Press Release Service

A Press Release Service is a statement delivered to the news media for the purpose of providing information, an official statement, or making an announcement.

Another term for a press release is a news release, media release, press statement or video release.

Best Press Release Company

When looking to create a press release to get it distributed I strongly recommend outsourcing this to a professional company to provide this service.

The Best Press Release Company I have used previously are agencies who use the software Cision. Cision is a media software that allows users to distribute press releases, access a database of bloggers and journalists.

If you want to know the best agency at present distributing press releases at competitive prices then email me on because I utilise special offers which in real-time can vary from month to month.

Types of Press Releases

There’s no secret formula for what a press release should include but here are a few types of media releases to help you and determine what content would help you broadcast your news in the best way:

  • New product launch or service for your company
  • Merging and Buying another business
  • Introducing a new partnership or CEO
  • Updates to existing services or upgrade to the systems
  • Attending an upcoming event
  • Opening a new office in a specific location
  • Rebranding and showcasing your new website or advertising
  • Winning an award or getting approved for your niche association

You really need to be shouting your business from the rooftops when you are growing and making your potential clients aware of what you are doing.

How to Send a Press Release

If you have no money to use a specialist agency (which I strongly advise) then here are some tips to be able to do this yourself:

  1. Reach Out to Reporters or Journalists (who have written about events previously in your niche)
  2. Try to Reach these Reporters by email, social media, mail and hit them from all angles to get their attention
  3. If they agree with your story or news piece write the press release following their guidelines
  4. Try to get the reporter to distribute across multiple blogging platforms and newspapers they have access to
  5. Once published share across all your platforms to get as much exposure as possible

You will find the distribution when trying to do this yourself will be time-consuming and will not get the distribution reach you would if you worked with a specialist PR agency. The PR agencies have existing relationships and can get your media articles published to over 200 different places normally.

Do Press Releases Help SEO 2021

Yes, press releases help your SEO strategy in 2021 and will continue to do so indefinitely when done correctly.

On the flip side, if you are using spammy distribution companies and the content is not engaging or interesting then you will get zero value.

We get asked many times do press releases help your website improve in rankings when you purchase a press release service.

Majority of these articles distributed to newspapers are no-follow backlinks so link juice and authority will not be boosted from this type of link building.

But these backlinks will diversify your link types, help if branded anchors and improve your brand if you include the google map, logo and NAP information.

Utilising PR Press Releases For Online Growth

A professional link building agency will tell you that utilising PR Press Releases is not where you are going to get your power or authority from. The power will come from niche edits, PBN links, guest posts and powerful do-follow backlinks.

But diversification of your link profile is key to a healthy sustainable online growth in traffic. It is natural for businesses to get featured in newspapers, magazines and PR online publications so having this as part of your link building strategies is good practice.

Aside from the link profile then these PR distribution articles should be driving traffic which is great for your effective frequency online strategy.


If you are not yet including this type of link method in your strategy then get some newsworthy pieces for your brand created and generate exposure.

Remember to get the benefits of it by sharing across multiple social platforms because if it gains interest, you will create a new source of traffic away from Google organic ranking. The referral traffic will help with your engagement metrics and indirectly help improve your rank this way.

Should you be confused whether this will help your link profile then we carry out many link audits for free and can look to assist you to check whether we feel this could be a suitable method you need now or whether you are suffering from other problems which might be:

  1. Not enough backlinks
  2. Lacking link relevancy
  3. Too many low-quality backlinks

The key to remember is to create a press release that is newsworthy and will generate interest because it is not the link from the press release that will provide value but the sharing and links from other social platforms that will give you the exposure you need.

Remember authority followed backlinks are key to improving rank but even unlinked mentions of your brand can help your overall process so look to replicate what is natural and normal to your niche. Correlation is key and seeing whether this type of press release service is utilised by competitors will help.

Knowledge Bomb Using Press Releases

Here is a knowledge bomb for you to make sure you get the most from your press release PR gig:

  • Make sure you sign off your article including your brand name, address and phone number (helps build your NAP citations which are great for local SEO)
  • Embed your Google Places Map within the press release which boosts your GMB ranking
  • Include some images from your site as Google will know you were the original source
  • Embed one of your youtube videos on as helps with your youtube ranking
  • Mention your website brand several times to build your unlinked mention count across multiple domains
  • Get the heading to be engaging as you want to try and drive real traffic from these websites
  • Get these shared across social media because they are authoritative news outlets and helps build your brand’s overall trust to your following when featured in these big media platforms
  • Outreach to blog owners to see whether they will create a unique article on this media release and try to get these unique blogs to add a nice followed link on them (usually blog owners think if the large media outlet is writing about them then it makes sense for us to do so also)
  • Try to get your main keywords in the press release title to build your topic relevance trust

Now you understand the importance of a press release gig then try to utilise these points above to make the most from your distributed news article.

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