior to starting the course I genuinely thought my team’s SEO content skills were the best around.

That is a bold statement – but most other SEO gurus were obsessed with backlinks (which is very important) but bought cheap low-quality content.

My key takeaways were:

  • Topical Authority = Topical Coverage + Historical Data
  • Topical Maps are much more in-depth than just using keyword research tools + keyword cupid
  • Historical Data is key and traffic is a huge indicator of trust

Previously I spoke about “topical authority” when really I was meaning “topical coverage” which is completely different.

To gain topical authority you need much more than just covering the topic in its entirety.


This course is critical for on-page SEO specialists to learn and study because traditional SEO is more expensive and less effective than ever.

By focusing on Topical Authority and leveraging large language models and dialogue-based search experiences, The course can help you achieve greater success in SEO and Business.

Koray Tuğberk GÜBÜR performs SEO A/B Tests regularly to understand Google, Microsoft Bing, and Yandex search engines’ algorithms where he researches Data Science to understand the custom click curves and baby search engine algorithms’ decision trees.

The Topical Authority and Semantic SEO Course includes all of Koray’s advanced findings and is a must if you are looking to grow your digital assets online.

My personal feedback is Koray’s lectures are by far the most advanced on-page SEO training in the industry.

I would like all SEOs to NOT buy the course because it makes my team’s job easier. If you purchase the course and in my niche then I will become worried – so ignore what Koray says and stick to the following which still works great in June 2024 hahaha:

  • Keyword stuffing
  • TF:IDF
  • Buying crappy guest post farms
  • Make all your anchors exact match

On a serious note, if you truly want to improve your knowledge on how to write perfectly optimised content for search engines to rank higher then the Topical Authority and Semantic SEO Course is an unbelievable investment opportunity.