Rank and Rent Case Study

Our rank and rent websites earn our business passive income, acting as a digital landlord, by selling leads generated from the ranked website.

This rank and rent case study was voted in the marketing communities as one of the best SEO case studies of 2024.

If you are looking to grow your digital real estate rank and rents are a superb way to grow passive income revenue streams. Our rank and rent case study runs through the SEO best practices to help your digital assets generate more traffic from higher search engine rankings.

In our Rank and Rent Case Study, we can’t reveal the niche and domain for obvious reasons, but we will explain the whole process of how we ranked the rank and rent website within 6 months.

Our client was amazed with the jumps they saw for their site, as you can see below.

SEO Organic Rank & Rent Website Case Study

SEO Best Practices

Here are the SEO best practices to help your rank and rent website rank number one in Google SERP.

Purchase a Ranking Blueprint

Starting any SEO campaign requires a plan and roadmap on what work is required to rank on the Google search engine results page.

The Ranking Blueprint does the hard work for you using tried and tested methods to find exactly what your site needs to rank on the top page of Google for your niche.

The ranking blueprint does the following SEO strategies:

  • Keyword Research for content to cover
  • Keyword Clustering to group exact pages to write
  • Silo Structure map for internal linking purposes
  • Quantity of backlinks required to rank in the niche
  • Types of backlinks needed

If you have never acquired a ranking blueprint we strongly advise all new or existing websites to buy the comprehensive audit to show what the domain is lacking to rank higher in Google searches.

Our client had 42 pages identified to write for their rank and rent website, as well as 20+ backlink suggestions to help them become an authority within their industry.

Get A Professional SEO Audit


After carrying out the suggestions made by the ranking blueprint they purchased, their site then went on to generate 6-10 leads per day for the rest of the year.

The ranking blueprint is a Specialist SEO Audit to create a plan of action. All of the best search engine optimisation case studies highlight a well-researched plan is key to success.

Create Optimised Content

Content creation is arguably the most important ranking factor (some say backlinks are more important).

The reason why quality content is potentially the number one ranking factor is you can’t rank a web page with irrelevant content, with amazing backlinks. But you can rank an optimised page of content, with no backlinks.

Once our client had ordered some high quality for their site through Searcharoo, and saw some pretty massive traffic increases shortly after.

The main elements of quality content need the following:

The systems and processes of ordering your content are essential elements to the success of your website.

It is important to have unique, engaging, and plagiarism-free content, that is better than the top 10 ranking sites.

Build Backlinks

Backlinks act as votes to Google to show how popular your content is.

Not all backlinks are equal but the holy grail of off-page SEO is to have a large number of quality backlinks.

Quality backlinks are made up of relevance, trust, power and low toxicity metrics.

For our rank and rent website we used the following:

As these backlinks began to be built, coupled with the content they ordered, traffic increased by more than 10x!

Marketers always ask where is the best place to acquire backlinks and the best answer is to reverse engineer the top-ranked websites to get their best links pointing to them.

The best link-building tools we use to analyse competitor backlink profiles are ahrefs, link research tools and semrush.

Cost of Ranking The Rank and Rent Website

The cost to rank the website was £83,000 in total.

The 83k costs included:

  • 86 articles cost £8,600
  • 207 do-follow backlinks cost £41,400
  • 5 Wikipedia backlinks cost £1,000
  • 400 tier 2 backlinks cost £8000
  • Editor’s wages cost £24,000

From an investment standpoint, our return on investment is over 50% yield as the rental of the website is £4k per month.

The ROI on investing in digital assets is still amazing as in June 2024 we still live in the digital era where the money invested yields superb returns on your investments.

Popular Questions

Do Backlinks Still Work?

Backlinking strategies are still at the forefront of all successful SEO strategies.

Page rank and link juice pointing to your website massively help rank for more keywords in Google SERPs.

What is the Number 1 Ranking Factor?

To put it simply, those chasing the number 1 ranking factor will find that the only sure fire way to guarantee rankings is to take a holistic approach. and carry out each pillar of marketing properly.

The key to successful long term rankings is to ensure all of your effort are carried out with care, and that you do nothing to raise Google’s alarm bells.

How Do I Do SEO Myself?

SEO can be done by yourself by having the time, money and knowledge to carry out the necessary marketing techniques.

The best way to get into doing SEO yourself is to have a ranking blueprint set up, so that you have a clear and actionable set of tasks to carry out to get you on the right start with your new site.

Final Words

If you are looking for a quick push-button SEO hack to get you page one rankings – STOP!

In June 2024 you need to be treating your websites like real businesses and giving them the love and attention they deserve.

Take a holistic SEO approach and do everything properly to prevent being hit on any Google Algorithm Updates.

Our Rank and Rent Case Study might seem very basic in terms of strategy, but the truth is SEO has never been easier to do in June 2024 when you look to create long-lasting quality content and backlinks.

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