Local Viking Review

If Local SEO is your focus – Local Viking is a management software you must have.

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Our Local Viking review will explain why this SEO tool is the best Google My Business management software provider, which makes it super easy and affordable to track and optimise Google Maps Listings.

While Local Viking is relatively new on the market, it has quickly gained popularity and manages thousands of GMB listings globally.

With some of the best local SEO entrepreneurs owning the software it is no surprise Local Viking regularly adds new features, so you won’t be disappointed.

What is Local Viking?

Local Viking is a GMB management software tool to help you rank higher in local SERPs.

Here are the services Local Viking software offers:

  • Schedule GMB Posts
  • Track Local Pack rankings
  • Upload photos
  • Manage reviews

With the ability to carry out all the above from a single dashboard you can see why Local Viking is used by so many GMB Experts. Managing multiple GMB listings can be difficult, but with help from Local Viking, this tedious task becomes a lot more manageable.

Using Local Viking will build you a solid online presence, allowing you to beat the competition with ease as you’ll understand more about the techniques they use and how to replicate them.

Who Owns Local Viking?

Mark Luckenbaugh and Chaz Edwards own Local Viking.

Both owners are very well known in the SEO communities as the go-to local SEO experts.

They have helped thousands of local businesses achieve more visibility and to create a highly functional and automated reporting system for Google My Business.

Other well-established brands they own include Web2.0 Ranker and the Local Client Takeover brand.

Make sure to join their facebook group for more tips on how to utilise the tool properly and make the most of it.

Local Viking Review – Features

The company was formed in 2018 as a GMB posting tool and later as a comprehensive GMB management software integrating the following:

GMB Review Management

Local Viking’s dashboard allows you to manage and reply to all GMB Reviews submitted. By doing this, you’ll increase your online visibility due to the activeness of the GMB.

The Review management tool can send notifications for all new reviews so you can quickly respond and keep on top of reputation management.

If acquiring more positive reviews if needed we strongly recommend ratemybusiness.io as a supplier of the 5-star google reviews.

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You can also use reviews to improve your online reputation, which in turn will not only benefit your GMB, but your brand as a whole.

GeoGrid Rank Tracker

The GeoGrid Rank Tracker makes it possible to view Google My Business keyword rankings and as a result, gives you an idea of how to increase your local rankings.

Local Viking GeoGrid Rank Tracker is far superior to standard rank trackers for GMBs because gives you a bird’s eye view at multiple scan points to accurately represent search results from your exact pin location.

This feature makes getting agency analytics a lot easier as it is all presented in a clean UI and a digestible manner.

The multi-point geogrid results provide a visualization of a keyword’s rankings within a set radius.

Using the GeoGrid provides a more accurate method of reporting for Local GMB SEO Results.

Schedule GMB Posting

The Local Viking provides a schedule posts feature for GMB Posting which can be scheduled to post daily and at set times of the day.

The Google My Business Posting feature makes it possible to bulk schedule and automate GMB posts which is a ranking factor to better visibility of your Google Maps Listing.

It also includes some additional features to automate content with a calendar view.

Upload Images

Local Viking provides Image Upload Posting which can be scheduled to post daily and at set times of the day. Images are one of the few key features that help dictate where the GMB will rank.

This amazing tool makes it possible to add EXIF data and geo-tagging the image, which can expand the visibility of your GMB Listing’s target service area and improve your local SEO.

Using this upload image feature increases geo-relevancy, and increases the likelihood of ranking locally.

Attribute Locking

If attribute locking is not set up then the public edit information on your listing.

The Local Viking dashboard allow you to lock the information that is added to your GMB.

The attribution locking stops competitors and other users from being able to commit the act of client reporting with your Google My Business categories  (or other listing data) that can really hurt rankings. This is a great tool to stop any local SEO trying to ruin your listing and in conjunction, it’s ranking.

The attribute locking feature sets Local Viking apart from the competition.

Pricing Plans

The Local Viking Pricing Plans are here:

  • Single GMB Package – $20 monthly which includes one Google Maps Listing
  • Starter GMB Package – $39 monthly which includes 10 Google Maps Listings
  • Pro GMB Package – $69 monthly which includes 20 Google Maps Listings
  • Agency GMB Package – $99 monthly which includes 40 Google Maps Listings
  • Enterprise GMB Package – $149 monthly which includes 70 Google Maps Listings

From as little as $20 per month, you can get access to all of Local Viking features.

In comparison to Local Falcon, the pricing is very competitive and great value for money.

Final Thoughts

Local Viking is a comprehensive GMB management software tool that can help you keep track of all your local businesses

It is an investment all SEOs should take if they are serious about ranking GMBs to improve online presence and generate more sales.

Any business with a Google My Business Listing can also take advantage of this amazing software to effectively coordinate and manage activities on their account.

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