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The owner of Premium Domain Names is Matt Tricot based in the United Kingdom.

Let us dive in whether are a must-have supplier for UK websites.

Who is Matt Tricot, and What Does He Do?

Matt is a domainer & affiliate marketer. He’s been in the industry since 2005. He got into domaining in 2010.

I’ve known Matt since 2016 and met him at BrightonSEO a few years ago. I have bought domains from him for multiple businesses. I have never been disappointed.

I’ve used his UK domains for 301’s, lead gen sites, PBNs, and affiliate sites. The quality is just as good as a .com but at much more affordable prices than the Godaddy auctions.

In case you’re new, the main benefits of buying an expired domain are:

  • Save TIME: Bypass months/years of link building work by buying a relevant domain with strong relevant links in your niche, instantly! These links are often impossible to get from outreach, such as getting on, or official university websites, etc.
  • Save MONEY: Buying or Outreaching for links can be costly, with campaigns starting in the thousands and needing to give them a minimum of 3-9 months until you see a return (of links).

Let’s take an example Business domain that’s for sale right now. It has links from 150+ referring domains, including: – DR93 – Getting a link from Medium carries enormous weight. If you’re an established author, then writing something and including a link will be simple enough; otherwise, you’ll no doubt have to pay £500+ – DR93 – There’s no way you’re getting on without having a cracking news story. Again, an article here would cost you easily £2,000+++ – DR91 – Same for getting on yahoo, possible but would cost you £xxx-£x,xxx – DR88 – this is the official site for Mental Health in the UK. You’re talking hundreds of pounds to create a relevant story, get a journalist to write it up, and pitch it to, costing £xxx++. DR82 – The UK Data & Marketing Association – same deal as above, you’d be hiring a journalist to write a story and pitch it to the DMA (£xxx).

Getting your link on the above sites would set you back at least £2-£3k, and that’s from a sample of 150 referring domains. And it could take many months until they place it. Links on this business domain are aged too, another big bonus of expired domains.

The domain in question is £300.

I think I’m going to buy it. 😉

He gets between 2-5 UK domains every week. Email him at

How to get more information on Matt’s Premium Domain Names, how it works, and to view his latest list of domains for sale:

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