Unnatural Inbound Links Penalty

Have you received an email from Google Search Console for a “Google Manual Action Unnatural Links Penalty“?

If so you are not alone.

A Google penalty can be a huge shock and leave you puzzled about what to do next. A penalty from the Google Spam Team is a manual restrictive measure for violating Google’s Webmaster guidelines and it results in a website’s organic visibility tanking rapidly.

Many website owners are receiving these emails from Google Search Console saying “Unnatural inbound links to {website} policies violate Google spam”.

Before we get started there is an unnatural links penalty recovery service provided by Backlink Doctor who provide a toxic link removal in hope of recovering from these nasty Google penalties that cause huge organic traffic drops in the SERP.

In our Unnatural Inbound Links Penalty guide, we explain the next steps to hopefully recover your website from being penalized in Google search.

What Do The Unnatural Inbound Links Penalty Email Look Like?

Here is an example template below of the Unnatural Inbound Links Penalty sent by Google Search Console.

Unnatural Inbound Links Penalty in Google Search Console

The wording includes the following:

Google has detected a pattern of links from other sites to your site that is either unnatural or irrelevant. This pattern attempts to artificially boost your site’s ranking in search results. Such unnatural ranking would cause search results to show a preference for results not relevant to the user’s actual query. It also violates the Spam policies for Google web searches. Therefore, when determining your site’s ranking, we will demote links to your site as a factor in our calculations. This manual spam action has been applied to YOUR DOMAIN NAME.

To fix this manual action, remove a majority of unnatural links and file a reconsideration request. After we determine that you have complied with our guidelines, we will remove this manual action.

To fix this problem:

  1. Download a sample of links to your site. Download sample links in either CSV or Google Documents by clicking Export External Links in the Links report (Search Console > Links Report > Export external links).
  2. Collect a list of artificial links to your site. Look for links that could be paid or link created solely to manipulate your site’s ranking.
  3. Contact website owners who have artificial links to your site. Ask them to remove or add an <nofollow> attribute to the links. You can typically find contact information for a webmaster on the site or by looking in a WHOIS database for that website.
  4. Disavow remaining links. Only use the disavow tool if you have made a good-faith effort to have a link removed or tagged as <nofollow>, and the owner of the site does not comply or asks for monetary compensation. A reconsideration request will not succeed if you merely disavow links.
  5. Submit a reconsideration request. Once you fix your site, file for reconsideration to remove this manual action. Include any details or documentation that can help us understand the changes made to your site.

What Are The Next Steps To Recover From Unnatural Inbound Links Penalty?

Here are the next steps to assist you to recover from an Unnatural Inbound Links Penalty.

  1. Enquire via the backlinkdoctor.com website or email info@backlinkdoctor.com
  2. Backlink Doctor will reply with a fee based on your current backlink count
  3. Order a full comprehensive disavow creation
  4. Wait a fortnight to receive the disavow (which lists all the toxic backlinks)
  5. Submit the disavow file to https://search.google.com/search-console/disavow-links
  6. File for reconsideration to remove the manual action penalty on your domain

No guarantees are made to recover your website from a manual action penalty.

Can I Do The Disavow Myself?

Website owners can 100% carry out the disavow themselves or pay a so-called specialist $50 to create a disavow file.

In fact, why not contact me and I will place ALL your backlinks in your disavow for $50 as it will take me all of 5 minutes to do so lol.

No, but seriously you need a professional backlink audit service carried out by Backlink Doctor who deals with these manual action penalties on a daily basis.

The creation of the disavow file is a specialist service and you need to fully understand trust, power, authority, anchor text diversification, and toxicity, and have an in-depth list of blacklisted domains Google has labeled to be dangerous.

Why Use Backlink Doctor?

Backlink Doctor provides professional Link Audits and removal of Google Manual Actions.

The team at Backlink Doctor has audited thousands of websites and recovered many websites from huge traffic drops in Google organic search.

Backlink Doctor uses the following tools:

Backlink Doctor is a young innovative professional Link Audit company who have combined forces with some of the worlds best disavow individuals.

The biggest disavow specialist in the world according to LRT-certified specialists is Rick Lomas and he is the driving force behind Backlink Doctor.

The main reason to decide to have your link audit carried out by Backlink Doctor is that they are arguably the best link audit business in the world today.

Can I Recover From a Manual Action Unnatural Inbound Links Penalty?

No company can guarantee the removal of Google Manual Actions, but the Backlink Doctor expertise gives websites the best chances of recovery.

What sets Backlink Doctor apart from all competition is the additional work offered to help websites recover from Google penalties.

The Backlink Doctor audit services offered are:

Popular Questions

Why Have I Received A Unnatural Inbound Links Penalty?

The main reasons for receiving an Unnatural Inbound Links Penalty via Google Search Console email is because:

  • Result of utilizing black-hat SEO tactics
  • Buying toxic backlinks
  • Unnatural links (also known as “harmful” and “spammy”)
  • Negative SEO Attack
  • Over optimisation of anchor text on inbound links

Google do a good job of ignoring backlinks to a certain level.

But once your website passes a toxicity threshold you will see a huge drop in traffic and rankings with a Unnatural Inbound Links GSC Penalty.

What Are The Main Reasons for Google Penalization?

Here are the main reasons for Google Penalization in February 2024:

  • Buying guest posts from spammy link vendors
  • Sponsored or paid links
  • PBNs or public link networks
  • User-generated spam
  • Image aggregator links
  • Hidden links
  • Over-optimization of anchors on inbound links

Many website owners are violating Google’s Webmaster guidelines with easy-to-detect backlink strategies.

If looking to purchase backlinks we always recommend quality over quantity when choosing your link-building company.


The team at FatRank strongly recommends a quarterly link audit service to keep your toxicity levels below a threshold to not be penalized.

Too many wait until they receive Unnatural Inbound Links Penalty emails from Google Search Console and then it is too late.

Read the article about it is too late when it becomes a problem and why you should be proactive with your SEO strategies in February 2024.

Every backlink profile has a toxicity threshold which varies depending on the competition and industry.

Do you even know what your toxicity level is for your niche? As you should know this if acquiring backlinks.

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