Tier 2 Backlinks

Tier two backlinks allow you to take your authority to the next level.

Too many SEO agencies focus their attention solely on the DR of the domain and do not look at the page-level metrics.

Hyperlinks are placed on web pages and the page-level power is the most important metric to consider.

If you are buying guest posts the likelihood is your article is a doorway page, or orphan page and lacks any authority. But your link-building agency will try to sell them on the realms of its DR score and relevance (preaching it is reverse sink or swim).

The specialists who solely focus on backlink profiles and carry out link audit services consistently preach about the importance of building more authority to your existing best links pointing to your domain.

In our Tier 2 Backlinks guide, we explain why tier two links are the most underused SEO strategies used in June 2024.

What Are Tier 2 Backlinks?

Tier 2 backlinks are links that point to backlinks on your existing profile, with the intention of powering up those existing links.

These types of backlinks are often built by marketing professionals, with the know-how of which links to acquire, and the right places to get them.

Having said that, when carried out properly, this back linking technique is known to be one of the best to carry out, especially if built to pages that are already relevant and from a strong domain.

Best Tier 2 Link Building Companies

From extensive research and testing of various backlink providers, we have listed the best Tier 2 backlink companies in 2024.


Searcharoo is one of the best overall backlink providers and is quickly becoming the go-to place for any agency or website owner.

They provide tier 2 links that are topically relevant based on the information you provide.

Searcharoo is extremely flexible and will allow the use of any anchor text that you require through tier 2 links.

If you are looking for a Scalable link-building agency with affordable prices, Searcharoo is top of the tree.

Agency Backlinks

Agency Backlinks take the load off your shoulders and give you everything you require to effectively outsource your SEO and brand management efforts.

With the help of our cutting-edge brand development, SEO optimization, and link-building strategies, they give every client company the best chance to rule their online niche.

This includes using Tier 2 links to power up your existing backlink profile.

Authority Wall

Although it is mostly known for its content, Authority Wall is another trusted place to order backlinks for your site.

This includes using tier 2’s to power up your existing backlink profile.

Many will use Authority Wall to build out clusters of content and then build links to these pages.

High Rise Links

HighRise was established in 2019 as an agency specialising in the best SEO deliverables available, ensuring everyone has access to the tools they require for success.

They only have a small selection of products, so each time they introduce a new service, it has already undergone months of testing and has the highest return on investment.

High Rise has recently added Tier 2’s to its arsenal and is a great company to deal with.

What Backlinks Need Powering Up?

From our research the best backlinks that need powering up in your backlink profile are:

  • DoFollow Links
  • On high authoritative domains
  • Lacking power at page level
  • Contextual link
  • Not spammed anchor text

Ideally, the backlink needs to have ALL these to be considered worthwhile to power up with tier two backlinks.

Should I buy tier 2 links?

It is advised to buy tier 2 links to the best hyperlinks pointing to your domain.

Buying the tiered link-building packages helps you to delegate the work and improve your website ranking.

Buy Tier 2 Link Building Package


Purchasing Tier 2 backlinks from professional link builders allow you to boost up your existing links for any site and any niche.

Tiered Link Building Packages

The best-tiered link-building packages are:

  1. Searcharoo Tiered Links
  2. PBN homepage links
  3. Powerful Niche Edits
  4. Buy EDU Links
  5. Buy SAPE Links
  6. Buy page authority backlinks

Prices do differ from each provider, however from reviews, testimonials and reputation within the industry, it’s believed these are the best packages available for those looking to have tier 2 backlinks built out.

How Much are Tier 2 Backlinks?

The average cost of a tier 2 backlink package is around £500, but this price is heavily dependant on several factors.

For example, in some industries, backlinks are simply more expensive than others due to their competition and industry type.

Additionally, a tier 2 backlinks package can differ in price depending on the amount of backlinks needed to power up your tier 1s. This is why it’s always best to discuss this with a professional like Searcharoo, who can help you learn more about what size and type of tier 2 link package you need.

Benefits of Tier 2 Backlinks

With tier 2 backlinks, there are many benefits, including:

  • Improved backlink strength
  • Cant improve relevance
  • Cost-effective link building technique
  • Helps with indexing
  • Increased chances of ranking

As with any link building technique, it’s always recommended that your tier 2 backlinks are built by a professional and reputable brand, to ensure you maximise the potential of your tier 2 links.

Tier 2 Backlinks vs Tier 1 Backlinks

Often times people will want to compare tier 2 backlinks with tier 1 backlinks to see what the best options for them are.

Typically, we feel it’s best to adopt a holistic approach to links, and have both tier 1 links and tier 2 links pointing to those tier 1s. This way, your tier 1 links are fully powered up, and your chances of improving your websites strength is greatly increased.

Building weak tier 1 links without having tier 2 links powering them up will not only risk your links not being indexed, but means they lack the power to truly move the needle. That’s why we’d always recommend having tier 2s pointing to your tier 1s.

What Links Should I Build Tier 2 Backlinks to?

It’s advised that you choose tier 1 backlinks with little page power to build your tier 2 backlinks to, as existing links that already have good power at a page level may not need them.

Additionally, try to select the tier 1 backlinks that are on a strong domain, as it’s important that the domain itself has the strength to take the new links that are pointing to it.

And finally, it’s recommended to never build tier 2 backlinks directly to your money site, as they are almost exclusively designed for powering up existing links on strong domains that can take the links.


To gain higher visibility in the search engines you need to be covering all the pillars of SEO and an essential part of this is tiered link-building strategies in 2024.

Sourcing a tier 2 link-building service to send high page authority backlinks to your tier one backlinks will help your website achieve higher rankings.

Buy Tier 2 Link Building Package


A specialist tiered link building strategy should be implemented to your most relevant, high DR dofollow tier 1 backlink list.

Tier 2’s with Stacked Tier 3’s is the powerhouse of authority to supercharge your backlinks and outrank competitors.

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