Link Detox Boost

Link Detox Boost (BOOST) is used in Link Research Tools to speed up link crawling and recovery.

If you are looking to hire a specialist like the Backlink Doctor team to submit a disavow they will ask whether you would like Link Detox Boost as an additional cost.

If your website is struggling to rank or had a drop in traffic a professional link audit service combined with Link Detox Boost is a great strategy to remove all problematic links pointing to your domain.

In our Link Detox Boost guide, we explain what, how, why, and what benefits are connected to the Link Detox Boost (BOOST) feature.

What is Link Detox Boost?

Link Detox Boost is created to speed up your recovery from a Google Penalty after a backlink clean-up.

After a disavow file has been created you can use Link Detox Boost to get your toxic backlinks crawled faster.

Here is LRT’s explanation of their Link Detox Boost (BOOST) feature.

Link Detox Boost helps you recover from a Google Penalty. After you have uploaded a disavow file to the Google link disavow tool, you will want to speed up the disavow process. Your disavow file is only taken into account after a Google recrawl of all the links of your disavow file. This is what BOOST is for.

Link Detox BOOST Benefits

The benefits of using Link Detox Boost (BOOST) are:

  • Fast recovery from a Google Penalty
  • Up to 3 days FAST, instead of 9 months
  • Speed up the effect of disavowed links
  • Speed up the effect of changed or new links
  • Restore your Google rankings

How to use Link Detox Boost by LinkResearchTools?

Rick Lomas from Backlink Doctor shows how you can use Link Detox Boost to achieve better results than using it as it was intended by LinkResearchTools.


After completing thousands of disavows and removing many Google penalties we have found the Link Detox Boost (BOOST) to speed up the process of recovery.

The team at Backlink Doctor works very closely with Rick Lomas who is known as “The Best Disavow Specialist In The World”.


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