Niche Edit Contextual Backlinks

Niche Edit Contextual Links represent a new era in the art of editorial link outreach.

Link vendors carry out their SEO link building services by reaching out to real webmasters, to build links in existing content – content that already exists.

Utilising the SEO skills they look for relevant articles and naturally weave your anchor text into the post. These link building strategies can seriously transform your business.

Are Niche Edits and Curated Links the Same?

Yes, Niche Edits and Curated Links are the same. Curated backlinks refer to links that have been inserted in content that already exists on the internet, and content which has already been indexed and cached by Google.

Nowadays, the most popular form of link building is guest post placements – whereby a new post is added with new content. But niche edits and curated links are going into an aged existing article and inserting a link placement.

Even something as simple as a link to a guide in a post for more information could be considered curated content. You’re finding content that you know your readers will be interested in and then connecting them to it.

Blog owners are happy to do niche edits in these blogs because they are adding authoritative outbound links to their site to support what they are talking about. Adding to the benefits website owners get is they are getting the freshness of content to their aged posts which is one of the most important factors for ranking in Google.

Niche Edits Link Building Explained?

Here is a video that explains what is niche edits:

What Are Niche Edits?

Hi guys, it’s Dan from FatRank here, and today we’re going to be explaining what are niche edits.

So, as many of you know by now, applying link building services to your website is a great way to help improve its search engine rankings. In this video, we’re going to be explaining what niche edits are and how you can carry them out.

So, to start off, what are niche edits exactly?

Not to be mistaken with guest posting, niche edits are essentially a link building service that builds links onto existing blog posts, often posts that have already been powered up with quality links.

This is a great link building service, as it diversifies site owners link profiles, helps to improve the power of your site, and also influences your site’s search engine rankings.

Best Niche Edit Services

After testing many backlink providers in regard to their link insertion services, we have listed the best Niche Edit backlink companies in 2024.


Searcharoo is one of the best overall backlink providers and is the go-to place for any agency or website owner.

Their link insertion service is a contextual edit where your backlink is placed on an aged article relevant to your topic and on an established website.

High Rise Links

HighRise was founded in 2019 as an agency specialising in the best SEO deliverables.

High Rise recently introduced an excellent Nich Edit backlink service for its clients to enhance the power and trust of its backlink profile.

Since they only handle a small number of products, it has already been tested extensively whenever they launch a new service and offers the best return on investment.

Agency Backlinks

You can effectively outsource your SEO and brand management efforts with the help of Agency Backlinks, which relieve you of the burden and provides everything you need.

Every client company has the best chance to dominate its online niche with cutting-edge brand development, SEO optimization, and link-building strategies.

This includes using Niche Edit backlinks to power up your existing link profile.

Authority Wall

Authority Wall is a trustworthy source to order backlinks for your website, even though it is primarily known for its content.

This includes incorporating the use of powerful niche edit backlinks to become an authority in the industry.

Many people will create content clusters using Authority Wall and then build link insertions to these pages.

Types of Niche Edits

There are 3 types of niche edits available listed below.

White Hat Niche Edits

One technique that both individuals and link building agencies use to carry out niche edits is a white hat SEO link building package. An example of this link building package would be to carry out some manual outreach to a blog that you felt was relevant, and actually offering value to that blog owner’s post, aiming to acquire a link for free. This actually is quite a time-consuming process as it can be difficult to generate links, however, it is the one we’d recommend, as it’s white hat and is ethical.

Natural White Hat Outreach contacting blog owners and offering added value by supporting their existing blog post with an authoritative outbound relevant backlink. The white hat niche edits work very well in your link building campaign.

Grey Hat Niche Edits

Alternatively, a more grey hat approach to niche edits is essentially just offering them a price to the blog owners for the link.

Outreach to blog owners and offering money for link placement and hoping they will accept into a relevant article and make the anchor text look natural within the content.

This is a grey hat because paying for links is against googles guidelines, and is commonly used by link building teams to sell their services.

Black Hat Niche Edits

Finally, and something we really wouldn’t recommend, but black hat link building packages can actually be purchased to do niche edits too. These are essentially hacked links, which obviously are extremely unethical and often just get removed straight away anyway.

Black hat niche edits are like SAPE links where they are hacked sites and injecting links into the sites without the blog owners consent, generally purchased by link buyers and sold to customers unknowingly.

So, based on what we’ve been talking about with the niche edits so far, we definitely recommend a white hat link building package for this. However, doing that yourself can be very time consuming, and also can have a low success rate too. Despite this, we do have contacts that are able to do this completely for you, so make sure to check that out in the youtube description if you’re looking to have some niche edits built to your site.

We strongly recommend trying to get the white hat premium niche edits when possible. The reason black hat niche edits are not the best is simply that they get removed within time once the website owner has realised those link placements are there and link loss is not good for your SEO strategy.

Niche Edits History

The concept of niche edits has been around a while where you look for existing URLs ranking for your keywords and outreach to the author trying to add some value in exchange for a backlink to cite your source on your own website to support the topic.

Previously these link building services were known as link begging or similar to where you could create an infographic in the hope these would get placed on relevant blogs who credit the source for it. But the term ‘Niche edits’ was coined by a well known online entrepreneur called Vadim.

In the digital world today then Vadim has the largest blog inventory and controls so much of the marketplace. Majority of times when you are buying link placements from link-building vendors then you find they are merely reselling Vadim’s huge inventory of wholesale backlinks in high-quality publications.

The great thing about Vadim niche edit SEO agency, from historical orders, is the wholesale high quality back links remain and you do not suffer from link loss like with many other providers. This is because of the extensive relationship network he has had for nearly a decade and his link placements will only be carried out if it adds value to the user reading the article. Meaning these curated links actually get referral traffic through them by potential clients and trafficked links are an added bonus for your engagement metrics.

More on Niche Edits History

The ‘niche edit’ term is now widely used globally and we see it grow in search volume because even recently these terms below have started to show up in search queries:

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As you can see above the phrase is starting to get searched for online now by many link building agencies because they see the importance of including these in their strategies to clients.

Buy Niche Edits Wholesale Backlinks

If you are not integrating buying niche edits in your link building strategy then you need to evaluate your SEO knowledge on backlinks.

The benefits of purchasing wholesale backlinks with niche edits is an affordable process to help improve your website rankings.

Go Direct To Source Instead of Resellers

Order Niche Edits

Buying From Trusted Niche Edits Link Vendor

Choosing the best niche edit supplier is key as you need to make sure they have relationships with the blog owners in their existing huge inventory so you can determine the premium link placements to be on high authority, niche relevant domains and getting the niche edits at affordable prices.

The best place to buy niche backlinks in our opinion is from the link building agency High Rise Links. As they get the best niche edit contextual links from source so you know you are getting the best value for money for wholesale backlinks. Take a look here to find out more information about link packages.


When looking to buy niche edits you need to look for trusted link building packages. Niche edits can vary from black hat to white hat and the SEO agency DFY has something for everyone.

It is important to make sure your site does not have any spammy outbound, poor quality links, as this can have a negative effect. This is one reason we recommend using DFY SEO services. This is one of the only link building companies that really know what they’re doing, every link from this company is of good quality and offers positive effects on your website and rankings in Google search and other search engines.

Why Buy Niche Edits?

We have created a video on why you should include niche edits into your link building strategy to grow your traffic online:

Benefits of Niche Edits

00:00 Hi guys, it’s Dan from FatRank here and today we’re going to be talking about buying niche edits. So for those of you that don’t know, niche edits are essentially link placements on existing inner posts of blogs. In this video, we’re going to be talking about the advantages, disadvantages and just more detail in general into the link building process of niche edits to give you a further understanding of what this is.

00:17 So to start things off, let’s talk about the benefits of niche edits. So niche edits are actually placements on real sites with real traffic. This is obviously great for you as it means your SEO value is increased and it means you’re not actually taking any risks, making them much safer than PBN’s. In addition to this, they often have a lot of power as they’re actually on existing aged posts, meaning there’s potential for there to be quality links going to those actual pages you’re getting links from. Finally, it’s actually contextual links too, making the best type of link you can acquire.

Acceptance of Niche Edits

00:46 So you might be thinking, why do blog owners actually accept niche edits on their site? Well, the answer’s actually quite simple. Firstly, they add value to their articles, because you’re actually adding a link from a relevant site. In addition to this, they’re improving the freshness of content and they’re updating their content regularly and Google’s seeing that. Finally, they’re actually adding an authoritative URL to their blog, which really helps their web pages search engin.  optimization.

01:38 What we do recommend, however, here at FatRank is actually using the professional link building team with a database of thousands of sites to choose from in various niches so that you know you’re getting the best product available and you’re not wasting your time. Here at FatRank, we have many digital marketing agencies to choose from, so please feel free to check out the description and take a look at the companies that we know can supply you with some great niche edits with a proper link building approach. Thanks a lot for watching and I’ll see you guys later.

Premium Niche Edit Link Placements

It is all about purchasing your premium niche edit link placements from high-quality link building agencies to make sure you are getting placements on guest posts which are on real sites and getting real traffic.

Guest posts are a great way to get backlinks, but the guest post’s link placement is definitely something you need to look out for.

The premium niche edits will be placed on super relevant blogs and have great metrics to pass authority to your site. Here are some metrics some previous clients have received from our link building packages recently:

  • Super relevant DR75 guest post link insertion
  • Reverse sink or swim DR50 niche edit
  • Topically related high domain authority backlink placement
  • RSOS High TF niche edit link building
  • Contextual DR20 niche edit with High Traffic
  • Editorial DR35 niche edit homepage link building
  • DR60 niche relevant link insertion to the main body

All of these above are examples of premium niche edit link placements that move the needle and get your rankings what is known as a traffic boner.

Outsourcing Link Building

If it’s great quality, relevant, legitimate backlinks you’re looking for, high rise links are the company.

Within the FatRank team, we use a varied bunch of the best link building packages but when it comes to physical power and strength the best vendor has consistently been high rise links.

Many websites suffer from a lack of backlinks to their site due to poor link building packages.

Building referring domains is a must to keep improving the impressions, clicks and traffic levels to your site.

Go Direct To Source Instead of Resellers

Order Niche Edits


Rounding up my thoughts on niche edits then you would be crazy not to include this link type into your link profile strategies.

Contextual backlinks are the most important ranking factor to improve your rankings in Google.

So, should you buy niche backlinks?

Niche edits are a must-have in your link building campaign.

But nowadays Google is improving its search results and SEO is becoming harder. Link profiles need to be diverse in having many different link types blended in from blog comments, citations, niche relevant directory links, homepage links, new guest posts, niche edits from relevant websites, tier two back links, high quality content and social signals to build trust upon your domain.

The more you can try to create your link profile to look natural the better. The use of niche edits is certainly a must-have service you need when looking to build authority to your website and try to build your brand online.

Make sure you diversify your link profile with other link types also and if you are unsure because your money site is jumping in rankings then feel free to contact us and ask us for a free no-obligation link audit.

If you are unsure what your link profile at present is lacking then contact us today and we can give your website a free link audit where we can make you aware of the pitfalls you have and why your competition might be outranking you for your main keyphrases.