Autoblogging Godlike Mode

The New Godlike Mode is live in and the SEO case studies are insane.

Godlike mode is a powerful feature in that helps content creators optimize their articles for SEO quickly and easily. Godlike Mode goes above and beyond by providing users with custom features to SEO optimise the output of content.

In our Autoblogging AI review one of the main reasons why was voted the best AI content creator is because of the Godlike Mode feature.

In our ultimate guide to Godlike Mode we fully analyse how to make the most of the amazing feature in Autoblogging AI.

Godlike Mode Features

Here are all the main features available in Godlike Mode.

Article Title

The article title field allows you to put in the meta title of the article you want writing.

Source Context

The source context field gives you the ability to theme the content with tone of voice and relevant sentiment analysis.

The new “Source Context” feature will help AI generate content that matches the identity and the purpose of the brand. Content would also be more useful and interesting to the people it is meant for, the specific target audience.

Writing with source context in mind will also help determine the appropriate order & topical coverage of topics on a page. As the content will be sequenced and prioritized differently depending on source context.

You can use “Source Context” to guide AI in a specific direction. Here are some examples:

  • Giving a brief about your business
  • Steer the review with your persona or opinion
  • Guide the AI for comparisons

Providing the source context provides better understanding of core product/service – AI would be better at creating content that accurately reflects the brand’s offerings.

Consistency – with clearly defined source context, AI would be better at creating content that is similar in style and message.

Conversion optimization – AI could generate content that convinces people to buy something or use a service. Through informative articles, product descriptions, or other types of content.

Less misinterpretation – AI would be less likely to get confused and create mistakes when generating the content. Content would better represent the brand and what it offers.

SERP Location

Choose the country you want the content created to rank in.

The SERP location will provide different SERP results you can be correlated against.

It is important to choose the primary country you want the article to be ranked in.

Key Takeaways

The key takeaway tickbox is good for users to understand quickly what the article is about.

It summarises the content into bitesize bullet points.

External links

The external link tickbox is useful if the webmaster wants relevant outbound hyperlinks to relevant resources.

Using external links (or outbound links) on your site can help your SEO.

Find out more on why linking out is useful for SEO in June 2024.

Youtube videos

The youtube videos tickbox is great to embed a relevant video within the article.

Many SEOs see youtube videos as a great search engine optimisation strategy to make the content media rich.

AI Images

The AI images tickbox is great if you want pictures included in your content.

Media rich pictures can allow your content to also rank in the “Google Images” tab.

Custom keywords

The custom keywords field allows users to add important terms in the box.

The strongly advise adding the following terms in this box:

  • Highest salience entities
  • Skip gram dominant keywords
  • LSI keywords
  • Semantic Triples

Here is a video which shows how you can use the custom keywords feature.

The custom keywords field allows you to create content that is:

Add custom url

The custom URL field allow you to correlate content against any URL you list.

This is important if you like a certain web page online and want to create content similar to it.

How to Make the most out of Godlike mode?

Here is a video from Kasra Dash on how to use Godlike Mode.


Godlike Mode is where things really get next level with Autoblogging AI.

Godlike offers all of the benefits for SEO and ensures to fully optimise the article with keywords or entities you want to include.

Godlikes feature allows you to correlate against the top 10 results in the SERP or you can manually upload URLs to compare your content against.