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Digital Word - So Easy Making Money Online

We are living in the Digital World now where making money online has never been so easy. A decade ago it was rare for people to have constant access to the internet. If they did it would be in internet cafes or at home on desktops or laptops.

Nowadays a large portion of the population has a mobile phone in their hand which connects them directly to the internet. With all this access to billions of the world population, are you making the most of getting your brand, business or self out there?

I have learned a lot of life lessons being a digital nomad and the biggest is to constantly improve my software and digital knowledge because this is only going to grow year on year.

What Do You Mean By Digital World?

The Digital World is the environment we currently live in. There are so many of us connected to the internet and using various online services.

So much of what we do is based around the internet these days: shopping, entertainment, learning, and above all, communication. Lots of things we do in our every day lives revolve around being online and being connected.

Ever feel like you can’t do anything at all when your WiFi connection goes down? That shows you how much of an influence the internet has on all of us, and how much power it holds when it comes to business.

There is no complete definition of the Digital World or the Digital Era as it involves many different things. The broad explanation involves technology which increases the amount and speed of knowledge in society and the economy.

Because being connected to the internet gives us pretty much all the information and resources we need, there is always the opportunity to grow and develop as individuals and as businesses.

In life, we all have the same 24 hours in a day so it is up to yourselves to develop and make the most of your time.

Software Will Disrupt Most Traditional Industries

Examples of why software will disrupt most traditional industries are hitting us every day. Look at Uber which is just a software tool and they do not even own any cars but are the largest taxi business in the world.

Ever booked a place with Airbnb? This is now the biggest hotel company in the world, although they don’t own any properties. Machine learning and artificial intelligence are getting insane.

Just check out this video of the artificial intelligence used at IBM Watson. It is now more accurate within seconds than many lawyers in the US:

Watson already helps nurses diagnosing cancer, 4 times more accurate than human nurses. Facebook now has a pattern recognition software that can recognise faces better than humans.

In 2030, computers will become more intelligent than humans. So the best advice if software will disrupt most traditional industries is to understand and learn software and the digital world.

Read this article about moving with the times because you really need to start embracing this even if you do not agree with it all.

What is a Digital Company?

A digital company is any kind of business which uses technology to grow and improve their enterprise. This can include using online marketing techniques like SEO vs PPC and social media advertising.

In today’s Digital World it’s so much easier to market your company online as there are so many more resources available.

Previously a business would have to rely on word of mouth in their local town or costly leaflet campaigns. Now anyone can showcase their products or services on the internet.

Most people with access to the internet will have a mobile phone. So why not harness the power of these devices and display your brand right in the palm of their hand?

It doesn’t have to cost a lot either, in fact, it doesn’t have to cost anything. Setting up a Facebook page, Twitter profile and Instagram account to promote your services is completely free and can lead you to social media marketing success.

Of course, you can choose to pay to promote your posts on social media, pay for ads in Google search, and pay for SEO services if you want to.

It all depends on what kind of scale you want to grow your business on. It’s always wise to start out simple and then grow your strategies as the company expands.

As long as you’re getting exposure and putting your brand in front of people who wouldn’t have otherwise known about it, you’re making progress.

Why is Digital Marketing Important for Business?

Whether you have a completely new company, or you’ve been running a business for 30 years, there is no denying that digital marketing is vital. These days it is rare to find a successful business which doesn’t have some kind of online presence.

This could be as simple as having a listing in Google maps to help people find you. For larger brands or new startups, the use of digital marketing strategies is so important. It’s crucial if you want to stay ahead of the competition.

The majority of people now search online before they buy a product or service. Statistics show that over 70% of shoppers think they will get a better deal online than in store.

With all the information there in black and white for us to see, most people will compare the prices of a certain product from different online stores. Or we’ll look at a few companies’ websites before enquiring with one.

So if your business doesn’t have an online presence but your competitors do, guess what? They’re going to be taking all of your potential customers away from you because your brand simply can’t be seen.

These days, the internet is such a core part of the consumer experience. You’d be crazy not to harness its power and start profiting from the Digital Era.

Whether that’s just by setting up social media accounts for your brand and posting regular updates or creating a complete SEO strategy and building links to your website.

Living in a Digital World in October 2020

The opportunity to develop a successful business or become an entrepreneur has never been bigger. We use technology every day to communicate, learn new things, make purchases and even watch movies.

There are so many resources available which enable us to enhance our knowledge and skills on a variety of different topics. This means it’s so much easier to work for yourself and become an entrepreneur in virtually any field.

By doing this you can work from your own schedule and adopt a laptop lifestyle which allows you to work wherever you want as long as you have a WiFi connection.

From a consumer’s point of view, living in the Digital World opens up a whole host of opportunities as well.

It is now so easy to buy things online, get a taxi, book holidays, you name it. There is an instant answer to almost everything, and companies in the Digital Era need to keep up with this. If they don’t, they won’t be able to beat their competition.

Never Been a Better Time To Be an Entrepreneur

The development of technology and online resources is currently at its highest and fastest level ever. This means there has never been a better time to be an entrepreneur and start your own business.

Check out this article from the Washington Post to find out more about becoming an entrepreneur and working for yourself in the current Digital Age.

Also, take a look at the video below where Scooter Braun talks about the opportunities available now compared to years ago.

This draws a contrast between companies right now who have access to the internet and companies decades ago. This is back when they simply relied on word of mouth in their local town.

It is so much easier for you to get your brand in front of potential customers and showcase what you do on a national and even global scale.

Most people in developed countries use some form of social media. However, if they don’t they’ll almost definitely use a search engine like Google. These are two places with vast audiences of people wanting to either buy something, learn something or be entertained by something.

If you can provide consumers with one of these things in a way which is profitable for you. Then you’re harnessing the power of the Digital Age.

Online Entrepreneurs Understand Growth Hacking

If you’re going to become an online entrepreneur, you need to understand the concept of growth hacking. This term refers to the use of different marketing strategies in order to find the most effective way of growing a business.

You basically test different techniques for marketing a brand and see which ones give you the best results.

This can be a tricky business as the world of SEO and marketing is changing rapidly every day. Meaning last year’s top strategies could be completely useless now.

With Google updating its algorithm on an almost daily basis, keeping up with what works best takes a lot of patience. It’s common to see a lot of failure as well.

You need to be positive about your problems, otherwise, SEO is never going to work for you, as you will be facing different problems all the time. You need to learn from these.

You’ll find yourself trying lots of things that have no effect. There will even be some things which have a negative effect before you find what works best.

This can even vary from niche to niche and depending on who your target audience is.

Some companies will have great success using social media campaigns, whereas others get better results from paid Google ads. Find out more about PPC vs Organic vs Hybrid here.

This is why growth hacking is key as you always need to be ahead of the game in your own industry.

How to Become a Growth Hacker?

If you realise the advantages of becoming a growth hacker then you need to look at taking action today. The easiest way to start learning the trade of being a growth hacker is taking training. This will develop your skills and improve your knowledge.

In life, the best investments you can do is in yourself. You should be developing, improving and networking every day to make yourself a better person tomorrow.

Strive to be the best and progress daily. I want to know that you are developing your skills in October 2020 so tomorrow you are a better person.

Leave a comment below and tell me how you are developing yourself today and let’s chat.

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  • Elliot says:

    Really great article! I reckon over the next few years we’ll see a massive increase in digital nomads and SEO enthusiasts as I don’t believe SEO has truly peaked just yet. I’m sure there is still so much information to be found and more and more people will start jumping on the digital bandwagon to find it! Personally, I have embraced the digital industry and over the couple of years that I have been interested in it I have learnt more than I could have ever imagined. There is so much to SEO and digital and I was so surprised when I found out just how many individual segments there were. I really like the off-page side and decided even though I was a fan of English and content, I would have much more enjoyment from building links and the challenge of getting links. Just recently I have decided that I know more than enough about links and now I am looking to get my teeth into development and coding so that I can expand my knowledge further as I try to understand every single segment of the industry. I think in a few years there will be plenty of people just like me who are trying to understand every part of the industry rather than niching down into one specific segment as SEO is such a massive topic and every part is just as important as the other. There are some great role models in the SEO niche and I feel like this is one of the main reasons as to why it will blow up. Everyone wants to live the digital nomad lifestyle!

    • We are still in the online boom infancy. There is so much more to come and not enough workers to keep up with the demand. This industry is a must in my opinion to learn.

  • I have to admit, some brilliant points were bought up throughout this article. With the advancements in modern technology, we (in a business mind-set) must be prepared to make the jump to a new era and start adapting to the constant change that the digital world brings us. With constant change comes new challenges which allow business around the world to keep pushing themselves to achieve great things (which I felt that street retailers don’t encounter much anymore).
    In 2-3 years time, I feel like we will be in a completely new digital world. Social media websites would have updated themselves (design and legal wise) causing businesses to adapt to these changes. More companies would have made the leap to the digital world due to the popularity and the wide reach it has to the target market. With all these new companies entering, this means content and tactics in marketing will have to keep evolving to stand out from the rest. Or, a better option could be that this brings a better opportunity for synergising and helping each other reach your goals in record times. I really do feel that the change in the digital world will benefit a wide variety of people, as long as they can keep adapting themselves to it.
    Personally, with my video editing, I love how the digital world allows me to distribute the content I have created to hundreds of people within the period of an hour. It also allows me to find new partners and constantly improve myself by reading online forums for free. It’s a shame that some people still refuse to see the digital world as a true opportunity for expansion and improvements on brand imagery. The fact that you can get advice from experts at the tip of your fingers for free is truly a great reason for people to start using the digital world a lot more often. For businesses, it allows them to have a method of direct communication which is easier and simpler than before. Businesses can now gather customer data (both quantitative and qualitative primary data) without having to delegate too much time to the process.
    Overall, people need to realise that in 2-3 years time, the digital world would have completely changed compared to now. Vital methods of communication that are popular now might be seen as unnecessary within the future. Certain SEO tactics that are effective today, might not be effective tomorrow. But I personally think that this makes the digital world more appealing. It’s truly unpredictable and requires those who wish to reap the rewards from it (like the money, brand recognition, customer loyalty etc.) to be constantly aware of the changes and ready to adapt.

    • Many business owners fight against promoting themself on the internet and try old school tricks. But these are the ones struggling and CEOs need to embrace online marketing or will struggle even more in years to come.

  • This article is very well written, everything is covered in good detail. In today’s world, it’s clear to see how important digital marketing is to everybody. With everybody online, it is important for companies to be promoting and gaining sales through the online world. I think this article would help companies that have been going for many years, I think some older business owners are reluctant to have their business online as they do not understand how to do it correctly. This article would give them all the information they need to help get the business up to date and to give them more business.

    I think in a few years time the digital world will be even bigger, I think the last 5 years or so have been the start of a new era. The digital world is only just starting. I think in 2-3 years, social media accounts will offer more for companies, I think right now it is a good way for small companies to promote the business and gain sales. In a few years, I think they will offer much more, helping the social media accounts and the small business. I think it’s important for everybody to learn about digital marketing as times are changing the digital world is only going to get bigger and bigger.

    The internet is a big part of everybody’s life, I think it important for me to learn all areas of digital marketing as I think that the more I know about each area the more successful I will be. From this article, you can see how in-depth digital marketing is, you can see how important is to learn about SEO and other areas. SEO is very important for digital marketing as people do not want to spend a long time searching for what they want on the internet, spending time and learning SEO allows the companies to appear at the top of the searches, which means more clicks and more business.

    Overall I think this article has really helped me understand digital marketing more and all the other areas. I think this is only the start of the digital world.

  • Josh Stark says:

    To start I’d like to say that Watson is just amazing with the advances it will be able to achieve. I think that Watson is a great example of what digital marketing (or a variety of different roles such as health inquiries) will be in 2-3 years’ time. I know it will become even stronger in later years however I think that even in 3 years’ time technology would have advanced so far that it would be able to do tasks such as advertising as it will be able to see what other websites are using to draw more traffic and incorporate that into other website and even improve on the information. So in 2-3 years’ time I think that the digital world will be a lot easier to market products as well as created a better experience due to AI such as Watson who will find exactly what you need quicker than ever before.

    Secondly, Scooter Braun made some excellent points which I think can not only help me improve my skills but it could improve other companies as well. He talking about becoming an entrepreneur is so much easier than it’s ever been due to all the resources we have access now compared to a decade ago. I really like this because he brings up something so easy to notice however I think that most people and companies forget that if they are faced with a problem or need to find out some more information you can simply ‘Google It!’

    Finally, the most interesting part that makes me want to embrace to opportunity of being part of the digital industry is that how much is will change and progress. Seeing this happen and being able to adapt with it will not only provide me with a larger knowledge of digital marketing it will keep me up-to-date with current technology and how it works which really interests me.

  • Ryan Nixon says:

    The article gives a unique insight into the ways and means by which companies can promote themselves. It embraces the crucial amount of detail that goes into Marketing and for that reason it is right up my street! Marketing is essential given it takes the entire ideology of your company along with everything it stands for and tries to give it creative input to produce results. With constant changes new and live challenges keep you on the go day and night and I know I’m enthusiastic to be able to pull out my laptop at any point and soak up an article to gain new perspective. Digital Marketing adopts new ways for companies to present themselves and with the sector changing everyday nobody can predict with certainty where it will be in 2-3 years. The only thing we can do is try thus I believe that we as people will get to a point where the marketing, administration and the engineering of the companies produce will have a firmly digital platform for it’s product to perform on. This means that companies will not be run through paper documents but there database will expand to an online presence in which they can offer a broader service thus incorporating a larger audience allowing your company to expand quicker and easier. So what we need to drive home is detail, we need to put ourselves in a position to en-cooperate demographics, what people are searching for and meet them at the point they reach quicker than the nearest competitor. I want to embrace the opportunity of working in this sector by acting in the early stages in a similar way to a sponge in the case that I am open to all perspectives and ways to go about being a part of it. To embody the values of the company I work for and take pride in doing everything to the best of my ability.

  • In life, the best investments you can do is in yourself. You should be developing, improving and networking every day to make yourself a better person tomorrow

    This statement (above) really is key to your future.. and applies to all areas of your life. Adapting to change instead of fighting it and utilising all the amazing tools online that are currently at our disposal will ensure we win.

    Great article explaining our world as it stands today from a business perspective. Who wouldn’t want to work on your own time and schedule and from anywhere in the world?

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