AutoSuggest.Me Review

As of June 2024 we no longer promote the brand AutoSuggest.Me or any service trying to force your target keywords in the autocomplete.

Google updated the way keywords are triggered and after wasting thousands of pounds in buying this service (without any results) we have stopped promoting or using this service.

We did see amazing results for the first 30-40 orders and some keyphrases still to this day are in the auto-suggest search.

But with the search engine giants patching the traffic manipulation and the way popular keywords appeared in the dropdown we feel it is not worth the investment in attempting to trigger the autocomplete.

Can you still get new keywords in the dropdown search suggestions in Google?


Is it much harder to get them now in 2024?

It certainly is and with the lack of successful orders, we now have dropped this service for the near future.

Old 2021 Review Below

AutoSuggest Me has the ability to build your brand name within Google Autocomplete Marketing Search.

Imagine your brand appearing beside your main focus keywords in Google Suggest?

Appear on Google Suggest next to your money-keywords

Well, AutoSuggest Me has just made this easily accessible.

Make My Brand Appear In Google Suggest


If you are not looking to Manipulate the Google Autocomplete in June 2024 you need to study the advantages of how it influences the user search.

Check out why you need the google instant suggestion creation service for your online reputation management.

What is Google Auto Suggest?

Google Auto Suggest or Google Autocomplete marketing is the feature where the search engine predicts a query when a user enters keywords in the search box.

The Google Auto Suggest feature can select any of the autofill suggestions on the dropdown and be taken to search results without having to manually type every character.

Google Suggest Examples is able to manipulate this auto-suggestion feature to show on the dropdown list.

The service is amazing for a multitude of reasons.

Why Is Google Suggestions Important?

Here are a number of reasons why Google Suggestions are very important:

  • Imagine every time a potential client searches for a product your brand name appears in the search box?
  • Brand Awareness
  • Improve consumer perception and revenue
  • Drive more traffic
  • Boost targeted organic clicks from your top money keywords
  • Become the leader of your market with online reputation management
  • Builds trust in your brand
  • Appears on Google Suggest next to your money-keywords for conversion

How to Create Google Auto Suggest?

Based on keyword popularity, Google suggests the most relevant queries for the entered keyword and appears directly below the search box for website vistors.

Here are ways to create a Google Auto Suggest search:

  1. Build a viral social media campaign using a service like Signal Boy
  2. Drive Click Through Rate strategies through these shares
  3. Create CTR Manipulation using dedicated proxies only in close proximity to the business
  4. Stagger the searches and clicks using CTR Calculations depending on search volume
  5. Enhance behavioural signals from searches surrounding your brand + keywords
  6. Create a “keyword + brand competition” plan
  7. Create a “keyword + domain” strategy
  8. Repeat the above for a number of weeks depending on the keyword popularity

For years we have mastered the art of creating autocomplete searches, but the time and effort is not worth the return on investment.

Nowadays we delegate the work to a provider who is very competitive in price.

Why Does Google Use Auto Suggestions?

Google uses auto suggest marketing because the searchers like how it:

  • Saves time on your search
  • Helpful keyword suggestions
  • Correct spelling mistakes
  • Remind you of previously searched keywords
  • Directing customers to easily access products and services

Query Based Autocomplete Predictions

Firstly it is interesting Google calls it “Autocomplete Predictions” as it’s far more scientific.

The queries you see in this can be based on previous queries you have found in search results from earlier.


Google is personalising autocomplete predictions based on a prior query when it matches a defined query class or entity attribute.

Popular Questions

Why is Google predictive search?

Google predictive search is so they can reduce the time for users to search the query they are looking for.

The autosuggest makes search predictions based on factors, like popularity or similarity.

Search predictions are built into Google Search to help you find additional information faster and easier.

When you choose a prediction, you do a search using the term you selected.

How does Google search autocomplete work?

Google search autocomplete works when you start typing in Google’s search box.

The predictions algorithm show a drop-down list of related words and phrases they predict you are looking for.

The search box predictions are based on factors like:

  • Popularity
  • Previous search queries
  • Freshness
  • Google trends
  • Geolocation

What is the average CTR of an autocomplete suggestion?

The average CTR of an autocomplete suggestion is 5%.

These averages of click-through rates depend on the search intent of your keyword.

Any emergency based searches have a much higher CTR because the user does not know which brand to choose yet.

How to increase the CTR of an autocomplete suggestion?

To increase the CTR of an autocomplete suggestion is adding an emoji.

The emojis grab your attention and improve the click-through rate by an extra 20% according to recent surveys.

AutoSuggest.Me allow you to add an emoji to your order that will attract the eyes of the users and increase CTR.

How Long Does the Query Remain In The Autocomplete Predictions?

The query can remain in the Predictions dropdown forever IF the phrase was still being clicked and searched.

However, if you are not receiving the clicks and searches you will start to drop down the list.

It is recommended to carry out a maintenance service with to keep your search query in the predictions dropdown.


Here are a collection of testimonials when we outreached to some of AutoSuggest.Me customers.

Andrew Halliday

I have used AutoSuggest.Me for a while now and can honestly say it has grown my eCommerce brand exponentially. The auto-corrections in the google autocomplete help influence a users search path to my online shop. These are customers who have never heard of my brand before yet the auto-suggested terms are influencing them to physically search my brand which is seeing insane growth.

Kasra Dash

Without a doubt, the best strategy we are using in June 2024 is the Google Search Manipulation. It drives new customers to search our brands online with the auto-corrections dropdown Google shows. Having the ability to influence the search terms our target consumers are looking for is driving high volumes of traffic. AutoSuggest.Me make the ordering process easy with the mother keyword and brand you want to add to the search queries. Highly recommend.

James Dooley

Adding auto-suggested terms to affect a user’s search behaviour is the most advanced SEO technique. Forget ranking websites for your focus keywords when you can influence the customers to user search path using AutoSuggest.Me. It is a surefire way to driving traffic and sales instantly. The Google Instant suggestions influence over 70% of clicks so you are crazy if you are not making the most of the opportunity.

Google Autocomplete Examples

AutoSuggest dot me helps your brand name appear next to your desired keyword in the autofill search bar.

Signal Boy

With 320 monthly searches for “buy social signals” the Signal Boy brand understood the power of branding surrounding this keyword.

Signal Boy Search Volume

What would be seen beside your main focus keyword mean to your business?

How much new sales could this bring Signal Boy for the brand exposure?

Look at the power of the Google Autocomplete below where Signal Boy are shown #1 in the Google Suggest Search Bar.

Signal Boy Google Autocomplete

When searching in Google for “buy social signals” not only does Signal Boy show #1 in the autocomplete but also the rocket emoji, which entices more clicks because stands out in the dropdown list of google suggestions.


Here is an example of UpSEO being found after you typed their focus keyword “Traffic Bot”.

Google Autocomplete Predictions upseo

When website visitors type in the Google search bar “traffic bot” the brand name “UpSEO” appears at the top.

This Google search feature was based in the United States and after several months if you do not maintain the search in Google it can start to drop down the suggestions list for website visitors.

Nexa With Emoji Symbol

Here is an example of Nexa with an emoji being added after the search query “Inbound Marketing Agency”:

Nexa Google Autocomplete Example

When website visitors type in the Google search bar “inbound marketing agency” the brand name “Nexa” appears at the top.

The really cool thing about this result is the rocket emoji massively helps the CTR of the search query in the auto suggest google dropdown.

This search query was based in Dubai UAE and maintenance is needed after a few months to keep the query high in the predictions.

Final Thoughts

It really is time for a tool to optimise the autocomplete predictions in the search box.

For Google, the reason for doing the autofill predictions is that they can reduce the time to long click.

Check out the power of getting your branded name beside your desired keywords in search.

Create an Autocomplete Suggestion