Why Use Onlinejobs.ph To Delegate Tasks

I’ve mentioned Onlinejobs.ph in a few of my posts over the past few months. And I know some of you are probably wondering why I mention them and the Philippines when I talk about delegating.

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Are you struggling to scale staff and workload?

Check out why I use onlinejobs.ph to delegate tasks.

Why Outsource to Virtual Assistants?

Outsourcing work to virtual assistants helps you to free time to build your business more.

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There are a number of reasons why I prefer onlinejobs.ph platform when I am looking for Filipino virtual assistants for my business. And I’m not alone.


Thousands of entrepreneurs have found success delegating to Filipino VAs.

They’ve scaled up their businesses and earned millions. So, there must be something about this platform that works, right?

OnlineJobs.PH Review

If you have been looking for a a comprehensive review on Onlinejobs.ph, look no further.

The video below goes into more detail on the features.

Here are my top 5 reasons why you should use onlinejobs.ph for delegation, and how they can really help you with your business.

Where You Find your VA Matters

I’ve had a lot of success outsourcing in the Philippines because of a couple of things:

  • English is a primary language there, making it easier to communicate with the people I hire
  • They have a strong, service-oriented business culture

So it’s no surprise that there are a lot of platforms out there that cater to entrepreneurs looking for Filipino virtual assistants. 


Some are agencies who hire these VAs and they offer the VA’s services to you. The problem with this model is you’re not just paying for the VA’s work.

You’re also paying for the agency’s huge overhead costs. In fact, up to ¾ of the cost goes there. I end up paying more just so they can keep the lights on and pay rent than I do for the work that the VA is doing. 

And with an agency, I don’t feel like I really have someone working for me. They’re working just enough to keep me content so I’d continue doing business with the agency. There’s no incentive to invest their own talent to make the business better.  

Other platforms favour the freelancing model. I’ve talked about it in my other posts why that doesn’t work if you want to delegate and I’ve elaborated on that in #3. But suffice to say that a high turnover rate is never good for your business. And hiring freelancers equals high turnover.

Direct Access

By far, Onlinejobs.ph is the only platform I have seen that gives me direct access to VAs who are perfect for long term delegation. I’m not paying for overhead, just for access. Most of the VAs in the website are there because they want to work long-term. We’re both entering into this working relationship with clear expectations and a common goal. 

And speaking of common goals…

Building Something Bigger Than Yourself

I think one of the reasons why a lot of people are still attracted to employment is because it gives them some sense of ownership. They’re part of something bigger than themselves and they can say, “I played a part in building that.”

That’s the reason why people who work for companies like Google, Facebook and Amazon wear their employment like a badge of pride. They bring this pride with them everywhere they go and continue to carry it even after they leave. 


I’ve noticed that when you hire a virtual assistant, full-time and long-term, they see it as an opportunity to at the ground floor of something that has the potential to just blow up.

This isn’t something you can find with a freelancer. Nor with an agency hire, who’s essentially tied to someone else.

I’ve seen this in a lot of the Filipino virtual assistants I’ve hired through Onlinejobs.ph. And if you see this hunger, this drive in them, you need to foster it. Encourage their ambition. They’ll be the ones to carry your business through. 

Do The Hustle? I don’t Think So

When you look at social media, it’s full of freelancing influencers who live for the hustle. They jump from place to place, client to client, making a lot of cash as they go. 

It’s a sexy lifestyle. But as an entrepreneur, the prospect of hiring these people scare me. 

When it comes to delegating, I want the virtual assistants I hire to stay with me. I want them to focus on the work we’re doing together.

I don’t want to be just another notch on the bedpost, so to speak. I’m looking for a long-term relationship here. I deserve something more than a quick gig and run.


That’s what makes Onlinejobs.ph unique from everything else I’ve encountered. They’re clear from the get go that they want to offer Filipino VAs full-time jobs. So as a business owner, if I want to use their service, I would have to offer long term positions.

And this is perfect for me because I’m not here to delegate one off tasks. I want to delegate systems. I want VAs who I can train to do whole processes for themselves and eventually take over.

This is something I can never do with a freelancer who’s always chasing the next big thing.

Don’t Give Jobs But Give Opportunities

At Onlinejobs.ph, they regularly feature how giving Filipino VAs a full-time job can change their lives dramatically for the better.

And I get it. I understand how amazing it feels to make enough money for yourself and the people you love. When you finally realize that you’re no longer living from paycheck to paycheck, it’s an exhilarating feeling.

Change Lives

So I hire full-time because I like the idea that when I’m hiring someone, I’m also changing someone’s life for the better. Everybody benefits from our success.

And it’s not just about the money. I like the idea that by training my virtual assistants, I’m giving them the opportunity for them to improve themselves. That with my business, they’ve become better writers, web developers, graphic designers. I like to think that with my system, they’ve learned to better manage their time, to be more organized, be creative problem solvers. 

These are skills that don’t just help them with their jobs. These skills can help them with life.

Loyalty Over Greed

One of the biggest fears a lot of entrepreneurs have about outsourcing is whether their freelancer would steal from them.

This is exactly the reason I recommend Onlinejobs.ph. Like me, the VAs there value loyalty over greed. They know that they have more to gain from helping me build my business than by stealing from me. They know they can’t build something big if they’re always starting from scratch. 

And we all know that karma eventually catches up with you. So if you want to be pragmatic about it, it just pays to be loyal.

They can see that being loyal is worth it. I reward my VAs when they do a good job. I’m happy to share what I’ve gained with our success. So I’m not worried they’re going to steal my business. I am confident that they’re loyal and will continue to be loyal because my success is our success. 

Like I always say, a rising tide raises all ships.

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